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Entrance to the camp:

Simply give your papers to the guard, then walk into the camp.

1st Trial:

There is a loose spring in the bed. Take it, then pull on the dead light bulb to get a live wire. Then use the crates (on the door) to talk to the guards. Keep talking until you say that you're hungry, and the guard will bring you
a meal. Then attach the live wire to the aluminium bowl. Flip the switch beside the door to turn on the cable, then call in the guard. After he's been electrocuted, reach through the slot in the door to get the prison door key, and unlock the door with it.

2nd Trial:

After the captain's finished explaining the second trial, leave the room and continue left past the Cantine. You will see a brick wall with a yellow plant beside it. Take one of the stalks of the plant, then return to Room 001. Use the delicate plant to tickle the captain. He won't tell you the password, but he will drop a Swiss Army knife. Pick it up, then leave the room again. Head left again, and this time use the spring from the bed on the solid ground in front of the brick wall. This will get you on the other side, and you will automatically pick up the shovel and return to the other side. Now head right, taking the upper path, past the mud pool until you get to a tent with a barbed wire fence behind it. Use the Swiss Army knife to cut the barbed wire, then use the shovel to dig up the mysterious object. Surprise - it's a kaleidoscope. Take it to the guard at the entrance to the camp, and trade it for the magazine he's reading. Then take the magazine back to Room 001 and use it to bribe the captain to tell you the password. You will automatically go to the Cantine. Tell the bar man the password to discover the third trial.

3rd Trial:

You can head back to Room 001 if you want, but the captain's already gone.Take the crumbs from the table on the right before you leave the Cantine. Go back to the garbage can out front of the Cantine, and root through it. You will find a rope. Then head to the guardhouse at the camp entrance. The guard is so entranced by his kaleidoscope, that he won't even notice if you remove the grenade hanging from his belt. Go back to Room 001. Tie the rope to the pin on the grenade, then attach the grenade to the locked desk drawer. After the smoke clears, you can take the sleeping pills from the now-open drawer. Leave Room 001, and take the west path, following it until you reach the mud pool. Climb the post, and you'll end up falling in. Since you're already muddy, you may as well fill your empty coffee mug with mud. Now, combine the sleeping pills and bread crumbs, and place them on top of the pole. Soon enough, a bird will come and eat the mixture, and collapse conveniently at your feet. Take the bird and head back to the Cantine. Free the bird near the radio when you get inside, and it will land on the coat-hanger radio antenna.The barman will attempt to fix the reception, and while he's distracted you can switch his cup of tea with your cup of mud. Then call him over and watch him pass out when he takes a drink. You can now go through the door by the cash register. There are several barrels in the corner of the room. Watch them closely...there seems to be someone hiding in one of the barrels (the top right one). Poke your finger into the spigot hole on the barrel to reveal the captain from his hiding spot.

Outside the Mansion:

After you arrive at the village, you will automatically walk to the lake shore. Get the broken oar from the row boat, then take the (left) path to the house in the forest. Enter the house and take the chainsaw and the rotten cheese from the shelf. Then return to the lake shore and take the (lower) path to the village. The passenger door of the car outside the first house is unlocked. Open the door, and take the comb from the seat. Pull the lever by the floor to unlock and open the trunk of the car. Take the toolbox from the trunk, and get a car jack and a spanner from it. Next, talk to the boy shooting hoops, and he'll tell you that when he gets a basket, his grandfather's going to take him to the zoo. Fascinating. Use the spanner to lower the basket when he's not looking. The boy will then go into the house, and he and his grandfather will head off to the zoo, conveniently leaving the door to the house unlocked. Open the door and go inside. You can take the hankerchief from the top right drawer, the battery-operated fan from the table, and the shotgun off the wall. Then leave the house and follow the path behind the house to the field. Pick up the sickle and broken rake, and kick the hen to get a feather. Then search each haystack until you see a glint of metal. Miraculously, you can find a needle in a haystack. The crows are blocking your path to the scarecrow, so use the shotgun to scare them away. You can now take the diving goggles and fins from the scarecrow. The mouse living in the haystack closest to the scarecrow can be caught - plug the mouse hole in the haystack with the hankerchief, then offer the mouse the rotten cheese. The mouse will get trapped in the hankerchief, and he's all yours. Return to the village, and follow the path to the second house. Using the fan, dry the laundry hanging by the door. Then ring the door bell and head inside to tell the old lady her laundry's dry. After she's put the clothes away, you can run off with the rope (laundry line). Head back to the lake shore, and take the (right) path to the mansion. Talk to the guard, who won't let you in, but'll give you a chocolate candy for your trouble. Pick up the candy wrapper by his feet, then follow the upper path around the mansion.You'll come across a wild potato plant, from which you may pick one. Follow the path around the mansion, and pick up the rock by the path. Keep following the path until you reach the entrance again. If the guard is drinking from a bottle, wait until he starts to drink, then interrupt him. He'll drop the bottle in surprise. If he's not drinking, keep circling the mansion until you catch him sneaking a drink. Either way, pick up the bottle after the guard drops it. Then head back to where you picked a wild potato. The tree beside the wall has a branch sticking out; use the whisky from the bottle to fuel the chainsaw, and cut off the branch. Now make your way back to the lake shore. Combine the diving goggles and the fins (from the scarecrow) to make a diving suit, then use it to swim in the lake. The only item you can take off the lake floor is the anchor to the left of the shipwreck. When you're back on land, use the superglue to fix the broken paddle using the hard branch you cut off the tree behind the mansion. Now that you've got a paddle, you can row out to the isle in the centre of the lake. Pick both flowers while you're there, then head back to shore. Use the sickle on the stone well to sharpen it, then head back to the house in the forest. Push the chocolate candy through the heart-shaped hole in the cabinet to make it more appealing, then wrap it with the candy wrapper. Looks pretty good, doesn't it - give it to Anne (the black-haired girl living in the second house). After giving Anne the candy, she'll give a ribbon. Also give both Anne and her grandmother each a flower from the isle in the centre of the lake. Anne's grandmother will now allow you to take the feather duster from the stool beside her. Return to the house in the forest, but don't go inside. The squirrel in the tree out front has a nut that looks useful. Keep insulting the squirrel until he throws the nut at you. Then tie the ribbon to the broken rake to fix it, and comb the grass beneath the tree to find the nut that the squirrel hurled at you. Pick up the nut, then go inside. Use the feather duster to clean the fireplace. Now take the feather duster and paint the grenade-shaped wild potato with dirty soot. Aha - instant hand grenade. Head back to Anne's, and this time carefully switch your nut for a fake apple from the bowl of imitation fruit on the table. Head for the mansion, and take the lower path around it. Trade the hedgehog your fake apple for the cone on his back. Now take the path into the forest northwest of the mansion. With the help of your super glue, combine the cone, and the feather, then that with the needle, to make a dart. The bee's nest makes a decent target - throw the dart at it. A bear will be lured by the honey, then chased away by the bees, allowing you to get close enough to open the valve beneath the bee's nest. Go into the tunnel. Unfortunately, it leads nowhere helpful. Now head back to the village, and follow the path past the second house to the cave entrance. Use the car jack to lift up the rock, then get the bone from underneath the rock. You can use the sharpened scythe to cut through the thorny bush blocking the cave entrance. Inside the cave, read the message if you want, then send the mouse through the hole in the wall. Plug the hole with the rock, then super glue the rock in place. The mouse, resourceful as ever, will find another way out, bringing a gold nugget with him. Exit the cave, and head toward Anne's house. Now you can give the bone to the dog, distracting him and allowing you access to the valve behind the doghouse. Open it up and head down into the cellar. Flip the switch beside the ladder before you do anything else. Take the shovel, then head for the mansion. Try to bribe the guard with the gold nugget. When that doesn't work, take the lower path around the mansion, and try to dig your way under the way. Foiled again. Well, keep following the path until you get to the tree you cut the branch off of. Chuck the "grenade" into the hollow in the tree. After an explosive game of catch, you can now safely climb the tree and try to enter the mansion. This time when you fail, head back to the mansion entrance to speak to Mr. John Noty himself. He'll try to bribe you, so, don't disappoint him, take the money after he leaves. Looking carefully at the banknote, you see Anne's name on it. Odd - maybe you should ask her about it. Head over to Anne's house and talk to her about the banknote. After speaking to Anne, you'll automatically stomp on over to the mansion, punch out the guard, and kick the door down.

Inside the Mansion:

Open the front door of the mansion and head on inside. Go through the door on the left, into the kitchen. You can take the pastry roller and the bottle of chilli, then return to the hallway. Take the door on the right this time, into Noty's bedroom. You can take the ice tongs and the bottle of cognac from the bucket of ice. Search the bed to find a cork, and check the newspaper to find the TV remote. Leave the room and head upstairs. Look in the desk drawers; in the left set there will be a Polaroid camera, and in the right set there will be a Dictaphone. Next check out the bookshelves. Notice that when you look at the shelves, the cursor displays "books" - search the bookshelf until it reads "book." Read the title of that book, then open the desk drawer with the same colour interior as the colour mentioned in the title of the book. Make sure that only the correct drawer is open, then pull the book to reveal a secret compartment. Take the video and the compartment shuts automatically. Get some paper from the trash can, and head back downstairs. This time go into the room at the end of the hall - the bathroom. Wrap the paper around the cork to make it larger, then plug the sink with it. Fill the sink with hot water, then soak the bottle of chilli in the water to remove the label. Attach the chilli label onto the cognac bottle with the superglue, then head back upstairs to get some more paper from the trash can. Next go to the kitchen. Put the fake chilli bottle back in the spot where you go the chilli bottle, and you'll suggest that the cook spice up the stew. After he discovers his mistake, the cook will leave. Open the refrigerator, and look at the frozen meat. Put a piece of paper on the left front oven element to get it burning, then use the burning paper on the meat to unfreeze it from the shelf. Take the bag of meat, then put the veal in the stew. Next use the pastry roller on the radio to dismantle it, and take two 1.5 volt batteries from the rubble. Head back to Noty's bedroom, and pop the tape in the VCR. Turn on the TV and use the remote to start playing the tape. Put the batteries in the Dictaphone, then use it record Noty's voice. Take a picture of Noty singing on tape with the Polaroid camera, then go back to the bathroom. Now that you've got the plastic bag, use the ice tongs to pick up the socks by the door. Leave the bathroom, and open the door to the left. The robot safe requires three checks of identity before it will open - sight, smell, and sound. So, show the Polaroid, the socks, and the Dictaphone to the robot to open the safe. Take the jar from inside, as well as the book. After reading John Noty's secret diary, Noty will be about to enter the room and you need a place to hide. Try the lower left edge of the screen. Seriously. You can actually hide there, it's even labelled. After Noty leaves, take the door handle he left on the cabinet and leave the room. Use the door handle on the hole in the bathroom door, and turn the handle to enter a secret passage. Now take one of the time pills to be able to walk through the fan, then flip the switch to turn it off. Walk through the door and get ambushed. Surprise, surprise, Noty has escaped. Go to his bedroom, and look in the open wardrobe.The man is packing up his money and is about to escape. Talk to him if you want, and when you're finished hit him over the head with the bottle of chilli. Enjoy the ending sequences...

Easter Eggs:

During the third trial at training camp, examine the drugged food (sleeping pills and crumbs mixture) to get the message "Smells like Teen Spirit," which will either remind you of Nirvana or women's perfume, depending on your gender.

At the house to the west of the lake, look at the windows to get the message "I prefer DOS."

Try to reach any chandelier in any house, and you'll be told "White Men Can't Jump." Remember that movie?

When you switch the nut with the apple from the bowl of imitation fruit at Anne's house, Mark says that he's "...even faster than Indy." Indiana Jones lives!

After trapping and catching the mouse, try to use it with the sickle or the rock. You get a message which refers to DOOM, one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time.

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