The Armageddon Device

Game Walkthrough for "NORMAL" Difficulty

Note:  In order to use an item, it must be highlighted in the inventory bar on the lower right of the screen. Use the UP/DOWN arrow to scroll through your inventory, or select the object from the inventory menu.  The inventory menu is accessed by the inventory button in the menu bar, located in the lower center of the screen.

Opening Screen

1. Before starting a new game - click on Introduction and view the opening.

2. Click on New Game. Listen to Dr. Eagan's message of how he brought you here and what your mission will be.

The Ariadne Space Station

1. You begin the game in the hall system of the Ariadne Research Space Station.  There are four areas off the hall system: the Science Lab, the Engineering Bay, the Living Quarters, and the Hangar Bay. Upon exploring, you find that you cannot enter the Living Quarters because life support systems are inactive.  To enter the Hangar Bay Elevator you need the Hangar Bay Pass.  You also discover that the computer in the Science Area are "Offline."

2. Enter the Engineering area. On your left is the Ariadne IDT (Inter-Dimensional Transport).  You cannot use it until later in the game.  Click on the consoles on the left wall to view "The Armageddon Device Coming to Life" and "The Taao Ant Space Battle."  To the right of the entrance are the main computer access panels.  Use the computers to activate life support in the Living Quarters and the computers in the Science Lab.  They both need to be "Online."

3. Enter the Science Lab.  Click on the panels in the center of the room on the table to get hologram layouts of the Ariadne Space Station, the Altair Colony and the Wilhelm Solar Station.  The DNA Processor (located on the left side of the lab) will store your DNA signature, giving you an ID Number (9395) for entering the Customs Dome in the Altair Colony.  The panel to the left of the entrance gives information on the previous crew.  Make note of the number assigned to the shuttle pilot (9643).  The panel in the right corner will play a telecast from Earth Capitol 1.  To exit the Science Lab, face the door. Open the panel in the upper right by depressing the button just beneath it. Pull the lever in the panel freeing the magnetic locks.

4. Enter the Living Quarters and explore. One of the cabinets contains a Key.  A second contains Video Messages  from Karen and Jason (the Time Warrior's brother).  Another cabinet contains the Hangar Bay Pass.  Click on these items to add them to your inventory.

5. Use the Hangar Bay Pass to enter the elevator which takes you down to the Hangar Bay.  Enter the shuttle with the open hatch on your right as you enter the bay.  At the front of the shuttle, enter the pilot's ID number (9643) and enjoy the ride to the Altair Colony.

The Altair Colony

Customs Dome

1. You are now at the entrance to the Customs Dome processing area at the Altair Colony.  On your left is an Inter-Dimensional Transport (IDT) to return instantly to the Ariadne Space Station. In front are the Customs Gates.  Only the far left gate will give you access.  You must first open the panel at the base of the desk and repair the connection.  Now proceed to the top of the desk and click on the panel to reveal another pass code panel. Enter your DNA number from the Ariadne Space Station DNA scanner (9395).

2. You may now open the gate after you pass through the decontamination beam.

3. Stop at the Customs Dome Orientation Kiosk. This will help you navigate the Altair Colony.

4. Continue ahead up the escalators and through the expansive Customs Dome to the first staircase.  At the top of the stairs is a Monorial Shuttle that connects to the Hotel Dome.  Enter the Monorail Shuttle and proceed to your left, entering the engineer's cockpit. Click on the panel to engage the shuttle to take you to the Hotel Dome.

Hotel Dome Monorail Dock

1. You are now at the main docking area that connects the Hotel Dome with all the other areas in the Altair Colony.  Directly ahead is the elevator to the Hotel. Prior to the elevator is a cross walk which extends to the Farming and Water Domes.

2. Go directly to the elevator and click on the door to open. (You may go to the monorail platforms for the Water and Farming Domes, but you will find that they are closed.)

Hotel and Starlite Suite

1. From your inventory use the Key to operate the elevator to the upper level meeting rooms and the Starlite Suite.  You will see a large video screen in the meeting area.  Click on the screen to view "The Free Trader Space Battle."  Enter the first door to the inner meeting room.  Click on the video screen to view a message from the Time Warrior's Father that contains a password you will need later, "Never Say Die".  Return to the main room and then enter the second door to the bedroom.  Open the drawer on the bureau to the right of the bed. Remove Key B to be used to access the lower monorail platform.

2. Return to the Hotel Elevator, and press the center button to return to the main platform.  Take one of the connecting tunnels through the hotel to the back of the platform.  There you will see the Hotel IDT for quick trips to the various arms of the colony.

Science Research Dome

1. Facing away from the Hotel IDT move forward until you reach the crosswalk.  Take the walkway left to the Science (Research) Dome Monorail.  (The walkway right will take you to the Mining Dome Monorail and continuing straight leads to the command Center Scooter.)

2. Upon reaching the Science (Research) Dome you will be able to enter the outer hatch of the Laboratory but will find that the inner doors are sealed because of a radiation leak.  Use the Science (Research) Dome IDT to return to the Hotel IDT.

Mining Dome

1. Turn away from the IDT and follow the right crosswalk to the Mining Dome Monorail.  Upon arrival at the Mining Dome Platform you will find an IDT and a kiosk. Engage the kiosk to get your bearings.

2. Exit the Monorail platform and explore the Mining Dome Area.  Upon entering the massive elevator/turntable, find the control box to gain access to the lower levels of the mining operation.

3. Directly ahead you will find a small hut.  Enter the hut and you will find a container on your left that holds a Raw Power Crystal.  Add the crystal to your inventory.

4. Make your way back to the Monorail Platform and use the IDT to return to the Hotel IDT.

Command Center

1. Turn away from the Hotel IDT and go straight to the Command Center Scooter.  Click on the open scooter door to be transported to the Command Center Area.

2. Upon arrival at the Command Center Scooter Platform you will follow the walkway to a staircase.  Go up the staircase to the sliding doors to enter the Command Control Area.

3. Directly ahead is a large screen. Click on it to view the "The Earth Space Battle."

4. To your right is a standing cabinet that contains a Space Suit.  Take the Space Suit into your inventory and turn around to face the other end of the hall and the Command Center IDT.

5. Exit the Command Center the same way you came in.  At the bottom of the stairs is another set of stairs leading to a lower platform.  This lower platform contains two crew transport vehicles each traveling to different wings of the facility which house the Fleet Hangar and Ordnance bays.

Fleet Hangars and Ordnance Bays

1. Turn right and open the hatch on the Crew Transport Vehicle and enter.  At the rear of the craft is a lever.  Move the lever to the "forward" position to operate the shuttle.  At the first stop, Bay 3, you may exit and view the bay from the platform. Note that you cannot use the elevator to go down. Return to the vehicle and pull the lever to go forward to Bay 2.  Exit the vehicle and take the elevator down to the floor of Hangar Bay 2.  Exit the elevator and explore.

Time Ship

1. As you explore, you will find an unusual blue craft.  This is the Time Ship.

2. After examining the exterior enter the portal on the starboard (right) side.  On the port (left) side of the ship is an IDT Coordinate Navigation Panel.  This panel is currently inoperative.  You will also find to the right of the panel three Storage Pods.  The first one on the left has a container requiring and Energized Power Cyrstal.  The second requires a Chronometer. The third pod contains an Anti-Gravity Rod.  You will be able to add the Anti-Gravity Rod to your inventory.  At the forward area of the Time Ship you will find the Pilot's Cockpit and the main control panel.  You will find that the Time Ship Pilot Control Panel cannot be engaged until you have retrieved an Energized Power Crystal and a Chronometer.

3. You will also notice an IDT at the rear of the Time Ship.  It is also inoperative.  Now that you know what you need, you may exit the Time Ship and set out to find those inventory items.

4. Find your way back to the elevator and the Crew Transport Vehicle. You may go forward to Hangar Bay 1, but the elevator is inaccessible.

C-3 Centrinell (Walker)

1. Enter the Crew Transport Vehicle.  Pull the lever to move forward to Hangar Bay 4.  Exit the vehicle and take the elevator to the hangar bay floor and explore.

2. Find your way to the open C-2 Transport Craft housing the C-3 Centrinell (Walker).  Approach the Walker and don the Space Suit from your inventory.

3. Click on the base of the Walker and travel outside the Colony walls to the exterior Operation Hut.

4. Enter the hut. Pull the left venting lever on the back wall of the hut.  This will vent the excess radiation from the Research Dome Laboratory.

5. Return to the Walker and travel back to Hangar Bay 4.

6. Find your way back to the elevator and the Crew Transport Vehicle.  You may continue forward to gaze at the two additional Hangar Bays, but in both bays you can only view them for the platform as the elevators are non-functional.

7, Return to the Command Center Platform and then back to the interior of the Command Center. Use the Command Center IDT to return to the Hotel IDT.

Science (Research) Dome return

1. You may now use the Hotel IDT to travel to the Research Dome IDT.

2. Upon arrival at the Research Dome IDT and Monorail Platform return to the Research Laboratory and enter the interior room.

3. You will notice a table on your left with a strange looking item on top. This is the Chronometer.  Add the Chronometer to your inventory and exit the Laboratory back to the Research Dome IDT.  Using the IDT, return to the Hotel IDT.

Power Dome

1. Use one of the connecting tunnels on the Hotel Platform to return to the Hotel Elevator. Select Key B from your inventory.  Using Key B press the lower elevator button to reach the Power Dome Monorail Platform.

2. Upon arrival at the Power Dome Platform, use the elevator to reach the Power Dome Control Center.

3.  To your right will be the Crystalmorph Power Condenser. Select the Raw Power Crystal from your inventory and click on the center area of the Condensor.  This will energize the Power Crystal for use in the Time Ship.  Return to the Monorail Platform and use the Power Dome IDT to return to the Hotel IDT.

Time Ship Return

1. Now that you have an Energized Power Crystal and the Chronometer, you can return to the Time Ship.  Using the Hotel IDT, return to the Command Center IDT and exit the Command Control Room. Take the Crew Transport Vehicle to the right.  Exit at Hangar Bay 2 and return to the blue Time Ship.

2. Enter the Time Ship and open the first storage pod with the Power Crystal selected from your inventory.  Click on the open pod to install the Energized Crystal.  Open the second pod and install the Chronometer in the same manner.

3. Return to the cockpit at the front of the Time Ship and click on the panel to reveal the security code installation panel.  Enter the Time Warrior's Code spoken by his father, "Never Say Die."  The Time Ship's operational systems are now activated.  Enjoy the ride to the Spaceship Graveyard.

Spaceship Graveyard

1. Move back to the Navigation Panel and click on the screen. The Navigator will automatically scan and display its current space/time coordinates.  The Time Ship has now moved to the Spaceship Graveyard.  Various spacecraft will be displayed.  Click on those vessels able to "Send Coordinates to IDT."

ESA Battlecruiser Lethbridge-Stewart

1. Move to the rear of the Time Ship and enter the IDT.  Click on the IDT to display "Warship."  Click on the transport button to be transported to the ESA Battlecruiser Lethbridge-Stewart.

2. You are now in the hall system of the ESA Battlecruiser Lethbridge-Stewart.  You notice above your inventory a new device has appeared.  This is the IDT Wrist Com.  You will use the IDT Wrist Com to move between the ships you visit and the Time Ship IDT.

3. The doorway to the command bridge has a small digital panel to its right.  You will not be able to open the door until you find an explosive device called the Deton 2000.

4. To find the Deton 2000, after transporting to the Lethbridge-Stewart, turn around.  Move forward two steps and turn left.  Go to the end of the hall and turn left.  Go forward two steps and turn left facing the bullseye bulkhead and two rectangular panels opposite eah other.  Walk forward three steps.  Face the right side panel and click on it this will open the panel to reveal the Deton 2000. Add the Deton 2000 to your inventory.

5. From the Deton panel, turn right and go forward one step. Turn right and go forward one step.  Turn right. With the Deton 2000 selected from your inventory, click on the digital panel to blow the panel and open the door.  Enter the doorway into the command bridge area.

6. As you enter the bridge area you activate the "Emergency Beacon Messages" from the Captain of the Lethbridge-Stewart.  View the messages and explore the bridge.

7. At the Captain's Station you will find the Universal Translator on the chair.  Add the Universal Translator to your inventory.  You may now return to the Time Ship using your IDT wrist com.

Dedakian Ship

1. By returning to the Time Ship with the translator device, you have reactivated a destruct sequence on the Warship.  The Time Ship will be blasted to another area of the Spaceship Graveyard.

2. Return to the Time Ship Navigation Panel at the center of the Time Ship and click on the panel.  View the new area of the Graveyard and vessels.  Repeat the process of sending coordinates to the IDT.  Return to the IDT and click on it to reveal "Dedakian."  Click on the transport button to travel to the Dedakian craft.

3. You will notice your IDT Wrist Com has reappeared.  You will only be able to transport back to the Time Ship in certain locations on this vessel.  The Dedakian Craft is a labyrinth or organic looking halls, tunnels, and passageways, separated by mysterious vaporous hatchways.  Click on the Dedakian Hand Panel on the hatchways to open the hatch and pass through.

4. Certain hatchways are marked with map indicators.  These map indicators consist of four colored orbs.  The top orb indicates which chamber entrance you are in front of.  Your starting position is at the entrance to the Yellow Orb Chamber as designated by the top colored glove.

(*Note: Each time you save the game anywhere in the Dedakian Craft or utilize the IDT Wrist Com to return to the Time Ship IDT, and then return to the Dedakian craft, you will return to the same starting point in front of the Yellow Orb Chamber.)

The Dedakian Orbs

1. Enter the Yellow Orb Pedestal Chamber.  At the rear of the hall you will find a large pedestal.  This is a receptacle for the Yellow Orb.  You must locate the Yellow Orb as well as the other three (Red, Blue and Green) Orbs and secure them in their proper pedestals.

2. To locate the Yellow Orb exit the Yellow Orb Pedestal Chamber and turn right. Move forward six clicks and turn right.  Enter the Yellow Orb Room.  Approach the rear of the room and carefully add the Yellow Orb to your inventory.  Exit the Yellow Orb Room.

4. Turn right and advance two clicks and turn right again.  Pass through the connecting tunnel and turn left.  Advance four clicks and turn left.  Enter the Green Orb Room. Retrieve the Green Orb and exit the room. Turn right and advance six clicks.  Turn right and enter the Green Orb Pedestal Chamber. Place the Green Orb in its pedestal.  Exit the Green Orb Pedestal Chamber and turn right.

5. Advance two clicks and turn right again.  Pass through the connecting tunnel and turn left.  Advance four clicks and turn left.  Enter the Blue Orb Room.  Add the Blue Orb to your inventory and exit the room.  Turn right and advance six clicks and turn right again. Enter the Blue Orb Pedestal Chamber.  Place the Blue Orb in its pedestal and exit the chamber.

6. Turn right and advance two clicks and turn right again. Pass through the connecting tunnel and turn left.  Advance four clicks and turn left.  Enter the Red Orb Room.  Add the Red Orb to your inventory and exit the room. Turn right and advance six clicks.  Turn right and enter the Red Orb Pedestal Chamber.

7. Place the Red Orb on the pedestal.  This activates the opening of the crystal vault and provides access to the Data Crystal.  Add the Data Crystal to your inventory.

8.  Exit the chamber from the Red Orb Chamber walkway.  The Map Indicator should have the Red Orb on top.  Turn right and advance two clicks and turn right again.  Open the hatch and advance one click and turn left.  You are now facing a damaged organic bulkhead and an opening to the Dedakian's Space Portal Area.  Enter the area.  You will now be able to utilize your IDT Wrist Com to return to the Time Ship IDT.

Time Ship Return with Crystal

1. Once back in the Time Ship, move to the cockpit and select the Data Crystal from your inventory.  Insert the Data Crystal into the center area of the cockpit control panel.  The Time Ship receives instructions and moves to another area of the Space Ship Graveyard.

2.  Return to the Navigation Panel at the center of the Time Ship and click on the panel.  Send the new coordinates to the IDT and then move back to the IDT station.

The Skree Ship

1. Click on the IDT to reveal the "Skree" destinations.  Click on the transport button to be transported to the Skree Ship

(*Note:  You may use the IDT Wrist Com to return to the Time Ship IDT, but each time you return to the Skree Ship you will be place at the same Skree Ship starting point.)

2. Turn around.  Turn right at your first opportunity and continue to use right turn passages until you reach a hatchway with Skree inscriptions.  You must click on the upper left symbol and mid-lower right symbol, in the order, to open the hatchway.  Enter the room and explore.  Tread lightly when encounter the hibernating Skree Creature!

3. Exit the room and continue forward until you reach another hatchway.  Enter the hatchway in the identical manner as before.

4. Enter the room, turn right and confront another Skree Creature. Select the Anti-Gravity Rod from your inventory. WITH EXTREME CARE, move the Skree Creature to one side.

5. Quietly move forward and face the security access panel. Select the Universal Translator from your inventory and click on the security access panel.

6. Using the Universal Translator, locate the symbols for "Against," "Lock Restraint," and "Door Entry," in that order.  You will find that clicking on corresponding symbols at the top of the panel, that they will appear on the panel screen starting in the upper left corner.  Clicking twice will change the symbol to another designation.  Enter the symbol for "Against."

7. To advance to the next space, use the four upper right corner position buttons.  Click once on the right button to move one space to the right.  Fill in the symbols that correspond to "Lock, Restraint" on the Universal Translator. Use the upper right positioning buttons again to move to the next row down.  To do this, click on the lower button once and the left button three times.  This should pace you on the second row at the far left side.

8. Find the symbol sequence for "Door, Entry" in the Universal Translator.  Enter the four symbol sequence in the same manner as before and the click the single right side button on the security panel to enter the code.

(*Note:  You may exit the security panel by clicking on the single lower button on the panel.)

The Time Warrior

Enter the next area through the open hatchway and turn left. Advance to the end of the passage and turn left. View the Time Warrior in stasis.  Click on the Time Warrior.  Turn left and go to the other end of the hall.  Turn right and enter the cell and turn left to face another small panel.  Click on the upper right button to release the stasis field and exit the cell.  Turn left and advance to the opposite end of the passage.  Turn left and click on the Time Warrior.  Travel with the Time Warrior to defeat the Armageddon Device!

Congratulations!  You have saved the Universe.

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