There are four possible endings to the game. To successfully complete your mission you must have found both the painting and notebook, taking them with when you leave the ship. The Rubaiyat and real necklace are only used as a 'stake' for playing blackjack with Buick Riviera near the end. Note that you must still find them during the game to prevent Vlad from getting hold of something of value to give to the Black Hand. Returning Shailagh Hacker's baby to her and saving Georgia's life do not affect the success (or not) of your mission, but should be done purely for self-satisfaction.


Listen carefully to the monologue at the end of the game, in particular the references made to certain infamous characters in history. Not only have you successfully change the past, but the future as well!
You probably didn't notice in the beginning, but the picture above the mantelpiece in your Flat depicted the sea where the Titanic sank - as shown in the graphic above. After completing your mission successfully the picture is somewhat more pleasant!



If you leave the Titanic without the painting and notebook (or without one of them) your mission will have been a failure! Although the past remains unchanged, more importantly, your failure will have disastrous consequences in the future! The monologue at the end of the game details these consequences!

Also see what eventually happens to the picture above the mantelpiece in your Flat.



I have the monologues for all four endings in MP3 format, and will gladly make them

available to anyone who would like to hear them - use the Menu option to email me.


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