Secret Files: Tunguska

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Examine the desk with the blinking monitor. Examine the map on the wall. Examine the files cabinet at your right side. Walk towards the coin show case next to the window. Examine the show case. Click on the empty compartment to find out that one coin seems to be missing. Read the note at the right side of the show case. Zoom out.

Examine the radiator beneath the window. Try to open the radiator's vent at the right side on top of the radiator. Examine the certificate above the sofa. Examine the photo next to the certificate. Pick up the photo that is laying on the floor in front of the radiator. Close the journal by clicking on the little cross right on top.

Take the white porcelain bowl from the table. Examine the porcelain bowl to find out that the inside is somewhat porous. Walk around the table. Use the telephone to call the police. Hhhmmm... as helpful as always! Take the piece of rock from the cloth next to the telephone. Examine the rock to find out that something is embedded in the stone. It has a red-violet glow.

Examine the machine at your back. Walk towards the machine and take the flask from the machine. Put the piece of rock into the flask. Open the door to go to the hall. Try to open the door at the left side. Read the nameplate at the right side of the door. It says the name Max Gruber. Take a piece of the plant. Put it in your porcelain bowl.

Enter your dad's office once more. Walk towards the radiator beneath the window. Use the porcelain bowl with the radiator vent to fill it with water. Go back to the hall. Read the notes on the bulletin board. Try to open the fuse box next to the bulletin board. Walk through the door at the right side of the hall.

Read the list that is hanging on the wall next to the brochure stand. Read the escape plan that is hanging on the wall. Zoom out. Look at the Tyrannosaurus. Walk towards the Tyrannosaurus. Examine the statue. Open the hidden door at the base of the statue. When Eddy has gone, pick up the key from the hidden room. Examine the diagram on the right wall. Examine the Triceratops. Exit this part of the museum. Walk up the stairs.

Open the fuse box with the key you just found. Use the fuses to turn down the music in Max Gruber's room. Ask Max about everything you can. Enter your dad's office one more time. Ask the detective about everything you can. Hhhmmm... strange detective! When Max has gone, examine the two statues next to the stairs of the museum. Notice the words "Both of them are watching over the museum's entrance". Pick up the yellow glass shards from the ground at the right side of the stairs of the museum. Grab your motorcycle to drive to your dad's apartment. Not only someone has broken in to your dad's apartment but you also happen to run into someone's fist!

After coming to your senses next morning your head feels like to explode. Examine the files at the left side of the door. Pick up the portable cassette player from the floor at the left side of the opened closet. Open the cassette player to get yourself some batteries. Examine the opened closet. Examine the fish tank. Not only some fishes are swimming around but also a key. There is a grate on top of the aquarium. Alas it is too small to get your hands through.

Take the red-brown book from the drawer on the bed. Open the book in your inventory. It seems to be some kind of book casket. Examine the bed. Examine the desk with the computer. Take the piece of pizza from the plate. Take the salt shaker. Take the pencil from the desk. Examine the cassette tape recorder. Read the notes attached to the wall. Use the keyboard to see that the computer is password protected. You don't know the password yet so zoom out. Exit the room.

Walk towards the rusty bike in the alley. Take the air pump from the bike. Examine the rusty bucket beneath the rain pipe. It is filled with water. Take the handle from the bucket. Examine the garbage bin to find a rubber glove and an old bicycle spoke. Examine the broken lattice beneath the window. Walk towards the garage. Examine the wooden crate next to the Wardburg to find double-sided tape and a tube of glue. Examine the cigarette butts next to the sewer grate. Open the motorcycle seat with your key ring. Open the seat to get your cell phone and your sunglasses. Combine the yellow shard with the sunglasses.

Grab your motorcycle and drive to the museum. Talk to the girl that is laying on the bench. Talk to her about everything you can. When the conversation is over, take the inner tube from the back wheel of the bicycle. Grab your motorcycle and drive back tot dad's apartment. Pump some air into the inner tube with the air pump. Put it into the rusty bucket beneath the rain pipe. Combine the glue with the rubber glove. Combine the sticky rubber glove with the tube. Drive back to the museum.

Put the patched tube into the back wheel of the bike. Talk to the girl once more. Tell her about the bike. When the conversation is over, combine the batteries with the camera. Close your journal. Give the camera to the girl. She gives you a little magnet in return. Drive back to your dad's apartment. Enter the apartment.

Use the magnet with the fish tank to get the key that is swimming around. Open the book casket with the little key. Examine the yellow note. Read your dad's address book. Examine the left bottom carpet edge. Look what's beneath the edge. Notice the small gab in the floor. Use the spoke to get a cassette from the gap. Walk towards the desk with the computer. Examine the desk and put the cassette into the cassette tape recorder. Use the recorder to here dad's message. It seems to be a secret code. This must be a reminder for the computer's password.

The first and last of the car can only mean the first and the last number of the license plate of the old Wardburg you have seen in the garage. But what the hack could he mean with a fourth of the openings to the underworld? And what to think about the guardians to my work!? Zoom out and exit the room. Notice that the first and the last number on the car's license plate are 2 and 3. Now remember the cigarette butts next to the sewer grate! Could this sewer grate be the entrance to the underworld??? Well... let's give it a try! Count the holes around the sewer grate to find out that there are 16 of them. A fourth of them is...4. So the first three numbers of the password could be 2, 3 and 4.

Now we only have to find out what good old dad meant with "the guardians of my work"! Now remember the two statues next to the stairs of the museum which happens to be dad's work right? Also remember the words "Both of them are watching over the museum's entrance" you heard when you examined the two statues. So the complete password could be 2, 3, 4 and 2!

Let's go inside the apartment to find out if we really have been that clever! Walk towards the desk with the computer. Use the keyboard and click on 2, 3, 4 and 2... BINGO!!! Study the monitor. One of the things you'll read is an email of a guy called Oleg. Study your dad's address book to find out this guy's address. Zoom out and exit the apartment. Grab your motorcycle and drive to Oleg's house.

Pick up the empty blue plastic bag. Attach the handle to the plastic bag. Walk down the path at the left side of the house. Take the broomstick that is standing against the wall. Examine the garden hose at the other end of the garden. Peek through the window slit. Look at the feeding dish that is standing on the floor of the kitchen. Zoom out

Walk back to the street. Walk towards the front door of Oleg's house. Ring the doorbell. Hey... mister Nice Guy! Put the pizza onto the feeding dish next to the door. Walk back to the garden of the house. Peek through the window slit once more. Look at Oleg. Zoom out and walk back to the street. Attach the double-sided tape to the cell phone. Attach the broomstick to the reinforced plastic bag. Walk towards the front door. Attach the very sticky cell phone to the cat. Add some salt to the pizza on the feeding dish. And off it goes to drink lots and lots of water! While peeking through the window slit once more look at the cat and look at Oleg.

Zoom out and head back to the street. Enter the yellow phone boot to dial the number of your cell phone. Let's find out how the cat reacts  to the vibrations of your cell phone! Use the brailer to retrieve your cell phone that is stuck up on the right most branch of the tree. Grab your motorcycle and drive to the museum...

The End...

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