The Tales of Bingwood

by bug factory

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2008


Gameplay:    This is a point click third person game. The tutorial is in the introduction to the game.

The main menu has new-continue game, save-load, settings and quit. The audio setting options are for volumes of music, voice over and sound FX. The video settings are for full screen, subtitles and auto-text.

There are 4 saved game slots that can be overwritten.

There is a map jump to feature. The locations are triggered by being in that area.


Tom wakes up and talks to the future Tom. Learn the game manipulation using the mouth, eye and hand. Move around the area and check the game manipulation. Go left and see Princess Liliana (Dream Princess). Give her the purple rose.

Tom Driftwood falls off the bunk bed. Exit the house.


Chapter 1: To Save a Princess


Look around Bingwood.


The town crier is reading the noon proclamation. Learn that Princess Liliana has been kidnapped by Evil Wizard during the King and Queen's anniversary.

After being volunteered by the townspeople to save the princess, check the Boutique area. Look and take the proclamation on the shed. Read the proclamation in inventory. Look and try to open the padlock of the shed. It needs a key. Check the Boutique.

Try to take the key on the ground beside the black bird.

Farm:    Follow the bird to the farm at left. Read the sign post and it points to Shady Forest.

Go left and see the bird. Try to take the key again. Take the rusty hedge clippers and the shovel.

Talk to Gaston Granberry, the farmer at left. The Wizard lives beyond the Shady Forest.

Check the scarecrow. Take the novelty glasses of the scarecrow.

Crossroads:    Go back to the right and go to crossroads.

Talk to Hawk-eye, the Toll Booth guy. Read the notice on the wall of the toll booth.

Take the Bingwood map from the notice board at right. The map is placed left of the game icons. The jump to feature is triggered by going to the different places in the map.

Rift:    Sneak behind the booth.

Talk to the first maintenance man. Look at the rift, fertile soil and boulder.

Castle:    Jump to crossroad. Go right from the tollbooth and be at castle.

Talk to the second guard. When the fish delivery dialogue is used, the guard wants to check the merchandise.

Mill:    Go to bottom screen and be at the mill.

Talk to Lommy Turnip, the miller. Learn that the millstone is cracked. Learn more about the kidnapping and latest gossip.

Meadow:    Take the bridge behind the mill wheel to go to meadow.

Look at a well and an oak tree. Look at the foliage of the oak tree and see acorns. There's a ram in the meadow.

Smithy:    Go left from the meadow and enter the smithy.

Talk to Arnold Smith. Look around the smithy. Check the books and the sharpening stone. Take the crowbar when Arnold's back is turned. Take the flask beside the book on the shelf when Arnold's back is turned.

Use the rusty hedge clippers on the sharpening wheel and get sharpened hedge clipper.

Inn:    Go left from the smithy.

Enter the Inn o'Cent. See 3 rowdy pirates. Talk to Miss Welt, the innkeeper. The former crew does not take Miss Welt seriously anymore.

Help Miss Welt get rid of the pirates. She gives a treasure map to a chest she buried. Look at the treasure map in inventory and see that it is on an island.

Bridge:    Go left from the Inn to the bridge. Look around.

Home (Fisher):    Go right to smithy and then right again to home.

Look at the tangled fishnet and the dinghy. Father hid the oars. Take the fishing rod.

Enter the house. Look around the house. Look at the fish ornament above the chest and learn that Tom is allergic to fish.

Open the chest and take the cuckoo clock. Take the broken slingshot from top of the cabinet at left.

Forest (Sage's hut):    Go right of the hut to be at meadow. Go right from meadow to be at the forest.

Talk to the Eldridge Rootbeard or Sage.

Check the strange mushroom and the exotic plant life surrounded by fireflies on the tree at right. Sage explains what they are.

Cliff Path:    Jump to the farm. Go left of the farm and be on a cliff path.

See the black bird with the ring go around the cliff.

Odd cavern:    There's rustling of the shrub at right. Use the now sharpened hedge cutter on the rustling shrub.

Enter the odd cavern and see that it is dark. Eyes are seen in the dark. Tom will not go any further without a light.

Climb up the path to the shack at the cliff. Talk to the hermit. Hmmm... Engineer?

Cliffside:    Look at the bottom screen to the Cliffside. See the blackbird, nest and the key. Tom wants a rope.

Miss Welt's treasure.

Home (Fisher):    Jump to fisher-home. Click the shovel on the dinghy. It might just work.

Island:    Take the seashell. Look at the treasure map in inventory.

The map! Use the shovel on 'possible location of buried treasure'.

Inn:    Jump to Inn. Listen. Wow! Automatically take the old chest.

Enter the Inn. Miss Welt gives free lunch vouchers. Take the mug from the table.

Find a way across the rift.

Castle:    Jump to castle and talk to second guard. Ask about the hermit. Learn about Lord Alun Cutlass, an old military engineer.

Cliff:    Jump to Cliff. Talk to hermit about Alun Cutlass and his background.

He gives a plan to get across the rift. The hermit gives a sketch of a simpler design for a catapult.

Sage's hut:    Jump to forest. Talk to the sage about tree problem now that you checked the rift.

Enter the hut. Look around. Take the gloves left of the curtain. Check the cauldron.

Look at the book under the window. Get a list of ingredients for the Perpendicular Produce.

Talk to the sage about all the ingredients.

Get Follicular Moss.

Jump to cliff. Take the mossy growth on the wall of the shack right of the hermit to get sphagnum moss.

Get Wriggling Earthworms.

Jump to farm. Enter the field. If you have not taken the novelty glasses yet, take it from the scarecrow.

Look at the furrows of the field. Use the shovel on the furrow. Use the mug from the Inn to take squiggly worms.

Get Medium sized Trout.

Jump to island. Use the fishing rod taken from home with squiggly worms.

Use fishing rod with bait on sea. Use the gloves on caught fish.

Catch another fish-trout to have 2 trout in inventory. If you're not fast with the gloves, the fish goes back to sea.

Get a Blossom of a Purple Rose.

Boutique-Shop:    Jump to Boutique-Shop. Talk to Angus Goble, the shopkeeper. He offers a reward for the return of his shed key.

Enter the boutique. Look around and see bellows, sack of cement and other things. Read the banner for chocolate eggs.

Talk to shopkeeper. Learn about the chocolate eggs. He gives a free laxative sample. He will give the rope for free if Tom gets the key to the shed.

Castle:    Jump to castle. Talk to the second guard again about delivering fish now that you have caught the trout.

Enter the castle. See the garden of the dream. See the guard drink from the fountain. See purple roses by the wall.

Try to take a purple rose. The guard stops Tom.

Use the laxative on the fountain. The guard drinks from the fountain again. Uh oh! He runs to the WC across the kitchen.

Take a purple rose.

Talk to the King and Queen.

Go to the hallway of the castle. Go right to the throne room.

Talk to the Royal Crier. Go to the right and the crier wants a proper document.

Show the proclamation to the crier. Talk to Queen and then the King. Learn what happened. The King gives a sword.

Get Granulated Seashell.

Mill:    Jump to Mill. Talk to the miller and catch up on gossips. Use the seashell on the miller. He needs a millstone.

Boutique-Shop:    Jump to Boutique-Shop. Talk to Angus Goble, the shopkeeper about trading for the bag of cement.

Trade the antique cuckoo clock. Angus checks the clock. Tom gets the bag of cement plus the complimentary chocolate egg. Ask about the chocolate again. Check the bag of cement in inventory. The cement needs sand and water.

Beach:    Jump to home and then go to left screen.

Try to take sand from the beach. Use the empty treasure chest of Miss Welt on the sand to get sand filled chest.

Castle:    Jump to castle. Enter the castle and go to the garden.

Go to the flowing fountain. Use sack of cement on fountain. Use the sand filled chest on broken fountain with cement.

Use crowbar on ruined fountain. Take the makeshift millstone.

Mill:    Jump to Mill. Give the millstone to the miller. Then give the seashell to the miller to get seashell powder.

Get Leaf of a Rubber Tree:   

Boutique-Shop:    Jump to Boutique-Shop. Talk to Angus Goble, the shopkeeper about the bellows.

The castle cook owes the shopkeeper 20 silver crowns for spices. He wants Tom to collect it.

Castle:    Jump to castle. Enter the castle and go to the kitchen, the entryway on the left and across the WC.

Talk to the cook. Use the novelty mask taken from the scarecrow on Tom (me). Talk to the cook again. He gives the bag of money.

Oops, the glasses falls. The cook throws the cleaver and embeds on the WC door. Tom automatically pulls it out and gets broken cleaver.

Smithy:    Jump to smithy. Use the broken cleaver on the sharpening wheel to get sharp blade.

Inn:    Jump to Inn. Climb the vine right of the door. Use the sharp blade on the reachable window.

Look around Miss Welt's bedroom. Take a leaf from the rubber tree by the bed.

Get a Matured Faerie Agaric.

Sage's hut:    Ask the sage about the ingredient matured Faerie Agaric. Learn about hobgoblins and about Arnold's knowledge of hobgoblins.

Smithy:    Jump to smithy. Click on the horseshoe above the entryway to the smithy.

Talk to Arnold about the horseshoe and hobgoblins. Arnold wants bellows to make Tom a talisman.

Boutique-Shop:    Jump to Boutique-Shop. If you already asked the shopkeeper about the bellows and collected his money from the cook, give him the bag of money.

Smithy:    Jump to smithy. Give the bellows to Arnold. He gives the iron talisman.

Beach:    Jump to beach. Stand on the place where you get the tingly effect. A path to the forest opens.

Enter the forest and to the clearing.

Clearing:    See fireflies all over. Look at the rock at the center of the clearing.

Place the fish-trout on the rock as an offering. Wait and hear a sneeze. Meet the hobgoblin on a red mature Faerie Agaric.

Talk to the hobgoblin and ask for a piece of the mushroom. Tom doesn't have gold to wager in and he gets spelled to the island.

Island:    Use the surprise chocolate on Tom (me). He eats half the chocolate and gets a gold ring; that was the surprise of the egg.

Clearing:    Go back to the clearing and talk to the hobgoblin.

The hobgoblin recites 3 riddles. Whatever answer selected is wrong. Tom gives the gold ring.

Use the iron talisman on the hobgoblin. Tom automatically takes a piece of mushroom.

Prepare the Perpendicular Produce.

Smithy:    Go to smithy's. If you haven't taken the flask yet - take the flask beside the books on the shelf when Arnold's back is turned.

Sage's hut:   Jump to Sage's hut.  Enter the hut. Place all the ingredients in the cauldron. The list is crossed off.

After the vapor changed color, use the flask on the cauldron to get Perpendicular Produce.

Get an acorn.

Inn:    Jump to Inn. Climb the vine right of the door of the Inn.

Use the sharp knife on the window. Enter Miss Welt's room.

Use the sharp knife on the trunk of the potted rubber tree. Take the rubber strip.

Use the rubber strip on broken slingshot to get slingshot.

Beach:    Jump to beach. Pick up 3 stones.

Meadow:    Jump to meadow. Look at the foliage of the oak tree and see acorns. It is too high.

Use a stone with the slingshot to get loaded slingshot. Use the loaded slingshot on the ram. Do it 3 times.

The ram rams the tree. Pick up the acorn that falls off.

Catch the fireflies.

Castle:    Jump to castle. Enter the castle and go to the kitchen. Watch the cook scold the kitchen boy.

Look at the kitchen boy. It is Mat Granberry, the farmer's son. Talk to Mat.

Take the glass jar from the shelf. The cook allows it because it is cracked.

Beach:   Jump to beach. Get a stone from the beach.

Clearing:    Enter the forest. In inventory, combine the glass jar with the leftover chocolate.

Use the chocolate in jar on Tom (me). Watch the fireflies enter the jar Tom holds.

Get the rope.

Cliff path:    Jump to cliff path. Enter the Odd Cavern now that Tom has light.

Go left until outside. See that the end is the ledge where the black bird's nest is located.

Try to get the key. Combine the stone with the slingshot. Use the loaded slingshot on the blackbird. Take the key.

Boutique-Shop:    Jump to Boutique-Shop. Give the key to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gives the rope.

Prepare the catapult.

Rift:    Jump to rift. Talk to the first maintenance man. Try to do things on the fertile soil or boulder and the man stops Tom.

Give the free lunch voucher given by Miss Welt to the first maintenance man. The workers depart.

Use the shovel on fertile soil. Place the acorn in the hole that is made.

Pour the Perpendicular Produce on the acorn in hole. Whoah! Use the crowbar on the boulder.

Use the rope on the brand new tree or boulder. Push the boulder down.

Climb the impromptu catapult. Use the sword on the rope.


Tom, wake up!

See you on Chapter 2: The Shady Forest

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