Tales of Monkey Island

By LucasArts & Telltale Games


The game manipulations can be either keyboard or mouse.

To move:    Use the keyboard WASD keys or click-hold-drag the mouse.

To run:    Press the shift key or right click while walking.

Inventory:     Use the Tab key or I key or click the scroll wheel or middle mouse button to open the inventory. You can also move the cursor to right side of the screen to bring out the inventory panel.

To examine an item, select an item and then click on the magnifying lens at top left.

To combine, place the items on the spaces at left and then click the + at the middle.

The space bar pauses the game.

ESC key opens the menu.

The main menu has save & load, new game, settings, quit and resume game.

The settings option has hint frequency, pop up text and subtitles.


Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

Walkthrough by Team Waxman

July 2009


Rock of Gelato:

LeChuck holds the 13th Monkey of Montevideo, whose sacrifice will bind the ocean to his infernal wish.

See Elaine tied up on her own ship anchored close to Rock of Gelato.

Guybrush Threepwood the hero comes sailing in to save the day.

LeChuck starts his chanting to finish the voodoo ritual.

Elaine tells Guybrush to finish enchanting the sword.

The Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu:

Get recipe:    Go left to the mast and take the voodoo recipe tacked on pole.

Read the recipe and see that the cutlass needs to be sprayed by an enchanted root beer.

Get root beer:     Go right and climb the stairs to the helm.

Pick up the monkey coffin (Monkey Casket of Kauai) on the deck at right.

In inventory, take the magnifying lens at top left and click it on coffin.

The root beer is taken from coffin.

Make it fizzy:    Combine breath mints and root beer.

Place the items on the left side of the inventory and then click on the + symbol to get fizzy root beer.

Enchant the cutlass:    Combine the cutlass and the fizzy root beer. Guybrush showboats and drops the root beer.

Get more root beer:    Tell Elaine to throw the rope. Elaine drops the mast and Guybrush crawls to Elaine's ship.

Guybrush's ship drifts away. Look around the deck.

Go left and see Chuck the plant beside Elaine. Use the cutlass on plant to get Chuck roots.

Go right and use roots on the barrel marked grog (beer).

Use breath mints on the newly made root grog.

Dip the cutlass in the barrel of root grog.

Use the enchanted cutlass on LeChuck. Wow!

Guybrush's hand changed to LeChuck's hand. Explosion!

Flotsam Island:

Guybrush washes ashore Flotsam Island. The poxed hand hits the friendly pirate.

Meet Nipperkin of Keelhauler Gazette. Learn that the winds blow in everyday here.

Deep Gut is his source of off island news. He wants pirate mayhem news in town.

Check the town:

Club 41:    Go up the stairs and read the sign right of door of Club 41.

Knock on door and see that they want a card.

Keelhauler Gazette:    Check the latest edition of the gazette. See a vat of ink beside the bulletin board.

Check the door. Only employees allowed.

Talk to Nipperkin - Davey about pirate news.

Jail:    Check the windows and jail carvings on the building. Check the door.

Flier:    Take the flier on the pole by the jail. Learn about Morgan Le Flay, a pirate hunter.

Pillar:    Check the pillars at the side street. They have carvings of mermaids.

Well BlowMe Down Glassworks:     The sign says there's an Alphabet sale. Check the door.

Doctor's house:    Climb the stairs. Knock on door. Guybrush picks up the flower pot.

Screaming Narwhal:    Go left and see the Screaming Narwhal.

Meet Reginald Van Winslow. Talk to him completely.

Anyone that knocks the captain off the deck becomes the captain. He lost his membership card to Club 41.

Show him the flier of the pirate hunter. Learn something about Le Flay.

Check the frilly pink underwear and the socks on the clothesline. Guybrush gets a temporary membership card to Club 41 from the sock.

Well BlowMe Down Glassworks:    Go back and talk to Gaffer Crimpdigit.

Learn about the crystal reefs around the island. Ask for vowel tube. Get a U tube.

Show him the flier of the pirate hunter. Learn something about Le Flay.

Keelhauler Gazette:    Go back and talk to Davey again about piracy.

Learn about ship seizing, buried treasure and bar brawl. If Guybrush makes news, the secret of Deep Gut is his.

Show him the flier of the pirate hunter. Learn something about Le Flay. None of the stories about the pirate hunter jibe.

Bar Brawl:

Knock on door of Club 41. With Winslow's card, Guybrush got in and causes mayhem - or his hand did.

Buried Treasure:

Look at the broken grogatini glass in front of the bulletin board to get grogatini sword with olive.

Jungle:    Go to jungle entrance either by the path between the pillars by the glassblower's shop or right behind Club 41.

See a map of Flotsam Island. Click on jungle entrance.

Take the bottom left path and see a pirate beside some action figure dolls.

D'Oro:    Talk to portly pirate, Joaquin D'Oro a treasure hunter. Learn that he collects Porcelain Power Pirates. The rarest doll is the Dark Ninja Dave. He gives the worthless treasure map to Guybrush.

Select the dialogue Look, it's Dark Ninja Dave. Take a pink action figure from the pile of Pajama Pants Pierre on the ground.

Dark Ninja Dave:    Go back to the gazette building in town.

Use the pink action figure on vat of ink right of the bulletin board.

Combine the ink stained action figure with grogatini sword to get Dark Ninja Dave.

Follow treasure map:   

Go back to the jungle and the crossroad where D'Oro is playing with dolls.

In following the map, listen to the sound made by animals.

If the path is correct, hear bells and sometimes Guybrush says some assuring statements.

If the path taken is wrong, Guybrush goes back to the well to start over.

At the crossroad, go to top road. See the well.

Dip the map on the well. The earth shakes and the map glows.

Take the right path. Hear snort of the boar and bells.

Take a bomb from the ground. Guybrush takes all the bombs.

Continue to the right. Hear chimps and bells.

Take upper right path above the stone stand. Hear buzzing bees and bells.

At the crossroad, take the bottom path and hear monkeys.

At crossroad where D'Oro is playing dolls, go bottom right (in front of D'Oro). Hear snorts of the boar and bells.

Take the upper left path. Hear bees and bells at crossroad with altar.

Take the left path and hear chirping birds.

Go forward and see a dug hole - X marks the spot.

Place Dark Ninja Dave in the hole.

Make news about buried treasure:

Return to jungle entrance and go left to D'Oro. Talk to D'Oro about his map.

D'Oro digs the treasure with his hand. That is one happy pirate and made for great news too.

Seize the ship:

Click docks in the map. Go left to the ship.

Climb the planks and be stopped by bacon grease.

Climb the anchor chain and be stopped by live coals.

The dock now has grease fire. Use bomb on grease fire.

Use lit bomb on frilly pink underwear. Use crank right of socks. Ugh!

Use lit bomb on frilly pink underwear. Use clothesline left of pink underwear.

Here's Captain Guybrush Threepwood. Nipperkin hears the news.

Deep Gut:

Find Deep Gut:    Nipperkin gives Guybrush all the info he has about deep Gut.

Look at map. See footsteps to the jungle and the word 'deadline'.

Go to jungle entrance. Follow the map given by Nipperkin.

Go forward to first crossroad where D'Oro was earlier.

Take the left path to the stone stand.

Take the top path above the stone stand until the well.

Take the top path until a circular calendar on the ground.

Take the top path and forward to a hut.

Knock on door. Give the password - deadline.

Voodoo lady:    She wants the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu. She needs to dismantle it.

Talk to Voodoo lady completely. Guybrush's hand has the Pox of LeChuck.

The only cure is the La Esponja Grande. Coronado Da Cava, a' friend' of the Voodoo lady can help Guybrush.

He can be found at Jerkbait Island. She gives a locket to show Da Cava.

Look at the locket in inventory. See the pictures of the Voodoo lady and Da Cava.

Look around and check everything in the room.

Click on the pyrite parrot and Guybrush teaches it to say his name.

Pick up the pyrite parrot from the floor at left.

Try to leave and the Voodoo lady gives the ancient scroll in unbreakable bottle left by the Vaycalians former inhabitants of Flotsam Island or you can pick up the bottle first from the table.

Exit the hut. Pick up the ancient weather vane from the ground. Go left.

Try to break the unbreakable bottle:

Automatically be at the docks. Nipperkin comments about the death cloud hanging over the island - The Pox of LeChuck.

Go to Crimpdigit the glassblower. Talk to Gaffer and he says he made the unbreakable bottle from the crystals from the reef. He has the unbreakable bottle breaker but it will cost gold to use it.

Screaming Narwhal:    Go left and climb the anchor chain.

Van Winslow appointed himself as the first mate.

Go down the steps. Take the cheese wheel left of the cannon.

Cannon:    Fire the cannon. The island's wind blows the cannon back and it hits the glassblower's unicorns.

Use the unbreakable bottle in cannon and fire the cannon again. It hits Crimpdigit.

Exit the ship just before the stairs to the wheel.

Go to the glassblower. Pick up the unbreakable bottle from ground and the unbreakable bottle breaker from the bench.

In inventory, combine the unbreakable bottle breaker and the unbreakable bottle.

The poxed hand prevents this to happen.

Poxed hand:

Marquis De Singe:    Go left and up the stairs to the doctor's door. Knock on door.

At his lab, talk to the doctor - Marquis De Singe. Learn his history.

He studies the hand and decides to amputate. Guybrush is locked to a chair. He numbs the hand.

He leaves to sharpen his petite guillotine and leaves the key on the skeleton.

Escape the chair:

The chair turns left and right using the A and D keys.

The chair also reclines and be in upright position using the keys W and S.

Show a picture to the monkey. Then feed the monkey and it will go to the counterpart of that picture in the room.

Free the monkey:

Press D and W keys to turn right and recline. Pick up the key.

Press A key to turn and face the monkey, Jacques. Give the key to the monkey.

The monkey opens the cage door and goes out.

Get picture of skeleton hand:

Press A key to face the projector. Use the bell on the table. The monkey takes a picture and places it on the projector. See a plan of a mouse in a cage and the monkey's electric antenna.

Press S key to sit up. Use the right pedal and a banana drops. The monkey happily eats it, studies the picture and goes to the mouse wheel.

Use the left pedal and this buzzes the monkey. Jacques knocks the picture of the hand to the floor.

Press A key to turn to the front. Take the picture from the floor.

Get the key from skeleton:

Press D and W keys to face the projector and to lie down. Place the picture on the box of other pictures.

Ring bell and the monkey changes picture. See Guybrush's skeletal hand.

Press S to sit up. Use right pedal to give monkey a banana. It studies the picture and goes to the skeleton at the corner.

Use the left pedal to shock the monkey. The key attaches to the magnetized tail.

Give key to Guybrush:

Press W key to lie down. Ring the bell. The monkey changes the picture to the pirate's version of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man.

Press S key to sit up. Use the right pedal to give a banana. It studies the picture and jumps on Guybrush.

Guybrush frees himself.

Marquis De Singe runs after Guybrush. He reads the flier that lands on his face about the pirate hunter.

Ancient scroll:

Break the unbreakable bottle:    In inventory, combine the unbreakable bottle breaker and the unbreakable bottle.

See that the ancient scroll is blank.

Read the scroll:    Go to Hemlock MacGee, the crusty pirate sitting on the steps of the courthouse.

Talk to him. Find out that he is the MacGee that owned the scroll before the Voodoo lady.

He has a lens that can read the scroll. Ask and he will then give his Eye if the Manatee lens.

In inventory, combine the Eye of Manatee and the ancient scroll. Study the map.

Cheese wheel:    Use the cheese wheel on the jail carvings and get the impressions of eyes.

De Singe:    Go left and see De Singe looking through a telescope. Go to De Singe's house and talk to him.

Follow the Ancient Scroll map:

Go to the Jungle entrance.

Take the upper left path. Use the scroll on the altar. Guybrush does his dance and the ground shakes.

Turn around and go back to the jungle entrance. Hear bees and bells.

Take the lower left path. Hear monkeys and bell at crossroad.

In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the vane. It turns to the right.

Take the path behind Guybrush or the upper path of the crossroad.

Be at the well. Use flower pot in well. The ground shakes.

In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the vane. It turns to the right.

Take the right path from well. Hear bees, bells and positive comment.

Go back to the left (or turn around) and see a different scene.

Place the weather vane on the stand. It points to the left. Take the vane back.

Take the left path.

See the calendar on the ground. Go around the calendar several times and see it flashes colors: red, yellow, green and green again. The ground shakes.

In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the vane.

Take the path above the calendar. Be at Ancient portal.

See De Singe come out of the door. He has a plan to take Guybrush's hand.

Ancient Portal:

Open the portal:    Check the clamshell at right and the portal with a manatee on top.

Look at the crystal nose. Use the unbreakable bottle breaker on the crystal nose.

Pick up weird door face.

Use the pyrite parrot into the nasal cavity.

Return to jungle entrance and then to the dock.

Go to De Singe's house and talk to him about PROOF that you're up to no good.

Automatically be by the ancient portal. See De Singe get tricked by the parrot.

Guybrush takes the ancient tool.

Wind control device:

De Singe let out that this is a wind control device and a wind god is to be summoned to control it.

The wind control device has 4 fingers.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell closest to the big device. It activated all 4 wind gods - mysterious idols in the island.

Summon the wind gods:

Mysterious idol closest to the wind control device:

Go to the right and see the 3 wheels of the mysterious idol.

Look close at the idol. Place the weather vane on top of the mysterious idol.

Turn the 3 wheels to match the face on the weather vane.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell right of the mysterious idol.

One finger of the control device moved.

De Singe blows Guybrush to another part of the jungle.

Enigmatic Idol:    Go right and be at the map. Go to the enigmatic idol.

Look close at the idol. Place the weather vane on top of the idol.

Turn the 3 wheels to match the face on the weather vane.

This one is missing a nose. Use the flower pot on noseless place on the middle wheel.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell right of the idol.

2 down, 2 to go.

De Singe blows Guybrush to another part of the jungle.

Strange Idol:     Go back to jungle entrance. Go to strange idol.

This one is missing a wheel. Use the cheese wheel with the impressions of the jail house carvings on the empty space.

Look close at the idol. Place the weather vane on top of the idol.

Turn the 3 wheels to match the face on the weather vane.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell right of the mysterious idol.

3 down, 1 to go.

De Singe blows Guybrush to another part of the jungle.

Messed up - final Idol:    Go to jungle entrance. Take the upper left path to the altar. Go right from altar.

Meet De Singe again. Use the dialogue "Look, it's King Louis."

As soon as he's distracted, use the U tube on the muzzle of the rifle.

De Singe is stuffed on top of the messed up idol.

Look close. Turn the wheels and listen to sounds made by De Singe. Select that side of the wheel when he makes a pleasant sound.

Use the ancient tool on the clamshell right of the mysterious idol.

The pox is blown out of the island by the wind. The wind is blowing normal now.

Where to now?

Automatically the Screaming Narwhal sails to sea.

Van Winslow asks where to now? The poxed hand stops Guybrush from answering.

Answer:    Climb back to the wheel.

Turn the wheel and the hand turns it abruptly, tilting the ship.

The tar barrel rolls to the cannon.

Immediately - go down, pass to the right of the mast and go to the cannon.

Fire the cannon. That movement crashes the tar barrel on the mast and tar spills.

Go around the mast and look at the puddle o' tar.

Guybrush vocalized his intention of tarring his hand.

Click the map to tell Winslow where the destination is on the map.

The hand socks Guybrush down on the tar.

The hand is tarred.

Make way to Rock of Gelato

See Elaine's ship.

See Elaine in Guybrush's ship. The human LeChuck courts Elaine.


Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay

Walkthrough by MaGtRo & Team Waxman

August 2009

Morgan Le Flay, Mighty Pirate Hunter:

Guybrush Threepwood is in trouble. He's facing the point of Morgan Le Flay's sword. She is a fan of Guybrush.

The pirate hunter was hired by Marquis De Singe to get Guybrush's infected left hand.

She cuts the hand off. The hand lands on the railing by the stairs.

Sword Fight:   

See the hook Morgan used on the railing in front of the hand, which in turn is being inspected by a seagull.

Check the barrel o'fish hanging on the mast kept by Winslow.

Talk-click on Morgan twice until the hook and the hand at the railing is seen closer.

Take the hook

Talk-click on Morgan again. Guybrush backs up the stairs to the bridge.

Use the hook from inventory on the cable strung across the mast holding the barrel o'fish.

In true pirate fashion, Guybrush uses the hook on his stump. The fight is now on the mast.

Use the rope holding the barrel o'fish.

Back on the deck, talk to Morgan several times.

Now on the bridge, use the wheel to tilt the ship.

Talk to Morgan again until you are close to the hand being inspected by the seagull.

Guybrush looks at the fish in the barrel and the seagull.

Click-shoo the seagull away from the hand. It lands on the barrel o'fish.

That tilted the good guy to win the sword fight but loses the hand.

Winslow says the mast has a crack on it because the barrel o'fish he uses as counterweight is gone.

Go right and click on the map. Click on Jerkbait Island. Guybrush and Van Winslow sail to Jerkbait Island.

In inventory at right side of the screen are: eye of Manatee (magnifying lens), locket given by Voodoo Lady, Pyrite Parrot that mimics Guybrush, ancient tool and hook.

Merfolk at Spinner Cay:

Spinner Cay is the epicenter of the Jerkbait Island. Winslow says that the island is inhabited by merfolk.

Guybrush looks for his wife, Elaine. Go right to end of pier.

Vacaylian:    Check the raft on the right side of the pier. Talk to the Vacaylian, a merfolk completely.

Learn that Elaine is at the Royal Chamber and that LeChuck with his monkeys went to the jungle.

Learn that De Cava known as Crazy Sponge Guy is looking for a mystical sea urchin. He has a shack at Roe Island.

Learn that a transit pass is needed to use the raft. Chieftain Beluga can give transit pass.

There's a shop in town that can fix the mast of the ship. Just follow the cave path to get there.

Elaine:    Go forward and see Elaine at the Royal Chamber. An infected pirate wants the ancient summoning artifact from the chieftain.

Elaine talks to Guybrush and sees the missing hand-wedding ring. She gives her diamond ring for Guybrush to wear.

Get a transit Pass:    Climb up to the Royal Chamber. See that Chieftain Beluga is in a hot tub.

Talk to everyone. Captain McGillicutty wants the ancient summoning artifact that can help find the pox cure. The Esponja Grande can soak voodoo curse.

There are 3 golden artifacts:  wise turtle, noble sea horse and cranky fish. These 3 artifacts when combined and with the ritual words recited can call the legendary sea creatures. The creatures will rise to lead to the source of the cure. The chieftain is the only one that knows the ritual words.

Elaine-Laineypoo gives the transit pass.

Elaine got Guybrush to agree to get the summoning artifacts and help LeChuck who went to Spoon Isle.

Click on the throne - Royal Hot Tub. Check the controls in front of the hot tub. They are waiting for the parts.

Go down the stairs.

Statue:    Check the statue below the Royal Chamber.

Guybrush pokes the remaining eye and gets a fish eye. The statue is now blind.

Library:    Go to middle walkway behind the raft.

Check the historical marker - plaque of the library. Check the statue beside the raft.

Go to the right and front of the library window.

Talk completely to Tetra, the librarian. Learn that DeCava once borrows a lot of books.

Bait and Repair:    Enter the cave to the right of the Royal Chamber.

Upstairs, go to the bait and repair and talk completely to Anemone, same merfolk that 'manned' the raft.

Anemone fixed the mast of the Screaming Narwhal. Coupons are needed to get bait.

Take the bucket from the floor.

Noble seahorse artifact:

Raft:     Go down to the raft. Talk to Anemone. Climb on the raft.

Spoon Isle:    Click to land on Spoon Isle.

See 2 pirates arguing about who decide where the seahorse artifact is to be buried.

Talk to both Meerkel Trenchfoot and Killick Hardtack.

They might sail away and bury the chest somewhere. If so, talk to them again. They will bring the chest back.

Keep talking to them. Select dialogues 'settle your argument' and 'cooperating out' and finally get to 'staring contest' dialogue.

Distract them with the 'look at baby or look behind you' dialogue. They both look away from chest.

Immediately place the pyrite parrot in the chest.

The pirates sail away to bury the chest with the parrot. They return to wait for the Captain to pick them up.

Find the chest:    Go back to Spinner Cay. Go to the Screaming Narwhal.

Click on the map and select the different isles in the map. Look around at each isle.

Isle of Ewe has junk and skeleton. Boulder Beach has boulders.

At Brillig Island at top right of map, hear the pyrite parrot.

Pick up the coconut. Check the rubber palm tree at right.

Click on the big rock. Guybrush digs.

Guybrush takes the seahorse artifact and the pyrite parrot.

Marquee De Singe:    De Singe wants Guybrush alive.

Go back to Jerkbait Islands.

Wise turtle artifact:

Use the raft to go back to Spoon Isle.

Check the logs that Anemone mentioned. Check the cannon at right screen.

Jungle:    Enter the jungle using the path left of the cannon.

See a return to jungle entrance icon at bottom left of screen.

Fishing well:    From start of jungle go right and see a fishing well.

Take the fish egg bait coupon from the rim of the well.

Vacaylian BBQ:    From the well, go north (top path) and then west (left).

See a machine-structure. Look close and see what Guybrush thinks is a BBQ.

It has a hole at the bottom and a knob.

LeChuck:    Click the icon at bottom left to get back to start of jungle.

Enter the jungle. Go west (left), north (top), north (top) and then west (left).

See LeChuck talking to a monkey.

Look around and pick up the oyster bait coupon from the ground at left.

See sealed Vacaylian display altar at left by the cliff's edge.

Clamshell stands:    See 2 familiar clamshell stands on the ground. They look like the ones from Flotsam Island.

Talk to LeChuck completely. Guybrush tries to show him the ancient tool.

He wants to figure it out on his own. He wants a hint.

Ask what he is carrying. LeChuck shows a broken seahorse claw thing similar to ancient tool but no round end.

Fix the broken seahorse claw thing:    Go back to the raft and then to Spinner Cay.

Go to the bait shop and use the oyster bait coupon on Anemone. Get oyster.

In inventory combine oyster and hook to get pearl.

Give the fish eggs coupon to Anemone.  Get fish eggs.

Go back to Spoon Isle and then to LeChuck.

Give him the pearl.

Coach LeChuck:

LeChuck wants to find out how to solve the puzzle.

Tell LeChuck: use... pearl... claw thingie... to get mer-key.

Tell LeChuck: use... merfolk key... clamshell lock.

Now, use the ancient tool with the other clamshell lock.

See the altar by the cliff edge open.

Take the turtle artifact:    Go to the altar and see the gold turtle in the indentation-mold.

Try to take the turtle.

Take the prying tool left of the turtle. Use the prying tool on the turtle.

Swallow your pride and give the prying tool to LeChuck.

LeChuck pries the turtle off.

One of McGillicutty's poxed men sees LeChuck with the artifact.

Watch Guybrush end up at the bottom of the cliff with the turtle stand.

Look at the turtle stand and see the turtle shape.

Pick up the prying tool.

Go right and meet LeChuck running to help.

He gives the turtle artifact.

Cranky fish artifact:

De Cava's shack:    Go back to the raft and sail to Roe Island.

Look around inside De Cava's shack. Check the books, submarine scribbles on the floor, Voodoo lady picture, cot and hanging cans. Check the chart on the wall - the path of the mouth.

Check the manatee on the wall twice. Nothing happens.

Place the locket on the hole.

Click on the manatee again and it opens the mouth. Get a blank paper.

In inventory, examine mode the blank paper. Hmm...

Combine the Eye of the Manatee (magnifying lens) and the fish eye taken from the statue below the Royal Chambers to get Fish Eye of the Manatee.

Combine Fish Eye of the Manatee and the blank paper to read 101 Fish Jokes.

Library:    Go back to Spinner Cay and then to the library.

Ask Tetra for a book and then for 101 Fish Jokes.

The offended Tetra gives the book. Examine mode the book to get a worm bait coupon.

Go fish:    Go to the Bait & Repair shop.

Give the special worm coupon to Anemone. Get glowy bait.

Go back to Spoon Isle. Enter the jungle.

Go east (right) to the fishing well.

In inventory combine the hook and the glowy bait.

After some masterful fishing get the fish artifact.

Go back to jungle entrance and ride the raft to Spinner Cay.

Captain McGillicutty's blockade:

Spinner Cay is bombarded with cannon fire by McGillicutty's ships. They have formed a blockade.

Van Winslow leaves in the Screaming Narwhal to evade the blockade.

Elaine:    See the statue get hit and fall on Elaine.

Go to Elaine in front of the library and take the fallen statue off Sea Bunny.

Elaine's plan is for Guybrush and Elaine's ship to surround the blockade. Guybrush is to fire the cannon at Spoon Isle as a distraction. LeChuck is to confront McGillicutty and sink his ship. Guybrush wants to be the one to do so.

Accessories:    Use the bucket from the bait shop with the hot coals on the floor to get bucket o'coals.

Go to the Royal Chamber and click on the hot tub control in front of the royal throne. No one saw it.

Inform LeChuck of his part:    Use the raft and go to Spoon Isle.

Enter the jungle. Go east (right) and north (top).

See LeChuck fighting with poxed sailors. They want the turtle artifact thinking that LeChuck still has it.

Turtle artifact:    They want an artifact, let's give them one.

Go left and see the Vacaylian BBQ.

Place the bucket o'coals in the opening.

Place the hot tub control on the insert at center of the BBQ.

Turn the hot tub control to make a hot BBQ.

Place the pyrite parrot on the bowl on top.

Guybrush picks up the bowl of melted pyrite.

Go west (left), north (top) and west (left).

Be at cliff edge. Use the bowl of melted pyrite on cliff's edge.

Guybrush pours it down to the fallen turtle altar.

If the pyrite solidifies, go back to the BBQ and melt it again.

Retrieve the fake turtle artifact:     Go to the jungle path at top of screen.

Go south (down), south (down), south (down) and west (left) to the altar.

Take the pyrite turtle artifact from the broken merfolk display.

Go back to LeChuck. Go east (right), north (top), north (top), east (right) and east (right).

Use the pyrite turtle artifact with LeChuck. The poxed pirates beat LeChuck and ran off with the fake artifact.

Guybrush talks to LeChuck about Elaine's plan. Choose any response. Guybrush will say what he wants anyways.

Go to the raft and see LeChuck man the cannon.

Confront McGillicutty:

Go to the Screaming Narwhal:    Sail the raft to the blockade at bottom of map.

Guybrush goes in between the ships manned by Meerkel and Killick.

The pirates are distracted by Elaine. Sail in between the 2 ships to the Screaming Narwhal.

McGillicutty:    Go to the map. Click on McGillicutty's ship at top of the map.

See McGillicutty threatens the Merqueen-king. McGillicutty has the fake artifact.

Talk to McGillicutty. Insult McGillicutty. He breaks the mast with a cannon shot.

Select a mast:    Click on the map and click on Brillig Island at top right of map.

See the 2 pirates, Meerkel and Killick look for where they buried the artifact.

Remember the rubber palm tree. Talk to the 2 pirates and tell them to try the tree.

The pirates loosen the tree. After the dialogue, push the rubber palm tree.

Go to the boat and set sail to the Jerkbait Island.

Fix the mast:    Go up to the bait and repair shop.

Talk to Anemone and have him fix the mast with the rubber tree.

Go back to the ship.

Take care of McGillicutty:   

Sail to McGillicuty's ship at top of the map. Talk to McGillicutty again.

Insult him again and he shoots the rubber mast. The cannonball bounces back to his ship and sinks it.

Point to Jerkbait Island in the map.

La Esponja Grande:

Chieftain Beluga:    As a reward, Chieftain Beluga gives the pyrite parrot back to Guybrush.

Elaine is coughing with the pox.

Ask Chief Beluga for help in getting the La Esponja Grande.

The chief combines the 3 artifact into one ball - summoning artifact. Beluga recites the summoning words and tells Guybrush that he should be the one to summon the legendary creatures.

Summon the legendary creatures:    Go to the end of the dock.

Use the summoning artifact on the ocean. 3 beasties rise from the ocean.

Elaine and LeChuck arrive. Elaine will stay with LeChuck to help return the monkeys.

The Screaming Narwhal follows where the legendary creatures lead.

Morgan Le Flay:    She's back.

Talk to her. While talking, the creatures one at a time are diving down to the depths of the ocean.




Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan

Walkthrough by MaGtRo

September 2009

The Voodoo Lady uses the cards to relate the past Tales of Monkey Island.

The Screaming Narwhal is swallowed by a manatee.

Morgan is knocked out cold by a barrel and is lying outside the ship.

Coronado DeCava:

In inventory are hook, Elaine's ring, locket and fisheye of the manatee.

Walk to the right and see a hut. Talk completely to Coronado DeCava.

Locket:    Guybrush gives the Voodoo Lady's locket to DeCava.

DeCava presses the arrow at center of locket that points to his picture. The magic of the locket causes the Voodoo lady to enter DeCava's body. She warns Guybrush not to talk to DeCava about her, the La Esponja Grande or where the locket was obtained.

Select any dialogue and Guybrush will do as he pleases.

DeCava goes on a jealous rampage. I kill you.

Get my wife:

Go back to Winslow and Morgan. Talk to Winslow.

Follow Winslow's instructions:

Click on Morgan's wrist to check her pulse. See GUS tattoo on her arm. She murmurs - this is for Jugbender.

Pick up Morgan's sword to disarm her. Dante Dragotta is etched on her sword. Morgan mumbles Gomez, not on the carpet.

Click on Morgan's feet to help her circulation. An Assassin ledger falls out.

See a To-Do list with subject and payment:

Gustavo free personal

Prince Hipolito de Toro +10000

New ship -10000

Lunch -5

Gideon Gimpleg +300

Funeral payment to Noonie -6000

Guybrush Threepwood

Winslow advises a smelling salt.

Get smelling salt:    Go right and then click on the main mast of the ship.

Guybrush climbs the mast and enters the inner ear of the manatee.

Check the green cochlea. It is important to the manatee's sense of direction.

Check the wound on the right. Ah, the wound is where the missing cochlea was.

Take stinky earwax from the wall of the Eustachian passage.

Climb down the main mast. Go back to Winslow and Morgan using the gangplank at right.

The pyrite parrot is gone.

Use the stinky earwax on Morgan.

Winslow's pox attack convinces Morgan to act as Guybrush's wife.

Morgan asks Guybrush to autograph her Guybrush picture.

Convince Coronado:

Coronado questions them to see if Morgan is really Guybrush's wife.

They met at work and they had their first date sailing.

Coronado is 'almost' convinced. He traps the couple to question them farther.

Coronado states that he has questioned Morgan about Guybrush and she answered the questions correctly.

Now it is Guybrush's turn to answer about Morgan.

Who trained her in the ways of combat? Remember Morgan's sword. Choose an answer. Select Dante Dragotta.

What is the name of her first love? Remember Morgan's tattoo. Choose an answer. Select Gustavo.

Who is her greatest Idol? Choose an answer. Select Guybrush.

The name of Morgan's first ship; The Knave of...? Remember Morgan's list. Choose an answer. Select Toro.

What is the name of her favorite pet? Remember Morgan's second mumble. Choose an answer. Select Gomez.

Death of an Uncle... what? Remember Morgan's first mumble? Choose an answer. Select Jugbender.

Morgan and Guybrush join as crew. Ask Coronado all the questions.

Learn about the sacred manatee mating ground, the lost of his trained crew and the internal compass of the manatee.

Coronado is making a new cochlea from skins of throat grubs. He wants Guybrush to collect the grubs.

The lost crew and the brotherhood:

Meet the crew. Talk to Johnny Depp look-alike - Bugeye.

Learn about their paradise and the brotherhood. They know something about the missing cochlea.

Moose:    Talk completely to Moose drinking ichor at the bar.

Learn about ichor: the orange one that he drinks and the yellow ichor in the pool.

Learn about Jumbo jimbo, the straw-funnel Moose uses to drink ichor.

Learn that the missing cochlea is a secret for brothers only. To join the brotherhood, talk to Bugeye.

Check Santino, the skeleton.

Noogie:    Go to the bongo player at right. Talk to Noogie completely.

Click on the bongos and learn that the bongos are full of manatee's bile.

Take the grub walking on the floor.

Bugeye:    Go right and talk to Bugeye punching an uvula.

Admittance to the brotherhood is by unanimous votes of the other members.

Ask Bugeye for his vote. Guybrush will get it if he wins the pirate face off.

Morgan and Moose runs to watch the pirate face off. Bugeye makes a face.

Guybrush has to select eyebrow, eye and mouth expression to out-face Bugeye. Right now there are no choices except the one Bugeye used: Stinky, lazyeye and meanie (random).

Select Bugeye's expressions. Guybrush lost due to no originality.

Morgan throws Guybrush's autographed picture in disgust.

Pick up Guybrush's autographed picture from the floor close to Noogie.

Search for eye expression:

Figurehead eye expression:    Go down the ramp to Bugeye or treasure area.

Go left and see a pile of treasure, chest and a painting on one side and a pirate ship named The Howler Monkey on the other side. There's a festive skull at the corner of the bridge.

Go to the far left and face the figurehead of the Howling Monkey shipwreck. Guybrush likes the eye expression of the figurehead.

Protuberances:    See 3 protuberances on the left: weird bump, strange growth and odd protuberance.

Click on weird bump and see Guybrush enter in and goes out beside Noogie.

Enter weird bump beside Noogie and come back to the 3 protuberances.

Enter the strange growth and come out by the bar.

DeCava eye expression:    Exit to the mouth behind Morgan.

DeCava asks for a drink but none of that yellow muck-bile.

Talk to DeCava. Give DeCava the grub and learn how many grubs are needed to make a cochlea.

Guybrush takes the empty mug.

Check on Winslow via the portholes at side of the ship or quarter's door up the deck.

Get yellow bile:    Go far right of DeCava and exit to belly.

Bugeye warns Guybrush about helping DeCava in getting to the mating ground.

Once in a while watch Morgan's expressions-actions.

Remember that Moose says that the yellow bile is potent. Go to the yellow bile pool left of the figurehead of the shipwreck. Use the strange growth beside Morgan.

Use the empty mug on the yellow pool of bile and Guybrush says it is too low to get a sample.

Use the weird bump protuberance to exit close to Noogie.

Ask Noogie to play something more up-tempo. The pool of bile rises.

Use the weird bump right of Noogie.

Use the empty mug on the yellow pool of bile to get mug o'bile.

Disguise the yellow bile:    Remember that DeCava doesn't want the yellow bile.

Go back up to DeCava. Stand in front of DeCava. Wait until he removes his monocular and lays it on the table. Pick up the monocular.

In inventory, combine the monocular and the fish eye of the manatee to get fish eye monocular.

Give the fish eye monocular to DeCava.

Now, give the mug o'bile to DeCava. See a good eye expression.

Painting Expression:    Go back down to the belly and then to the treasure area.

Check the painting at left end of the treasure pile. See that the painting of Fisheye Alabaster is covered with grime.

Raise the level of the pool of bile again by asking Noogie to play something more up-tempo.

Use the weird bump right of Noogie.

Use the empty mug on the yellow pool of bile to get mug o'bile.

Use the mug o'bile on the grime covered painting of Fisheye. Check out those peepers.

Search for mouth expressions:   

Go around to the different pirates and say ARRR.

Go to Moose and talk to him using the ARRR dialogue. Get a mouse expression.

Go to Noogie and talk to him using the ARRR dialogue. Get a mouse expression.

Go to Morgan and talk to her using the ARRR dialogue. Get a mouse expression.

Get Bugeye's vote:

Go to Bugeye. Challenge Bugeye to the pirate face off contest.

Pirate face-off:

To help you remember, write down the expressions made by Bugeye.

Select any expression not made by Bugeye.

Win the first round.

For the second round, again write down the expressions made by Bugeye.

Select any expression not made by Bugeye and not previously used by Guybrush.

For the third round, Bugeye made the rarely seen bugeye expression.

After the discussion, Guybrush got pox-sick and made the winning voodoo curse-pox expression.

Get Noogie's vote:

Talk to Noogie about vote into Brotherhood and date with Morgan.

If the date works out, Noogie will vote for Guybrush.

Noogie gives a New Member Manual.

Morgan recon mission:

Go to Morgan and talk to her. Talk to her again and say it is a recon mission - not a date.

The three phase operation:

Slyly interrogate him.

Test his grip, in case it comes to fisticuff.

Check for weapons.

Talk to Noogie. It turned out great.

Elaine:    Talk to Morgan completely. Guybrush misses Elaine. Watch a scene with Elaine and LeChuck.

Get Moose's vote:

Go to Moose at the bar. Talk to him about the vote into the Brotherhood.

He says he follows whatever Santino goes for.

Treasure chest:    Go to the treasure chest on the pile of treasures.

Use the hook in inventory on the locked chest.

See Marquis De Singe doing science on Guybrush's hand.

Open the chest and take Murray.

Use Murray on the Festive skull seen across the treasure pile and by the corner of the bridge to the other side.

Get a talking Santino:    We need to get Santino's vote based on what Moose said.

Talk to Moose and propose a toast. While Moose is drinking from the jumbo jimbo funnel, use the sword on Santino's skull.

Talk to Moose again about another toast. While Moose is drinking from the jumbo jimbo funnel, replace the skull with Murray.

Now we can talk to Santino. Talk to Santino-Murray. Murray is very bloodthirsty.

Get Santino-Murray's vote:    Go to the 3 protuberances.

Enter the odd protuberance. It's clogged. Use the mug o'bile on the clogged protuberance.

Now that it's cleared, jump in the odd protuberance.

Manual:    See and open the iron monkey. Guybrush takes the Torture made easy manual.

In inventory, use the examine mode on the Torture Manual.

In inventory, examine the New Member Manual. See that the cover is loose.

Combine the New Member Manual and the Torture Manual to get Torture Manual with Member's cover and Member's Manual with Torture cover.

Go back to Murray-Santino. Show Murray the Torture Manual with Member's cover.

The initiation ritual is to quarter the incoming member. Looking forward to Guybrush's initiation and being bloodthirsty, Santino-Murray promises his vote.

Join the Brotherhood:   

Now that you have the promises of the 3 pirates, talk to Bugeye. Ask him to call for a vote to join up.

Noogie, Santino and Bugeye vote yes.

Being the junior member, the main responsibility is to protect the cochlea. Noogie gives Guybrush the cochlea.

Cure the manatee:

Climb up the ramp to the mouth. One cochlea procured!

Threat:     Winslow calls out via the porthole at side of the ship. A threat was received.

Guybrush eats the sea biscuit and takes the seahorse head Winslow (Godfather) found on his bed from the bottom of the gangplank.

Cochlea:    Climb the main mast to the inner ear of the manatee. Use the cochlea on the wound at right wall.

Uh oh:    Guybrush talks to DeCava and then the crew.

Guybrush asks Morgan for help. Talk to Morgan until sword privileges are restored.

Guybrush talks to the womanhandled crew.

DeCava gives the way out of the manatee - Manatee Lax.

Manatee's Sacred Mating Ground:

The Screaming Narwhal and the Howler Monkey surface from the inside the manatee.

DeCava says that Santino is their diver. Upon learning that Guybrush can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes, he pushes him to the ocean floor.

Ocean floor:    Check the giant manatee on the left. It is the manatee that carried them here.

Look around. Open the treasure chest. Get crown, 6000 doubloons and a golden wrench.

Check the Warning sign and La Esponja Grande sign.

Go right to the cave. Uh oh!

Ship:    DeCava mentions about the guardian of the Esponja Grande - a giant female manatee.

The crew was trained to understand manatee sounds but only Santino learned.

Talk to DeCava completely. Learn that a scientist at Flotsam Island taught Santino how to understand manatee but DeCava will not sail back to the island. Also learn about the tongue of the manatee that can make manatee sounds.

Understand Manatee:

Get to Flotsam Island:    Go up to the helm. Talk to DeCava.

Look close at the locket on top of the barrel. Click on the arrow pointing to DeCava's picture seen at the center of the locket. Oh! The Voodoo lady takes over DeCava's body.

Use the golden wrench on the arrow at center of locket so that it points to the Voodoo lady.

Press the arrow button. DeCava says that he was in the Voodoo lady's hut.

Use Guybrush's picture over DeCava's picture. Press the arrow at center.

Guybrush enters the body of the Voodoo lady. Hahahahahaha!

Get Marquis De Singe:    Look around the hut.

The inventory has the chicken foot back scratcher, severed finger and cocktail napkin.

Check the Voodoo mat on the table. There are 3 cards: the fracture card with the picture of Marquis De Singe, the curse card with the picture of the Voodoo Lady and the journey picture with the picture of Guybrush.

There are 3 frames on the mat: the actor, the action and the target.

Place the fracture card on the actor frame.

Place the journey card on the action frame.

Place the curse card on the target frame.

Press the Voodoo bell (Hex me now) at top left.

Marquis De Singe arrives. Talk to Marquis De Singe. He has a book about talking to the manatee. Hex him.

Hex the Marquis De Singe:    Work on the voodoo mat again.

Place the journey card on the actor frame.

Place the curse card on the action frame.

Place the fracture card on the target frame.

Press the Voodoo bell (Hex me now) at top left.

De Singe gets kicked. He brings the book to the Voodoo Lady.

Study the book:    Read the Giant Manatee in 12 Easy Steps. Guybrush learns Manatee.

Return to Guybrush's body:    Work on the voodoo mat again.

Place the journey card on the actor frame.

Place the fracture card on the action frame.

Place the curse card on the target frame.

Press the Voodoo bell (Hex me now) at top left.

Guybrush is back at the ship.

Learn to make manatee sounds:

Learn about the crew:    Check the File trunk at left.

Read about Bugeye, Moose, Santino, Noogie and Guybrush.

Noogie's greatest fear is Sister Agnes. Click and study Sister Agnes' facial expression on the attached picture.

Interrogate the crew:    Go downstairs and interrogate the crew.

Bugeye:    Talk to Bugeye. He breaks. He doesn't know where the tongue of the manatee is.

Take the flopping fish behind Guybrush.

Noogie:    Talk to Noogie. Hmm.

Select the ARRR! dialogue. Remember what Sister Agnes looks like and select the correct eyebrow, eyes and mouth expressions.

Select: stinky, crosseyed and geezer.

Noogie breaks. He doesn't know where the tongue of the manatee is.

Moose:    Talk to Moose completely. He doesn't break.

Talk to Santino-Murray. Murray snaps at Guybrush's fingers when he threatens to throw him overboard.

Talk to Morgan. She gives her insight about the female manatee. Talk to her again and borrow her sword.

Use the sword on Murray. Murray goes back to the ocean. Ahhh.

Moose breaks. Jimbo, the ichor funnel is the tongue of the manatee. It was left inside the manatee.

Get Jumbo jimbo, the tongue of the manatee:    Walk the plank across the skeleton of Santino.

Guybrush jumps to the ocean floor. Approach the giant manatee at left.

Remember what DeCava said about the manatee and seahorse. Use seahorse head on giant manatee.

Guybrush is swallowed. See the ichor funnel-Jumbo jimbo on the pool of bile.

The level of the pool is low to get the funnel. Use Noogie's bongos. Wow, Guybrush is good!

The level of the pool of bile rises but quickly lowers. Use the flopping fish on the bongos.

Use the weird bump to go to the pool of bile. Take the ichor funnel-jumbo jimbo-tongue of the manatee.

Use the Manatee lax on the pool of bile. Out you go.

Talk to the giant male manatee:

Use the tongue of the manatee on the giant male manatee.

Select Courtesy, then May I help you dialogue. Guybrush will help get him a date.

The 2 males swim to the cave.

Convince the female manatee:

At the cave, the female leviathan-guardian asks questions. Select the appropriate answers from the list.

She moves forward towards the entrance for every correct response and back in for every wrong answer.

The travel edition has programmed dialogues:


Hello, I am very pleased to meet you.

May I help you?

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Please repeat that.

This is satisfactory.

No, thank you.

Getting Around:

Please call me a taxi.

Where is the bus station?

Do you have a map?

I'd like to visit the theater.

I'd like to visit the aquarium.

I'd like to visit the library.

Money & Customs:

How much is it?

Do you accept traveler's cheques?

Does that include tax?

I have nothing to declare.

This is for my personal medical use.

You really don't want me to remove my shoes.

Hotels & Restaurants:

I would like a room for three nights.

The television does not work.

Please connect me with room service.

The meal was excellent.

No spicy food, please.

I prefer it hot and spicy.


I've lost my watch.

I've been kidnapped.

Stop, thief!

Where is the bathroom?

Is that blood or ketchup?

Do you know the Heimlich maneuver?

Some conversations:

Would you like me to dye the ocean depths with your blood?

Select Courtesies; No, Thank you.

Select Emergencies; Is that blood or ketchup?

I'm not going to let some lummox buy my love with clever words.

Select Money & Customs; Do you accept traveler's cheques? or How much is it?

Why should I give you the time of day? Select Emergencies; I've lost my watch.

Let's say I let you keep your pathetic life and I take a swim with you, where will we go?

Select Getting around; I'd like to visit the aquarium.

Select Hotel & Restaurants; I would like a room for three nights. (What do you take me for? Some sort of flotsam floozy?)

You're not nervous are you? Select Emergencies; Where's the bathroom?

What will you say when I rip off your head for my collection? Select Emergencies; Stop, thief!

I don't want anyone with a lot of baggage. Select Money and Customs; I have nothing to declare.

All you males are imbeciles. Why do I even bother? Select Hotel & Restaurants; The television does not work.

This mating ground is as dead as my victims. You males are a bunch of cold fish. Select Hotel & Restaurants; I prefer it hot and spicy.

Watch where you swim. Nobody knows the way to my heart. Select Getting around; Do you have a map?

You know what I'll say after I devour your bloody heart? Select Hotel & Restaurants; The meal was excellent.

You think you're clever, don't you. You should know that I detest know it alls. Select Courtesy; I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Eventually she will say: I think I might like that swim now. Then let's go hot shot. Mama's been lonely.

My she's big one!

La Esponja Grande:    Enter the cave.

Take the teeny La Esponja Pequeno. Guybrush is cured.

Guybrush swims to the ship. DeCava hears Guybrush's intentions.

Escape the cages:

DeCava and his crew got Morgan and Guybrush in cages. They sail away on The Howling Monkey.

Give Morgan her sword.

Click on the rope above Guybrush's cage. The cage lowers when he jumps back in.

Talk to Morgan about reaching the rope holding Guybrush's cage. Down he goes.

Fight DeCava:

DeCava realizes that the La Esponja Grande was left at the Narwhal.

Guybrush picks up the La Esponja Grande.

DeCava fires at the Narwhal hitting the rubber mast. The cannon ball bounces back and destroys DeCava's cannon.

Immediately, use the seahorse head on the cannon. Use the cannon and fire the seahorse head.

It lands on the water close to The Howling Monkey.

Watch what happens.

Are they holding hands?



Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

Walkthrough by MaGtRo

October 2009

The Voodoo Lady uses the cards to relate the past Tales of Monkey Island episode.

Morgan rows back prisoner Guybrush Threepwood to Flotsam Island.

Morgan is paid by Marquis De Singe.

Guybrush Threepwood is voodoo-summoned to his trial brought by a group of pirates.

Guybrush is charged:

Judge Wallace P. Grindstump calls the prosecutor Stan.

Stan charges Guybrush with 4 heinous crimes.

- That during a bar fight the cat of Hemlock McGee was harmed.

- That during that bar fight nacho sauce burned and scarred the thigh of bosun K. Krebbs.

- That Guybrush conspired with Joaquin D'oro to sell counterfeit pirate dolls.

- That X mark of Killick Hardtack, newly arrived pirate was ruined by Guybrush.

Guybrush on the stand:   

Plead Not Guilty.

Choose to represent yourself.

Stan gives Guybrush the court briefs. Read all of them. Note that Guybrush himself is one of the witnesses.

Go to the bailiff table and look at all the evidence against Guybrush:     X, ninja doll, Elaine's ring, Esponja Grande, plate of nachos and Hemlock's cat.

Witness K. Hardtack:

Charge:    Consonant Abuse (X).

Witness:    Talk to the Judge and call a witness... Bailiff Hardtack.

Hardtack explains his charge.

Cross examine Hardtack about lying until he breaks and confesses.

Mistrial was granted. As punishment, Hardtack is told to wear a wig.

Witness K. Krebbs:

Charge:    Thigh Crimes & Misdemeanors.

Witness:    Talk to the Judge and call a witness... Kathryn Krebbs.

Krebbs shows the thigh scar caused by the nacho sauce.

Guybrush is given a drawing of the scar. Examine (mode) the drawing in inventory. It is a purple Jolly Rogers scar.

Recess:    Talk to the judge and ask for a recess to confer with client. Guybrush is brought to jail.

Release:    Talk to Hardtack completely and ask to see your lawyer. Guybrush as the lawyer is released from jail.

Gather ingredient for evidence:

Club 41:    Go to the right until the end of the boardwalk. Enter Club 41.

Overhear De Singe and Morgan talking. De Singe now wants Elaine as the source of the pox.

Look around completely. Check the dartboard, scary painting (jungle beast) on the wall, provocative painting above the bar and the sign at end of the bar.

Talk to Morgan Le Flay completely. She doesn't have the pox because she is not a pirate.

Blood Island Volcano shot:    Talk to W. P., the barman-judge completely. Order Blood Island Volcano Shots and get 5 empty insulated shot glasses and a full red Blood Island Volcano shot.

Hot wax:    Go down to main floor and look at the skull with blue candle.

Use the empty glasses on the puddle of wax on the floor to get cup of blue hot wax.

Sack of sugar:    Look at the chandelier and see a sack of sugar.

Manatee oil:    Exit the club. Turn right and check the lamp post beside the seagull on the railing.

Use the empty glasses on the oil leak on the post of the lamp to get cup of yellow hot manatee oil.

Molten Glass:    Walk left on the boardwalk pass the courthouse and the path to the jungle.

See and check the leg-shaped lamp outside the house.

Use the empty glasses on the puddle on the ground under the left window to get cup of clear molten glass.

Use cup of molten glass on the leg-shaped lamp to get the leg lamp with a black, blobby burn.

Caustic fluid:    Continue to the left on the boardwalk. Climb up to De Singe's mansion.

Use the empty glasses on the weird oozing liquid right of the mansion to get cup of red mysterious caustic fluid.

See Jacques, the electromagnetic monkey locked in a cage left of the door.

Hot Grease:    Continue to the left until the end of the boardwalk.

Use the empty glasses on the puddle on the boardwalk to get cup of hot grease.

Make evidence:   

In inventory, combine red caustic fluid and leg lamp with black blobby burn to get leg lamp red parrot shaped burn.

Then combine leg lamp red parrot shaped burn with cup of blue hot wax to get leg lamp with violet Jolly Roger shaped burn.

If a mistake happens, use the leg lamp with hot molten glass to get original leg lamp.

If hot grease is used, the color of a shape done turns black.

If red Blood Island volcano shot is used, a red boot shaped burn is obtained.

If yellow manatee oil is used, a yellow parrot shaped burn is obtained.

Court in session:    Go to the court house and ask Hardtack to return to court to defend my client.

Talk to the Judge and call a witness... Kathryn Krebbs.

Use the Leg lamp with violet Jolly Roger shaped burn on Krebbs.

The case is dropped.

Witness H. McGee:

Charge:    Felonious Feline Frightening.

Recess:    Talk to the judge and ask for a recess to confer with client. Guybrush is brought to jail.

Release:    Talk to Hardtack and ask to see your lawyer. Guybrush as the lawyer is released from jail. He's not getting any smarter.

Gather items for evidence:   

Stan:    Go right and talk to Stan completely. Ask to check the wares.

Check the Frame with iron fillings. Stan throws away the beard toy because it does not have a magnet.

Pick up the beard toy. In inventory use examine mode on beard toy and see that it is leaking iron to get iron leaking beard toy.

Jacques, the electromagnetic monkey:    Go left on the boardwalk. Climb up to De  Singe's mansion.

Use the hook on the monkey's locked cage to get Jacques.

Hemlock McGee:    Go to left end of boardwalk and talk to McGee completely.

See that he is feeding the cat. See his eyes get red when angry.

Use iron leaking beard toy on bowl of unhealthy looking cat food. Check that Hemlock feeds the cat.

Court in session:    Go to the court house and ask Hardtack to return to court to defend my client.

Talk to the Judge and call a witness... Hemlock McGee.

Use Jacques on the catatonic cat on the bailiff's table.

The case is dropped.

Witness J. D'Oro:

Charge:    Counterfeit Collectibles.

Recess:    Talk to the judge and ask for a recess to confer with client. Guybrush is brought to jail.

Release:    Talk to Hardtack and ask to see your lawyer. Guybrush as the lawyer is released from jail. He's not getting any smarter.

Get item for bribe:

D'Oro:    Talk to D'Oro completely at right prison cell. He lost an eye.

In return for not testifying, he wants a glass eye. Not just any glass eye, he wants one with the color like those poxed pirates have when they are really angry.

Glassworks factory:    Go to the left pass the court house.

Knock on the door and talk to Crimpdigit. Learn about getting the eye color using the glass eye he makes.

Get a nearsighted glass eye.

Get eye color:    Go to the court house and ask Hardtack to return to court to defend my client.

Talk to the Judge and call a witness... Guybrush Threepwood. Ask any question.

The judge undergoes pox rage. Use the glass eye on judge to get Pox of LeChuck glass eye.

Talk to the judge and ask for a recess to confer with client.

Guybrush is brought to jail. Talk to Hardtack and ask to see your lawyer.

Guybrush as the lawyer is released from jail.

D'Oro:    Give D'Oro the Pox of LeChuck glass eye.

D'Oro gives the map.

Court in session:    Go to the court house and ask Hardtack  to return to court to defend my client.

Talk to the Judge and call a witness... Joaquin D'Oro.

Use D'Oro's map on D'Oro.

The case is found in favor of the defendants.

More criminal charges:

Charge:    The additional charge is the creation, incubation, dissemination, proliferation and mastication of a Pox or Pox-like affliction.

Elaine completely pox ridden arrives as the witness. Upon smelling Guybrush, Elaine leaves to hunt for the woman that left the scent on Guybrush.

Elaine is to be called to court using a voodoo summon.

Serve the summons:

Jail:    After placing Guybrush in jail, Hardtack left to serve the voodoo summons to Guybrush's ball and chain.

Returning from being rebuffed by Elaine, Hardtack tells Guybrush to serve the summons himself and releases him.

Club 41:    Automatically enter Club 41 and see Elaine and Morgan in a sword fight.

Talk to the ladies.

Move the sword fight to buffet table:    To move the fight to the lower level, talk to bosun Krebbs completely (Did it hurt?).

Krebbs hits Guybrush. The sword fighting ladies get upset at Krebbs and move to the buffet table.

Morgan hits the sack of sugar. Krebbs goes to the bathroom. Pick up the sack of sugar.

Move the sword fight to the bar:     

Pick up the scrap paper (Phuzzy Nostrol recipe) on the table by the door. It is a simple recipe.

Pick up the recipe at right end of bar. It is the Scabb Island Sling recipe and it is a simple recipe.

Talk to the judge-barman and order one of the simple recipe drink. That was fast.

The fight moves to the bar. Anytime a drink is requested, the fight goes to the bar.

Krebs exits the bathroom. Icky puddle leaks out the door.

Go to the bathroom right of the room. Look at the icky puddle on the floor.

Take the scrap of paper stuck to Guybrush's boot. It is a recipe for Tuna Colada. The recipe looks complicated.

Serve the summons:    Move the fight to lower level by talking to Krebbs.

Give the complicated Tuna Colada recipe to barman. Then use the voodoo summons on the dartboard.

The ladies move to the bar when the drink is prepared. Talk to Morgan and Elaine completely.

Elaine gets summoned. Guybrush talks to Morgan.


Guybrush cross examines Elaine. This leads to disastrous result.

Go to the table and take Elaine's ring.

Then take the Esponja Grande. Guybrush uses the Esponja Grande on Elaine but she was not cured.

Elaine leaves to hunt for treasures.

LeChuck saves Guybrush from being hanged. LeChuck reveals that Voodoo lady is behind all of these problems.

Now, LeChuck and Voodoo lady are in the brig.

Feed the Esponja Grande to maturity:

Talk to the Voodoo lady about Esponja Grande. She says it needs to be fed to maturity.

A 6 course Feast for the Senses menu is taken by Guybrush.

There is a map on the back of the menu. Open the menu and read the 6 courses.

First Course - eyes:

Garish napkin:    Open the menu and click on the eye.

Put a napkin that's a sight

A garish cloth grotesquely bright

Talk to the Voodoo lady completely especially about the napkin. So we need a garish napkin.

Talk to LeChuck.

Stan's jacket:    Talk to Stan completely especially about his jacket and souvenirs. LeChuck's doll is very bright. He doesn't want to let go of his jacket. He sold a treasure map to Elaine and she left to go to the jungle.

Marquis De Singe's mansion:    Go left on the boardwalk.

See Marquis running away towards the jungle. Climb and enter the mansion.

See Morgan run through by a sword. She whispers what Jacques the monkey told her before expiring.

Look Around:

Flotsam moths:    Read the Display Cabinet on the wall and learn about the Flotsam moths.

It likes clothing; has painful bites and rapid eating.

Flotsam Jungle Fireflies:    Look at the jar of dead fireflies on the table at left foreground.

The fireflies love sugar water.

Picture:    Check the picture projected on the wall. De Singe is using the poxed hand as source of Jus de Vie (Juice of Life).

Picture projector:    Click on picture projector and see the projected picture of the Vaycalian wind device.

Backroom:    Try to enter the locked backroom (Arret-Stop sign). Use the hook to open the backroom.

Guybrush takes a sack of severed legs from the backroom. Exit the mansion.

Jungle:    Go right and take the path right of the glassworks house.

See an overhead view of the island. Enter through the start of the jungle and use the map or click on the Voodoo lady's creepy shack.

Talk to D'Oro and learn what happened to the voodoo lady's shack.

Moths:    Look at the moths, shack remains and the rug.

Use the leg shaped lamp on the moths to get leg shaped lamp with moths. The moths did not like Guybrush's clothes, so they didn't eat it. Remember the information learned from the display cabinet in De Singe's mansion.

Go back to entrance of jungle by clicking on the icon at bottom left. Exit right. Click on dock to get back to town.

Stan:    Go to Stan.

Stan's jacket or napkin:    Use the leg shaped lamp with moths on Stan. The lamp's light burned out. The moths went to the neon sign.

Talk to Stan and ask to look at his geegaws or items he's selling. Ask about LeChuck doll.

The doll is very bright and attracts the moths. The moths attack Stan's jacket.

Take the remains of Stan's jacket from the floor.

First Course:     In inventory combine La Esponja Grande + Jacket shreds. See a bigger La Esponja Grande.

Second course - nose:

Stinky feet:    Open the menu and click on the nose.

Antipasta jungle meat

Gives off a smell like stinky feet

Talk to the Voodoo lady about the antipasto. So we need a stinky feet.

Learn about Jungle Beast:

Club 41:    Check the painting left of the alligator dart board. Learn about the Jungle beast.

Learn also that Hemlock painted it and knows about the beast.

Hemlock:    Go to the left end of the boardwalk pass De Singe's mansion.

Talk to Hemlock about the jungle beast. It is foul-smellingest thing. The fleshy sacrifice left on jungle altar disappears.

Pistalibre's skeleton:    Go to the jungle by taking the path right of the glassblower house.

Click on the entrance of the jungle.

Go left and see Elaine looking for the X marked on the map bought from Stan. De Singe arrives and tries to shoot Elaine.

See a skeleton lying left of the path. Read the scrap of paper held by the skeleton of Pistalibre.

It states that following the beast's spoor is difficult because it is indistinguishable from jungle floor. If only the beast left a path as bright as the jungle fireflies.

Let's collect fireflies to use as guide.

Jungle fireflies:     Remember the information learned from the jar in De Singe's mansion. It likes sugar water.

Check the map and look for a source of water. Take the path at top of where the skeleton is located.

See the well. Use the sack of sugar on the well. See the fireflies swarm.

Use sack of severed leg on sugared well to get sugar dipped leg.

Find Jungle beast:    Based on what Hemlock said, check the map for the location of the altar.

Go down from well and then go right where the skeleton is located.

See a bench-altar. Use the sugar dipped leg on altar. See the fireflies swarm on the sugar dipped leg on the altar.

Hear the beast growl. Guybrush runs away. Go left and see the leg gone from altar.

The fireflies follow where the sugar dipped leg went. That's the guide.

Follow the firefly trail:

Go left from altar and then left from skeleton. See De Singe and Elaine.

Go up-north-top from well.

See the firefly trail go right over the grassy area and right of the calendar.

Click on the firefly illuminated trail over the grassy area.

Jungle beast:    See a carnivorous plant-jungle beast. It has a lion paw stuck between its teeth.

Use the burned out leg lamp on the jungle beast.

With the mouth kept opened, take the stinky lion paw.

Guybrush automatically picks up the burned out leg lamp left by the beast.

Second Course:     In inventory combine La Esponja Grande + Lion paw. See a bigger La Esponja Grande.

Third course - mouth:

Taste that hits you like a mallet:    Open the menu and click on the mouth.

Before the main course, cleanse your palate

With TASTE that hits you like a mallet.

Go back to jungle entrance and then to the dock.

Go right and ask the Voodoo lady about the Feast of the Senses' palate cleanser.

Club 41:    The club might have some food that is a palate cleanser.

Go to club. Check the sign at right end of the bar - Fugu Jolokia challenge. See the pepper under glass cover left of the sign.

Talk to W. P., the barman-judge about the challenge. Learn about the hot pepper - Fugu Jolokia.

W. P. lifts the glass case off the pepper. Be sure that the glass case is raised up from the pepper before doing the rest.

De Singe's mansion:    Go to De Singe's mansion. Morgan's body is gone. Where did it go?

Stand under the curious helmet that is on the ceiling at center of room.

Click on helmet. It covers Guybrush's head. Use the different buttons and learn what each of the button does.

SAVE GAME HERE. Use the Auto Trepanation helmet and press the first left button to numb the tongue.

Club 41:    Immediately go back to the Fugu Jolokia pepper that has the glass case raised already.

While, the tongue is still numb, use the hook on the pepper. If hands are used, the pepper is too hot to touch. If the tongue is not numb anymore, go back to saved game and do the helmet again to numb the tongue and rush back here.

Guybrush places his tongue on pepper to win. The Fugu Jolokia is obtained.

Third Course:     In inventory combine La Esponja Grande + Fugu Jolokia. See a bigger and red La Esponja Grande.

Fourth course - brain:

Sixth sense:    Open the menu and click on the brain.

The main course will cause quite a flap

To find the SIXTH SENSE, use your map.

Go to and ask the Voodoo lady about the Feast of the Senses' sixth sense. She says the Guybrush already holds the answer to that question.

Jungle:    Go to the jungle entrance.

Check the map to see what is different that is discernible.

Fold the map #1:    Examine the map.

Fold the top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left parts.

Then fold the bottom and top flap.

See that there are 3 colored idols. Hear a sound when the map is changed.

Follow the map:    From jungle entrance, go left to skeleton.

Go right to altar. Go right to stand.

Go right to purple idol covered in glass.

Go down to green idol covered in glass.

Go up-top to red idol covered in glass.

Fold the map #2:    Examine the map.

Fold the top right, top left and bottom right.

Then fold the bottom and top flap.  See a ? down of red  idol covered in glass.

Hear a sound when the map is changed.


Follow the map:    From red idol covered in glass, go left.

See the mysterious chest of foreshadowing from the Voodoo lady's shack.

Use the hook to open the chest. Take the tarot cards.

Fourth Course:     In inventory combine La Esponja Grande + tarot cards. See a bigger and red La Esponja Grande.

Fifth course - hand:

Touch:    Open the menu and click on the hand.

Now engorged, a small dessert

A TOUCH so shocking it might hurt

Remember the static while exiting Club 41 and walking over the rug close to the stairs-door.

Club 41:    Exit the jungle, go to dock and then Club 41.

Enter and look at the no-longer red carpet on the floor by the door.

Walk over the no-longer red carpet one way and then go the other way.

See static go through Guybrush and the no-longer red carpet is now static charged carpet.

Climb the stairs and exit. A strong shock happens and Guybrush falls down.

See that La Esponja Grande is static covered.

Sixth course - hear:

Hear the belch:    Open the menu and click on the ear.

Your meal finished, let out a cheer

or belch so loud that all can HEAR

Exit the Club. Hear the Vacaylian Wind machine.

De Singe:    See turbaned De Singe playing with a piano attached to the Vacaylian Wind machine. His turban has Guybrush's poxed hand on the front.

Elaine arrives but trapped by a clamshell clamp.

Guybrush arrives and also got trapped by a clamshell clamp.

Use the Esponja Grande on the opening of the Vacaylian Wind machine.

It hits the pyrite parrot and bounces to be held by Guybrush's poxed hand on De Singe's turban.

Learn that he intends to spread the particles of Elaine's body to infect all the pirates and have an endless supply of Jus de vie to give him immortality.

Elaine was not in favor of that plan. See the effect of Jus de vie.

Use the sack of sugar on the bucket of water left of Guybrush's trapped foot. See the fireflies swarm on the sugared water.

Use Fugu Jolokia pepper on De Singe. Ha! Guybrush pokes De Singe's eye with the pepper. He soaks his head in the bucket with sugared water.

Talk to De Singe about Elaine. Elaine hits the cord connected to the light. The moths that swarm on the light now fly to De Singe and eat his wig and turban with the napkin covered La Esponja Grande.

Guybrush's poxed hand pushes De Singe inside the wind machine and plays the piano. De Singe is spread over the island.

Time to cure the pirates:    Use the Esponja Grande on the Wind machine again. See the spread of the cure and the effect on the pirates.

LeChuck arrives.

Oh no!

Bwah ha ha haaaaah!


Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God

Walkthrough by MaGtRo & Team Waxman

December 2009

Guybrush is dead:

Guybrush is at the gateway to the underworld. Click on the dirt two or three times. See that you have dirt and a shred of life in your inventory.

Try to talk to the dog.

Obtain money for the ferry:

Go to the ferryman at the docks. Talk to him. The ferry costs 2 gold coins.

The ferry is very clean. After talking to him, use the dirt on the boat. While the ferryman is distracted, take money out of the tip jar.

Go to the grog machine and get grog. Distract him again with dirt on the boat and again take money from the tip jar.

Go back to the grog machine; this time use the money from the tip jar on the slot and press change to get two gold coins.

Give the coins to the ferryman. Guybrush is ferried to the crossroad but the ferryman disappeared.

Learn about the spell:  

When you get to the crossroads, Galeb takes a picture of Guybrush.

Talk to Galeb completely. Discover how LeChuck got out of the underworld. He used a spell.

Check the circle at the center of the crossroads.

Find the scroll:

Go back to the boat. A map pops up.

Sword fighting area:    Go to the sword fighting area.

Go up to the second floor and then click on the mast to get to the top.

Talk to Morgan.  She is depressed.

Meet the swordfighter guardian. Get the ghostly sword from the swordfighter's head.

Use the sword on Morgan to engage in insult sword fighting with her and the swordsman. In the fight, select dialogue that encourages Morgan and at the same time insults the swordsman.

…Barely lift sword (Morgan); Foul smell (swordsman). In some ways, you're better than me.

…marathon runner (Morgan); nobody draws blood (swordsman). You run that fast.

called greatest pirate hunter (Morgan); want to puke (swordsman). Bet people say that about you all the time.

…trained by the great swordsman…  (Morgan); Dog is smart (swordsman). He must have taught you everything you know.

When Morgan has regained her confidence, she beats the swordsman and becomes the new swordsman guardian.

Exit the area by going down the boom.

Treasure hunting area:  Return to the boat and go to the treasure hunting area.

Talk to the treasure hunter.

You can dig at an "X" spot if you want, but only get baby pyrite parrots.

Go to the sign and click on the skull and crossbones to get a bone.

Gateway:    Use the boat to go to the gateway.

Pick up the tip jar.

Go to the dog and give him the bone. Franklin the dog goes into inventory.

Thieves den:    Go to thieves' den.

Explore by clicking on some of the items. Pick up LeChuck's smelly sock.

Talk to the thief and use the dialog that will distract him ("Look over there!"). Try to steal something from one of the piles.

The thief says that you have to leave. Check your inventory and see that the item you took was stolen back.

Treasure hunting area:  Go to the treasure hunting area.

Combine LeChuck's sock with the dog in inventory.

Click the dog on the ground full of Xs. The dog runs away.

Crossroad:    Go back to the crossroads.

See Franklin facing Galeb. Hmm…

Talk to Galeb. Give him money to buy the Guybrush’s spirit photo.

Use LeChuck’s sock on Galeb.  Galeb will move back and the dog digs up the chest. How can we open the chest?

Thieves den:    Go to thieves' den.

Use the chest on the thief. He opens the chest and steals the scroll/spell from you.

Get the scroll:   Distract the thief by saying there's something behind him.

Use the dog with the scrolls. Click on the scrolls to give instructions to the dog to hide.

Steal something from one of the other piles and the thief escorts you out.

Treasure hunting area:  Go to the treasure hunting area.

See Franklin at the treasure hunting area. Use him on the ground full of Xs to dig up the scroll/spell.

Prepare the spell:

Read the spell. Learn that you need a guide, anchor, courage and sacrifice.

Anchor:    While at the treasure hunting area, talk to the treasure hunter. Ask him how to treasure hunt and pick up the jeweled anchor while he's demonstrating his expertise with a shovel.

Go to the sword fighting area and talk to Morgan about the items for the spell.

Go to the crossroads and put the grog from grog machine at the gateway (courage), Franklin the dog (guide), and anchor from treasure hunting area in the center circle.

Go back to Morgan at the sword fighting area. Ask Morgan about the sacrifice part of the spell. Keep talking to her until she goes with Guybrush to the crossroads.

At the crossroad, Morgan sacrifices her own shred of reputation. Morgan cannot go through the rip that opened and is left behind.

LeChuck and his demon bride:

LeChuck sails here to open the entrance to the crossroads.

Guybrush drops out of the crossroads and opens it. La Esponja Grande that LeChuck threw is activated at the crossroad.

He becomes the Demon Pirate God and now has unlimited source of voodoo power. Guybrush is held at bay by LeChuck’s skeletal men.

LeChuck will use the Cutlass of Kaflu to kill the Voodoo Lady that controlled his life and Guybrush. In deep thought, Elaine asks LeChuck to make her his demon bride. Plunder bunny... NO!

LeChuck throws the Cutlass of Kaflu on the main mast. Try to take the sword from the mast. Guybrush being dead cannot take the sword. Elaine says that the sword destroys anything it touches in the mortal world.

Elaine sprays Guybrush with voodoo root beer.

Morgan’s pep talk:

Guybrush is sent back to the afterlife. Morgan talks Guybrush to doing the Guybrush thing. He plans to use the cutlass to kill LeChuck. To do so, he needs his body. He needs the voodoo lady’s locket. Morgan leaves.

Get back to Guybrush's body:

Instructions from the Voodoo Lady:

Go to the sword fighting area.

Crabs congregate before Guybrush. The Voodoo Lady talks through the crabs.

Find the body! She says he needs to repossess his body. But getting into his body is not enough; he has to permanently bind the body with the soul. He needs MixnMojo. She had some spirit gum when she was in jail.

Find Guybrush's body:

Go up to the top and see that Morgan is gone.

Go through the rip in the sword fighting area.

Club 41:    At Club 41, see Guybrush's body holding the dart board. Look above the corpse and see a barrel of root beer.

Talk to Grindstump and Bugeye. Look at the monkey on the chandelier. He's still hypnotized.

Try to exit and realize you cannot open the door. Enter through the rip again.

Find the Voodoo Lady's locket:

Go to gateway and see Galeb. Talk to Galeb and learn how to close the rip. Guybrush has to sacrifice his shred of life and it will close. But LeChuck will be free to do what he wants on the other side.

Manatee mating ground:    Go through the rip at left.

Talk to Winslow completely. Click on the pile of rocks and paper on the raft to learn about his new game.

Check the hypnotized monkey on the mast.

The locket was at DeCava's ship the last it was used. Jump into the ocean.

See DeCava's wreck on the ocean floor. Check things but they cannot be taken.

See the locket at top of swaying seaweed.

Click on the clam beside the seaweed. Walk away from clam and see a bubble escape.

Anemone:    Go right to the cave. Anemone, the merperson is hiding in the cave. She's afraid to come out because of LeChuck. Find out her relationship with Winslow. She'll come out for Winslow.

Swim to the left until the shipwreck. Swim to the surface by clicking on 'exit' hotspot by the shipwreck.

Get the Voodoo Lady's locket:

Manatee mating ground:    Talk to Winslow about Anemone. He wrote a haiku for Anemone and wrapped it in a rock. He drops it in the ocean.

Dive back down and tell Anemone that Winslow has written to her.

She swims out and picks up the rock-haiku. She swims back to cave and produces a current that sways the seaweed that has the locket closer to the clam.

As soon as you have control, go to and click on the giant clam. Then walk away from it as soon as you can.

The clam reopens and the water bubble goes into the fabric with the locket caught into it. It rises up to the surface. Guybrush automatically follows it up as Winslow reclaims the locket.

Repossess Guybrush's body:   

After the talk with Winslow, he puts the locket on the crossbar of the raft. Take the spirit photo out of inventory and click it on the locket.

Ask Winslow to press the locket button.

Club 41:    Guybrush is back at Club 41 and in his body, though he looks like a zombie. Talk to Grindstump and Bugeye. Bugeye punches Guybrush outside his body and be with Winslow.

Ask Winslow to push the button again. Talk to Grindstump and or Bugeye again. This time choose "I surrender'. Grindstump takes you to jail.

Jail:    Look around. Click on the loose brick on the back wall of Guybrush's cell. Get Buyeye's diary, which

Guybrush reads.

If you have time, click on things in the next cell: gums on the sill, a mug on the sill and a poster on the wall. Guybrush can't reach them.

Guybrush's body rejects him and he's back on the raft with Winslow.

Bind to Guybrush's body:   

Sword fighting area:    Go to the sword fighting area and go through the rip to Club 41.

Club 41:    Talk to Bug Eye. Now that his diary has been read, ask him how he got out of the manatee. Select dialogue "he slipped out with the tongue". Then select "he rode a mer-person to Flotsam". He asks if you are mocking him. You must duplicate his facial expression -- Stinky, Tweaking and Meanie. Click on go.

Bugeye loses his temper and punches Guybrush again. But as a ghost, his punch connected to Grindstump and Grindstump takes Bug Eye to jail.

Manatee mating ground:    Return through the rip to the sword fighting area and take the boat back to the gateway and step through the rip to Winslow and the raft.

Ask Winslow to click on the locket.

Jail    Once back in Guybrush's corpse, talk to Grindstump as a zombie and surrender again. You'll end up in jail, but in the other cell.

Take-click on the mug as quickly as you can.

If you have time, click on the gum on the window sill, the gum stalactite hanging from the top of the window and the poster. (The mug is the only thing you need at this point, but the other stuff is fun if you have time.) Guybrush's corpse will reject him again.

Club 41:    You're at the gateway. Take the boat to the sword fighting area and step through the rip as a ghost into Club 41.

Click on Guybrush's corpse again and click on the mug that he now holds in his hand.

Talk to Grindstump to scare him. Use any face and he throws the dart but misses the dart board and hits the barrel instead. Root beer flows into the mug the corpse is holding. Click on the mug full of rootbeer for Guybrush's comment.

Go back through the rip; return to the gateway and the raft. Ask Winslow to push the locket button.

Guybrush returns to his corpse and puts the mug of root beer into inventory.

Talk to Grindstump and surrender again.

Jail:    Once in jail, take the mug of root beer out of inventory and click it on the gum on the windowsill. Guybrush pours the root beer over the gum and eats a piece. His corpse will no longer reject his ghost, so he can function as a zombie without having to leave his body.

Click on the poster on the wall of the cell and go through the hole.

The confrontation:   

Guybrush is now a bona fide zombie. Guybrush confronts LeChuck. Elaine stalks Guybrush with the dreaded Cutlass of Kaflu.

His friends arrive in time. Guybrush was pushed back to the afterlife by LeChuck.

Diet of the senses:

The hook and Elaine's ring are now in inventory.

Learn the spell:

Guybrush realizes that one way to stop LeChuck's influence on Elaine is to shrink the sponge. He needs someone who can help him reverse the sponge spell. Who have we spoken to who claims to know a lot about spells? Galeb!

Caleb:    Return to the gateway and talk to Galeb. Learn that the rips are due to LeChuck's finding and using the Monkeys of Montevideo to find the crossroad. That weakened the fabric of the worlds.

He shows you the reversal spell: Diet of the senses. Apply directly to sponge.

First sense - Sight:

Like a sponge, are you bloated in your hips and thighs,

block out the SIGHT with cover for your eyes.

Club 41:    Go to sword fighting area and through the rip.

Take the blindfold at right end of bar.

Go to the rip. LeChuck shows up to push Guybrush back through the rip.

Second sense - Sound:

The smallest mouth snacks on a tiny whispered word,

a SOUND so petite it is barely heard.

Manatee mating ground:    Go to gateway and through the rip.

Dive down to the ocean and take the fishnet in front of the bones.

Swim to the left until the shipwreck. Swim to the surface by clicking on 'exit' hotspot by the shipwreck.

You can also pick up the deodorant Winslow left on the raft. Go through the rip.

Treasure hunting area: Go to Treasure hunting area.

Click to dig on any X mark on the ground. See the baby pyrite parrots.

They fly back to the sign at right.

Approach the sign carefully. If Guybrush gets too close, the parrots fly away. If this happens just dig some more.

Click the fishnet on the parrots to capture them. In inventory combine the parrots with the tip jar.

Third sense - Touch:

A light TOUCH for an appetizer, stay true and thrive,

a delicate feather, plucked from a bird half-alive!

Go through the rip at treasure hunting area.

Talk to the formerly dead seagull. It is the Voodoo Lady. To complete reanimation out of being a zombie, the soul must be compelled to reanimate itself. It is out of the Voodoo Lady's realm.

Pick up the seagull feather on the ground near the seagull.

Click on the hypnotized monkey.

Check the treasure chest. Use Guybrush's hook on the chest. The Voodoo Lady says that the item in the chest is how LeChuck came close to Elaine. It helped gained Elaine's trust. Guybrush picks up LeChuck's buckle
Go back through the rip
-- LeChuck will probably show up to give Guybrush a push.

Fourth sense - Sixth Sense:

Your SIXTH SENSE is bloated with fates not yet dealt,

you'll find that a Secret will help tighten your belt.

Take the boat to the thieves' den.

Use the buckle on the thief. The voodoo spell on the buckle makes him trust Guybrush.

Click on the Secret box, and the thief lets Guybrush take it.

Check inventory and note that the thief stole the charm buckle.

Fifth sense - Smell:

Fight the SMELL of the after dinner treat,

eliminate odor and the urge to eat.

If you haven't taken it yet; go to gateway and through the rip.

Take the deodorant from the raft. Go through the rip again.

Sixth Sense - Taste:

To keep off the weight you need food with no flavor,

find a TASTE so bland there is nothing to savor.

Take the boat to the sword fighting area and step through the rip to return to Club 41.

Surrender to Grindstump again to get thrown in jail.

Click on the gum stalactite hanging on top of the bars.

Go through the hole-escape tunnel, which this time leads back to Club 41.

Step through the rip -- LeChuck will probably show up to give Guybrush a push.

Shrink the sponge:

You now have all the ingredients for the spell.

Take the boat back to the crossroads.

Check La Esponja Grande.

Click the following on La Esponja Grande (order doesn't seem to matter): gum, blindfold, feather, deodorant, secret, jar of parrots.


LaEsponja Grande shrinks and Guybrush falls down on to LeChuck's ship.

Elaine is back to herself. Winslow and his merfriends attack LeChuck.

Elaine runs the cutlass through LeChuck. LeChuck throws Guybrush back to the rip.

Morgan runs her sword through LeChuck. She says that a way must be found to keep LeChuck both in the mortal and spirit realm.

The final fight: 

The ending extravaganza has a sequence of timed actions that repeat again and again if you aren't fast enough the first time. So you'll continually have a chance to click on what you need to do next.

You start out in the crow's nest part of the mast. Use the hook on the mainsail to go down to the deck or let LeChuck punch you to the deck of the ship.

Talk to Elaine who is fighting off the skeleton men - 'fight LeChuck'.

LeChuck ties you to a rope and keelhauls you. As you go underwater, Elaine attacks LeChuck, giving you a couple of seconds to click on the keys held by the skeleton under the ship.

LeChuck will punch to the quarters and back up to the crow's nest. Use the hook on the mainsail or rope to slide down the sail, leaving a big rent in it or let LeChuck punch you to the deck of the ship.

Use the keys on the locked gate/grog barrel container, which frees the barrels of grog.

LeChuck keelhauls Guybrush again and then smashes him into a door. Click to pick up the door and use it on the loose barrel just beside the door.

LeChuck eventually punches you back up to the crow's nest again. Use the hook on the rope that goes from the crow's nest back toward the wheel part of the ship. Guybrush will swing down the rope and then drop onto another part of the ship.

Look at the rip in the sky and Guybrush would want to go there.

Click on the giant cannon directly beneath your current position. LeChuck punches you down to the deck.

You should now be close to the broken door on the barrel. Ask Elaine to light the cannon.

Click on the broken door, which has become a seesaw. Guybrush walks onto the door and LeChuck lands on the other part of the seesaw. If you have previously asked Elaine to light up the cannon, Guybrush launches himself into the crossroads.

(If you miss your chance or aren't quite quick enough at the above actions, LeChuck will eventually punch you back up to the crow's nest. You should again use the hook on the rope, wait for LeChuck to punch you down to the deck, ask Elaine to fire the cannon, and then step onto the broken door.)

Close the rip.

Guybrush wakes up at the crossroads. Morgan attacks LeChuck. Morgan mentions again to find a way to trap LeChuck between the worlds.

Use the shred of life from inventory on the rip.

After the cutscene, use the ring on the center of the crossroads.

It is worth waiting through the credits to see the final cutscene.


What's in the jar?

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