by Dookie




Letter                                                    5

Jump on bed                                         3

Change clothes                                      2

Turn on TV                                            2

Wallet                                                   5

Knife in drawer                                       1

Photo                                                    3

Keys                                                     1

Toothbrush                                             2

Leave apartment meet Jack who tells you to meet him at the Pub.




Talk to Jack, buy him drink                      10

Buy beer, whiskey, wine and

Freezer without money 1 point each         4

Look at wall in toilet and get phone

Number 666-2341                                   5


Go back to apartment and discover weird scene.  The note Jack said he would leave in letterbox won't be there yet.

Go and play snake card game to earn money.




Talk to bartender and find out

His problems                                         1

Talk to woman until she says her

Husband is jealous then "kiss

Woman"                                                1

Buy whiskey and give it to pianist            5

Buy beer and drink it                               6


Go back to apartment and jump on

Car - in answer to question type

"Yes I do"                                              4

Go back up to apartment, note may still not be there so go to Hospital




Open Ward door                                     2

Take lipstick                                          3

Talk to Roxanne                                     5


Phone box


Ring 666-2341                                       1

Ring 666-0000                                       1

Ring 666-6969                                       1


Go back to apartment. Talk to crazy guy tied up in "strings"

Give him knife and he will return

Your remote control                                8




Scene should be back to normal.

Check letterbox - note from Jack

"Villa Bella, she'll help".                          1

While there use remote with TV and get 2 more phone numbers - and some clues about Fortune Teller, Tranquillizer for dogs and Catman and Bobin. Phone numbers 666-6262 and 666-6263


Go to Phone box and ring those

Numbers                                               2


Find Villa Bella and notice dogs! You will need to drug them somehow to get over gate.


Go back to play snakes card game to get more money.




Buy hamburger $12                                1




Buy tranquillizer $16                               6


Villa Bella


Use tranquillizer on hamburger

And get drugged burger. Give to

Dogs                                                     10

Climb gate                                             6

Go around and see open window

With some boxes under it. Climb Up and look around house. Find a Small room off the one the Fortune Teller is sitting in.

Take credit card                                     4

Talk to Fortune Teller.  She wants something of Roxanne's before she can do a proper reading.  She will charge you $40 for the reading. You end up back outside the gate.


Go to the ATM and use credit card, you get $50 but no points for that. You can then play snake card game again to earn more money.  If you have $30 at least you can play the other card game that has higher stakes and higher earnings. You can also play the dice game.


Look around neighborhood and park area.  Talk to man outside  park, he is saving chickens.  Each time you buy a chicken at the Butcher and give it to the man he will give you $30. You only get points for the first time you give the man a

Chicken                                                 6


Pawn Shop


As you walk in you notice Roxanne's necklace but he won't sell it to you.  You have to find something to trade.  You can buy several things at the Pawn Shop but you don't get any points for that. You can give the tray back to the barman and get a free Freezer drink.  You can also give the Pawnshop owner the vitamins to make him

Walk faster                                            2




Go back to Park and talk to the woman who says she has just killed her husband if you haven't already seen her.

Check in the rubbish bin there and

Get the gun                                           4


Pawn Shop


Trade gun for necklace                           12


Villa Bella


Give necklace to Fortune Teller               8

She does a reading for you and

Charges $40.


Dock Area


Check out the dock area and see a group of men called the "Black Hawks"  Talk to the gang leader and he mentions you need muscles to join the gang.


Fitness Centre


The fitness centre will now be open but you need to pay $50 to join and get a card.  If you need more money go back and play cards.


Get card                                                7

Use bench                                             3

Use butterfly                                          3

Use weights                                          3

You now have muscles.


Dock Area


Talk to Black Hawk gang - you have muscles but need proper clothes.


Clothing Shop


Check out the shop.  A set of proper clothes costs $115.  If you have enough money buy them, otherwise go play cards.

Buy clothes                                           6

Wear clothes                                         2

He gives you sunglasses.

If you have the Freezer, give it to

him - otherwise do that later                    2




Time to check out the Chemist again now if you want to or do that later.

Buy asprin $16                                       1

Buy vitamins $16 (give to Pawn

Shop man if you haven't aready done

so)                                                        2

Buy weight control pills $16                     1

(* you can also buy a condom

and ask for cocaine!)

buy condom                                           1

Buy cocaine                                          4




Buy steak $20                                        1

Buy schitznel $14                                   1

Buy salami $12                                      1

Buy chicken $18 each                            1

(* Buy ALL the chickens, one at a time, and take them back to the man at the park)

After you have bought all the chickens go back to the Butcher and

Ask about  the sign there                        6         


Dock Area


Talk to gang -  you have the muscles and the clothes but need a Tattoo. Bruce at the Park will help you.




Talk to Bruce at the Park.  He says you can get a tattoo in a secret place at the Pub. You need to draw a circle on the mirror in the toilet and say the Password which he wrote on the wall at the Fitness Centre.

If you didn't notice the password "Shorty bored me" at the Fitness Centre before,

go back there and find it                         5

NOTE: Before you go back to the Pub to get the Tattoo make sure you have done all the above things and gained all the points at the Butcher, Chemist, etc. as after you get the tattoo it is dark and they are closed. Only the Pawn Shop and Pub are open.




Go to the bathroom and use the lipstick

On the mirror                                         9

Say the Password and get into get a

Tattoo. He gives you a can of motor oil    13


Dock Area


You can now look around the Dock Area.  Either talk to the Black Hawk gang and get their instructions (they want you to prove yourself now that you have the muscles, clothes and tattoo by going  to the carpark near the Hospital) or just wander through past the Guard who now lets you through.


Inside Dock Area


Wander around and find the Porsche. James

Says something about "getting revenge)

So PUSH the car over                            5


Hospital Car Park


You will see a car and the Flower Girl sitting beside a ticking bomb.  You need to enter a 4 digit code to stop the bomb going off.


Wear sunglasses and look at the brick

Wall - see the number 0867 and key

that in to stop the bomb.                         11


Take the bomb                                       4


If you haven't been to the inner dock area to push the Porsche you can do that now before getting into the car - once in the car you can't get out again!


Use bomb on car in Hospital car park       12


You are now driving the car with the Police chasing you.


Open the window (nothing else works in the car) and use the

Motor oil on the open window                  12


The police car skids to a stop and your car continues on driving through the Dock Area and blowing up just before you jump clear                                                33


Watch the final cut scene.


You should get the Congratulations 287 out of 287 points.


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