A game by Woyzeck

A walkthrough by Chief

November 2010

-This is a point and click game.

-Right click to see the menu on top of the screen: Exit, Option, Load and Save.

-The Inventory is on top of the screen (as soon as you get an item).  If you pass the curser over an item, you get an Italian description. Click the magnifying glass (the one in Inventory after you find it) on an item to have a closer look.

-There is a magnifying glass in the game that is use to get closer to any object.

-Also, notice the hotspot icon, the pointing hand icon and the take icon, all   useful while playing.


Buster Double Headed



As the game starts, look at the bottom right and see a shape of a lamp.

Click the button under it.

See a book on a small table with two drawers: click the book (The Human), turn the pages and see a sheet of paper with a message: “Meet at the Theatre Five o’clock”

Get an arrow on the left pages to close the book and a down arrow to come back to the table.

Open the top drawer, see a magnifying glass to get closer and take a battery.  Close the drawer.

Open the bottom drawer and take a recording tape,  a magnifying glass and a key.  Close the drawer.

Go left to see a red door. On the right, see a light switch.  Click it.

See a photo on the wall: click it: Buster Keaton?

On the left of the door, on the floor, pick up a sticky tape.



Go left and see another door: a bathroom. Open the door and get closer.  Look in the sink and get a hairpin.  Back away.

Enter the bathroom and look at the clock: 4:50.   Click the right side of the clock and then look with the magnifying glass at the bottom of the clock: see and take the photo of Petrolini.

In the tub, click the upper round part to get a message that goes into Inventory.

Look at it.

Look at the window and get a battery and pliers.  Move back.

From the tub, go left and open the glass door: take the paper knife at the bottom.  Close the door.

Go left and down and be back in the….



While you are looking at the bathroom, go left and see a bed.  Nothing for now with the map on top of the bed.

Click on the pillows and then in between them to get a flashlight.

In Inventory, drag one of the battery on the other one and then the two on the flashlight.

Click on the map and then drag the flashlight from Inventory on the hotspot on the right side of the map: look at “The theatre?”

Use also the flashlight on the hotspot at the bottom of the bed, on the wooden part, and get what seems to be a plan. (Places to go in other Episodes?)   Look at it in Inventory and notice the right part:

PLIERS + H + P.K + S

Go back to the red door, click the switch and then the keyhole. Something is still missing?

In Inventory, use the pliers on the hairpin (H) to get a wire; the wire on the paper knife (P.K) and the sticky tape (S) on that wire/knife and this lock pick on the keyhole.

The door opens.  Try to get through the door and get a “psst” from the photo on the right. Look at the photo and read what it says. Click those words to get another sentence.  Back away.

Go to the bathroom to get the head of Pinocchio in the same piece of furniture where you got the paper knife.

Back to the photo and in close up, click the head of Pinocchio on the face and see it smile.

Now you can go through the door…….to a corridor…….


Balthus' Trap


Talk to the lady: “….your objects”

Time to find the items of the Inventory.

Look at the bottom right to see a magnifying glass.  (not easy to find it)

See a box and open it.  Click on the items to get your Inventory back. Close the box.

Back to the corridor with the arrow on the left and look for the magnifying glass at the bottom left and pick up the screwdriver.

Forward once and use the flashlight on the hotspot on the left. See a light switch.  In close up, use the screwdriver on the right screw: click the red wire to put it back in place.  Get some light.

Look at the column on the left and take the photo of Anna Magnani.

Go forward once to the blue door but do not get close to it.

Look right and take a pickaxe and a stepladder.

Back to the blue door and look left.  In the cup on the chair, take the photo of Laurel & Hardy.

Look at the tape recorder: click the tape from Inventory on it.  “look at the sky above”.   Back away.



Open the wooden door on the left of the chair.  Go in.  Use the flashlight. The door closes.

Look at the painting and see five hotspots.  We need something.

Back down from the painting and turn around.

Look at the boxes and with the hand icon find and pick up 5 pieces of the painting.  Turn around and click the painting on the door.

Place the five pieces on the 5 hotspots:

-man with the plank: above the red ball

-young man: on the right of the man with the plank

-couple: on the left in front of the chef

-boy with racket: on the left of the red ball

-woman in black: in front right

See the ball light up.

Click the red ball to pull back from the painting and exit the file room.



Go left to the blue door and get closer: look at the window and click: see eyes.   “….I have to get out of here”

Back down from the door 2x and look up to see a light and then look down at the floor and see a hotspot: put the stepladder in place and be close to the light.   Use the screwdriver on the upper left screw and click on the neon that goes in Inventory.

Get a photo of Brecht.

Why all these photos?

Back down and look at the blue door on it’s left side at midair to see the magnifying glass: no lock on the door.

Use the pickaxe at top right of the door on the hotspot: the door is broken down.



See a red car.  Use the key on the door.  Get in.  Use the key on the ignition on the right of the hand.

Get a cutscene.  Be at the “Theatre”.

Go forward to the doors.

Sleepy again…….Almost five…….


The Opium Smoker


“….nearly five o’clock…”

Go to the red doors 2x.   Talk to the man.  “Can’t get through”.  We must wear “un luz et un alemann. A German… »

Try to go forward.  You can’t.   Turn around.

Go forward to the car and go right and forward to some trees.   Forward again (arrow on the left) pass the trees to a red box: lock.  (And nothing in Inventory)

Go back to the car and inside it: open the glove compartment. Take the scissors.   Close the compartment.

Go left to get out of the car and go back to the red box: use the scissors on it.  Have a close look and take your Inventory.

Back down and turn around to be with the man: click the neon (luz) on him and the photo of Brecht (German).

Go to the theatre and get closer to the red door.

See and take the photo of Jouvet from under the door.

Click on the door to go in.



Move your curser around and see three arrow: diagonal left, center and diagonal right.  Let’s consider this our ESP (Exploration Starting Point).

Diagonal left: go there and see a bust on a stand.  Look at it closely to open a small drawer: take the photo of Falconetti.  Go right and come back to the ESP of the Hall with the down arrow .

Diagonal right: go there and see and take a crucifix from the priest bust. Back away, go left and down to the ESP of the Hall.

Center arrow: go forward to a diagonal left arrow.  See the bust of a man: click on it and read the text on the medallion. “Art work or dream?”

Turn around to see another bust and stairs. Go left of the bust to a small round table and two chairs: look at the box and take a string.  Back away and go up the stairs.



Go to the red curtain on the right, click it and go in.

Look at the small stool and click it: look under the stool with the magnifying glass on the left.  “There is something inside”.   But we are missing an item.

Back away 4x and go diagonal left.  See a painting: take the key in the middle of the painting.

Now, go diagonal right to another bust.  Get closer (magnifying glass on the chest left side) and take the Wilkinson razor blade.

Go back to the red curtain and the stool: use the blade under the stool and take the message.  “On stage”     “I have to go on stage”

Be back at the corridor and go forward to a photo on the left:” Decroux”

Back away from the photo and use the key on the red door.



Look at the books on the left on a small table.  Use the hand icon to open the book and the arrow to turn the pages to see some photos.  Back away.

Go to the red dresser and open the top drawer.  Take the earring.

Now look at the book shelf at the top left corner and take the book in the middle: “The Devil’s Brother”.  Put the photo of Laurel and Hardy on the right page.

In the middle shelves, in the center one, take the orange book: “Mother Rome”.   Put the photo of Magnani on the right.

At the bottom left shelf, take the big red book: “La Passion de Jeanne D’Arc” and put in the photo of Falconetti.

At the right shelves in the center one, take the orange book: “Knock” and put in the photo of Jouvet.

At the bottom right, take the red book: “Nero” and put in the photo of Petronelli.

See a set of shelves moving down. 

Go to the staircase and down……

Time to rest…….


Hamlet’s Ghost


Back in the dressing room in front of the stairs.

Go left to the dresser and open the drawers to find a blade.

Open the red box on the dresser and take back your Inventory.

Go down the stairs and meet a woman.  Talk to her twice. “She wants a gift.  Something beautiful”

In Inventory, combine the string and the earring and give it to her.

Use the flashlight on the center of the stairs to get light.  Down you go.



You are under the stage.

Take the white sheet of  paper on the floor at left: “The key of the prompter’s box is in the usual place. The time”.

Go diagonal right and see a chair:  we are missing an item.

Back away and forward to the wooden door at the end of the room and then go right to a grandfather clock.

Look in the box and take a hacksaw and  three spools.   Back away.

Now take the rope and the clock.

Back to the wooden door and go left: take the wooden beams.

Back to the chair: use the clock on it and the hacksaw on the clock: get a key.

Look up and see a padlock.  “The prompter’s box….locked and I lost the crucifix….going to need it”

Back down and go to the wooden door.  Enter to see a ladder.  Go up. 



Click on the wood floor in the center, a bit to the left.  See a man on stage and talk to him more than once.  “…a crucifix…. in front of you”

Click the down arrow.

Go to the left top corner of the loft and take the crucifix

Look at the crucifix in Inventory: click on it’s mouth that opens: look inside:

“A host….eating is own flash?”

Go left to come back in front of the red post.

Place down  two spools on the floor on the left and one on the right of the post.  Take the rope from Inventory and put it down in between the spools and see it go over the three spools.

Move back down the ladder to the….



Go back to the chair and look up to the prompter’s box in close up: use the key and be on the stage.



 You can look at Elsinore’s  Castle.

Talk to the man.

“Everything is ready for your disappearance, sir”.    Click on that comment to get another one.

Click on the man again and get a cutscene with the rope.

Check the handrail on the left and click it: the rope is now attached to it.

Go right to face the seats and look at the bottom of the screen and take the hammer.

Go right from the stage and in the bucket behind the curtain take some nails and a piece of paper with the letters UKLYC written on it. Look at the paper in Inventory: “What can it mean?!?”

From there, go right and forward to the castle. In close up, look at the piece of paper on the curtain on the left: “get into the castle”.



Look at the entrance of the castle: it is too high.

In Inventory, combine the hammer and the nails and with the beams: get some sort of ramshackle (ladder).

Use the ladder under the entrance of the castle (at the bottom).

Go forward to the door and click it: “The canvas is to though”.

Look at the top on the right of the door to see a white object: take the thread.

In Inventory, combine the blade and the crucifix and the thread on that combination to get a knife.

Use the knife on the door and see another scenery in the backstage.

Time to rest…….


Beckett of the Desert

Note: Read the Readme.txt file in the game folder.



The game starts where Episode Four finished.  

Go to the stairs and in close up with the magnifying glass see and take the sheet of paper with the letters ZOPOZ written on it.

Back down from the stairs and look at the right corner of the carpet: take the razor.

Go left to a table with a red cloth on it.  Move the cloth and take back your Inventory and look at all the items.

Back down from the table and check the door on the left: no lock!

Continue to move to the left and see a red curtain: no ropes to rise it.

Left again to see part of the stairs of the opening scene and a ladder. Go up the ladder and look at the sheet of paper:  C-4

In Inventory, look at the back of the photo with the turn around arrow. At the upper right corner, use the razor on the hotspot and read: “The sailor in”.

Go to the chess table and see the hotspot on the table.

Put the sailor from Inventory in C-4 : 3 rows up and 4 columns to the right.



The door will open.  Go through it: no lights.

See a switch at the left center of the screen (not easy to see).  Click it to see a typewriter: look at it closely and see a hotspot where a sheet of paper should be put.

See the hand icon at the bottom right of the typewriter.  Take some blank sheets of paper and click them on the hotspot on top of the typewriter.

Now, look in Inventory at the yellow and blue sheets of paper:



Use the letters of the typewriter to type:  LUCKY & POZZO

Note: you can only use the needed letters and there is a space (using the space bar of the typewriter) before and after the &.



Back on stage with the curtains up.  Use the binoculars  on the woman in the theatre box on the right: 2nd row, 3rd box from the right.

Talk to her completely.

See an audience of six persons.

Click the arrow on top of the screen and talk to the woman again.



Turn around and go to the chess table.

Take the little soldier.   Back away.

Go right and on the left of the stairs, go to the dresser and try to open the drawers.  All locked.  I must find the key.

In Inventory, look at the little soldier, turn it around, click the head and get a key.

Use the key on the dresser and get some applause from the audience.  See a dresser with more define drawers: open them.

First drawer: get two sheets of paper with the names Duse and Kantor.

Second drawer: one sheet with the name Harlow.

Third drawer: one sheet with the name Brooks.

Fourth drawer: two sheets with the names Marx and Valentin.



Back down from the dresser and go left or right to face the audience.  See a hotspot on all of them.

Now we must match the names with all six persons. Hear a sound if done correctly:

Duse: the woman in front center.

Kantor: the man in front right.

Harlow: the second row woman.

Brooks: the woman at the back.

Valentin: the man at the back.

Marx: the man in the middle.

We now have an arrow to go beyond the seats of the theatre:  click it and be at a desert with furniture on the sand.



Go forward to the furniture and talk completely to the man on the left. “How long have you been here? If we only have known, we could have left”

So, after the conversation, use the clock on him and off they go.



Go left and forward to an oasis and see two openings at the bottom of a building.

Enter the left opening and take the ladder.  Look at the pots and take a scroll and a small stone in a pot at bottom right.

Look on the right in the open tomb and take a sheet of paper with four square holes and a piece of pottery.  Look at that piece in Inventory and see the letter K. (Near the x on top).

Enter the right opening and take another piece of pottery with the letter S on it. (Near the ear).   Look in the bowl of water and take a piece of pottery with the letter M. (Close to the cross). Just below the bowl, see the magnifying glass to have a piece of pottery with the letter A. (Near the top).

Back away a few times to be outside the oasis.



Go left and forward to a tree.  Look up and see a magnifying glass just at the end of the trunk.  Click the glass to be in close up.

Take a tube in the middle of the screen.

Take a spade at bottom left.

Take a handle at the center right of the screen.

In Inventory, combine the handle + the tube + the spade to get a shovel.

Back down from the tree and go left to be in front of a red desert.



Go forward to what seems to be a camouflaged covert over something.  Use the shovel on it and get a well.  See a hotspot in it.  Click the ladder in the well and be down.

See a red chest, locked of course.

Look at a medallion at the bottom left of the chest: put in the four pottery pieces according to their shape.

Click the center piece and get a key.

See 4 letters on the medallion: M A S K = MASK

Use the key on the chest, look in and get a piece of hieroglyph.

In Inventory, use the sheet of paper with 4 holes on the piece of hieroglyph, then click the scroll over it and look at it closely: see the corresponding words according to the hieroglyph on the left:





Back away from Inventory and from the chest.  Click the arrow on top of the chest.

Be back in the desert and go to the oasis and the two openings.



But do not get in.  Instead, go right to a red building.  Go to the door and see also a black opening.

Go to the door.  Look at the blue plaque.  Click the door but it opens outward and is blocked by the sand.

Use the shovel on the sand.

Open the door and go in.  Up the stoned stairs to a room.  Forward to a half circle window and on the right, get a close up: take the flashlight.

As you back down and step on a red plank, you fall down. In the dark, use the flashlight and see that you are on an elevator.

Turn around and click the bottom drawer: pick up 5 masks.

Go toward the blue sky on top of the dresser: click the three statuettes without heads.  In Inventory, take the prima testa and put it on the left statuette;  the quinta on the middle and the quarta on the right.   Back down.

You can now open the first drawer.  Take a wrench, a ripped poster and a bottle of  cough lynctus.

Turn around and be at the elevator.  Use the lever (bigger stick) and notice that the elevator is stuck. Use the cough lynctus on the bottom part of the lever. Still stuck. Now use the wrench and click the lever: up you go.

In the room we were earlier, go left and forward: see a hotspot on the right on the window.  What will go there?  Try the poster.

The poster puzzle: you have to place the 9 pieces of this ripped poster to get a picture.   It is not to hard to do even if it is not easy to figure out what the picture is.  When you try to place the pieces, they will stuck if you have the correct location.  See a face and look at it: it is a MASK.

Click on the right to get back to the center of the room and use the down arrow 3x to be outside.

Now, go to the black opening on the right and enter: use the flashlight to see.

Click the up arrow and see a very strange staircase: forward 2x to a double red door.  Click it to enter the crypt.

Go forward to a sculpture panel.  See two hotspots on both side of the head.  Something to be found.  Back down.

Go diagonal right: a wall.   Need something to break it down.

Go diagonal left and see a tomb. Look inside and take two stoned heads and a hammer  near the skull.

Back to the wall with the diagonal right arrow and use the hammer on the wall: see a small green opening and look close:


Back to the sculpture panel and put the green stone head on the left and the red one on the right.  You now have  a hotspot on the sculpture: see a hole on the left eye of the bottom right owl.  Place the small round stone.

See the sculpture move to the left and down.   Take the green mask.  It is the same mask as the puzzle.

Look at it in Inventory and back to sleep on the sofa…….




The game starts in the crypt from the end of Episode five.

Go right and then forward to a tomb with a sculpture of a woman on top.

Click what it is holding and take a sheet of paper.   Right under, click the most right circle on the side of the tomb and take the magnifying glass.

We can now look at that paper in Inventory: take the round green coin.

Look at it in Inventory: Hot-air balloon on it????

Back away from the tomb and go right.  A green door: nothing for now.

Right again and see and look at the column: take a box of matches.

In Inventory, click the box of matches on the left and take one match.

In Inventory, combine the match and the box to get a lit match.

Back away from the column and go right.  Forward 1x and go to the right diagonal arrow to see a green sofa: on the left arm of the sofa, see a magnifying glass and take another sheet of paper with a plan on it.  In close up of the plan, see a candle in front of stairs. Back down away from the sofa with the diagonal down left arrow.

Go diagonal left to some sculptures on the side of a tomb.  Look on the right of the tomb to see some rocks and a plank. Click the bottom left rock and get the same plan but with no candle.  Back away with the diagonal down right arrow and down 1x again to be at the center of the crypt.  Up front, see the sculpture panel that moved to the left and down at the end of Episode Five.

Now look at the green door on the right.  On line with the handle on the left, click the stone on the immediate left of the door: see a red stone to click and now see a round object with a lever: click this also and hear a sound.

Turn around and see that where there was the sculpture panel on the wall, there is now another crypt.  Go there.



Forward once and go right to see a greenish double door.  Go there and open it. Enter a stone room.  On the left, see a stone face and on the right a blue inscription.  Exit the stone room.

From where you were in the middle of the crypt, you can go left to a window.

Back to the middle of the crypt.  Go forward and then right to four niches in the wall:

At top left, click the bowl to get a coin.

At bottom right, take the tip of a spear.

Back away from the niches, go left twice to a lamp on a table. Open the small door and light the candle.  (Do not close the small door now).

Place the second plan you got in front of the candle of the lamp as shown on the first plan (the one with the candle).     Close the small door and reopen it to take back the plan that has now some names of the rooms on it (look at it in Inventory).

Close the lamp door and again go back to the center of the crypt.

Go to the stone room with the double green door on the right.  Turn left to see the stone face and use the tip of the spear on the hotspot: a door will open.



Walk in (this is the bottom part on the plan).  See a stair going down to a red double door. Enter.  See a hotspot on the right at mid height.  In Inventory, get a match from the box and light it.  Then use it on the hotspot: see a switch: click it to get light.

Go diagonal right to a tomb, get closer and click on the left of the head to pick up a sheet of paper with a drawing: it seems that the floor can move.  See also a hand icon near the top of the head to click on and one on top to push the head to get a second sheet of paper with a drawing of a lion’s head.

Move out by going left.  You can look at the tomb on the left: nothing to do.  Back to be in the middle of the corridor.

Forward to go diagonal right and a tomb. Look at the two sculptured panels on the side and see 3 magnifying glass on the left one and 2 on the right one.

Go diagonal left from the corridor to another tomb: see a urn and in it take the 5 coins.

Go back diagonal right to click on the right panel of the tomb and at top left, almost center, see the lion’s face: click it and see the top move to the left.

Look closely at the slot machine.  In Inventory, you have Moneta 1 to 7.

Take a coin and place it in one of the slot.  If it is the good one, hear a sound.

Slot on the left: use moneta #2

Slot in the middle: use moneta #7

Slot on the right: use moneta #6

Pull the lever and get a message: “Go back where you came from. Hurry”.

Go back to the center of the Eastern Crypt and you will find yourself outside in a forest.



Go forward once and see a directional panel with the picture of a circus tent and take the plan.  Have a look at it in Inventory.

Keep going forward to another panel with a white flower under it.  Forward again to a wooden bridge and get closer to be on it. You can look at the waterfall on the right.

Forward to the path on the right and see a tree with a red bird house: take the key of the circle  under the hole.

Forward again to some trees.  Left diagonal arrow: forward 2x to a tree on the ground. See a mushroom.

Come back and go right diagonal arrow to a path between branches.  Forward again and see two directional panels: left to nowhere and right to the circus tent.  So, lets go right and follow the path to see a sheet of paper on a tree: water tap and glass.

Forward once more to a set of stairs and a shed.



Go to the shed on the right. Get close to the door and try the key you have: not the good one.  Look at the top of the door and take the blue key.

Use it on the door and enter. Take a red crowbar on the left.  Take a fishing rod  on the right of the shelves.  Up front, take a lady’s bag and an umbrella.

Look at the picture.

Back away from the shed to go back to the stairs.



Forward to the circus tent and go beyond to an information panel at the back.

Click it and see a drawing: ”a way to get in the tent”


Look down under the panel to see a metal door on the ground: no handle.

Use the crowbar on it and down we go.  Forward 2x to a round cover: click it and go up to a 6 doors hall. You will see all 6doors when you turn around.

See a symbol on each door: wood door: circle

red door: square

barn blue door: star

metal door: a plus sign

blue door: a line (wave)

pink door: triangle

Try the key of the circle on the wood door in close up: it opens and see and talk to the woman.  She is Barbara.  You help her and she will help you meet Bozo.  Give her the umbrella and the hand bag on her left arm.

Get a green sheet of paper : read it in Inventory: a white flower, a blue flower and a mushroom.  We have to get these items for her.  So, let’s find them.

Go out the room to the center of the 6 doors hall and go back in: “Did you bring the….elixir”   THIS IS IMPORTANT to be able to go to the fountain.



Back down to the 6 doors hall and click the down arrow to go to the underground passage. Back 3x and be outside, down 1x and the up arrow to see the information panel.

Now, lets back down 9x ( the first back arrow is on the left of the information panel).  Go left to the two indication panels.  Back 7x and see the white flower on the left tree.  Take the white flower.

Look at the base of the most right tree and pick up the blue flower.


Now the mushroom: up from the blue flower and forward 5x. At this point, go left with the diagonal arrow and forward 1x and see the mushroom on the tree.  Take the mushroom.

Back 2x and go right diagonal arrow + forward once to the two indication panels.  Go right 3x to the tree with the paper of the water tap on it.  Go left to a fountain and pick up a mortar from the ground.  Use the mortar on the water tap and get a mortar with water.

In Inventory, combine the two flowers and the mushroom and put this combination in the mortar with water: get an elixir.

Come back to the main path and go to the circus tent and Barbara.



Give Barbara the elixir.  Go and see Bozo who appears on screen: take the key of the cross and be at the 6 doors hall.

Turn around and try that key in close up on the metal door on the left.

See the big man. Talk to him.  He needs his favourite toy somewhere around him.

Note: from the list below, take the #8 ball in last.

On the left, at about knee high, take a horse on wheels and a #8 ball.

On the right, at knee high also, take a figurine.

On the right also, below knee high, take a flute.

At his left feet, take a duck.

At bottom left, take a loader truck.

Give him the #8 ball and get the  key of the wave in return.

So, let’s try that key on the blue door with the blue wave line on it.

See two men that have lost their music instruments.

Give the flute to the man on the left.  His brother lost his French horn near the fountain.  To find the French horn, go to the tree (back arrow 7x from the information panel outside) with the water tap and turn left.  On the left of the fountain, see the magnifying glass at the base of a tree and take the French horn behind the leaves.


Back to the two men and give back the horn.  We can take the De Stael’s painting.  Take the painting at lower left.

Look at it in Inventory and turn it around: see an envelope and take the 3 sheets of paper.  At the bottom left of the envelope, see a pink spot and take the  key of the star.

Now, look at the 3 sheets in Inventory: cylinders, a flame thrower and the photo of Mongolfier.

Go to the blue barn door with the star on it and use the key.  Talk to the small man.  For the key of the chest, he wants something in exchange.

Try to give him the items of the Inventory:

Start with the photo of Mongolfier.

Then the painting.

Coins # 3-4-5

The green sheet of paper from Barbara

Click on him and get a key.   Open the chest and take the box.  Take the same key to open this box and get a smaller box.  Look at it in Inventory: get a key of the triangle and a plan for the hot-air balloon.

Get out to the 6 doors hall.


Use the key of the triangle on the door with a triangle and meet a kid on a chair:  THE CHIEF.  To leave this place, we should talk to Schello.  We can look around this room.

On the shelf at top left, take a small key.

On the shelves, take a white book.  Open it (the book is red in Inventory) in Inventory and see a piece of paper for a safe ( three numbers and a symbol).  You can look at the other pages of the book.

Continue to look around. Open the drawers and take: the bottle of alcohol, a bell, a string, a cotton bowl, a candle and a magnet.

Use the small key on the wardrobe and look at the poster. “All about fishing”.

In Inventory, look at the book and see #7 and #0 with circle around them and #3 with two lines under it and a left arrow.  On the safe at the bottom right shelf, press “703 left arrow”       The safe is open: take a key, a drawing and an orange leaflet.   Look at the orange leaflet in Inventory to see that Schello is written on it and click the teeth on the right to see a plan on the back..

Talk to THE CHIEF again.  “To get out of here, talk to Schello.  Be carefull”

And be out the kid’s room.


Only one door to check: the red one.  Use the key on the padlock.

Schello?  Yes.  Can he help to get out of the wood?   Must light the globe.  You got all you need.

So, click the candle from Inventory on the big candle holder.

Click the bell from Inventory on the rope at top left corner.

Look at the machine on the table and take off the small wheel on the left.

In Inventory, look at the orange leaflet and click the teeth to see the plan.

In Inventory click the bottle of alcohol on the cotton bowl: place this on the left of the machine and lit it with a match. Click on the right of the small fire and get a cutscene.

Talk to Schello again.  In close up, try the switch at the bottom of the globe.

“Go to the shed at rear of wood.       The key. Go fish for it.



OUT we go to the information panel.  Back down 1x with the arrow on the left and go diagonal right to the forest.

Forward 3x to a bridge and look right to see a nice pond.  Use the down arrow to see the key in the blue shade at right center.   Try to take it.

In Inventory, combine the string with the magnet and that on the fishing rod to use it to take the Eureka key.

Back up and left to the bridge.

Forward on the bridge and again forward 2x to a red shed on the right.


Use the key in close up to go in.

Pick up the rope and a blue tube.   From the red box on the shelves, take some metal attaches. (2x)      Take the igniter from the green flame thrower.

Open the red tool box on the table and take a wrench and a drill.

Open the door at back right and take a green gas cylinder.  

Get out of the shed and back away to go back to the circus tent and the 6 doors hall.



Click on the round small stand at the bottom of the screen to turn it upside down.  Under the word Inventory, click on the magnifying glass. (Not easy to do)   See a metal plaque with a hole.    In Inventory, look at the plan-drawing of six squares:

1-    pass the rope from Inventory in that hole.

2-    back away and see three ropes coming from three holes on top.

3-    Look at the round stand at the bottom of the screen and see a hotspot icon.

4-    Use the drill to get a hole and put in the metal attaches and the rope again.

5-    Put the other metal attaches on the rope and use the wrench. Click the down arrow.

6-    In Inventory, combine the tube with the igniter and use this on the cylinder.

7-    See the inverted stand and put in the completed cylinder.

8-    Take out a match, lit it and use it on the igniter.

Get a cutscene.   Up it goes…….


The Lords of Time




This Episode starts as you are standing at the crash landing of the hot-air balloon.  Turn around and see the inverted stand that was in the circus tent.


The objective of the beginning of this Episode is to find six photos and to locate a cavern on the side of a mountain.

As you turn around from the circus stand, you will notice three arrows.  You can explore and look at the scenery and find those six photos in any way you wish and go to the cavern.


Here is one way to do it:


-Go right to the trees and forward to see a photo on a tree on the right.  Pick up the photo of Viviani.    Forward 6x to a panel and a plan.  The X marks where you are.  The four circles are dead ends and the objective is the mountain.    Back down from the plan.   You can go forward if you want and explore.   Back down 7x to be at your starting point.

-Go forward 2x, see and take the photo of Artaud on the ground at bottom right.  Forward once to see another panel.   Come back to the starting point.

-Go left and then forward 2x to pick up the photo of Garbo.   Forward again to another panel and walk 1x to take the photo of an anonymous man.

Forward again to the pink passage and see and take the photo of Mejerchol’d

Forward 2x to a blue sky.  Go there, then to the red sky.

At the rock formation, go diagonal right 3x and pick up the photo of Vachtangov on the snow at bottom right.      Forward 2x to a forest and 2 more time to see a tree on the left.

(You can go right here to see the scenery).

And finely, forward to a red panel with the shape of binoculars on it.

So, let’s go there and look at the pile of rocks on the left and see and take the binoculars.    Use the up arrow to back away and forward 1x to see a hotspot on the mountain in front: use the binoculars and see the entrance to the cavern.  Go there.



As you go in, see a table, a candelabra and three directional arrows.


-Start with the diagonal right arrow and pick up the magnifying glass that will be useful in Inventory.   You can look at the photos in Inventory if you want.

See a coil….carved into the ice?   Back down diagonal left to the entry of the cavern.


-Go diagonal left to a stand and see a carved gear and one in the wall.  Clues to something??      Back down from the stand to go diagonal right to Schello???   Talk completely to Schello’s  brother.   Pick up the leaflet on the counter.  Look at it in Inventory, turn it around and see 6 rectangles.

“….handy when you’ll meet the Boss”.

Back down to the entry.  But instead of going right to the table, go left the another stand and see something carved inside it.


-Now let’s go to the table.   Look at it with the magnifying glass and see two hotspots.  We are missing something.  Back down and go diagonal up right arrow: move the top block and take a tweezers, (on the right) a microscope and a rolled piece of paper:  Look at the paper in Inventory and see different shapes of snow flakes.   Use the up arrow to back down and the down left arrow to go back to the table.

Place the microscope on the left corner of the table and see a hotspot on it.  Something to look at?

Go diagonal left from the table to a door with a mask sculpted on it: look on top of the door and see a big snow flake.   Maybe search for that shape of flake?


Now go outside the cavern and click down to see your shoes.  Above the left one, use the hand icon on the snow and pick up a heap of snow.


Turn around and go back in to the table.  Place the heap of snow in close up beside the microscope and see hotspots on the heap: use the tweezers on it to pick up 5 snow flakes.  Use the snow flakes one by one on the microscope to look at them and their shape.


Go to the door with the mask.  We have a hotspot on the mask: use flake #3 (similar to the one on top of the door) on it.   The door will open.



Walk in this next cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites.  See also three arrows:

-Go forward to an opening and another cavern (orange and yellow).

With the magnifying glass a bit to the right from center, see a painting on the wall.  Look left at some letters and click them:  THE STELL    and get a note#4 in Inventory.

Back down to the entry of the first cavern.


-Go left and look at the red rock to see another painting.  Look at the letters on the right and click them:  WE MADE      and get note#1.

Back to the entry.


-Go right and then forward 1x.  See another red painting a bit to the left and look and click on the letters:  EVERYTHING       and get note#2. Forward again 2x and look at the yellow stalactites on the right and see two giraffes. Look at their necks and see the word:  ASWELL   and click it.  Get note#3.

Forward to more stalactites and look on top to see the painting of  many animals: look  at the letters in the center and see the word:  SEEK    and click it.  Get note#6.

Forward again to very nice yellow stalagmites and a painting at bottom right.  Look at the letters on the right:   THE BONES   and click it to get note#5.

Another forward 3x to see six hotspots on a red and white wall:


             Place note #1 at top right

             Place note #2 at top left

             Place note #3 at middle left

             Place note #4 at middle right

             Place note #5 at bottom right

             Place note #6 at bottom left


And get:           We made everything

                          steel as well

                          Seek the bones


Click the words and see a red door?   Where?


Back down 8x and 1x left to go to the starting point and the three arrows. Go forward to see the red door? On the left.

Go there and notice four panels: click on top and at the middle part of the panels to unlock them: click the lower right panel and it will open.    Enter the next cavern.



Click the brick wall on the right and see many skulls.

At the center, take bone # 3 and # 1.    (A bone or a skull are called a bone in Inventory).

At bottom right, take bone # 6.

At bottom left, take bone # 8.


Get out with the bottom and then the top arrow and go to a pile of bones.

Take bone # 7 (red) on the left.

Take bone # 2 at bottom center.

Take bone # 9 at middle right.


Back down and go forward to a wall of bones:   at middle left, see a magnifying glass: click it and take bone # 4 on the left.   Back down.

At middle right, another magnifying glass: take the green bone # 10.


Back down from the bones (not the wall) and go directly to the upper diagonal left arrow:  see a green opening in the middle of the screen.  Go there and take bone # 5 and # 11.

See the hotspot where the head was: place bone #2 (alien skull) there: hear a sound??   Back down.

Go to the four panels at the end on the left: look left at the small black opening and take the drawing of an animal.  Wonder what that is?

Back down and click the circle of the left bottom panel: go in.


See a light in the distance.  Forward to …….



Look at the circular slate of rock on the ground and see many hotspots: let’s reproduce the drawing by putting down the proper bone to it’s correct location.    (Not always easy to do)

Bones to use:                 bone # 3 on top

                                       bone # 4 at the back of the head

                                       bone # 5 (thorax) at the end of bone 4

                                       bone # 7 under bone 5

                                       bone # 8 at the end of bone 7

                                       bone # 9 at the left just on top of the leg, left

                                                      of thorax

                                       bone # 10 at the right of thorax cage

                                       bone # 6 on the right of bone 10


When done, see a hen and get a message:   we made everything

                                                                     hens as well,

                                                                     therefore we made

                                                                     the egg. Before

                                                                     coming to steel

                                                                     we’ll show



Back down from the message by clicking the hen and see a live hen.  Just behind it, click and take the block of stone.

On the wall, see a black hole and take the key.

Go to the door.  Locked.   There is a padlock on top of the door.  Use the key on the padlock and brake the key.

Now, what to use on the door to open it: try the block of stone.

Go through the door and forward in…….



Someone (The Alien Boss??) talks to us about the photos we have.

See the back of the leaflet on the screen: in which rectangles to place each of the six photos?      It can be done from top to bottom or starting from the bottom or any other way as long as the photos go in these proper rectangles:

-on top: the anonymous man

-second row on the left: Artaud

-second row right: Garbo

-bottom left: Mejerchol’d

-bottom center: Vachtancov

-bottom right: Viviani


See three big ??? and a phrase behind.  Click it and see:

Maybe you wonder

which sort of


you’re looking for

a logic….


Click the phrase  and hear the voice and get another phrase:

Random, pal!

Any other sequence

would be perfect.


Click and get:  Among us no ranking, no logic, no top, no bottom.

Click this last phrase.


And see the alien again:   We made feathers

                                          and steel, but….

                                          we  appreciate glass


See a hotspot on the face of the alien.  Click the magnifying glass from Inventory on it and be back in the tunnel.


Forward again to a series of safety boxes,  numbered 1 to 30: open the following boxes:

  # 22 and get a small box with glasses inside. 

  # 13 and take a bolt and a spring.

  # 24 and take a nut.

  # 10 and take a water valve.

  # 12 and take a sheet of paper with the number 39 on it.


Note:  the glasses are now use to look at the items in Inventory.  Combine the bolt and the spring.  


Click all the other doors that can be clicked.


Go  forward and get a trembling screen and be in a train.  Go forward and click the small lever on the right and then the one on the left.  We are moving.



Move forward and look at the meter on the left: red hand on 10 and black hand on 0.

Below the meter, see a small blue lever: click it: nothing.

On the green panel on the right, pull the big black button and turn the lever below it.   Open the FS ashtray (below) and take a piece of paper.


At the bottom of the generator, take a hammer.

Press the yellow button on the right. 

Look back at the meter and see a hotspot.  Use the hammer on the glass to break it.    Click the red hand and it is place on 20.

Back down and click the blue lever in front.   A motor just stopped running.


Note: FS means Ferrovie dello Stato in Italian.  It is their National Railway.



We are now at a landing.

Turn around and click the magnifying glass: “I drove a train!”


Look at the plaque on the left:  a plan with rooms to go to and coloured pipes.

Look at the plaque on the right: click the upper right screw: no screwdriver and get a hotspot.  Use the hammer on it.  Use also the hammer at bottom right and upper left: click the center of the box.   Hear a sound.


Turn around and see that we now have five openings corresponding with the plan.  So, from right to left, let’s visit rooms 1 to 5.


Room # 1

Go in the room on the right and enter to see a container: take a box.     In Inventory, look at it and open it: take component # 5, # 6 and # 7.

Back away with the up arrow.

Behind the container, see three slots and hotspots.  We seem to be missing something.    Back away.


Room # 2

Enter and see a bench: take a bag.   In Inventory, click the cord and get coins # 1 to 4.     Look at the shelf at the upper right and take a Dick Tracy comic book.  Look at it in Inventory.      Back down.

On the right side of the bench, click the magnifying glass and click the bench on top to get a wrench.   See a water panel with a hotspot.


Room # 1

Back here and in the slot on the left, put in coin # 1 and hear a sound.

In the slot on the right, put in coin # 3.

In the slot at top right: not yet.

Back down to see that two doors are open on each side. 

In the right one, take a Superman comic book and look at it.

In the left door, take component # 2.

Now, in the top slot, put in coin # 4.     Back away.

See a machine.  Let’s come back to it.


Room # 3 

See a stand and a small rod on it: see the hotspot.  Are we missing on item?

Look at the ceiling and see also a bigger rod.


Room # 4

See two machines, a tank and four hotspots.    Click at the bottom left of the left machine and get a RanXerox comic book.     We are missing some items for the two machines.


Room # 5

On the white metal box, pick up a Michel Vaillant comic book.     Look at it in Inventory.    On page 5 and 6: “There is something behind” at top right.

Turn the page and pick up a key.

On the metal box on the left, put component # 5, on the right put component # 6  and # 7 on the front side of the box according to the Michel Vaillant comic book.

See a magnifying glass on the right of the box.  Click it.  Take component # 1 on the right.  Click the hole to get a comment and back to the box.

Back down and look at the right wall:  use the key and take component # 3 and # 4.

On the white box, at the back left, put component # 3 and # 4 on the right.

Put component # 2 at the front right and component # 1 at front left.

Look at the magnifying glass again, click it and in the hole, place the bolt and spring combined and the nut at the end of the bolt.

Click the bolt and see a spark.  Hear a noise.   Go out of the room and see that the red pipe is illuminated.


Room # 3

On the rod on top of the stand, use the wrench and see the nut disappear.

Now look at the bottom left of the screen and look at the panel: click it and see the rod from the ceiling come down to go back up with a cover.  See a hole, look inside and press the rod.   Hear a noise.

We now have six niches on the wall:


Niche at top left: take a green sheet of paper with three photos: take the three photos.    Look at them in Inventory:  Josephine – Jean Louis – Isadora.   Use the hammer on the wheel and take the wheel.

Niche at bottom left: take a Miki comic book.   Look at it.   Take also the red switch button.

Niche at middle top: take a key and click the blue material: turn it and read “Room 5” ????

Niche at middle bottom: take some gears and a tube.

Niche top right: see a big square with small ones in it.  Better NOT PRESS now.

Niche bottom right: look at 2 sheets of paper with letters and numbers 59 and 63.


Let’s look at the Miki comic book and turn the pages to the three pages where we see a dot in a square.  Go to the top right niche and the big square: click the small squares according to what we just saw. See the big square change.            There seems to be something else to do.   Would the numbers 63 and 59 useful?

So, from either the left or the right from the bottom of the big square, count three rows up and six in: press that small square and hear a click.

Now with number 59: from bottom left, count five columns in and go up nine rows: click that square.   Hear a sound.   Something mixing up??

The blue pipe is now illuminated.


Room # 2

Forward to the water panel, use the key to open it and put the water valve on the pipes and click the red handle.  Hear the sound of water.

The brown pipe is now illuminated.


Room # 4

According to the RanXerox comic book, on top of the right machine, use the red switch button.   Between the two machines, use the tube and on the machine on the right use the wheel ( at middle left of this machine).  On top of the wheel, put the gears in place.

We now seem able to push the red button on top: click it and see a hand holding it: push the button at bottom left to activate the red button and then press the red button.  Hear the noise of a working machine.  Back down to see some vapour in the air.

The green pipe is also illuminated. 


Room # 1

Go to the “Basic 200” machine. Not that basic…..  To illuminate the yellow pipe from this room, use this sequence:  push the blue button on the right, than the blue button on the left, the red button on top and the green button on top. 


Back away to outside the room to see that the yellow pipe is illuminated.

We have illuminated all the pipes.


Now look at the box at the top right of the central part of the landing.   To go there, forward right and look up to the magnifying glass.

Click the box and hear a sound.


Back down 2x and see that the door of the central part is open.     Go there.


It is dark.  Press the button on the left and get some light.


Look at the box and click the magnifying glass: “The key is in the usual place”.

Back down from the box and look on top of the screen: take the key.

In close up, use the key and open the box: read what is written on the green sheet of paper.


Back down and look at the bowl on the right.  Use bone # 1 and bone # 11 (the real ones from the text) in it.  Click to see them disappear.

Put in the three photos (the false ones) and click to see them disappear also.

After that, put in the last coin (the real fake one).


Pull the lever.      Moving again.


See a nice scenery…….


The Cure



Episode 8 starts with the scenery seen at the end of the previous one.


Go through the arch to the rocks by the sea.

Take the red shell # 1 on the rock on the left.


From here, we can go left or right.


-Go left to a beach. Notice and take a ship wheel behind the tip of a branch. 

Back down. Move forward to pick up shell # 6  on the right and also see and click the photo of our alien friend.

Back down and forward 1x to a post and see 1a, 2c, 3t, 4f, 5h, 6c.   Click the post and get a message: “Jotted down”.       Get a note book with a pen in Inventory.


Forward to a castle  (sand castle).   Click it and get a message: “….but I must find still something”.


Back down 4x.


-Go right and click the magnifying glass.   Pick up shell # 4 and shell # 3.

Back away and continue right. See a flash of light and another magnifying glass to click on the right.  Take the magnifying glass that will be in use in Inventory.     Back down.


Move forward once and see many shells on the left near the water.

At the bottom, pick up shell # 2.

Again, forward once to a rock: take the pink shell # 5.

Another forward to a blue bottle with a message on the left in the water.

Forward to a rock and a hotspot: break the bottle on it and look at the message  in Inventory: we see a castle and numbers 1 to 4 with arrows.


Back down 6x and go left to the castle as close as you possibly can.



-Go to the door at bottom right and forward to the curtain with the silhouette of someone behind it.  But you are blocked by bars.  Will have to find a way to get there.

Talk to that person.  We activated the security system.  We must now free that person.

Back outside the castle.


-And according to the message in the bottle (any order seems to be good),  go to the top right door: see a woman with a green dress.   Talk to her: “….just digging in the sand”.


-Back down to go to the left bottom door:  look at the painting on the left and see a magnifying glass at bottom right:   a Malevic?!


Beside the furniture with the red radio on it , pick up the briefcase and look at it in Inventory: click it and take a nautical map and a echo sounder .      Look at the screen of the echo sounder: the cable is missing.

In front of the radio, take a green cap and a statuette of a child.   In Inventory, look at the statuette: check the book: “A key is in the sand”.


Look closely at the radio and click the left button to hear some music and the right one to close it.

Open the drawer at the bottom: you need a permission. Talk to the woman and give her the green cap.    You can now click the drawer to open it and in close up take a cassette recorder and a blue bottle of Elleni.   

(Do we see our alien Boss from Teatro 7 on the recorder?)

We can now try to go to the wardrobe and after a brief conversation, turn and get the key. (Beside her head).   Click the door to open it and pick up the pickaxe.

Back down to go outside.


-Forward to the top left door: talk to the woman.  No answer.

At the back, see another radio and get some music when turning the left button.


-Go back up to the upper right door and on the wall on the right of the woman, see a hotspot.  Try the pickaxe a few times on the right and left of the woman and the wall will fall down: see a change in the scenery.  Beside her, look at the red radio. You can listen to the music if you want.

On the right, pick up a box,  open it in Inventory and see numbers: 1-7-2-3

“A combination?”

On the right also, see a black hole in the wall, click it and take a blue bottle of Euforbia.

Back down and go forward to….but the woman starts to talk.  Talk back to her.  “Bring me a bright colour”

No more forward arrow.


On the blue recorder in Inventory, click 1-7-2-3 and press the center bigger button and listen to the man: “First the seeds, Euforbia, then fresh water and Elleni afterwards”.


-Now go back to the door at top left and look at the red pot: click the blue bottle of Euforbia on it and talk completely to the woman.

Get and click a magnifying glass at the right bottom of the chair: in the middle of the screen, click the hand icon and get a key.    Now click that dark spot (bottom part) and get a handful of water.   In close up, use the water on the pot.  See a leaf.


Back down, go outside and come back in.   See a small tree: use the blue bottle of Elleni above the pot.  Get a red flower.      Back down.


-Get back to the upper right door and go forward to the woman.  Click the flower on her lips.       Merci!  Adieu mon cher! 


See a forward arrow on the right and go to…….


-The tunnel.  Look at the plate on the left: two key holes and a red button.

Put the keys from Inventory in their proper hole and press the red button.

Back down.


-Go forward to a stair, go down to be in the first room we visited in the castle.


Click the curtain and see Schello.        Talk to him.  He talks about a lighthouse.    Take the green sheet of paper with a description of the shells.   Look at it in Inventory and use the right arrow 2x to see more shells.


Back down from the castle 6x, go right 2x and then forward 3x.    See an arrow at the upper right corner of the screen. Click it.   See a lighthouse.   Go there.



Go through the opening and up the stairs 3x.  See an arrow on the right: meet the lighthouse keeper. Talk to him: He is a collector. Let’s help him complete his collection.    Look at the shells drawing on the right wall.   Back down and forward to the red cabinet: click the bottom right panel.  See a box with numbers 1 to 6 and some hotspots.  (Not easy to see square 4 and 6 on top).

And in making a reference to the note book we have in Inventory: 1a, 2c, 3t, 4f, 5h, 6c and the green sheet of paper on shells:


                        shell # 6 (Anadara) goes in the # 1 square

                        shell # 1 (Codakia) in # 2

                        shell # 2 (Turritella) in # 3

                        shell # 4 (Fissurella) in # 4

                        shell # 5 (Hiatula) in # 5

                        shell # 3 (Columbella) in # 6


Click on the “Thanks” said by the keeper and talk to him again about activating the light.

See the hat sparkle: click it and get a lightbulb.

Back down from the man and go up the stairs again and be on top of the lighthouse in front of the big mirrors.  Look at them and place the lightbulb.

Back down and see a magnifying glass below the mirrors.  Click the hand icon and have the light on.


Back down 1x to go down the stairs and go right. This time see a cable car.  Enter.

Move the lever at top left and a black lever at top right.  Go left to see the scenery through the window.  Click the lever.

Down we go to be back near the arch seen at the beginning of this episode.

Click the handle and go out to…….



Forward to the counter of the bar and talk completely with the woman Marylin? “….what kind of cocktails?”

You are now behind the counter.

Look at the green book on “Cocktails”.    Turn the pages and take the message. Look at it in Inventory.

In the book,  notice the yellow circle around the Irish Coffee ingredients.

Check “all” the drawers and fridges below the book and on the right to notice that they are all locked.    This must be done to be able to talk to the woman again.

So, talk to the woman again and have a look at the photos beside the book:

Click # 22 and the white cane of the man sitting down in front on one of them.

Click the first man on the left on another one.

Click the little girl in front, second from the right on the third one.

Get a reaction from the woman: she tells where the button is.   The photos will disappear if clicked properly as we did.


After the reaction of the woman, see a magnifying glass on the left and click a green lever: that will unlock drawers and fridges.


Note: always close drawers and fridges after opening.


Back down from the lever and forward to the two drawers and the fridge:

-on the left, open the fridge and take the bottle of milk and a working board.

Take the knife in Inventory.       

-in the top drawer, take shaker # 1, # 2 and # 3.        

-in the other drawer: nothing to take.


 Back away to open the top drawer under the green book: take a spoon.


Go right to other drawers:

-in the left bottom one, take the 6 ingredients on the plate.

-in the right top drawer, take a cocktail glass.  (Top right)

-in the right bottom drawer, take a piece of ice.


See the cup of sugar on top: take some cane sugar  with the spoon.


Back to the counter in front of the woman.


In close up, put the working board on the counter.  On the board, put the lemon down and cut it.    Take all the pieces of lemon back.


Go right and see the Expresso machine beside the cup of sugar.   On the top of the machine, see the red top shelf full with bottles: click to go left and see what they have: nothing to take.    Go right 2x to take the Middleton whiskey.           Back down.

Click to take the left coffee filter on the machine.  See a hotspot on the right in the small black opening of the coffee distributing machine: place the coffee filter: press the yellow button, hear a sound and take back the coffee filter with coffee.    Put back the coffee filter on the Expresso machine.


Directly on top of the Expresso machine, take a cup and place it on the left under the left coffee filter: press the buttons and take back the cup of coffee.


Back down, go left and in close up of  the working board. Put down shaker # 3 on the left and the cocktail glass on the right.

In the shaker, put the ice, the whiskey, the sugar from the spoon, the coffee from the cup, the milk and top it with shaker # 1 and 2.   Click to mix and the shaker goes in Inventory.

Serve the cocktail from the shaker in the glass, add the lemon and mint and click it.        See the woman drink it and drop to the ground in front of the counter.

Forward to the woman and click on her: “Maybe some ingredient was poisoned. I’ll have to find a hospital”.       Get a cutscene.



Go forward to the building:

-forward to some graffiti on the wall. Back down.

-go diagonal right and forward to the balcony.  See red lips.  “Can anybody help me?”     Back down and a man will say “Be Quiet!”     Back down again.

Check the wired door on the left, go in and down the stairs.   Open the door and see two men.  Talk to them completely.  “This girl has just collapsed”

“Are you ill as well”     “So you can’t get in”   “We’ll take care of her”

“I’ll look for a sofa”


*So, if you are not in the hospital, then you are now Marylin…….


Room # 3

Look at the two photos and then check the two drawers on the right: in the top one, take a mirror, a stethoscope, a magnifying glass and a syringe.

You will see yourself in the mirror.     A doctor’s room.

The bottom drawer is locked.    There is a hotspot on that bottom drawer.  Back down.

Go to the locker and open it: take the doctor’s bag.   Look at it in Inventory, locked.

Close the locker’s door.

Go left and forward to two paintings: look at the shoes of the one on the left and notice number 761.   See a signature on the one on the right.

Go left to the bed and click the crucifix….

Go  left again to a door: open it and go through.


The Corridor

See a plaque.  Turn around to see that you were in room # 3.  Turn around and go left to a black and white door: locked.  There are three symbols on the right. Note them.       Back down and go right from the plaque into the corridor.

Go to the door with the round window on the left: a surgery room.  Click the window and then the door.      Get a cutscene.    Go back to the corridor on the right.


The Hall

Go to the wooded door on the right: go in. It is the Hall.   On the right, check the information board: take the plan of the hospital.   In front, the black door has no lock.    Back down.

On the left, see a panel with buttons:  maybe 761 would be good. Press the numbers and the green button: take keys # 2 and # 5.   Back down 3x.

Be back at the corridor.  Go forward.


The Corridor

See three doors. Go to the first door on the right, Room # 4.  Locked.  See the shape of a guitar on the door.

Forward to door # 5 on the right.  We have the key.  Use it.


Room # 5

See a female mannequin and notice the hotspot on top: missing a head. Go to the shelves and try to take any of the women’s heads.  You can’t.


Open the first aid box on the left: take a message and the screwdriver behind the bottle.

Close the box.   Read the message in Inventory.

So, look under the first aid box and see a hotspot: use the screwdriver and see a button: turn it.

Go to the shelves and take the woman’s head from the third shelf on the right: use it on the mannequin.  Get close and click the face.  Get some comments.


Back down to the corridor and from door # 5.  Go forward to door # 6 that is also locked.     Turn left and see four other doors.


Storage Room

Go to the wooded door on the right.   Impossible to read what is written on it.  Enter.   See three mannequins on the right.   Check the wheelchair and click the box: see many eyes.   You can only take one eye: from the right, second row up from the bottom, fourth column.

Look at the boxes: “Hopital de Bangoua Cameroun”    Notice a hotspot.

We are missing an item.

Back down and look at the mannequin kid.   See symbols beside it.


Look at the locker and on the front right, click the hand icon: no lock.  Get a hotspot.   Again missing an item.

But getting a comment to go and get the screwdriver at room # 5: back down to the corridor, go to room #5 and get the screwdriver on the floor.  Come back to the storage room.


Go to the locker and use the screwdriver.  Take the white coat.

Use also the screwdriver on the box on the left: take a sheet of paper with symbols written on it.   Where did we see some of those symbols?


Look at the mannequin kid and click it. Compare the symbols beside the mannequin kid with those on the sheet of paper: KEY.  Take the small key in it’s mouth.


The Corridor

Back down to go to the corridor and see a magnifying glass on the wooded door??????


The three other doors are locked.  But have a look at the blue door and the symbols on the right: take a note of them.


Where to go now?


Room # 5

Enter and see a magnifying glass on the mannequin: click and put the white coat on it.     In the front pocket of the coat, take key # 6.

Exit the room.  See a hotspot on door # 6.  Try the key. In we go.


Room # 6

Go forward to the painted squares on the wall.

Find the three symbols that we saw beside the blue door and click them:

-from the top left: 8 columns to the right and 3 rows down.

-from the top right: 4 columns to the left and 3 rows down.

-from the bottom right: 5 columns to the left and 4 rows up.


Hear clicks probably for the blue door.    Back to the corridor and go to the blue door.  It is open.  Enter.


East Laboratory

On the examination table, take the office key.    We have three different forward arrows:

-on the left: see a monitor.  Beside it on the floor on the left, click the power cord and it goes into the plug on the wall.  Click the button on the right below the screen: look at the short video.     Back down.


-to the center: see shelves with a lot of materials.   Open the door of the center shelves: at the bottom shelf, you will be able to pick up a bottle of cyanide.  

After seeing that bottle in close up, we are back behind the examination table: click the magnifying glass on the bottom shelves: on top right, take a file dated oct 99.   Click the file in Inventory and get X-ray # 1-2-3-4 and 5.   

Back down from the files.


Note: pass your cursor in Inventory to locate the X-rays properly.


-on the right, a X-ray screen: press the green button at lower right to get it lighted and see a hotspot.   Bring all 5 X-rays from Inventory on the screen.

We are missing one. Back to the files and take X-ray # 6 on the left.

Back to the X-ray screen to put # 6 on it.             A gun to use????

Back down to go back to the corridor.


The Office

Go to the green door: open the door with the office key.

On the left of the red desk, see a note about examining the files from Cameroun.     (We have done this previously in the Storage Room)             Look at the computer monitor.  Click the left arrow and the next two and the white dot.  Back down.     Go right to see yourself in the mirror. 

Right again and take a coat: it goes on you as you can see if you go left to the mirror.    Look at the photo on the right of the mirror: a kid, a key, a bag.

Turn right to see the green door and on the top shelf on the right, take a sphygmomanometer.    Go right to the desk and see a hotspot.


According to what we see on the photo, let’s use the small key we got from the kid’s mouth on the bag.  In Inventory, look at the bag and open it with the small key: empty.

On the desk, put down the bag and put in the sphygmomanometer and the stethoscope.     Take the bag back.

Do we want the be a doctor: we have the white coat and the bag with it’s equipment.

Go left to the green door and out to the corridor.


From the red door, back down 5x and turn around.


Room # 3

Enter and go right once.  Go to the bottom drawer and use the screwdriver on the right of the drawer: take the medical association’s badge.  The badge does not go in Inventory because it goes on you as a pass that you will need later.


From the drawer, back down, go right and through the door.


Room # 6

Go there and to the wall at the back: click the symbols from the black and white door near Room # 3:

Click row # 1 and column 7 from the left

Click row 2 and column 13 from the left

Click row 6 and column 9 from the left            


It will open that black and white door.


Back down and out to the corridor: back down 3x from door # 6 and turn left.


The Corridor

This is where you need the pass to be disguised as a doctor.

Go to the man. “Come in Doc. I’ll have a rest”.       In Inventory, combine the syringe and the cyanide bottle.  Give the syringe to the man and get a cutscene.       Note: if you do not give it to him and try to go forward, you will see another cutscene and  you will be back in the corridor.    Try again.


The West Wing Corridor

Go forward pass the man to another corridor.  Go forward to door # 1.  Locked.

On the right, see some letters on the red wall and a photo.

Turn right to see a metal door.  Danger.   Try the handle of the door. Locked.

Go left 2x to see a photo of Schello.       Notice the bathroom door.


Go left twice to door # 2.


Room # 2

We have the key.  Let’s use it and go in.

Check the boxes on the left, get close and take a diary.   Look at it in Inventory: turn the pages.   In what kind of hospital are we?                    Back down from the boxes and go right.

Have a look at the laptop and press the “Enter” key: see some folders on the screen:

Click the top one (Human) and then the arrow: look at the photos

Click the middle one (Other): more photos.

Click the bottom one (Prototypes): photos again.


Back down and open the blue drawer on the right of the bed: take key # 1.

Have a look at the door at the bottom: empty.

Go left and down to exit this room.

Forward to room # 1.


Room # 1 

Use the key to go in.


See more mannequins.  Click the magnifying glass on top of the table and see some heads and a mannequin baby.  Click the mouth of the head on the left and take the note:  read it in Inventory.

Back down from the table.

Go diagonal left to the sitting mannequin kid: click the left foot. 


Back down and go forward to the female mannequin sitting on the table: look down: click the mechanical hand and hear a noise.  Look up and now see a mechanical head: click on the right ear and see red eyes.  “Not this ear!”

Go diagonal right to the shelves.  Not a pretty site. Click the ear in the half globe at the bottom shelf, second from the right and hear a sound.    While you are in front of the shelves, take the brain from the top shelf, second from the left.    Back down.

Now go to the female mannequin sitting down on the floor and take the arm.

“Now we can go to the half-man”        Back away.


Up front, on the right, notice the diagonal right arrow: go to the half- mannequin and see three hotspots: the eye, the arm and the brain.  From Inventory, take the proper part and place it.

In the thorax, see and take key # 4.     


Exit the room.    From room # 1, back down 3x and go right to the corridor.

Forward 1x to go diagonal right to room # 4.


Room # 4

Use the key and enter.    From the wheelchair on the left, take the remote control and use it on the television set to see a short video.

Go forward to the bed and talk to the man.     Get closer to him and take a Bell punch card and the laboratory key.

In Inventory, look at the punch card and turn it around: “Laser therapy”.


                                           2- - - - 5

                                           4- - - - 7

                                           3- - - - 8

                                           1- - - - 1                     2mm!!!


Back down from the bed and the room.   From door # 4, back down 3x, go left and forward to….


The West Wing Corridor

….the metal door on the right at the end of the corridor.

Get close to the lock mechanism and look at the back of the punch card in Inventory to get the number:   enter 1587, hear a noise and use the key to enter.


The Laboratory

Go to the machine on the left.   The punch card said 2mm, so press button # 2 and take a metal slab.

Back down and go to the other machines.

Look at the blue one on the right: something to insert on the right: the punch card: on the monitor, see a key.     Press the red button and back down.

Notice the same key on a bigger monitor.


Get close to the green machine: something to put on it: the metal slab.

A punch hits the slab, press the red button and take the key.


Back down 3x to get out from the laboratory and the door and go left 2x to the bathroom.  Use the key and enter.


The Bathroom

Pull up the cover of the toilet  and pick up the gun magazine.

Look at it in Inventory and see a hotspot.

Back away from the toilet and look up at the graffiti on the water tank. At the top of the tank, look in and see something in the water????    Back down.

Pull the chain and look in the tank again: get a bag of food.    In Inventory, look at the bag of food, click it and take the gun.

Back down and go left to the shower: look in the drain and take a bullet.

In Inventory, look at the magazine in close up and put in the bullet.  Now look at the gun and insert the magazine at the bottom on the handle.


All is done here.   So, exit to the corridor.


The Corridor

From the bathroom door, pull back down 5x, then go right and forward 2x.   Turn left.   Forward to the double red door with the drawing of a cat.




The Outpatient Department

Use the screwdriver on the door: it opens   Go in.


As soon as you get in, click the gun 1x in Inventory. You will get a bull’s-eye circle.  Let the lady cat get close to  place the circle on it’s head easily.   Click the circle.


Note: if you are not fast enough to kill the lady cat, you die and the game stops. Start the game again from your save.

Go forward.


See the final cutscene and Marylin walking to the sea.


“….that woman disappeared into the sea….or did I dream it….I must find a boat!”

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