After doing the arithmetic puzzle in the Castillo temple go to the Stela control mechanism, L F.

Drag the crystal ball one position to the right to morph alien head into skull.

Move B L F L F4 and hyperlink to the spider stela down near the water. 

Move R to the skull stela and click on the lighted blue skull. This in turn lights up three Mayan calendar symbols:


Skull Stela symbols:  



Go back to Mayan calendar and line up the skull symbols as shown above.


Go back to Stela control mechanism and repeat the procedure for three more animals:


Monkey, Jaguar and Lizard



 Monkey stela symbols:   



 Jaguar stela symbols:     



 Lizard stela symbols:    



After solving all four symbols on the calendar move R F R F2 R F2 R and note that all four symbols are lit up on the frieze in the crystal skull alcove.


Move R F2 R F13 R F8 R into the skull temple.

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