from DreamCatcherEurope FAQs (with permission)

The purpose of the Walkthrough is to safely complete the game… Note: This document is not exhaustive and in no way covers every possible action players can take (particularly with regard to dialogues).


Goal: Awaken your chronomantic powers. Find out about the Shekandars and reach their Monastery. The monks' powers can help you to get back home and reassume your adult appearance.
Place: City of the Hourglass

Retrieve the crystal Nautilus which you find next to you.
Leave the U-shaped street and head toward Hourglass Square. Approach the arch leading to Temple Square: a time wave strikes and transforms you into a child.

Go to Temple Square.
Enter the temple.
Speak with the priest.
Enter the Chronomantic Sphere. You will find yourself in a cavern. Speak to the Lemur. Learn how to use the De-Harmonize, Warp and Hourglass Ointment spells by touching the quartz prisms.

Leave the temple. Take the wrist Jadgar from one of the offering altars located on the eastern side of the temple.

Speak to the Merchant Woman. Cast a Warp (invisibility) spell on her, then go behind her stand and steal the Vissahid ointment. Beware: spells don't last long, so move quickly!
Return to the U-shaped street. Give the ointment to the old Merchant: he will offer you a compass.

Go to the Gates of the City. Speak to the Caretaker of the Tripodons. De-Harmonize the guard by casting the De-Harmonizing spell, or using the wrist Jadgar. ("De-Harmonize" is the official term for "Kill").
Ride the Tripodon, a kind of three-footed creature, near the paddock.
Go to the Monastery.



Item Setting
Crystal Nautilus U-Shaped Street
Bowl Temple Square
Wrist Jadgar Temple Square
Vissahid Ointment Temple Square (Vissahid Merchant Woman-option to barter for an hourglass of ashes)
Knife U-Shaped Street (Vissahid Merchant-barter for a bowl)
Sand Herbs Hourglass Square (Gardener)
Sand Herbs Temple Square (Vissahid Merchant Woman-barter for an hourglass of ashes)
Sand Herbs Gates of the City (Effahid Caretaker of the Tripodons) -barter for a knife, valid only between the spell apprenticeship and discovery of the compass)
Hourglass of Ashes U-Shaped Street (Vissahid Merchant-barter for sand herbs)
Chronomantic Compass U-Shaped Street (Vissahid Merchant-barter for Vissahid ointment)



Goal: Escape from the Tetradon Logor Shar. Return to the City of the Hourglass to speak with Vel Subek.
Place: Monastery of the Shekandars

Descend into the crater.

Look at the copper plate and listen to the sound sequence: wave, gong of the hourglass, vapor of the Chronomantic Sphere, gate of the mines, organ, wave.
Cross the maze: you must reproduce that sound sequence by selecting your next teleporter "by ear."

Fight the monk who is preventing you from entering the goods lift. You can bombard him with spells (or use your wrist Jadgar) until you de-harmonize him, or use your Nautilus: the monk will turn out to be only an illusion, and he will disappear.

Take the goods lift.
Enter the Salt Processing Room and take the oilcan from the platform with the workbenches.
Go into the Chronomancer Room.
Converse with the Chronomancer Woman.
Oil the duct grate.
Take the charged hourglass of ashes from the small table near the Chronomantic Sphere. If you have recovered the hourglass of ashes from the previous episode, recharge it using the chronomantic clocks that you have first activated by lowering the lever. You will then have two charged hourglasses.

Enter the Chronomantic Sphere to learn some new spells: Counterspell, Stop Time and Chronomantic Mask. To do this, touch the prisms. The Chronomantic Mask prism disappears when you approach it and reappears a little further away. First, pick up the Stop Time prism and cast this spell to immobilize the wandering prism.
Show the Lemur your charged hourglass of ashes: he will offer you a spell in exchange… Select the spell Eye of Jad Garrűl. You can choose another spell if you have a second charged hourglass, or you can use it on yourself to add to your sand and Jad Garrűl points.
Leave the Sphere. Listen to the Chronomancer Woman. Head toward the doors of the main hall.

Converse with the Tetradon.
Run toward the Chronomantic Sphere and release the Lemur from the Sphere by activating the chronomantic lock. The Lemur will fight the Tetradon. Take advantage of this opportunity to escape through the duct.
Climb out of the duct into the Salt Processing Room. Fight the Chronomancer Monk.
Climb onto the platform where the control console is located, and activate the wheel.
Jump into the tip truck.

A Time Wave occurs, transforming you into an old man.
You jump off the tip truck before it rams into the depths of the crater.

Mount your Tripodon.


Item Setting
Black Salt Gem Salt Processing Room
Oilcan Salt Processing Room
Charged Hourglass of Ashes Chronomancer Room
Sand Globe Chronomancer Room


Goal: Speak to Vel Subek to learn about the temporal vortex and how you can return to Khronos, who is the only one with the power to get you back home… Retrieve objects that you will need for the next part of your adventure.
Place: City of the Hourglass

Speak to the old peasant and ask him to take care of your Tripodon. Speak to him again, then follow him.

Go to Temple Square, and take the exit near the cart. Head for Crossing 1.
In the street, use your knife to cut out a honey-cactus heart. If you did not recover a knife in Episode 1, you can find one in Hamiata's House, on the U-shaped street.

An Effahid flute is very useful: it will enable you to charm the Lemurs. To get one, go to the end of the street of Crossing 1. You must first solve a simple puzzle by moving some crates around.
Climb up on the crate furthest to the left. Pull the large crate that is on your right. Get down and climb back up on the other side of this crate. Push it completely back. Get down and pull the little crate.
Place this crate against the wall so as to extend the crate that is on the other side. Climb over the wall.
Place the honey-cactus heart in the trough. Retrieve the doll and visit the little girl in the house with the open door. She will give you the flute.

To reach Vel Subek, you need the Hierarch's seal. It is in a chest that can be opened with two gold keys located in Hamiata's House.
Go to Hourglass Square and pick up some fresh merthweed leaves that you will find in a bucket near the plantations.
Go to Crossing 2. You find a cactus there; take a morsel from it.
Converse with Ataimah, near the fountain.
Maneuver the machine lever and turn the wheel to the left until the pressure indicates "average." Pick up the adjustable spanner and, climbing on the first crate, use it on the loose nut of the higher pipe. Turn the pressure wheel to the left again. Move the second crate and use your adjustable spanner on the loose nut of the lower pipe.
Ataimah offers you the first key.
Go to Prison Square and lay your fresh merthweed leaves on the metal plate used to dry walnuts. Pick up your leaves again when the noise stops.
Go to Hamiata's House, on the U-shaped street.
Place the dry merthweed leaves and cactus heart on the kettle: you have just taught Hamiata how to make tea!
Hamiata gives you the second key. Open the chest with the two keys. You acquire the Hierarch's seal.

Return to Prison Square. Slide toward the fountain, keeping to the left of the staircase. Position yourself so that you can overhear the conversation between the two guards.
The Caretaker of the Tripodons, whom you met in the first episode, is tied to a torture machine on the platform next to you. Release him: lower the three main levers so that the ignition switches are in the "free" position. Lower the small lever on the right. Turn the wheel to the left. Hurry! A guard is going to drink from the fountain and he could catch you (to avoid this annoyance, you can make yourself invisible by using the Warp spell).

Go to Temple Square. Chat with the on-duty guard in front of the Sanctuary door. Show him the seal: he will open the door for you. (If you were unable to overhear the conversation in Prison Square, you must give him an object-sand herbs, black salt gem, sand globe or Vissahid ointment.) A hard-of-hearing guard speaks to you as you near the Sanctuary.

Enter the Sanctuary. Show the Nautilus to Vel Subek, and speak with him until he has nothing more to tell you.
Use the oilcan on the stepladder wheels to avoid making noise. Read the four sacred scrolls.
Enter the Sphere to learn two new spells (Voyage of the Arch and Veil of the Nautilus). Since the Lemur wants to keep the Voyage of the Arch spell, he hides the real prism among three fake ones. If you touch one of these fake prisms, you will lose points. So, cast an Eye of Jad Garrűl spell and you will see the fake prisms disappear. If you touch a fake prism, you will definitively lose your Sand and Jad Garrűl points (they will be deducted from your highest scores).

Leave the Sanctuary of Memory: you will soon be arrested… but that's not too serious. The game will continue!


Item Setting
Bucket Gates of the City
Chisel Hourglass Square
Knife Inside Hamiata's House, on the U-shaped street (if no knife earned in the beginning of the episode)
Black Salt Gem Scroll Room
Black Salt Gem Lords of the Wave Room
Black Salt Gem Hourglass Square (given by the Adhamid, who will sculpt if the hero has used the chisel to rectify the stone plate inscriptions)
Shell of Time (illusion) Lemur Cavern, sphere of the Lords of the Wave Room (while conversing with the Lemur)
Doll Crossing 1
Effahid Flute Inside house, Crossing 1
Charged Hourglass of Ashes Lords of the Wave Room, behind the statue of Khronos where a fake wall appears (use the Eye of Jad Garrűl spell to dissipate the illusion)
Charged Hourglass of Ashes Crossing 1 or 2 (by acquiring a good score in a rainy Nautilus contest)
Hourglass of Ashes Inside house, Crossing 1
Tuning Fork Magic Object (given by the Adhamid Merchant Woman, if the hero catches 7 sandscrapers in the various scenes)
Adjustable spanner Crossing 2
Oilcan Scroll Room
Honey-Cactus Heart Crossing 1 (use the knife)
Honey-Cactus Heart Crossing 2 (use the knife)
Fresh Merthweed Leaves Hourglass Square
Dried Merthweed Leaves Prison Square (place the fresh leaves on the plate of musthyme walnuts)
Hamiata's Gold Key Inside Hamiata's House, in the U-shaped street (make tea to acquire the key)
Ataimah's Gold Key Crossing 2 (repair the machine to acquire the key)
Hierarch's Seal Inside Hamiata's House, Crossing 2 (open the chest with the two gold keys)
Vissahid Ointment U-shaped street (Effahid, the Merchant-barter for the bucket)
8 Sandscrapers (special "objects") The hero can collect Sandscrapers if he has spoken to the Merchant Woman in Temple Square and triggered the "Quest of the Seven Sandscrapers"
Sand Globe Scroll Room
Sand Globe U-Shaped Street (Effahid, the Merchant-barter for the Doll
Sand Herbs Inside house, Crossing 1
Sand Herbs Crossing 1 or 2 (by winning a rainy Nautilus contest)
Sand Herbs Temple Square (the Adhamid Merchant Woman-barter for the (charged or uncharged) hourglass of ashes
Sand Herbs Temple Square (the Adhamid Merchant Woman-barter for the sand globe)
Sand Herbs Temple Square, behind the Adhamid Merchant Woman's stand


Goal: Meet Ashamira and flee with her to rally the rebel camps.
Place: City of the Hourglass

After you make the acquaintance of Harmikail, the Hierarch, you are locked up in a prison cell.
Speak to Ashamira.

A Time Wave occurs: you are transformed into a child.

Pick up the key on the other side of the gate.
Open the door. Naturally, the guard is not there, but he will be back before long.
Leave your cell and hide in a neighboring cell, using the key to open the gate. The guard returns and discovers that you are gone. He enters your former cell to search it. Lock him in. Hurry-time is very short!

Climb over the gate near the bell and go into the first cell on the right. If you have already freed the man who was tortured by the machine, he stands before you, transformed into a child by the Wave.
Give him a black salt gem to restore his memory.
To thank you, the child will sound the alarm in another part of the prison to attract the guards and give you a chance to escape.

Do not leave your cell until the guards have passed you. Then, climb the stairs toward the Guard Room. Hurry!

In this room, lower the lever to close the portcullis. Ashamira retrieves a wrist Jadgar. A Chronomancer Woman bursts into the room. Fight her with the help of Ashamira (the Stop Time spell is very effective for neutralizing your adversary before you attack her).

Do not leave by the exit that the Chronomancer Woman blocked you from using; instead, use the small door. Now, you are in the rear courtyard of the prison. You will be fired upon from the opposite side-but you absolutely must cross the yard.

Cast the Warp spell to make yourself invisible. Then push the crate directly in front of you and leave the courtyard, taking it with you.

You will exit in a cul-de-sac. To leave the city, you must pass the ramparts in front of you.

Position the crate that you brought with you from the previous scene so that you can climb up on the roof of the lowest house.
Stand on the hoist platform. Ashamira will maneuver the hoist to raise the platform. Jump onto the next roof.
Walk forward and jump again to land on the third roof. Position the plank to create a bridge between the preceding roof and the one on which you stand. Return to the place where you started.
Use your knife to detach the tied crates.
Pull one crate with the plank that you had been using as a bridge between the two rooftops.
Climb on the crate, so that you can reach the second level of this roof.
Use the plank to create a bridge to the ramparts. It is too short; steady it with a crate. Leap over the obstacle and jump onto the gatehouse.
Maneuver the hoist to bring up Ashamira.
Position yourself on the platform. Ashamira will lower you.
Get the crate that you brought with you from the previous scene and push it onto the platform. Ashamira will bring you up, along with the crate.
Push this crate against the counterweight.
As soon as the crate is completely on top of the counterweight, a film segment is triggered: Ashamira rejoins you, the hoist breaks, and down you come.
When the film segment ends, pick up the bucket (if you do not already have one in reserve) and fill it. Empty your bucket in the drinking trough. The Tripodon drinks from it, and is ready to take you toward the rebel camp.


Item Setting
Iron Key Hero's prison cell
Black Salt Gem Imprisoned guard's cell
Wrist Jadgar Guard Room
Bucket Cultivated land (if the hero has no bucket when the episode begins)


Goal: Recover the sounding stick. Learn about the crystal flask. Activate and use the arch.
Place: the Rebel Camp

Talk to the Rebel Caretaker of the Tripodons. With a little persistence, you might even get a drink, if you show this rebel a cactus heart.
Chat with Dahjaroun, near a tent. He is trying to recharge a wrist Jadgar. Touch the weapon: it automatically recharges. Speak to Dahjaroun again. You acquire the sounding stick.

Enter the big tent near the first paddock. If Ashamira is not there, she soon will be. Talk to her. Take the black salt gems in the chest.
Approach the arch and cast the Voyage of the Arch spell. If you would rather use your Nautilus, cross the arch while the sounds of the Sea of Eternity can be heard.


Item Setting
Sounding Stick Rebel Camp (given by Dahjaroun, if you have recharged the wrist Jadgar)
Honey-Cactus Heart Rebel Camp (use the knife)
Charged Hourglass of Ashes Rebel Camp (given by the Warrior Effahid, if you show him an hourglass of ashes)
2 Black Salt Gems Inside the arch tent


Goal: Encounter a Mermaid of Time and strike a bargain with her: King Ulmoreth in exchange for the key to the Gates of Eternity. Collect the Conch of Khronos to defeat the guards of the City of the Hourglass.
Place: Cliffs on the edge of the world

Now you are entering a difficult zone. Be careful! The ground is open, but it is also treacherous: quicksand patches are scattered over the entire surface.
If you do not have a sounding stick, listen closely while crossing this area-the noise of your footsteps will change according to the area that you are approaching. Bear this in mind and advance cautiously. In this setting, use the cactus, or the rocks, as landmarks.
If you have a sounding stick, use it. If you touch a quicksand puddle, it will appear for an instant. It is up to you to avoid it and to make your way through, and out of, this maze.

Now you are facing a rock fall, with a hole in it. Position yourself in front of the hole. Use the action key: the hero crawls under the rock fall and comes out on the other side.

You come to a second rock fall. A Lemur attacks you from the other side of a crevice. You need to jump over there, but he is in the way. You have several options:
- The best solution is to use the Effahid flute, if you have one: this will charm the Lemur for several minutes, giving you time to calmly jump across the crevice.
- Use your spells to fight the Lemur.

A third rock fall blocks your passage. You can cross by climbing the ledge. But another Lemur is waiting for you there and prevents you from passing: you must de-harmonize him.

You have now crossed the ledge. You have two options: go to the right and continue toward the Shores of Eternity; or go to the left, toward the Lemurs' Lair.

Lemurs' Lair:
Beware! One to three Lemurs are waiting for you. Fight them or unsheathe your flute.

Is a crevice blocking your way? Cast an Eye of Jad Garrűl spell: a bridge will appear.
On the other side of the bridge, recover the chronophore. Keep alert: it is hidden in a dark corner of the cavern.

While you advance along the corridor, you will encounter the Ancient Woman of the Cavern: this Lemur is much more powerful than the others and will attack you if you approach her. Use the flute. Talk to the Lemur: you will acquire the powerful Spectral Body spell.
You can also steal the charged hourglass of ashes located behind the Ancient Woman. But beware! If you do not have the flute, the Ancient Woman will fight you…

Go out again, taking the other exit. You will come to a series of crevices. You must make several jumps to advance through the mountain pass.
Important: remember to collect the quartz flask on your right.
A Lemur waits for you near the crevices. Charm him and he will not bother you.

You come out on the shore. Pick up the shell of time. Move closer to the water.

A film segment is triggered: you watch the formation of a Time Wave that will restore your adult appearance. Strange beings appear as if brought there by the Wave-the Mermaids of Time. They are standing on the rocky peaks.

If you go near the Mermaids, they break into a strange and bewitching song... that undermines your strength and lowers your sand and Jad Garrűl points!

There are two ways in which you can escape the grip of The Mermaids' Song:
- Initiate the Veil of the Nautilus spell: it will temporarily protect you and allow you to start a conversation with the nearest Mermaid.
- Show the quartz flask to that Mermaid.

Continue your conversation.
Fill your quartz flask with water from the Sea of Eternity. A luminous hole in the immobile sea allows you to do this.

Lastly, pick up your Conch of Khronos.


Item Setting
Shell of Time Cracking Rocks Pass 2
Shell of Time Shores and Sea of Eternity
Charged Hourglass of Ashes Lemur Cavern (if the Ancient Woman is de-harmonized)
Chronophore Lemur Cavern
Conch of Khronos Shores and Sea of Eternity
Empty Quartz Flask Cracking Rocks Pass 3


Place: City of the Hourglass

Film segment

Accompanied by Ashamira and the Rebels, you arrive at the City of the Hourglass gates. You blow into the conch. A Wave forms and submerges the City: the guards, taken by surprise, are transformed and lose their memory. The Rebels are unaffected by the power of the conch.
When it has accomplished its purpose, the conch disappears.
The Rebels enter the city, determined to find and release King Ulmoreth. With Ashamira at your side, you follow them. But an unpleasant surprise awaits you there…


Goal: Free King Ulmoreth. Discover that it is the Chronoeider which created the Vortex and that the Universe is threatened with destruction. Agree to accompany Ulmoreth, who wants to free the slaves from the Monastery.
Place: City of the Hourglass

This episode takes place in the City of the Hourglass, which, by now, is familiar to you. But many battles are underway. Avoid them as much as possible…unless you enjoy getting into one scrape after another!

Go into the Lords of the Wave Room, in Temple Square.
De-harmonize the Chronomancer and speak to the praying Effahid who, in reality, is the hard-of-hearing guard of Sanctuary Square. Insist that he give you the gold key.

Go to Sanctuary Square: use your gold key to get in. Beware! Some Shekandars (a warrior and a Chronomancer) are expecting you… and their intentions are not friendly.

Enter the Sanctuary and speak to Vel Subek. He has something frightening to reveal to you. Leave the Sanctuary and head toward Hourglass Square.

Look at the machine and Ashamira, who is petrified. The machine is blocking your way. Go back to see Vel Subek: he will help you to destroy the machine and will follow you.

Go back and approach the machine. Use your adjustable spanner to open the central panel of the machine. Pull out the middle cable, which releases Ashamira. With her assistance, go fight the Palace Shekandars, who left their post the moment that you touched the machine.
Maneuver both levers at the same time, with the help of Ashamira.
Enter the Palace.

Fight the Hierarch.
Enter the Sphere. The Lemur attacks you and tries to teleport you out of the cavern. The quartz flask will help you to recover the spells in the prisms.
Activate the bas-relief hourglasses in the following order:
Adhamid (bas-relief depicting an adult woman) - Vissahid (old man) - Effahid (child) - Shekandar (Chronomancer).
The wall imprisoning King Ulmoreth has just opened.

Enter the cell and speak with Ulmoreth. Together, you decide to return to the Monastery of the Shekandars to free the slaves and defeat the Tetradon. After that, Ulmoreth will follow you as far as the shore to relocate the Mermaids of Time.

Vel Subek joins you in the Throne Room. He speaks to Ulmoreth, then gives you a key that may be very useful to you. You head for the Monastery with Ashamira and Ulmoreth.



Item Setting
Sand Herbs Temple Square (behind the Merchant Woman's stand)
Sand Herbs Gates of the City (conversing with the Rebel Caretaker of the Tripodons)
Sand Globe Scroll Room
Sand Globe Crossing 1 (returning the sounding stick to Dahjaroun)
Black Salt Gem Throne Room
2 Black Salt Gems Scroll Room
Chronophore Lords of the Wave Room
Vapor-Thrower Scroll Room (special weapon that can paralyze your adversaries)
Shekandar Key Throne Room (key given by Vel Subek)
Charged Hourglass of Ashes Scroll Room


Goal: Deactivate the Maze of the Nautilus in order to allow the Rebels to enter the Monastery. Find the Arch of the Tetradon and-accompanied by King Ulmoreth-cross it to reach the shores of the Sea of Eternity.
Place: The Monastery of the Shekandars

Descend into the crater and use the key that Vel Subek has given you to open the Gates of the Mine.
De-harmonize the Chronomancer Woman without going near the robot. (Robots can detect you within a radius of 3 meters).
There are three control panels. Activate the middle one: you will gain control of the robot. Guide the robot backwards until he is no longer on the bridge.
Next, activate the right control panel and retract the bridge.
Take control of the robot again. Throw him into the abyss.
Restore the bridge to its original position.

Turn the power back on by activating the third control panel.

Take the descending lift and ride it down to the lowest level.
Sift through the remaining pieces of the crushed robot. Pick up the disrupter.

Take the lift up to the third floor.
Approach the robot and use the disrupter.
Go to the control panel and guide the robot toward the lift. Enter the lift with the robot and go down to the second floor.
Return to the third floor on the conveyers: approach the conveyers at the point where there is a missing barrier. Time your jump, so that you can climb into-and out of-the conveyer at just the right moment.
Go to the control panel and use the robot to push aside the stuck tip truck.

Use a conveyor to descend to the bottom level of the mine. Then use another one to get back up to the second floor.
Jump directly from the conveyer into the freed tip truck.

When the tip truck stops inside the Salt Processing Room, you will only have a few seconds to climb out of the truck before a jet of stone gas causes you some Chronomantic damage. Move quickly!
Fight the Chronomancer Monk.

At the back of the room, open the control station gate. Do not dally: de-harmonize the Shekandar Warrior while his back is turned.
If you want to keep Lady Luck on your side, use the control panel that the warrior was working on: with it, you can guide the surveillance cameras and see what lies ahead of you.
Activate the control panel at the back of the room, on the right side.

A film segment is triggered:
The platforms from the Maze of the Nautilus reappear. Ashamira then orders the Rebels to cross the Maze... But King Ulmoreth warns the young woman that a Wave is coming and will break upon the crater! Ashamira and the Rebels then pick up some black salt to give them the power to survive the Time Quake; Ulmoreth, on the other hand, does not need it...
During this time, you have the feeling that something is happening. You try to find a way out of the room... and you start to grow older.
Ashamira and the Rebels are safe. They still have their bodies and their memories. They head toward the goods lift at the center of the Maze.
By the time you leave the control station, you are an old man.

Now you are in the Main Hall. Use your disrupter to avoid having to fight the robots.

Go into the Chronomancer Room: it's the only door that is unguarded. You will pass through a teleporter and challenge the Chronomancer to a duel.

Pass the small stairway next to the cylinder of knowledge and enter the pulpit.
Take control of the robot, de-harmonize the guards, and enter into combat with the robot, who is blocking the exit of the goods lift. Both robots explode.

Head toward the Organ Room, which had been blocked by the guards a short while ago… A bad surprise is lying in wait for you there.

King Ulmoreth and Ashamira will be neutralized by a flying Robot guided by the Tetradon. You must destroy this robot.

Destroy the flying robot by causing him to fall. His control console is in the rear of the room, and is protected by a Chronomancer. Activate the four levers that you will have seen through the cameras. Beware: if the robot's ray touches you, it's all over!

The Tetradon attacks you. It is imperative for you to release Ulmoreth, because you are not strong enough to fight him on your own. Go to Ulmoreth's cage and turn the wheel.

During the Tetradon's flight, listen closely to the chord sequence. You must be able to reproduce this sequence.

Go to the organ and position the levers as follows:
- Lever A (tone: lever located to the right of the hero as he faces the secret door): low position
- Lever B (Arpeggio: center lever): low position
- Lever C (Attack): high position

Next, play the chord sequence. The organ has two keyboards: "A" and "B" (the "A" keyboard is located to the right of the hero as he faces the secret door)
On each keyboard, you can play one chord on the left (L) and one on the right (R)
The solution is AR-AL-BL-BL-BR.
If you become confused, look into the Eyes of Khronos: the sequence of the Tetradon's flight will replay, allowing you to hear the organ's notes again.
Follow the passage that has just opened. You are in the Bust Room. An arch occupies the middle of this room. You must activate it.
A small pyramid is floating above the faces of each of the fourteen busts. In the arch, there are eleven holes with the shape of a small pyramid. Three pyramids are fake and attribute many penalty points if you touch them. Therefore, initiate a Spectral Body spell that will protect you. Pick up the pyramids and put them into the holes. This will permit the arch to activate.

Cast the Voyage of the Arch spell and pass under the arch: you will find yourself with Ashamira and King Ulmoreth, on the shores of the Sea of Eternity.


Item Setting
Disrupter Black Salt Mines
Sand Globe Chronomancer Room
Black Salt Gem Chronomancer Room
Black Salt Gem Bust Room
Black Salt Gem Salt Processing Room



Goal: Take the foam key and use it to pass through the Gates of Eternity. Eliminate the Tetradon and save Ashamira from the claws of the Lemurs.
Place: Cliffs on the edge of the world

Converse with the Mermaid. When she has finished speaking to you, she leaves with King Ulmoreth.
Enter the cavern by passing through the luminous door underneath the rock pillars.
Go to the stairs that lead to the second cavern.

The Tetradon appears in the main cavern. Two Lemurs come out of the mineshaft and threaten Ashamira. She is paralyzed with fear and cannot defend herself. The Tetradon commands you to give him the key to the Gates of Eternity. If you refuse, the Lemurs will de-harmonize Ashamira.

Give the foam key to the Tetradon.
This triggers a film segment that teaches you what you must not do with that key.

Close the shaft to stop the arrival of the Lemurs: activate the first cavern's stone lever. One-fourth of the shaft is now blocked and another lever appears. Activate this new lever. You must activate four levers to completely close the shaft.
If Ashamira has been de-harmonized during the fight, she reappears. Give her a drink of the water from the Sea of Eternity that is in your quartz flask.

Retrieve the key that the Tetradon left in the wrong keyhole.
Position yourself inside the circle formed by the foam pillars.
Use the crystal Nautilus. A luminous aura appears around the pillar containing the correct keyhole. Insert the foam key into that lock.

A film segment is triggered: you are projected into the Sanctuary of Khronos. One last transformation restores your adult appearance.


Item Setting
Shell of Time Shores and Sea of Eternity
2 Shells of Time Caverns of the Gates of Eternity



Goal: Destroy the Lemur Tetradon. Encounter Khronos and discover his identity. De-harmonize Khronos in order to take the Chronoeider and escape the end of the world.
Place: the Sanctuary of Khronos

Take the shell of time. Climb the stairs and approach the Chronoeider. The Lemur Tetradon appears, determined to get rid of you once and for all.

During your fight with the Lemur Tetradon, the only thing that can help you is the quartz hand from the clock on the left wall of the laboratory. Take it and throw it at the Tetradon. Finish him off!

When you approach the Chronoeider, Khronos appears.

Converse with Khronos.

To save the Universe, attack Khronos. Immediately move out of the way after each of your attacks to avoid the Chronoeider's reprisals.

You see Ashamira die.
Do not give into your grief: approach the Chronoeider before he stops beating.

You've done it!


Item Setting
Shell of Time Wells' Laboratory


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