Traitors Gate

Personal Observations and Walkthrough

By Soren Andersen

These observations that precede the walkthrough may be read before beginning to play this game, as they will provide helpful insights to gameplay without in any way being spoilers--or at least not very much.

Traitors Gate is a very good game with excellent graphics and action puzzles. That being said, there are several characteristics where it falls short, particularly in comparison with other Adventure games:

This FAQ list has additional information that could well be relevant.

PIAD provides a lot of knapsack items that appear in the right hand inventory after you locate it, and you garner an even greater number of other items in the left hand one. Many of the latter have no function in the game, a legitimate Adventure game ploy, but in both cases there is much searching to find a wanted item. With one exception, once an item is in inventory it is there forever.

It would be useful if the knapsack items were identified when the cursor is placed on them; a helpful feature is the PDA equipment icon (the wrench) which identifies and elaborates on the individual knapsack items.

A couple of maps/diagrams of the Tower of London complex have been included to help you follow Raven's movements as he travels about. One of these is an annotated copy of the one that appears in the GPS function of the PDA. Correlate these with the sewer map.

An interesting virtual tour that might be helpful may be found on the Internet at

Following are some things to keep in mind as you begin and while you are playing the game, some of which are obvious, some not, and others covered in the game booklet, but bear repeating:



Traitors Gate is a more linear game than it might appear at first, though by no means completely so. There are many relevant places in the Tower of London complex to be examined, but since Raven is prowling after closing time many doors are locked and guards are posted. An elaborate security system is activated and must be circumvented. For these reasons, gathering the items needed to get other items to finally breach the regalia vault follows a fairly set path.

Briefly, from the White Tower where you start the game you must gain entry to the sewer system in order to get the equipment left there for you, then begin gathering the other items and the information that you will need to get into the vault where the crown jewels are stored, and in the process you must establish a getaway route since the one to the vault will not be available for leaving. As it happens, much of what you will need is to be found in the Queen’s House, readily accessible from the sewer, so that is the place to begin your exploration of the Tower complex, and from which there is a reasonably easy path to the Hospital Block, another source of many needed items. You must then traverse the complex, making much use of the sewer and neutralizing the security system, until you get the keys to the main vault, where you replace the regalia and make your escape.

Though not explicitly stated in the briefing, Raven must have been told that Tower security is centered in the upper floor of the Devereaux Tower and that the security chief’s office is in the basement of the Hospital Block. He must know about the two sets of video junction boxes or he would not have been supplied with the scart-adapter and the Digital Loop Units. If he was not given a sewer map, it was an oversight.

The first thing to do after you set up the PDA is to take the time to read the information supplied by clicking on the upper left icon. This perusal might seem to be time consuming, but it is well worth it, presenting descriptions and historical facts about the crown jewels and the Tower of London, as well as a review of the mission brief; in particular, the data on the crown jewels gives information on which of them are targeted, their specific location, and clues to opening their vault locks. After you have read it you can restart the game and the time used in reading it will not be charged against the time allocated to complete the game.

White Tower Basement 1

When the game begins the PDA clock tells you it is 1830 hours, and as instructed in the briefing you have remained in the White Tower after closing time, where you have been concealed in a closet since 1630 hours reading the above mentioned PDA data. Use the PDA GPS function (adjust the magnification) to indicate your location. You have only three things with you: a multitool, a lock decoder card, and a packet of gum. You must get to the items left for you in the sewer by a Navy SEAL team. Look around the closet and find a box on a shelf next to you, from which you may take the flashlight and the spray can of WD-40 lubricant; you do not need the torch igniter.

Leave the closet and go to the area beyond the construction display board, where from the yellow toolbox you must take the bolt cutter, but the unneeded hammer will just clutter up your inventory. Return to the closet door and proceed through the one next to it. Around the corner inside a guard rail (unlatch the gate) you will find a locked metal grate in the floor. Drag the bolt cutter into the action screen to remove the grate padlock, and a cut scene shows Raven climbing down to the well at the bottom of the shaft. The bolt cutter will fall, but you don’t need it any more. Drag the flashlight from your left inventory into the screen to provide illumination, then enter the water. Another cut scene takes Raven through an underwater passage to emerge into the sewer system under the tower complex. The GPA does not function in the underground sewer, nor does the pullout compass.

Sewer 1

Use the accompanying sewer diagram to navigate from the White Tower sewer entrance to the locked gate at the bottom of the diagram. Get a closeup of the rectangular green box at the left top of the gate, then drag the multitool into the screen. Open the bottom screwdriver and click on the check mark at top right. The tool will remove the holding screw and the lid will fly open. Drag the gum up to the open box and a piece will go between the electrical contacts to prevent closure and sending an alarm when the gate opens. Back off from the closeup and turn to the control box on the wall to the left. Click on the green button to raise the gate. Pass through the gate and find the knapsack of equipment in a niche in the wall to the right. This equipment will place many items in the right inventory, and you should now refer to the game booklet to identify them and find out about their functions, or use the equipment icon in the PDA, or both.

The most direct route to the Queen’s House is via the grating indicated near the left edge of the sewer map. When you move through the sewer to this grating, click on it and you will climb through. Look up to see two windows in the wall above, one with a balcony. Maneuver your view to get the balcony as close to the center of the screen as you can, then drag the folded crossbow from the right inventory into the action screen, where it will unfold and cock. Drag the grapple into the screen and it will load onto the crossbow. Click on the checkmark at the upper right screen corner and you will be able to shoot the crossbow to just above the balcony. If your aim is good there will ensue a video of Raven shooting the crossbow and the grapple hooking on the balcony railing. Drag the rope-lift unit into the screen and another video takes Raven up the rope and through the window into the Queen’s House.

Queen’s House

Most of your investigation here will be upstairs, which is accessed through the door in the opposite wall, but before you go there get the flat key used as a bookmark in the heraldic book on the table in front of you. Now go through the door and go up the stairs. Do not go down, as there is a guard below. At the top of the stairs you will be facing the door on the left. Enter the room and go straight ahead to the table at the wall opposite. From the right hand drawer take the card with the Chinese characters paired with Arabic numerals. The items in the left hand drawer are not needed.

Leave the room and get a closeup of the code lock on the side of the other door. From your right inventory get the green decoder card and insert it in the slot at the bottom of the code lock, then on the PDA select the icon showing the numerals 123 and the lock decoding will start. When the 4-digit code shows, click these numerals on the code lock keypad, whereupon the decoder card will withdraw and you can open the door.

Note: at this time you may wish to start a code list beginning with this number, even though you need not come back here unless from a reloaded game. You can keep such a list by using the PDA notebook function; however, if you load a previously saved game, any notes taken subsequent to time of reloading will not be in the notebook.

Enter the room and move to the window, then turn right and approach the table. Lift the table top and from the items inside take only the bronze key and the yellow cylinder. Back off, turn right, move ahead once, and turn left to face the large display of five ovals mounted on the wall. Below this display is a smaller one showing a heraldic shield and three gold rosettes. Press the rosettes: left, right, center; you will hear a click. Move to the right you will see a small lever protruding from the left side of the dashing portrait of the infamous Guy Fawkes. Click on this lever and the portrait swings aside to reveal a safe with a panel of three gold knobs. Turn each of the knobs so the pointers are at the 2 o’clock position, and you can then use the bronze key that you just got to open the safe. Take everything from the safe but the gun and the gin bottle.

Red handled key

5 keys from the middle shelf (1 is a duplicate)

Computer floppy disk

Card with two unidentified door lock codes

Go into the next room, known as Anne Boleyn’s bedroom, and approach the portrait on the far wall above the table lamp, on which there is an unreadable legend. Take a picture of it and let ORPHIA read it for you.

Note: To take a picture, click on the camera icon tab at the bottom of the PDA, center the subject within the green guidelines that appear, then to snap the picture click on the PDA icon consisting of two triangles above a rectangle, this icon being next to the trashcan icon. The photo will appear below the icons. Back off from the camera mode by again clicking on the camera tab. The picture is automatically sent to ORPHIA for examination. Shortly thereafter you will hear a buzz signifying an e-mail reply; click on the PDA envelope icon to show a picture identifying time, then double click on this time to bring up the reply.

ORPHIA will reply with the date shown on the portrait (European fashion, d,m,y), which they think is supposed to be Anne’s execution date but is in error, but that is immaterial because the portrait date’s digits that they show are a code that you need.

Now turn your attention to the trunk in the corner of the room. One of the keys in inventory will open it and within you will find an ornate "Chinese Box". Click on this box to bring it up to the edge of the trunk. On it you will see six code wheels with Chinese characters that must be set, but first you must unlock the wheels by applying the flat bookmark key that you got downstairs. The code is the Anne Boleyn portrait date digits, and of course you turn the wheels using the card from the other room to match the Chinese characters with the date numerals. When the box opens lift the flap on the bottom and get another card with a code number listed, this one identified as being for the main vault doors, and also a very important white security card displaying a crest and a blue rectangle. Leave the blue PIN code generator; you can find another one later. Raven has now acquired all the items needed in his quest that are available here in the Queen’s House. Return downstairs to the room that you entered.

At this point you have the option of exploring the Queen’s Tower. For this you must click on the tall clock in the corner of the room, which will swing aside to reveal a passage to this tower. At the end of the passage is a tower room that you should ignore as there is nothing in it for the game. Take the steps to the upper tower room where next to the table you will find a floorboard darker than the rest. Click on this board and it will move aside and from the cavity beneath you may acquire a rough sketch that has little relevance and which you really do not need. Return back down to the entrance room.

It may also be noted that upon leaving the knapsack location in the sewer you could take the moat exit, travel around the outer tower wall past the Traitors Gate to the Byward Tower, enter and go to the top floor, from which using the crossbow and grapple through a window you could get to the Queen’s Tower and enter right next to the dark floorboard, then go down the stairs to the room entered as described previously.

Along about this time you will probably begin receiving a series of periodical e-mail messages from ORPHIA containing data fragments recovered from the hard disks that Major Anderson tried to destroy, but in which effort he was only partially successful. They are not particularly helpful.

Leave the Queen’s House entry room through the door opposite the clock and go out the window at the end of the hall to Raleigh’s Walk. Unlatch the gate and read as much of the sign as you can, noting the years of Raleigh’s birth and death for future reference; a ready alternative is to go to the end of the Walk, then turn, come back to where you can take a picture of the sign and let ORPHIA read it for you. You must proceed to the end of the Walk where a locked door in the Wakefield Tower forces you grapple to St. Thomas Tower; if you try this, however, there is a guard below to the left (N) who will discover you and take you out, so you must take him out first.

Get out your crossbow, drag the box of tranquilizing ice darts onto the screen and click on one to load it in the crossbow. Click on the checkmark, then when the guard is motionless next to his guardhouse on the right end of his short patrol path, carefully shoot him in the neck. With the guard spread-eagled unconscious on the ground you can now go the end of the Walk and shoot the grapple into the open window in the St. Thomas Tower opposite. A video shows Raven making the shot and crossing on the rope behind the back of an oblivious guard.

St. Thomas Tower

There are a couple of rooms here containing exhibits for you to examine (and photograph) if you wish, informative but nothing to advance the game. Go down the short hallway to the left of your entrance window to another room in which is to be found a very large chest that holds some historical documents, also informative but not game advancing. Leave by going up the circular stairway. Go through the door at the top and along the passageway which takes you across a bridge to the Wakefield Tower throne room.

Wakefield Tower 1

Across the room in a wall recess to the left of the fireplace you will see a wooden chest; go to it and apply the picklock from your right inventory to the trunk’s keyhole. Move the picklock around vigorously; it may take a little time, but the trunk will eventually open. On the inside trunk lid is a small tapestry; click on one of the corner fasteners and it will fall forward to reveal an ancient document written in Latin. Click on this document to bring it center screen, photograph it to get a translation from ORPHIA, then put it in your inventory. Click on the tapestry to raise it back up to the trunk lid, then from the bottom of the chest get the pull ring that is the only thing in there.

Warm yourself by the convenient fire until you get a reply from ORPHIA concerning this important document, which tells about a secret tunnel between the Wakefield and Devereaux Towers. You can drag it from inventory onto the screen and examine it while waiting. This clearly is something to investigate.

Leave the throne room by the door to the left of the one you used to enter, and since tunnels are below ground, go through the gate and down the stairs. Open the unarmed door and go into what must have been the tower dungeon to judge from the implements hanging on the walls. The square plate in the floor leads to the sewer, but that is not a secret. Closely look at the course of wall blocks just above the floor; one of them has a short peg protruding. Drag the ring that you just found in the throne room trunk to this peg, the block will be removed, and you will be thrust into the secret tunnel.

Get out the flashlight and proceed down the steps and through the tunnel. A short way along you will find an alcove in which there is a wall niche containing a couple unimportant documents for ORPHIA to peruse, should you so choose. Continue along the tunnel and up the stairs at the end. Push open the squat door blocking the exit and enter the ground floor of the Devereaux Tower.

Devereaux Tower 1

Ahead is a door leading to a courtyard, and around the corner opposite this door is a storeroom containing nothing relevant to the game. In the grass of the courtyard is the Devereaux sewer exit, and down some steps and across another courtyard is a door to the Waterloo Barracks gift and souvenir shop, but Raven has no use for either. At one side of the shop are the formidable doors to the regalia exhibit area, and you have the combination on the card from the Chinese box, but this is not the time to use it. There is a good chance you could box yourself in since you have not yet prepared the way for your escape.

Back in the Devereaux Tower you will find that the door from the secret tunnel has closed and there is no way to open it; in fact it is impossible to find it. There are stairs going up, but they lead to Tower Security Operations and are well guarded, so you dare not go there. Beyond these steps is a door giving on to some passages that will take you along the inner wall to the Beauchamp Tower; let’s go that way.

Beauchamp Tower

As soon as you open the gate and enter the Beauchamp tower you are confronted by some words and symbols carved in the stone wall, undated and much of it hard to read. Ancient graffiti done by a prisoner of yore, perhaps? Send a picture of it to ORPHIA to see what they make of it. Around the wall are pictures with plaques that can’t be read, and in the center of the room is an unidentified exhibit. The short passage by the door leads nowhere; the only way out is through the door, and when you leave you can see two people a short distance away at the top of some stairs, one of whom is a guard. Fortunately the square trapdoor of the Beauchamp sewer exit is on the left, so quickly enter the sewer. This secret tunnel excursion seems to have been something of a bummer, and the best thing to do is use the sewer to return to the Wakefield Tower and from there continue along the inner wall toward the Hospital Block.

Wakefield Tower 2

You emerge from the sewer in the Wakefield Tower dungeon. Go back up the circular stairs, through the gate, and continue up the next set of circular stairs. Go out the door, where a video shows Raven going to the Lanthorn Tower.

Lanthorn Tower

Here there are a number of exhibits in cases and on the walls. You may inspect them if you so desire, but only one has any importance: find the one on the wall titled Recreation—it shows an elephant—and photograph it for reference. Find a door more or less opposite the one you entered and leave. Another video shows Raven walking along the inner wall to the Salt Tower.

Salt Tower

Once more there is a number of exhibits for you to look at or not, as you wish, and again only one thing you must do. As soon as you go down the entry steps, look to the left at the wall just to the right of the arch. There are markings on the wall, and your movement arrow will take you to them. Get a closeup to see on the wall a circle inside a square, and a hole in the center of the circle. All is covered with a sheet of clear plastic.

Bring up the multitool and open the further screwdriver. Click on the checkmark, then place the cursor on the plastic and the multitool will remove the four screws holding the sheet in place. Drag the yellow cylinder from inventory to the hole to remove the masonry cover, and inside you will find an unreadable document, but of course ORPHIA can do so after you send them a photograph. Put the document in inventory and all the removed stuff goes back in place.

Go through the arch, up the stairs, out the door, and along the wall to the Old Hospital Block.

Old Hospital Block

Inside the building move along the corridor until you come to the diorama. Mildly interesting, but there is nothing to be learned from it gamewise. Turn to the door opposite and lift the bar to open it. Proceed through, and as you start down the stairway you can hear the door swing shut and the bar dropping in place. This is one of the few doors that cannot be opened from both sides. Go down the long stairway to the basement. Move to the end of the corridor and note the square plate in the floor: this is the Hospital Block sewer access. Go through the adjacent door and turn left, where at the end of the hallway you will find a guard fast asleep. Carefully remove the keyring from her lap (don’t touch the radio) and don’t move until she settles down again. Turn about and go past the stepladder to the far door, which will open since you have the keys.

You pass into the Red Room, where a sudden blast of raucous music from a nearby radio will probably startle you. Purportedly you can shut this off, but how to do so is not evident. It soon stops, and fortunately has not awakened the guard. Continue through the door on the right into the Green Room, and go to the other end where there is another code locked door. You can use the green decoder card as before, but if you do be prepared for a long wait for the decoding to complete. An alternative is to try the pair of codes from the card found in the Guy Fawkes safe; the decoder card must be in the code lock slot.

When you get this door decoded you can enter the security chief’s office. Go behind the desk so that you can look over the things on it. Get a closeup of the picture of the young lad; click on him and the picture slides up to divulge a PIN code of 9910. Back off from the picture and optionally get a closeup of the rectangular note device, which you can access by clicking on the green button, then typing the 9910 code. You can look at memos, phone numbers, and appointments, none of which provides either new or necessary information.

Investigate the room. Pressing the space bar produces a red bullseye if you are facing the large double bookshelf, and when you click on the indicated book, a latch is to be found behind it, which will move aside a section of the bookshelf and let you into the secret room where the chief has his safe. Now you have to open the safe, and PIAD has provided the tools to do it.

Get a closeup of the safe and you will see that the dial is at the zero position of 10; if at any time you want to rezero the dial, click on the safe handle. The code is 3 digits: from zero turn the dial ccw to the first digit, cw directly to the second digit, and ccw to the third. Drag the audio-sensor from the right inventory to the safe, where the suction cup will hold it to the door. Select the PDA audio icon (bottom left) and a set of axes will appear. Move the dial 1 unit ccw and a fairly smooth segmented one-cycle curve will show on the axes. Move the dial another unit and the curve may shift a bit but still be smooth. Keep stepping the dial until the curve is no longer smooth but is ragged, which indicates the first digit. Now step the dial cw until the ragged curve again appears. You have found the second code digit. Finally step the dial ccw for the third ragged curve appearance. Click on the handle, and if successfully decoded, the audio-sensor pops off and the safe opens.

Take everything from the safe but the teddy bear.

3 superuser code cards

Blue PIN code generator

PIN code generator instructions

T-shaped key with triangular opening in the end

Leave the chief’s office and go to the end of the Green Room where you came in. Next to that door is another with a code lock, the code being the other one on the code card you just used to get into the chief’s office. After you pass this door, go to cylindrical portal the end of the room, noting the two electrical junction boxes on the right wall as you pass. Click on the neon arrow, enter the opening, click on the other neon arrow, and you have found the chief’s computer room. Now you have to gain access to the computer.

You will encounter two other computers in this game, and all three will require superuser passwords. You have three cards in inventory referring to these passwords, and should have straightforward clues to them from ORPHIA replies to the pictures you have taken.

In the above only the second computer is associated with a code, but the number of characters in each code is different and will indicate the one to use.

Get a closeup of the computer; it will develop a 4-digit code number display that is randomly generated and will be different each time the computer is accessed. Drag the PIN code generator (ID NO 7G-00003) onto the screen. This is the PIN code generator from the chief’s safe so key in his PIN code 9910 using the generator’s keypad, then press <ENTER>. Do the same for the random code that was generated by the computer. The PIN code generator will then display a 4-digit key that you enter in the computer using the number keys of your keyboard (not the number keypad), then press your keyboard <Enter> key. The computer now asks for the superuser code, in this case seven digits, so it must be


The computer lets you have a choice of looking at the tower safety systems or at door codes. Look at the systems: System 1 for the Waterloo Barracks, System 2 for the Tower complex perimeter, and System 3 for the regalia vault. The six buttons down the left side will bring up locations for phones, movement sensors, heat sensors, pressure sensors, armed doors, and cameras. The red circles indicate that System 1 has terminals in the Hospital Block and the Devereaux Tower, and System 3 in the Waterloo Barracks.

Look at the door codes: the diagram for Devereaux is somewhat puzzling, but at least you have three codes for when you get to that location again. Note these codes. You will recognize the diagram under Hospital as the places where you have just been (and still are), and you already have the codes that are shown. Back off from the computer and exit the computer room, but before you leave pick up the floppy disk seen under the shelf.

After passing through the revolving portal turn your attention to the two junction boxes on the wall. At this point you might wish to review what the game booklet has to say about the Digital Loop Unit (DLU) and the scart-adapter. The former has the ability to provide up to one minute of invisibility from surveillance cameras (there is an elaboration of this under the PDA equipment icon), while the latter provides a tap into surveillance video circuits.

Click on the left junction box; the T-shaped key from inventory will open the box. Drag the scart-adapter from the right inventory to the left one of the row of sockets in the box, and you will get a view of an exterior wall. Repeat for all but the right socket (even though the adapter is in a socket, drag it from the inventory to the next socket), and you will get four exterior views and three blank ones. Evidently this is from System 2.

Back off, go to the right junction box, and repeat the process. Here the first two and last two sockets show no pictures, the third and fifth show what appear to be the storeroom that you saw in the Devereaux Tower—though perhaps not quite the same items, so it is probably a similar room. The fourth socket shows the stairway going up from where you exited the secret Wakefield-Devereaux tunnel, but again it is a little different. You must at some time go here to circumvent the Tower security, so put a DLU unit in the right hand socket, the one with the label Link V/C above it. Flip the switch on the DLU to turn it on, then leave the junction box.

ORPHIA will have long since sent an e-mail telling you what is in the document that you found in the Salt Tower: it tells of a secret room behind Henry VIII’s walking stick in the Great Hall of the White Tower, and how to enter using a candlestick. The document itself shows a couple of sketches, one of which must be the walking stick. Here now is another intriguing thing to be investigated.

There is no way out of the Hospital Block except via the sewer, so make your way out past the sleeping guard, who still dozes through the strident radio outburst, to the sewer exit in the hall where you came into this basement. Follow the sewer to the well in the White Tower, swimming through the watery passage, and climbing to the white Tower basement.

White Tower 2

Go to the other room, past the closet where you hid while waiting for the Tower to close, and under the wooden platform that has steps going up to it (the steps lead nowhere useful). You will come to a gate, but since you have the key in inventory it may be opened by clicking on the latch, and you can ascend the circular stone stairway. Go up two flights and at the top you will see ahead of you an archway leading to a floor of exhibits, and to the right more stairs to a second exhibition floor. You can spend much time wandering around both these floors looking at the many things to be seen; if you are interested in doing this, and perhaps sending photographs to ORPHIA for further information, save your game here and wander around as much as you wish, then load the saved game and the interval spent looking will not be taken from the allotted game time.

Go through the open arch and look right to see a model of the Tower of London complex, then proceed one click past and turn left. Go one click along the wall and on the right is an animated display showing several stages of the White Tower construction. Continue along the wall into the next room, which turns out to be a chapel. What better place to find a candlestick?

Move past the book on the lectern and up to the altar where there are several candlesticks; however, you can't acquire any of them. Go around behind the altar where you will find one with no candle in it, and this one you can put in inventory. Then turn left and proceed along the wall and out of the chapel, moving ahead (you will have to jog a little to the right by the end of the sword display) until you come to a door in the side of a window alcove on the left. Go through this door and up yet another circular stone stairway. Use either of the doors to arrive in a large room with a green cannon prominent in the center. This is the Great Hall and on the wall at the right, outlined by a black cross, is Henry VIII’s walking stick. A formidable item indeed.

Drag the candlestick to the brass fitting on the right. It goes in the hole in the fitting, spins, and a portion of the wall recedes. Enter the secret room and you will be faced with a ladder. Start down the ladder, which is old and rotten so the rungs break and you make a hurried descent, fortunately unhurt. Drag out the flashlight. No way to go back up, so head out into another tunnel, this one dry unlike the sewer.

A short way along on the left is a solid wall of light colored brick for you to keep in mind. Keep going through the tunnel, eventually coming to another of those many circular stone stairs, at the top of which is a door securely locked with an immovable rusty bolt. Here is where you can use that WD-40 you have been carrying so long: spray it on the bolt and you can pull it free, and the door will swing open. Push on the wooden panel behind it and it too will swing aside and you can enter a hall with bookcases along the side. The GPS will tell you that you are in the Waterloo Barracks.

Waterloo Barracks 1

Leave this hall via the door at the end and into a room with contents that gives the impression of being a janitor’s closet, though it is far too large to be a closet. There are several doors, but the only way out is up the stairs, where there is a guard posted, or to go through the door on the left wall. Here is another long hallway with many doors, none of which will open except the one at the far end. On your way there you will see an elevator on the right, but it is not advisable to use it right now because of the several guards on whatever floor to which it leads. Beyond the end door are a couple rooms with ropes on stanchions that are used to guide a viewing queue, so it is not unreasonable to assume that this must be near the regalia exhibit in the Waterloo Barracks. You can eventually reach a locked set of solid double doors, so all you can do is return to the tunnel that got you here.

This too presents something of a problem since you can't go back up the broken ladder. What you are going to have to do is break through that wall of light colored brick, and to do this you will have to use the limpet mine that PIAD placed in your knapsack and hope that no one is alarmed by the explosion. Drag the mine to the wall, press the green button, and you have 40 seconds to back off (the green arrows) and hurry either way along the tunnel so you will be far enough away to be safe when the mine goes off. Assuming that you are successful, you may return to view the hole that has been blown in the wall. Time is passing, you’d better start taking care of Tower security. Climb through the hole and into the sewer system, and head for the Devereaux exit. Enter the tower.

Devereaux Tower 2

Upstairs the security operations room has its own oxygen supply as a safety precaution, but this is also a point of weakness. You must get to this supply and replace the oxygen with the Isoflurane knockout gas in your knapsack, and with the security personnel unconscious you can then shut down the system. Upstairs you will be under camera surveillance in the outer room and in the oxygen storage room, but they are different cameras, and the DLU that you enabled in the Hospital Block for this area gives you a one minute safe window for each; as you move from room to room each window begins over, and you can do this as often as you need to. (Raven is invisible to the security camera, not so to people.) The PDA equipment description (the wrench icon) seems to imply that this function is initiated by pulling out the PDA compass and moving the double green line down to convert the compass to the DLU function, but it seems to work quite well without doing that. The DLU function conversion provides a stopwatch that sounds a warning after 30 seconds. It just keeps running, you can't zero it, so the only way to make effective way to use it is to wait until it is at 0 before you go into a room, if you have time. Or don’t bother with it.

Position the gas cylinder in inventory so you can get it without hunting, and go up the stairs. At the top move toward the door that you see there (it’s locked), turn around, and go all the way into the room to the red door in back. On the way you can quickly turn and look into the control room to see a single person there.

It is quite possible to perform these operations without leaving the oxygen supply room, but at any time you feel that you are getting close to the window limit, leave through the red door, wait a moment, then return and continue under a new one minute window.

From the oxygen supply room move to the control room entrance where the guard is no longer visible through the window. Get a closeup of the code lock on the left. You can open this lock as you have done before using the green decoder card and associated PDA icon, but again this takes much too long. Recall when you accessed the security chief’s computer in the Hospital Block there was a circular diagram under Rooms/ Devereaux showing three codes that you noted; here you are in the Devereaux Tower needing codes, so try them in turn—with the green decoder card in the slot—until the doors open. (It may be mentioned that here and in future similar situations the white security card with crest and blue rectangle will work as well as the green decoder card.)

Don the gasmask by dragging it on screen (you don’t want to get knocked out by your own gas). Enter the control room and go to the desk. The green notebook next to the computer mouse conceals a PIN code generator, but you already have one and don’t need another. Get a closeup of the computer monitor, a duplicate of the one in the Hospital Block, and which immediately generates a random 4-digit code. As before, drag up the PIN code generator from inventory and go through the access steps until a superuser code is requested, and which is detailed on page 10.

Look at Systems. The diagrams are the same as on the first computer except that here on the bottom right there are two keys: A and DA, which stand for "Activate" and "Deactivate". Your first impulse is doubtless simply to shut everything down and go about your task, but be warned that should you do so, deactivating the cameras on Systems 2 and 3 will bring the guards. You can, however, deactivate all but those two, and you should now do so. You can if you wish call up the Devereaux Rooms again and check the code that applies to an object at the back of the room.

Look around this control room. The guard unconscious on the floor has a key that you will need, so click on his belt buckle to withdraw a chain with the key on it. Go around the desk to the cabinet against the wall behind and get a closeup, then use the key on the lock. When the door opens a drawer will slide out. Get another closeup, and on the front edge you will see a three digit lock. Here is where you use the code for that object at the back of the room, ignoring the leading zero. With the dials set to the code, click on the gold bar and the grating rises so that you can get a key similar to the red handled one from the Guy Fawkes safe, but here the handle is blue. The indentations in the bottom of the drawer suggest that there is yet another key to be found.

To leave the control room you must again use a code lock to open the doors, and here the code is the reverse of the one you used to get in. Go back downstairs, where you can remove the gas mask (drag it from inventory onto the screen—the audible breathing stops). Go out the door and to the sewer entrance in the grass of the courtyard. Enter the sewer and proceed the short distance around the corner to another set of junction boxes that are indicated on the sewer diagram. Inside these boxes they look just like the ones in the Hospital Block basement, and if you plug the scart-adapter in the series of sockets in the right box you will see the same views of the Devereaux security as you did before. In the left box the first four sockets bring up views in which at least one suggests that these are what the four regalia vault cameras of System 3 see. You must go there, of course, so put the other DLU in the right socket, and flip the switch to turn it on. Return to the Devereaux sewer exit and go down the steps to the Waterloo Barracks gift shop.

Waterloo Barracks 2

On the left wall of this shop are the doors to the regalia exhibit. In your inventory is a card, found in the Chinese box of Anne Boleyn’s bedroom, that you can drag on screen to show the 4-digit code for these heavy doors. Get close to the door lock, click in turn on the four lights, turning the dial to display the appropriate digit, and then clicking on either of the 3-spoked wheels to open the doors. Enter and turn right to pass through the exhibit area, now empty of the crown jewels that are held after hours in vaults on the floor below. At the far end of this area is another pair of doors that have the same lock and the same code as the one you just used. When you go through these doors you will find yourself in the rope and stanchion queuing area that you explored earlier.

Pass all the way through the rooms until you come to the elevator that you saw before. Press the green call button to open the elevator doors, then go in and get a closeup of the control panel. From inventory, drag one of the plain flat keys to the panel, which will open a cover to show another button. Press this button to descend. Leave the elevator and go to the door on the left, beyond which is a closet containing a plethora of cases and equipment. Focus on the maroon Garrouds & Garrouds case on the table to the right, and click on one of the hasps to open it. Lift the cover on the compartment in the center and get the note on top. The one below is trivial.

This top note holds an important clue, and may be resolved by reading it literally, including the small print at the bottom, as follows: "Access codes to Holding Boxes in Vault = the total sum of ... precious & semi-precious stones." Take the time now to pursue this. On the PDA click on the upper left icon, then on Jewels History. Double click on the ones for which you are carrying replicas: the Imperial State Crown, the Sovereign’s Scepter, and the Sovereign’s Orb, all of which will be listed as targeted. For each there is a listing of the gems they contain, add them up (pearls are not gems). The scepter and orb are together in a vault, so add these totals. Now you have the codes to open the two vaults when you get to them. The vault number in which the items are kept is also given.

Leave the closet and head down the hall. You will see a guard in a glass enclosed security office, and clearly you can't go further without being seen. Past the elevator you have a one minute safety window because of the DLU you recently installed in the sewer; go into the unisex toilet behind you where there is no security camera, then click on the handle of the accordion door on the left so you can go in where the janitor supplies are stored. Click on a box of bleach on an upper shelf, then click on it again to move it aside to reveal a shuttered ventilation opening. The latch in the right casing of the opening will open the shutters and you can see the guard at a console with his back to you. Use the crossbow and [still frozen] ice darts to take him out as you did the guard at Raleigh’s Walk.

In the Devereaux Tower control room you shut down all the alarm sensors for this area except the cameras, and the System 3 diagram indicated that these fed only to this guard, who is now unconscious at his post. You are safe from discovery.

Leave the toilet and go down the hall to the door of the security office that is just past the plant. Press the green button to the left of the door to open it. Inside you will see a lot of things, but you need only one. Move to the console to the right of the guard where you will see two rectangular yellow buttons; press the one labeled door, then press the other one and a panel slides back, underneath which is the third of the colored handled keys, this one yellow. Take it.

Leave the office and go to the large round vault door. Get a closeup of the panel on the left and insert the white security card with crest and blue rectangle in the slot to open the panel. Ignore the key hanging inside. You can now see three color coded locks, two in the panel and one in the vault door; put the appropriate key in each. Since you can't turn more than one key at a time, put the key-turn device over the yellow key, then click on the device. It begins ticking, then very shortly the ticks turn to beeps, indicting the yellow key has turned; when that happens, immediately click on either the red or blue key. All done correctly, the vault door swings open.

Move into the tubular vault entrance and look up to the right to see a rocker switch that will open the gate at the end of the tube. Proceed into the vault until you see a white rectangle on the wall at the right. Click on it, whereupon it will open to reveal a computer monitor and a slotted receptacle. Put one of the floppy disks in the slot, and if it is rejected try the other; one will stay in and the monitor will call for a superuser code. Of the three on page 10, only one has the 10 indicated characters; it is also the only unused one left.

After you enter the superuser code the monitor will display DOORS and LOG; choose DOORS and then click on the icon to open the doors, which you will hear happening. Click on the return arrow, then choose LOG. A list of four authorized personnel will appear; click on the trashcan by any one of them and his name will be dumped. This somehow authorizes Raven to take his place. Back off from the monitor, which ejects the floppy disk and closes. Move into the area in front of the regalia vaults, whereupon the doors roll shut, trapping you in it. Not to worry.

Go to vault 2 and key in the code (leading zeros to make 5 digits) that you have determined is the one for the Orb and Scepter. When the vault door swings open, take them and then put in the fake ones from your knapsack and back off. Do the same for the Imperial Crown in vault 5. Raven has completed his mission, now all he has to do is make his escape undetected and do as much as he can to remove evidence of his intrusion.

Move to the center of the vault area and face the doors, where a rectangle is faintly visible. Click on it three times; the handprint scan is accepted and the doors open. Go to the wall monitor and put in the floppy disk and superuser code. When the display appears click on LOG, use the trashcan icon to dump the red entry. Leave the vault, using the rocker switch in the tubular entry section to close the gate and open the round vault door. Proceed to the elevator and press the button for floor 1. You can't go back through the regalia viewing area because the doors to that locale do not have a lock on this side, but you have prepared an alternate route when you came here the first time. You know the way: through the book lined hall, the secret tunnel, and into the sewer through the hole you made in the brick wall.

You have shut down almost all of the security system, so you must restore it. Go through the sewer to the Devereaux Tower, and up to the control room, first putting the gas mask on again as the knockout gas has not yet dissipated. Bring up the monitor and reactivate all the sensors by using the A tab. Return to the sewer, where you have much tedious travel ahead of you. Retrieve the DLU that you put in the nearby Signal Junction Box, then go to the Hospital Block and get the DLU that you left there. Finally, go to the moat exit, where you climb out and go to the Traitors Gate to meet the SEAL team that will take you safely away down the Thames.


Some random thoughts that occurred to me while playing:

By the end of the game he has removed a very large number of items to inventory and not put them back, virtually emptying at least one cabinet as well as a safe; surely the absence of these articles will be noticed in time.

A locked sewer gate with an alarm is left open and the alarm rendered ineffective with chewing gum; even though this is in a remote area of the sewer, there is a possibility of eventual discovery.

When the sleeping guard in the hospital basement finally awakens she will be unable to find the keys that were in her lap. Perhaps she cannot report this without revealing that she was asleep on the job, but she will need these keys sooner or later.

Raven blows a hole in a brick wall large enough for passage; even though this is in the sewer it must ultimately be discovered. (After blowing itself up the mine is still in inventory.)

Does the secret opening clued by the walking stick of King Henry VIII close again, or will it be glaringly open when personnel arrive in the morning? The note about it says it is opened by a falling weight; this weight must be pulled up--or the rope cut--and the wall moved back in place.

What about the three keys used to open the regalia vault? Are they still there in the locks awaiting discovery?

A couple of the guards are laid low by ice darts; in the unlikely event that they recover before being found unconscious and decide not to report that they have been out of action, someone will surely realize that this not a prank, and that there has been an intruder.

Well, let’s hope that after all of Raven’s trouble that the plan works and Major Anderson is caught, and that an international incident is averted. And that I have not made any errors.

Soren Andersen, October 2002



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