Ultima V - Solve

Well, in order to solve U5, you must do the following:

-Obtain all 3 shards from the underworld
-Use the shards to destroy the Shadowlords
-Retrieve the Scepter, Crown, Amulet, and Sandlewood Box
-Become 8th level
-Completed all of the shrines quests
-Be 'Ordained' by Brittish when you sleep
-Then enter the 'hole' to the center of the world, wind your way around (up and down levels, of course) and free Lord Brittish

Got it? Didn't think so... Here is a more in depth description of the above:

1) Obtain all 3 shards:

These are found in 'obvious' places in the underworld. I remembered to write down only two of the coordinates, sorry I can't tell
you the Third. (C0,50) and (B0,B8) are the only two I know. To obtain your coordinate hit <ctrl>-2 (on a //gs) or <ctrl>-<shift>-2
(on a //e). This will spit out a long number. The last 4 digits are your current coordinates. Note: 0,0 is to your upper-left (as if you
were in the 4th quadrant of a plane).

2) Use the Shards:

Go into each of the castles (Empath Abbey, Serpents Hold, and Lyceum) and find the flames of Truth/Courage/Love. You then must position yourself directly below it. Next summon the Shadowlord who is opposite that flame (Truth summons Falsehood, Love summons Hatred, and Courage summons Cowardice).

To do this shout out their names (Falsehood: Faulinei, Hatred: Astaroth, Cowardice: Nosfentor). THe shadowlord should appear directly above the flame, pass a turn so that it walks onto the flame, then use the correct shard. It will give you this little song and dance then say ...doom has been wrought! And the shadowlord is gone forever!

3) Retrieve Lord Brittish's articles:

The scepter is in Stonegate (94,4A) or is the reverse? well it is either (94,4A or 4A,94 I'm looking off of my maps and forgot which
way is which). Well, you go in there and grab it. NOTE: you MUST have the flying carpet by now to get over the traps or you will instantly die upon touching the traps (nice, huh?).

The Crown is on the top level of Blackthorns castle (behind the magically locked door). THe Amulet is in the underworld (lower left
part of the world approximately 70,D0 give or take a dozen) and finally the sandlewood box is on the top level of Lord Brittish's castle (again behind magically locked doors). To get it you must play the following tune on the harpsichord (678-987-8767653) and that will cause a section of the wall to disappear so you can grab the box.

4) Level 8

Well, this is quite obvious. You need at least 6,400 experience to do this...Takes quite some time.

5) Quests

You must go to each shrine, it will give you a quest to go to the codex (E9,E9) where it will tell you some pretty important info. The last time you go there (the eigth time) you will get some other info. This is the translation:

Beyond shades egress in the centre of the underworld there is a place of darkness. Beyond this darkness lies the gate to the core
of the world. When thou art ready thou must call forth Veramocor to unlock the gate and venture past ethereal words and stealers of souls. That which the world hath, dost awaits thy coming!

6) Once you have completed steps 1-5 (not necessarily in that order)

Lord Brittish will come to you while you sleep and say something like: Thou art now armed and thy must now complete thy destiny! You are then off to #7!

7) Enter the hole (80,80 in the underworld) and get down to 8th level. Somewhere on the 8th level is a room which looks like a room in a town. You must go stand before the mirror. It will suck you in and your done!

Here is some other important info:

Virture/Mantra/Word of Power chart:(probably the most important chart there is)

Virtue Mantra Word of Power Dungeons
Honesty Ahm Fallax Deceit
Compassion Mu Vilis Despise
Valor Ra Inopia Destard
Justice Beh Malum Wrong
Sacrifice Cah Avidus (unknown)
Honor Summ Infama Shame
Spirituality Om Ignavus (unknown)
Humility Lumm Veramocor (unknown)

Mystical weapons/armor are at (e9,e9) in the underworld

The runes can be found in any ordinary encylopedia (to help you translate the encrypted text).

        Be it known that on
        the Third Day of
        the Ninth Month
        of the Year
        One Hundred
        Drago the Avatar
        Save the life
        of our sovereign
        Lord Brittish, thereby
        saving our people
        and our Land

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