Ultima 6 - Cheats

  1. To get into a secret menu where you can get any item or change attributes of any character, talk to Iolo and say: SPAM SPAM SPAM HUMBUG (or BAH HUMBUG) (Talk to Iolo and type Spam Spam Spam Humbug to receive cheat mode.)
  2. To get a good overhead bird eye's view, (just as if you used a gem) hold ALT and press 2-1-3 This will also give you a number: XX YYYY ZZZZZZZ Where XX is the amount of Karma you have. (Which you lose if you steal) YYYY is the current time of the day in military time. ZZZZZZZ is the current location of your party.
  3. Tired of holding down the spacebar to make time go by? Press ALT + 2-1-5 to wait an hour. It's much faster if you're waiting for morning.

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