Ultima VII - Cheats

The Silver Seed Cheat:

If you have the Silver Seed type "SERPENT MANIMAL" (this may need to my in lower case)

Keys and effects are largely the same as from Ultima 7 part 2: Serpent Isle, apart from this cheat is a more user friendly version
of the full debug mode available in Serpent Isle.

The only difference I have heard of, is when casting a spell (F5), you are no longer prompted for a spell number - you must type the number, and press ENTER to receive it. Otherwise, just refer to the cheats/tables from Serpents Isle.

Another Cheat:

Pile up crates, climb on to the roof of the blacksmith in Trinsic climbing the crates and then walk behind the chimney. Instant bonus room, all magic junk, fully loaded spell book, all the important items, warpers to all important areas.

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