Ultima VIII - Cheat Codes

To activate the Ultima VIII cheat menu, open up edit.com (or any other text editor) and put this in the new file:

e12a 01 01 w q

Then save the file as avatar.deb.
Now exit edit, and type debug avatar.dat <avatar.deb on the command line>.
Now your game has been cheat enabled.
To use the cheat, left click on the avatar once and that will bring up a cheat menu.

Shift-F1: will also bring up a list of hot-keys that also let you cheat. If you cannot read the list of hot-keys, these are some of them:
Shift-F2: All Weapons
Shift-F3: Explosive Items
Shift-F4: Press once for invincibility, press twice for immortallity, press three times to turn it off.
Shift-F5: All Armour

The rest you have to figure out for yourself.

A slightly different version of the same cheat:

Use a hex editor to edit the file AVATAR.DAT. (in the GAMEDAT directory)

Change offset 2A to 01, and 2B to 01. Then reload the game and click on yourself.
Press F7 for the same cheat menu.
CTRL+F1 for a list of other things
CTRL+F4 for immortality.

If you want to see the ending, make a file called I81B4U83.ICU with anything in it and put it in the STATIC directory. Now there should be an option of seeing the endgame sequence in the avatars' diary, as well as a quotes section.

Using an existing or new saved game in FIRST slot, simply type the below at the DOS Prompt :-

E 05F8 78 -- (Maximum Strength)
E 05F9 78 -- (Maximum Dexterity)
E 05FA 78 -- (Maximum Intelligence)
E 05FB F0 -- (Maximum Hit Points)
E 0625 C8 -- (Maximum Mana)

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