Uncle Albert's Magical Album

by Lexis Numerique

Solutions by MaGtRo     July, 2004



This game has glitches if played on Win XP. The photographs are not active once taken.

The game is non linear. Any pages can be done, saved and move to another without finishing that location.

To save a game, click on window at bottom right. Exit question appears before the save question.

There is only one save and no load feature.                                                                

Press ESC skips the cutscenes. The trumpet adjusts the volume.

Use the whistle and the crumpled paper(s) in each page to for hints.

Several of the puzzles have several ways to solve them. The puzzles are solved by moving from one location to another and bringing back the solution.

I recommend to looking at all the locations and learning what items are found there.

If you want to lessen your pictures - let the wood lice eat them.


Tom:    Meet Tom, the chameleon and help him get out of the album. Click on whistle and when you need help click on the whistle at the bottom of the album.

Item:    pebble.

Move pebble outside the album.


Frog:    Click on camera.

Aim:    To take pictures of a frog and a pebble.

Items:    leaf, ladybug, pine cone, postage stamp, wood louse and 2 clues.


1. Open top clue (crumpled paper) and see a frog is released. Take picture of frog and place the labeled picture in frog frame.

2. Take a picture of the pebble Tom's page and place the labeled picture of the rock on the pebble frame.

Movie Theatre:

Put the reel on the bottom of the projector and watch. Remove the reel to stop the movie.

Reel 1 - Intro movie.

Reel 2 - The movie talks about a secret treasure and the album. Whoever finds the 7 magic statues will find the treasure.

Reel 3 from Flowers page - Watch Uncle Albert observe nature, make pictures for his album. Pictures of scorpion and mummy are necessary to use the album.

Reel 4 from Rocket page - Uncle Albert builds a rocket.


Secret Door:   

Aim:    Find the secret door and code to open it.

Items:    wood lice, snail, pebble, postage stamp, 2 leaves, 2 clues.


1. Take picture of the pine cone and the ladybug from the frog page and place the labeled pictures on the respective frames. The code - 0.0.7 appears.

2. Move the pebble and leaf away from the secret door. Enter 0 0 7 on the door. Door opens. Click to enter the door.


Aim:    Take pictures of flower and brimstone. Open the clue and find out that brimstone is a yellow butterfly.

Items:    snail, box, wood louse, leaf, postage stamp, reel 3 and clue.

Solution:     Click on the box inset at right page. Seeds are now seen. Place the seeds on the ground at left page and it will be planted. Use the watering can from porthole page on the seeds until all flowers are opened and in full bloomed. The brimstone butterfly appears. Take pictures and the spiderweb page is seen.


Aim:    Help the fly cross the web to bottom right.

Items:    box with fly, spider.

Solution:    You can use the fire to distract the spider or guide the fly on blank areas. Beware, when the spider web is touched the spider web knows where the fly is. Guide the fly directly or around the edge of the page (left side, down and go right) to blinking light.

Take the statuette with green eyes and the second gloves.


Four Stones:

Aim:    To get to the laboratory by pushing the 4 stones out of the way.

Items:    pendant, 2 clues.

Solution:     Based on the ladybug clue, bring the ladybug from secret door page (taken from frog page) here. Position the ladybug to move the stones away from dial.

2. Use the compass from the pyramid page and see where the red arrow is pointing. Click-hold-turn the dials to point north. The dials beep when correct setting is done. This opens the laboratory.



Analyzer:    Place an animal on the white table at middle bottom and the machine will give information about it.

Test Tubes:    Experiments can be done with the tubes at top left.



Aim:    Open the chest to get a very necessary tool.

Items:    brown leaf, green leaf, clock and clue.

Solution: Base on the clue, adjust the clock to 35 minutes after 9:35. Set the clock at 10:10. Take the sledgehammer.



Aim:    Place the photo of a scorpion and mummy on the page.

Items:    compass, postcard of the sphinx, parchment and clue.

Solution:    Find the mummy by crossing the desert. Open the parchment and see a map with a dromedary on the right. Click on the dromedary-camel to open a page in the desert.

Place the picture of the scorpion and mummy on its own frame.


Aim:    Find the secret mechanism to get to the mummy's tomb.

Items:    fossil, scorpion, several puzzle pieces and clue.

Solution:    Put together the pieces of the puzzle over the picture at the center of the album. The scorpion is over the last piece. Remove the scorpion by bringing an animal like a frog or any other animal to distract it. Take the last puzzle piece and finish the picture.


Aim:    To open the sarcophagus and take picture of the mummy.

Items:    2 scorpions, flame, sarcophagus and clue.

Solution:    Click on the flame and the flame icon is seen at bottom of page. Click on flame and move it on the scorpions. Guide the scorpions to get in the hole left of the sarcophagus. You can also place an animal on the hole to attract the scorpions to it. The sarcophagus opens. Take the glove (first of 2). The glove will be worn now by you. Take the picture of the mummy and a scorpion. The pair of gloves which are unseen allows the handling of animals that cannot be touched like spiders, scorpions, etc...


Space station:   

Aim:     Get a photo of a dragon.

Items:    pendant, postage stamp, door with padlock, clue.

Solution:     Use the key from the storeroom on the padlock. A door appears. Destroy 10 meteorites without being the gun being hit.  Continuously fire the gun and hide to the side of the frame.

Place the picture of the dragon on the frame. Take the statuette with yellow eyes.


Aim:     To put together the rocket.

Items:    Parts of the rocket, reel 4, 2 clues.


1. One of the clues has the picture of the rocket that can serve as model.

2. Take the dragon pendant from stadium page and place it on the constellation frame. The rocket fires and flies to space.


Aim: To take a picture of a dragon.

Solution:    Wait a while and take picture of dragon.



Aim:     Get a photo of a mouse.

Items:    cork, key, ants, 2 clues.

Solution:    Place a snail from secret room or porthole page on this page. It will crawl making a triangle. Take the sledgehammer and make holes on the lines until the triangle falls off revealing the cellar.


Aim:    Light the fuse (red wires) with the flame at bottom of page without blowing up.

Solution:    Learn the route of the red lines and keep the wire lit by following the route with the flame. It is best to quickly move the flame to the middle of the next wire where it usually stops. Then proceed to do them in order. This is a random puzzle, if you get out of the page or exit the game the route changes. The bomb explodes and opens the cellar.

When the picture of the mouse is in place, take the statuette with white eyes.


Aim:    Take the picture of the zooming mouse.

Items:     Metal detector, clue.

Solution:    Click on the light switch to have light. Take the metal detector. The mouse disappears with the light on. Turn off the light and take the mouse picture. Once you have one that is labeled mouse. Turn on the light. The mouse can be caught and placed in another page but he runs across the page and disappears.



Aim:    Take a picture of a champion. Go to the race track and organize a competition.

Items:    pendant, 2 leaves, stag beetle, 2clues.

Solution:    Click on the grill window on the left page to access the stadium. I took pictures of a lot of animals and placed it on the frame. It was the pink snail that was the champion for me. Take the statuette with red eyes.


Magic Flute:

Aim:    Follow what Uncle Albert says.


Solution:    This is a memory puzzle. Click on the notes to access the sheet music. Click on a page and the flute will sound. Pipes will turn gray when sound comes out of that pipe. Repeat the sound made. If correct, click on next page.

(L-R) 913, 9139, 91397, 913978, 9139787.

Brave Bugs:

Aim:     To help the woodlice get to the wrapped item at the center.

Items:    woodlice, pebbles.

Solution:    Click the pebbles away from the item at the center OR use the cork from the storeroom to block the rolling pebbles away from the item. Take the statuette with red eyes.



Aim:    Find an animal or item with the correct weight that will open the scale.

Items:    clue.

Solution:    Find animals and/or items that weigh 120 grams combined. There are several combinations possible. I used a pebble (100 grams), 4 leaves (9 grams) and a postage stamp (1 gram).


Aim:    Get the labeled crates to either the X, Y or Z exit.

Solution:     First turn the tracks to make a continuous route to Z exit. Then arrange the way to X exit on the left wall using the track at bottom right by the Y exit. This will enable only the 2 side by side tracks to be turned when the crates comes down. Then start checking the labels of the crates and change the 2 tracks to go to X, Y or Z depending on the label of the crate. Take the statuette with black eyes.



Aim:    Open the porthole to get to the pond.

Items:    copper butterfly, snail, watering can, 2 postage stamps, clue.

Solution:    Use the sledgehammer taken from workshop - it should now be under the album on the porthole.


Aim:     Empty the pond.

Solution:    Take the frog from where you left him. I left him in the desert to distract the scorpion.  Then make him jump on the paper, then the lily pad or leaf just close by, then to wood bark with fan, wood bark and finally to the rock with red button. Timing! Take the statuette with blue eyes.


Treasure Island:   

Aim:    Find the treasure.

Items:     telescope, 2 clues.

Solution:     Place the metal detector on bottom left of porthole. Click on the telescope to open the porthole. To turn the telescope, click-hold the gold arrow around the porthole. Place the sight right side of the volcano. Look at the scene on the porthole and move the cursor inside the scene until you get a hand cursor on a white rock and cliff close to the water's edge. This active place is left of the blinking light on top of a hut. The metal detector will make loud noise on the correct spot.


Aim:    Place the statuettes on the correct place.

Solution:     This is the simplest puzzle of all. Just place the 7 statuettes in the album and they will drop in the right place.


Watch the ending and reel #5.

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