Uncle Albert's Fabulous Voyage

by Lexis numerique

Solutions by MaGtRo & trudysgarden     July, 2004


This game has glitches if played on Win XP. The photographs are not active once taken.

The game is non linear. Any pages can be done, saved and move to another without finishing that location.

To save the game, click on the window at bottom right and answer the save and exit feature. There is only one save and no load feature. Press ESC skips the cutscenes. The trumpet adjusts the volume.

Use the whistle and the crumpled paper(s) in each page to for hints. When Alberto, the robot gets activated later in the game, he provides information that are essentials.

Several of the puzzles have several ways to solve them. The puzzles are solved by moving from one location to another and bringing back the solution.

I recommend to looking at all the locations and learning what items are found there.

If you want to lessen your pictures - let the wood lice at Marseilles or release the ones at the Archives eat them.


Marseilles, France:

Items on page:    rock, green leaf, garlic, clue.

Aim:     Take a photo of seagull and find the route from Marseilles to Istanbul.


1. Activate the camera and it will go to the bottom of the frame. Click on the camera and wait for a seagull to pass by. Click on the seagull and a photo will be seen with a label seagull. Click-hold and place the snapshot on the seagull frame. See Marseilles, Palermo, Istanbul.

2.  Click on parchment placed outside the album and click-hold-drop to album. Open parchment and find Marseilles in the map, click on Marseilles, look for Palermo, click on Palermo, look for Istanbul and click on Istanbul. A line connects them. This opens the harbor.


Aim:    To prevent the bombs from passing through and to get enough crates down the hatch. This is a timed puzzle.

Solution:    There is a lever below the top rail that switches the direction of the rails. The safe items should go up to the top rail and the bombs to the right side rail to be destroyed. The safe crates go to 3 hatch areas at the bottom of the top rail. Click on the safe crates to stamp them red while traveling at the lower rails and they will safely be dropped down the hatch. If enough stamped crates go down the hatch, the ship sails for Istanbul.


Aim:     Place the cogwheels to run puzzle and to arrange the circle based on the clue found in the parchment.

Items:    3 gears, parchment.

Solution:   Bring the green frog from Paris and the cogwheel from the archives to here. Place the 4 cogwheels at the center of the circle. Based on the parchment, place the dog (all legs down with tail raised and found between scorpion and goddess) on the outer circle under the pointer at 11:o'clock position, then turn the middle circle to get the full moon (completely gold circle) under it and the lion in the inner circle under the pointer. Place the frog on the metal plate that comes up. Once the frog faces the pointer, the parchment is seen. Take parchment.


Cairo, Egypt:

Items:    cumin, dung beetle (blue), green measuring worm moth, lemon, postage stamp, clue.

Aim:    Get a photo of a sphinx and obtain the papyrus.

Solution:    You have to go to the archives in Paris, France first. Flip through the sketches and take a picture of the Sphinx. Bring the picture here and place it on the Sphinx photo frame. This will open the page to Nile river.


Aim:     To navigate the Nile until you reach the beach at Zanzibar.

Solution:    Keep moving the boat going down the screen without hitting objects, crocodiles and reefs.


Aim:    To get the papyrus inside the bottle.

Items:  Cloves, ladybug, papyrus in bottle, ramp, rock, clue.

Solution:     Use the ladybug to move the rock up the ramp and break the bottle OR get the armadillo from Mexico City and he will walk over the bottle and break it. Take papyrus. Addendum: You can also use the blue rock that you picked up in Marseilles to break the bottle and probably anything else that's heavy.


Place the papyrus on the frame and take parchment.


Bombay, India:

Aim:    To get a photo of Shiva by accessing the temple.

Items:    cardamom, cashew nuts, cinnabar moth, postage stamp, clue.

Solution:    Take the dead head moth from Dakar and wait to see the death head on the mirror on the left page. Click the mirror and it will shatter. This opens the Temple of Shiva.

When Shiva's picture is placed on the frame, the sacred spot for parchment is seen.

Temple of Shiva:   

Aim:    To put together the statue of Ganeesh, the child God with an elephant head and get a photo of Shiva.

Item:    lotus flower, clue.

Solution:    Place the torso between the legs. Place the arms on each side, then the elephant head, left ear and the cap. Then arrange the 3 mirrors with the ornate holder at outside position to face the head of Ganeesh. The top will be horizontal and the 2 on the side will be vertical. Light from the mirrors shatters the idol and Shiva will be seen. Take the picture of Shiva.

Sacred Spot for Parchment assembly:

Item:     Good luck charm, snail.

Solution:    The parchments needed are from Istanbul, Borneo rain forest, from Manila, Mexico City and the trunk at Caracas.  "On the map of the world the golden scarab on Easter Island will reveal the secret of the album." 


Bangkok, Thailand:

Aim:    Go to Borneo where an important element is buried.

Items:    crab, lemon grass, key, hot red peppers, fly, cinnamon, clue.

Solution:    Take a labeled picture of Borneo at the planisphere and place it on the frame on this page.

Borneo Rain Forest:

Aim:     To make the dragonfly get enough red seeds from the surrounding flowers and drop it at the center of the lily pad while dodging carnivorous plants. When enough red seeds (I think, ten) are on top of the lily pad, the lily pad drops in a hole and reveals a parchment. Take the parchment and deliver it to the Sacred Spot for parchment opened in India.

Alternatively, you can close the carnivorous plants using the Albertic acid made in the laboratory or distract the carnivores with frogs, stone from Marseilles or feeding them with moths. The skull head moth does not work here.


Manila, Philippines:

Aim:    Bring back a gulper, a sea serpent photo.

Items:    nutmeg, bamboo, padlock, 2 clues.


1. Use the key from Bangkok on the padlock. Press the red button. Pilot the motorboat and fill your tank on refueling points. Go south and around the coast going east, refuel go south again, refuel at next point, go to the right and up. Crocodile island is shaped like a crocodile and is gold in color. Land at the island.

2. When you obtained the picture of the gulper, place the picture on the frame and take the parchment.

Crocodile Island:

Aim:    Take the submarine down using the wooden helm. Then tell the Captain in Morse code the coordinates to next destination.

Items:    fly, reel#4, 2 clues.


1. Turn the wooden wheel. Based on the clue, get the 4 ants from planisphere and place them on the wheel. Point the head of an ant perpendicular to the middle of the rod and arranging them going clockwise. Watch them turn the wheel and later the submarine goes down to the water.

2. Morse code: Press the white button for a short time to make a dot and press longer to make a dash. The coordinate to Sydney is 34" S 150" E.  Enter the S numbers = 3 . . ._ _ and 4 . . . . _   See the dots and dashes up on the top of the bar and the numbers on the side. See the submarine dive.


Aim:     To dive to the bottom of the ocean and take picture of a gulper while placing boards on holes in the submarine.

Solution:    Use the lever at lower right. Place it on the left to go down to lower depth, to the middle to stop the sub and to the right to rise to the surface. Click-hold-drop the boards on leaks in the submarine. I found the gulper at depth of -50. He faces the porthole, colored gray with green eyes. Take the picture of the gulper and rise to the surface and go to Manila.



Aim:    Open the trap door to get a precious item.

Items:    vanilla, postage stamp, frangipani, clue.

Solution:     Note the 2 frayed areas - top and bottom area on the rope. There are 2 ways to cut the rope. Use the crab at Bangkok and move him around until the rope is cut OR use the lit match on the rope. The crab has to be positioned diagonally on the frayed rope. Take the sextant.


Los Angeles, USA:

Aim:    Go to Mexico by repairing the timetable and enter the correct time for the other countries.

Items:    plane postage stamp, fly, oil can, 4 parts of the robot, clue.


1. To start the timetable, assemble the robot by placing the 2 wheel parts to the right of the circle at bottom left of screen. Place the single wheel part on the left. Place the pot like part at the center and the head on top of it. Meet Alberto, the robot and he wants to be oiled. Take the oil can from center and click it on Alberto.  Alberto turns the red knob and shows the correct LA time - 05:30. Place Alberto outside the album.

2. Get the correct time at the planisphere - Paris 1:30, Bombay 6:00 and Sydney 10:30. Enter it on the timetable. The airport is seen.


Go through the white door and watch movies. Place the reels at bottom of the box. Reel 1 is the intro movie. Reel 2 from sorcerer's hut shows more antics of Uncle Albert and about the sorcerer. Reel 3 is when Uncle Albert is preparing to go to his travels. Reel 4 is from Crocodile island and shows Uncle Albert's making a submarine.


Aim:     Program the flight on the wheel on the left. 110 -10 -1010 is seen on the clue.

Items: 2 clues.

Solution:     There are 2 possible solutions here: 1. Based on 110 - 10 - 1010 clue, enter 0110 - 0010 - 1010. Use 0 as blank areas and 1 as the dark areas. Click on top row (L-R):  second and third rectangles on the paper rolled in the typewriter, middle row: third rectangle and bottom row: first and third rectangles.

2. Based on the sketch at the archives, the fly is part of puzzle. Place fly from crocodile island on the page. It will type in the flight. Enjoy the flight to Mexico.

Mexico City:

Aim:     To light the man of stone.


1. Call the armadillo - Based on the clues, we need an armadillo. Place an insect on the stone head and the armadillo will come and lights the jewels on the hair dress. There are 2 tests: first is speed and the second is memory.

2. The speed test is to get all the jewels light up at the same time by clicking on them fast. I got it by going clockwise starting from the right side.

2. The second test is a memory test. Note the sequence of the lights that turns on and then duplicate them.

The mouth opens and a parchment is seen.


Caracas, Venezuela:

Aim:    Open the trunk by finding the combination in the Amazon jungle. The Toucan will show the way.

Items:    clue.


1. Turn the knob to lower the Albertophone. Place either the blue dung beetle from Cairo or the gold beetle from the archive's drawer on the treadmill below the Albertophone and it will start the phonograph. Take the beetle off and the phonograph will stop. Play the 2 records from this page and the 2 records from archives. The red whirlpool record has a clue to first number of the combination from Uncle Albert. The green record calls the long beaked toucan. Click on the toucan to get to the Amazonian forest.

2. After getting the combination from the Amazonian forest, enter the numbers on the trunk's green squares. Take the parchment and snake venom.

Amazonian Forest:

Aim:     To get the caterpillar at top left cocoon to go to the bottom right leaf. It will eat the leaf and show the combination.

Solution:    Use the leaf to guide the caterpillar away from the tarantulas. You can use the stone from this page to block the tarantulas. You have to do this 4 times to show all the numbers 0 7 6 2.


Dakar, Africa:

Aim:    Find the sorcerer and get secret recipes.

Items:    dead head moth, 2 postage stamps, clue.

Solution:    To get to the sorcerer's hut, open the clue and duplicate it on the statue on left page. This is random puzzle. The clue drawing changes after opening it twice.  Click on head, arms, body and legs.


Aim:    Guide the grasshopper at bottom left to flower at top right. The path has traps and pits. Turn the grasshopper where you want it to go and then click on it. This is also a random puzzle.

Sorcerer's Hut:   

Aim:     To open the center circle by making 3 toads from the clue paper to stay on the wicker basket.

Items:    Reel 2, 2 clues.


1. Open the crumpled clue paper and get 3 toads. Position each of the 3 toads to be at the center of the wicker basket. Click on front of toad to make it turn and hop the other way, click on right for it to hop to the left and vise versa. Knucklebones appear at the center.

2. Knucklebones - Click on the bones until the magic recipe appears. Side note: If you place the good luck charm anywhere on the circle - chanting is heard and might help get the magic recipe to show up.

Take the parchment and see that the Magic potion recipe's ingredients: lotus flower from Shiva temple, frangipani flower from Tahiti, cinnamon from Bangkok, snail spittle.

Click knuckle bones again and get a new recipe. Snakebite serum: cloves, arrowroot, snake venom.

Click knuckle bones again and get a new recipe - Changing potion: mandrake root from archives, toad spittle, nutmeg from Manila.


Paris, France:

Aim:    Open the secret passage that leads to the laboratory and the archives.

Items:    green frog, vinegar, matches, clue.


1. Click on the matches on the left. Get a lit match. Click on the white frame at center of page. The lit match goes below the album. This opens a combination lock puzzle.

2. Lock puzzle - Click slowly on each lock and listen to the frog. When he croaks, you are at the right line on the lock. Do this for all 4 locks. See 2 doors on a cabinet and gain access to the laboratory and the archives.


Items:    5 parchments, sketch pad, wheel, pen, ink, 2 records.  There are 4 drawers - DO NOT OPEN the rightmost drawer unless you want to release bugs. They will eat the parchments.


Sketchbook - There are several clues in this sketch book. Flip through the sketchbook until a picture of the sphinx is seen. Use the camera to take labeled picture of sphinx. Place the sphinx picture outside of the album. It can be used in Cairo.

Parchments - Easter Island 27 deg S 109 deg W; Albertic acid = lemon, red pepper, vinegar;  crocodile island clue drawing of a cross-shaped wheel turning clockwise with ants;  sorcerer's hut clue of good luck charm, Istanbul clue picture of the green frog facing a pointer.

Drawer - Click-hold-slide the drawers open.

The rightmost drawer has paper eating bugs - careful!

Click on the postcards at top left drawer to listen to accounts of Uncle Albert's travels. The first postcard gives another clue about the sequence of the puzzle in Marseilles. Dakar postcard tells about the Dakar sorcerer, magic potion and the location of the lotus flower at the Temple of Shiva. Takayo island has the shape of a crocodile and 30 deg. is the latitude of Sydney.

The bottom left has a gold beetle.

The middle drawer has the mandrake root and the arrowroot.

The right drawer has the paper eating bugs.


1. Analyze objects by placing at white area at bottom of screen.

2. Activate the cauldron by pressing any button at bottom right. Drop each ingredient on cauldron. Turn the black knob underneath to heat the cauldron.

Albertic acid (recipe from parchment at files): lemon from Cairo, red pepper from Bangkok, vinegar from Paris. Drop each ingredient on cauldron. Turn the black knob underneath to heat the cauldron. Watch the acid being made at left. Take the yellow test tube and it will go to the bottom of the album.

 Snakebite serum (recipe from sorcerer's hut): cloves from Zanzibar, arrowroot from drawer in archives, snake venom from Caracas. Drop each ingredient on cauldron. Turn the black knob underneath to heat the cauldron. Watch the serum being made at left. It is placed in the green tube. To use place the animal bitten on white table and click on green tube.

Changing potion (recipe from sorcerer's hut): mandrake root from archives, toad spittle (toad from sorcerer hut), nutmeg from Manila.  Drop each ingredient on cauldron. Turn the black knob underneath to heat the cauldron. Watch the potion being made at left. The potion is in the red tube. To use, place the animal to be changed on white table and click on red tube.

Magic potion (recipe from sorcerer's hut): lotus flower from Shiva temple, frangipani flower from Tahiti, cinnamon from Bangkok, snail (snail spittle).



Aim:    Follow the travels in the map.

Items:    Ants


1. Borneo picture - Move the cursor to the island SW of Manila until Borneo is seen under the red button frame. Take the camera and place the grid over the area and take the snapshot. The valid picture should have the label Borneo for it to work on the Bangkok puzzle. Place the Borneo picture on the side of the album.

2. Sextant - Click the button and red circle appears. Place the sextant on the sextant shape.

3. LA Correct time puzzle - Enter 5:30 at LA time at top right and note the other times on the different clock. Enter the time noted at the time puzzle in LA.

4. Use the golden scarab from the archive drawer on these co-ordinates:  27 (degrees) S and 109 (degrees) W.


Boiler Room:  In order to get the boiler working again you must:

1. Oil the wheels, there are 5 of them towards the bottom of the boiler.

2.  Put the magic potion in the empty vial.  If you haven't already done so go to the lab and mix the magic potion by dipping the frangipani flower, lotus flower, snail and cinnamon in the cauldron.  Pick up the blue vial and put it on the side of the page.  Return to the boiler page and place the blue vial you just made over the empty red one.  Wait a second and the ants start arriving and working on their own.  Now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the show

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