Uncle Albert's Mysterious Island

by Lexis numerique

Solutions by MaGtRo     July, 2004


This game has glitches if played on Win XP. The photographs are not active once taken.

The game is non linear. Any pages can be done, saved and move to another without finishing that location.

To save the game, click on the window at bottom right and answer the save and exit feature. There is only one save and no load feature. Press ESC skips the cutscenes. The trumpet adjusts the volume.

Use the switch and the crumpled paper(s) in each page to for hints.

Several of the puzzles have several ways to solve them. The puzzles are solved by moving from one location to another and bringing back the solution.

I recommend looking at all the locations and learning what items are found there.

If you want to lessen your pictures - let the wood lice eat them.



Meet Alberto at Jackson Island, the robot from Fabulous Journey. Click on the switch and this is the contact to call Alberto anytime. Take the key.

Items:    key, shell.


Skull Point:

Aim:    Find 2 pictures - Gus and hermit crab without shell.

Items:    humming bird, wood lice, seashell, stony coral and 2 clues.

Solution:     Place the picture of Gus the monkey from the paddle boat page and the picture of the hermit crab without shell taken at the beach page on its frames.

Devil's Pass:

Aim: Build a makeshift bridge to get the crab on top of page across to the bottom of the page.

Items:     rocks, planks.

Solution:    Place rocks on shallow areas so they can serve as support for the planks. 2 rocks placed at center of page (top and middle of page). Third rock placed at right of middle second rock, fourth rock at SE of the third rock, and fifth rock is at SE of fourth rock.

Place appropriate length of plank on square dock by crab and the other end to first rock. Continue until the structure at opposite shore.

Secret Cache:

Aim:    To get to the well at center and get jewel.

Items:    flame, parchment.

Solution:    Click at well to see the well hole. Click on flame and wave the flame on open hole to drive the snake out. Wave the flame to drive them into the 4 holes at each corner and also to prevent them from coming back to the well. When the hole is empty of snakes, the gem will appear. Take gem.



Aim:    Go to Cursed Island by putting together a plane.

Items:    cockle, clue.

Solution:    Click on red button to see the parts of the plane. Wave the hand cursor to drive away the pelican that will blow the leaves. There are 4 tapes to hold the parts. The plane parts will be immovable by the cursor when properly placed but can still be blown away by the pelican. First, place the 2 long woods on either side of the 2 top tapes. Then place the large leaves just below them. Place the light colored leaf at the center between the wings until it is set. Place the fat stick below the light colored leaf.  The 2 small leaves are inserted on the 2 bottom tapes. The oval wood is in between the small leaves. Place the cap like thing on the front end of the plane. When completed, a plane appears and flies away to Cursed isle.

Cursed Isle

Aim:     Make the relic appear at magic circle at center of the page.

Items:    3 bullmouth helmet shells, reel 3 and 2 clues.

Solutions:    Place the 4th bullmouth helmet shell from the bay page to 4 corners in this page. Turn the shell and hear a click as it turns. When you turn and NO click is heard, the correct placement of the shell is found. Do this to all 4 shells and the jewels will flicker. Drive the scorpion away from the center using fire or place an animal in the page to distract the scorpion. Take the sacred stone.



Aim:    Find a way to open the door to the bathyscaphe.

Items:    honey, thermometer, bullmouth helmet shell and a clue.

Solution:    Use a heavy object like a pebble from termite mound to break the metal holding the window shut. Click on window to access the bathyscaphe.


Aim:    Get read of the wasps inside the bathyscaphe.

Items:     2 clues.


1.  Click open the porthole. Place the honey taken from bay page on open portholes until the wasps fly out.

2. The place to go to is 20 deg and 490 m as seen in the journal at the cabin page. Click on the wheel to start the puzzle. Turn the wheel to adjust to the right coordinates.


Aim:     Open the trap door by winning at cards. The weakest cards are removed by strongest ones of the same suit. Remove all cards except for the 4 aces.

Solution:     Click on the cards to deal. Place a strong card over a weaker card of the same suit until only aces are left. Click on unturned cards to see the rest of the cards. Try to open as many back cards and use the lowest possible cards to remove the other cards and keep checking that there is no cards that will be left under the aces. Take the green jewel.

Movie Theatre:

Reel 1 - Intro movie.

Reel 2 - Watch Kipling, Uncle Albert and pirates.

Reel 3 - Watch Uncle Albert's inventions.

Reel 4 - Watch Uncle Albert's treasure.


Termite mound:

Aim:    Find the secret item in the tunnel while aided by 3 ants.

Items:    banana, banana leaf, measuring worm mouth, pebble, 2 termites and a clue.

Solution:    Use the ant from the volcano page and the other 2 ants from this page to herd them in the hole (left one easier). Click-hold an ant and wave it on the termites. Then cover the hole with pebble from this page or bay page.


Aim:    Get the passage way open and then the exit.


1. Open passage: Grab an ant and position its head in the direction you want it to push the pebble. Drop the 3 pebbles in the 3 square holes on the left. Go to the next page by placing the ants at hole at top right.

2. Next page: Again click-hold ant to position it best to move the single pebble atop the center button. Place all three ants at exit on the middle right page.

3. Last page (Eye of the Cyclops):   Get the ants to move a pebble across a bridge and atop the button on right page. Take sacred stone.



Aim:    Get the hermit crab out of the tape recorder 'shell'.

Items:    crab, starfish, stony coral, thin tellina and hermit crab in a tape recorder and clue.

Solution:    Find a shell that the crab would like better. Where did we find good shells? Place the shell taken from skull point page and place it on the page. Take a picture of the hermit crab without its shell. Take the tape recorder. You can also make the hermit crab go back to the tape recorder by placing it close to him.



Aim:    Use the weather vane to open the door.

Items:    2 clues.

Solution:    Move the arrow weather vane to the SW direction using the humming bird taken from skull point page. Position the humming bird at arrow point or the feather end. Go through the open door.


Aim:     Find the telescope and place it on the stand.

Items:    cinnamon, dung beetle, passion fruit, mango and clue.

Solution:    Place the telescope taken from the cabin's chest on the stand at left page. The journal at the cabin page states that there is an Indian hideaway at the NW area. Turn the telescope NW.


Aim:     Guide Alberto the robot through the labyrinth.

Solution:    Guide Alberto north until you reach the cliff wall. Then turn right across the page until top right of the gray lava floor and cliff. Take sacred stone.


Paddle Boat:

Aim:    Rebuilt the boat in order to get to Uncle Albert's cabin.

Items:    pineapple, Gus the monkey, notebook and clue.


1. Take picture of Gus to be placed at skull point page.

2. Take a picture of each page of the notebook. Place the pictures in correct order in the 9 frames in this page.


Aim:     Find the animal that pilots the boat and diffuse danger before it damages the boat.

Solution:    Take different animals from different page and place it on the paddle boat. Use either the hummingbird from skull point or tower page or dung beetle from observatory page. The speed of the paddleboat depends on either pilot. I used the dung beetle. Stop the danger on both side of the river by clicking on them. Paddle through 3 pages of river.


Aim:    To read journal for clues and to find the secret phrase that is needed to be pronounced to open the chest.

Items:    star fruit, Kipling the parrot and journal.

Solution:    Click the journal and listen to Uncle Albert's stay at the island. There are a lot of clues in this journal:  The sunken ship is located 490 m. 20 deg. from the bathysphere point, NE cliffs has the Eye of the Cyclops, possible dinosaur at the volcano. Kipling is a good alarm clock. The sacred cave is NW of the island and hidden behind the waterfalls.

Listen to a series of numbers the parrot croaks - 326 356.

Tape recorder: To use the tape recorder, press the round button to record and click on the arrow to rewind. When listening to the tape, the arrow becomes a pause button. The 3 phrases that should be taped in order: I can remain - no longer - so far from you. It is best to tape I can remain, press pause and then rewind to the correct phrase and record the next phrase, etc. After a certain series of recording, the tape erases itself. When successful, the chest opens.

Chest:    Read the white parchment. It says to open porthole next to the map of the island, once on the left eye, twice on right eye and once on the mouth. Take the telescope.


Aim:    Place picture of Hercules beetle, jerboa and tarantula on this page and to open the door.

Items:    Gus the monkey, hibiscus flower, peanuts under the red button and 2 clues.


1.  If you need to take picture of Gus the monkey, take peanuts from under the red button. Drop peanuts on page and Gus will stop from running around and a picture can be taken.

2. Prepare the Albexplosive at the laboratory. Use the Albexplosive on the grate to access the clearing.

3. Place the pictures in their respective frames.


Aim:    Take labeled pictures of the Hercules beetle, the jerboa (gerbil like) and tarantula.

Solution:     Wait for a while and the animals will come out. Other animals are toucan, various moths, armadillo, dragonfly, etc...

Gus' Tree House:

Aim:    Find the treasure Gus is hiding.

Items:     2 clues.

Solutions:    Give Gus peanuts from forest page or bananas from grassy field page or termite mound page. Click on him when he carries something. He will drop various items at center of page. Take key and the jewel.


Grassy Field:

Aim:    To find the crickets that will lead us to the Indians.

Items:    banana, 2 clues.

Solutions:    Move the cursor until the sound of the cricket is the loudest. Then move the cursor until the sound stops. Once the sound disappears, click on that location on the page to release the cricket. Do this to find 3 crickets. This is a random placement of termites.

Sacred Stone:

Aim:     Place sacred stone on mask and get Alberto to decipher the stones.

Items:    Hercules beetle, reel 4.

Solution:    Collect the sacred stones and place them on the holes.

After programming of Alberto at the Albuter, he will decipher the sacred stone. In the sacred cave and when the 3 jewels are in place, click 3 times on the left eye and 5 times on the right eye.



Items:    Banana, ladybug, ant, clue.

Solutions:    As the clue stated, 99 deg. F opens the left hand portal while 85 deg. F opens the right hand portal. Place the thermometer from bay page beside either portal. Adjust the top and bottom slider by sliding the knob to get the correct temperature. The right portal leads to the laboratory. The left portal opens to the Albuter.


Aim:    Reprogram Alberto.


1. Use the 2 keys to open the locks. One key is at Gus' tree house and the other from map page.

2. Press button on right to turn all the lights on. Do the rows one at a time.

3. Program the buttons at bottom to correct combination. The combination is what the parrot says at the cabin - 326 356. Click the arrow at bottom.


Aim:    Prepare concoctions.

Prepare the Albexplosive:  Open the cauldron by pressing any button at lower right. Add star fruit from the cabin page, passion fruit from observatory and hibiscus flower from forest page at the laboratory in the cauldron. Press the large black knob below to heat the cauldron. Take the Albexplosive yellow test tube and it will be placed at bottom of page.



Aim:     Enter the code to get to the porthole.

Items:    terith shell.

Solution:     The white parchment found at the chest in the cabin page states: to open porthole next to the map of the island, click once on the left eye, twice on right eye and once on the mouth. Do this procedure on the skull at left page. The glass of the porthole breaks.


Aim:    To guide the sailboat to the sacred cave.

Solution:     Based on the journal at the cabin, the sacred cave is NW and behind a waterfall near the sunken ship. There is a drawing of where it is in the journal. Go south, then left close to cliffs and go up (north) passing the sunken ship. When you go north pass the sunken ship and a promontory: go SE diagonally, pass the ship and you will see the waterfalls on the top part of the screen. Go pass the waterfalls, come back and go north directly through the waterfalls.


Aim:    Get to the sacred place by using jewels and code.

Solution:    Place the blue, green, yellow jewels collected on the forehead of the mask. Follow the code that Alberto stated when he was reprogrammed at the albuter. Click 3 times on the left eye and 5 times on the right eye. See a dinosaur egg. Click on the hole on top of the egg and see that the egg has hatched.

Find the dinosaur:     The dinosaur likes the dark. Look for it at the Secret Cache. Click open the skull hatch and use Albexplosive on dark well.

Laboratory:    Follow what Alberto says and then click on blue tube.

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