Walkthrough by MaGtRo   September, 2007


GamePlay:    This is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, video options, audio options, credits and exit game.

The video option has selections for resolution, antialiasing, gamma, shadows, SFX, subtitles, sepia filter, novice mode and change mouse buttons. The audio option has volume adjustments for music, SFX and speech.

The ESC key brings up the main menu during gameplay or move the cursor at top left of screen. It has the save game, load game, options, back to main menu and back to game.

Left mouse click on screen item identifies it and right mouse click does the action like picking it up. Same actions can be done with items in inventory. To combine items, right click an item and left click it on the other item you want to combine with.

Press the space bar to skip the intro and dialogues. Double click to make John run.


January 5, 1943:    A lovely lady sits in a fancy restaurant. She is handed a menu. Inside the menu is a folder of Operation Wintersun.

January 8, 1943 London:    Professor John Russell receives an urgent phone call from the Security Service. They want him immediately to come to the office.




At Britain's Secret Service Headquarters (M16), Col. Travers asks Dr. Russell to authenticate the Operation Wintersun documents. Since John Russell verified that theoretically that the weapon is an immediate threat, he is sent to find the final plans to Berlin. He is to go with an agent, Peter Graham to Berlin.

Backyard:    Dr. Russell is sent out to the backyard while Travers briefs Peter. John could barely hear the briefing going on at the room with the window ajar. He wants to hear more.

In inventory:    Handkerchief.

Open the window - Look around the backyard. Take the old newspaper from the ground.

Check the cellar window below the window. One of the bars is bent.  Take the cellar window bar. Use the bar on the window. It is much too short.

Check the dustbin to the right. Take the potato from the dustbin.

Look left and see a crow on a tree branch. Check the tree branch; it looks like it is a bit rotten. Try and take the tree branch. Stupid crow...

Use the potato on the dark colored cobblestones on the ground below the crow. Wonderful. Now take the tree branch.

In inventory, right click to select an item. Combine the bar and the branch. Use the branch with bar on the office window. <music> Arrgh, all that work.



Outside the Institute:    The secret documents came from the Institute. Peter and John need to get inside the Institute to look for information about the weapon. Schmidt, the Berlin contact will watch outside the Institute. There are 2 guards standing by the main entrance.

John thinks that maybe he can distract the guards.

Talk to Schmidt completely. He gives John a pocketknife. Look at the lorry beside the guards.

Go to the open truck at left. Look at the side of the truck and check the tie handle and radiator below it.

At the back of the truck, pick up the paper- list from the ground. Read it in inventory and see various combinations of chemicals and the properties of the combined chemicals.

Examine the box inside the truck. Take (right click) spirits, soft soap, citrus extract, rock salt, sharpened pencil, stain remover, empty glass bottle and Ferrous sulfate.

Distract the guards:

Take the rubber hose hanging above the box from the truck and pebbles on the ground right of the truck (middle of the road).

Use the rubber hose on the tie handle at right side of the truck

Use the pebbles on the rubber hose on tie handle and get and improvised slingshot.

Peter takes over the shooting. He shoots at the 2 guards. The guards leave the main entrance.

Main Entrance of Institute:    They go to the main door. The door is locked and Peter goes right to check for other way to get inside.

Open the main door (first try):

Look close at the keyhole of the entrance door and see that the key is in the lock.

Let's do a Nancy Drew here; use the newspaper (or handkerchief) on the door.

Use the sharpened pencil on the keyhole. Oh no. The key is too large to pass through the bottom of the door. How annoying!

You can make John run by double clicking and hasten the change to next screen by double click of exit sign.

Open the main door (second try):

Let's try another way. Read the paper taken from the ground behind the truck - aha. We can burn that keyhole.

Go back to the truck and take the rubber hose from the tie handle of the truck.

In inventory, combine the rubber hose and empty glass bottle. Use the rubber hose in bottle on the radiator below the tie handle to get rubber hose in bottle filled with water.

In inventory, combine rubber hose in bottle filled with water with Ferrous sulfate and then add rock salt to get bottle of hydrochloric acid.

Go back to the main gate and use the hydrochloric acid on the keyhole. Corroded! <music>

Door squeaks:    Peter arrives. The door squeaks and it will wake the sleeping guard inside.

Let's check that paper list again - read the paper taken from the ground behind the truck. Okay, anti squeak coming up.

In inventory, combine the rubber hose and empty glass bottle. Use the rubber hose in bottle on the radiator below the tie handle to get rubber hose in bottle filled with water.

In inventory, combine soap and pocket knife to get soap flakes. Combine soap flakes with rubber hose in bottle filled with water to get bottle of liquid soap.

Go back to the main entrance and use the liquid soap on the door-entrance. John applies the liquid soap on the hinges.

Inside the Institute:    See the sleeping guard. Peter checks the laboratory and leaves John to check the offices.

Storeroom:    Go and enter the door on the right of the foyer. Look around the storeroom.

Take the wire from chair by door. Take the plumber's helper in front of the chair. Take the screwdriver from top of the crate with jugs. Take the sticky tape from top of crate with pail.

Exit the room and go across to the other side of the foyer - door to offices.

Corridor:    Enter and see doors on the right. Check the first door and see that it's a locked bathroom.

Check the second door (what is that noise?) and enter.

First office:    Look around at blackboard, bookshelves and plant. Look at desk and file folders. Take the torch, it's damaged.

Look at the desk drawers. The top right drawer is closed and the others are empty. Look at the waste bin right of the desk and beside the radiator. Take scraps of paper. Check the radiator, it is cold. Exit the room.

Enter the second office (Institute Director's office): Try to enter the third door. It's locked.

Look at the window on the door. Hmmm. The window putty is crumbly.

Let's try another chemical solution. Read the paper taken from the ground behind the truck.

Use the spirits on the window and see that it softened the window putty.

Use the pocketknife (or screwdriver) on the window to remove the putty. Use the plumber's helper on the window.

Now, use the wire on the opened window. Enter the Institute Director's office. I ought to do this professionally.

Institute Director's office:    Look around the office.

Check the grandfather clock left of door. The minute hand is missing.

Check the book case, the warm heater and the desk.

The middle desk drawer is locked.

Go to the table clock on the table right of door.

Look close (right click) and get the desk key at bottom right of the clock base.

Use the key on the middle drawer of the desk. Take the metal pin. Take the scraps of paper.

Take and read the journal. He is a man of habit; he begins work everyday at 5 minutes before eight. Take note of the notations at bottom of right page.

Scraps of paper - In inventory, combine the 2 set of scraps of paper and see them on the game screen.

Arrange the scraps by left click to pick up and right click-hold to turn the pieces.

Place the pieces on the correct position in the frame. If correctly placed, the pink paper turns white.

Take note of the notation - week 2: Pi.

Grandfather clock - Place-use the metal pin on the grandfather clock.

Now what do we set the clock on? The start of the work day of the Director - 5 minutes to 8.

See the bookcase open to a secret room. Peter arrives.

Secret Room:    Enter the room.

Safe - Check the safe. John says he knows how to open the safe.

How? The journal notes a pi (π) at bottom right page: pi = 3.1415 and the put together scraps of paper states week 2 = Pi.

Turn the dial - Left to 3, right to 1, left to 4, right to 1 and left to 5. Bravo, professor!

The uranium bomb is complete. The uranium bomb is being made at HWA - Heereswaffenamt.

Look around. Check the file cabinet, table and the blackboard. The table has slips of paper with some writings (l=o-z-o, r=o-o-z).

Exit the room and talk to Peter at end of the corridor. The guard awoke because he is cold. They can't get out until he goes back to sleep.

Get heat:   

Go to the first office (middle door). Check the radiator and see that it is cold.

Desk drawer - Check the top right drawer and John comments that it opens like other desk drawers by means of the other drawers. Aha! That's what the paper notation on the table at the secret room means. l: O Z O and r: O O Z

Open the top left drawer and the left bottom drawer.

Open the right middle drawer and then open the top right drawer.

Take the radiator valve wheel. Use the valve wheel on the cold heater beside the desk. The valve is open but no hot water is flowing.

Go to the Director's office heater. Check the radiator, it is warm and John says it warms the next room too.

 Use the wheel on the warm heater. That should heat the foyer.

Go back to Peter at end of corridor. After a 15 minute wait, the guard goes back to sleep.

Exit the Institute.

Peter tells John to report to Travers using the hidden wireless in the truck.

Go to the back of the truck and use the wireless. John tells Travers that they are going to HWI or Heereswaffenamt.


January 9, 1943 - HEERESWAFFENAMT (HWA)


Main Entrance:    Go to the side entrance of HWA on the right side of the building

Side Entrance:    Peter can't open the door. Meet Anne Taylor, the lady that got the documents in the restaurant.

Anne unlocks the door. After the discussion, Peter stays to guard and Anne and John go inside. Enter the building.

Office:    A guard is coming. They enter the door on the left.

In inventory:    pocket knife, spirits, stain remover, sharpened pencil, handkerchief, screwdriver and empty bottle.

Talk to Anne completely.

Find a way to disable the guard - Check the balcony door; it is locked. Look around the room. Check the door, electric socket, desk, telephone and cord.

Take the telephone cord. Use the pocket knife on the telephone cord to get stripped telephone cord.

Use the stripped telephone cord on the door handle. Open inventory and use the cord on door handle on the electric socket left of door. <music>

Talk to Anne and get her to yell for help. Watch what happens.

Take the stripped telephone cord from the door handle and then pick up the stripped telephone cord from the socket.

Corridor:    Look around and check the guard and weapon.

Broom Cupboard -     Open the door right of the hallway.

Take the floor polish and window cleaner from the middle shelf.

Go left to the other corridor. Look around. Check all the portraits on the wall. John has a way with words in describing the portraits.

Open the door at the end of the hallway.

Archives Department:   The Special Archives room is at the end of the lower level.

Stealth puzzle to Special Archives Room - After Ann flips the switch, learn from the guards that one light usually goes out in a part of the hallways below. If 2 lights go out, the guard investigates the fuse box and you will be caught.

Anne goes down to the lower level.

A floor plan of the aisles between the bookshelves is seen at top right of screen. It is divided in 12 areas; 4 in each aisles. Each area has a switch with green light for ON and red light for OFF. Click the switch to turn it on-off.

The Special Archives room is at the end of the middle aisle. Ann is standing right of #12.

To make Anne move, you have to turn off the light on the portion of the aisle you want her to go to.

Be sure to have only ONE light off. If there are 2 lights off, the guard investigates and Ann is 'Oh No' caught.

Be sure to turn on the light where Ann is located before you turn off the light on the area you want her to move to.

Wait for the guard(s) to move away one area before you make Ann move.

The best path I found to move Ann to go to the Special Archives room is: 12 9 6 5 2.

As soon as puzzle starts (this way the guard in immediate left is in the middle of the aisle) - Turn off light at #12 and Ann will go to #12.

At #12, check if the guard on same aisle is 2 bookshelves away and the guard on the left is still at top of the middle aisle, then immediately turn on light #12 and turn off #9.

At #9, wait for the guard at middle aisle to pass and immediately turn on #9 and turn off #6.

At #6, immediately turn on #6 lights and turn off #5 while the guard at same aisle has his back turned at the bottom of the aisle.

At #5, immediately turn off #5 and turn on #2.

There is no save possible during the puzzle, only when completed. If caught, the puzzle starts at the beginning for another chance.


Return Stealth puzzle - Ann reaches #2 and sees that she needs a code. Now she needs to go back to John.

As before, take care that you turn ON the light before moving Ann to the next area (turn off next area). Watch out for the guards, the return path is trickier.

The best path I found is:  5 8 9 12.

While standing at #2, wait for guard to move before turning off #5.

At #5, wait for the guard to go left, immediately turn on #5 and turn off #8.

At #8, wait for BOTH guards to move before moving. When the right guard moves one or 2 steps, turn on #8 and turn off #9.

At #9, wait for the guard at same aisle to move from #6 to #3, immediately turn on #9 and turn off #12.

Ann goes up and talks to John. The guards might have the code for the secret archives room. Both guards need to be taken out.


Take out the guards - Now, it is John's turn. Go down the stairs at right corner of top level.

Look at the bottom of the bookcases in #12 (bottom of right aisle) or left of John. See 2 rings, one each at bottom of each bookcase.

Use the stripped telephone cord on the rings (right bookcase) to make a trip wire between the 2 bookcases.

Take the flag that is on the table below the middle aisle.

Go to the bottom of middle aisle (#11). Note that there is a dark spot on the floor.

Combine the floor polish and flag to get flag with floor polish. Use the flag with floor polish on the dark spot at bottom of middle aisle.

Watch what happens. John is good!

Search the unconscious soldier tripped by the wire and get a notebook with 4 9 3 written on it.

Special Archives Room:    Go to top of middle aisle.

Door - Click the hidden flap right of the door.

Look close (right click) and enter the numbers taken from the tripped guard - 4 9 3. Enter the room.

Room - Look around. The filing cabinets are dusty.

Look behind the middle picture above the desk. Take the keys.

Lockers and keys - Look at the lockers at left. Use the keys on the lockers.

The object of the puzzle is to find the correct keys seen on the left to the alphabetized lockers on the right.

This is a fairly simple puzzle. The keys on the left are arranged from top-down to match the file cabinets seen on the right.

So the top left key matches the top left file cabinet (A) and the top right key matches the top right file cabinet on the right (B).

Go through that way until the bottom of the file cabinets on the right. Then go to the next set of file cabinets at right of the opened ones. It starts at C and D.

Continue until you open U for uranium. The key for U is the left key on the 8th row of the keys at left.

John studies the document. He states that the rocket propulsion won't work. Too many unknowns. The Uranium bomb doesn't work also but by actual calculation only the implosion mechanism needs to be corrected. The prototype is being built in Haigerloch, a small town near Stuttgart.

Von Pressnitz arrives. He threatens Peter and then Ann if John does not help correct the problem with the implosion process of the bomb.

January 10, House 12:    Von Pressnitz talks to the prisoners. The light goes off and someone pushes John out the window.


Berlin Streets


Alley:    John bounces off the top of the lorry and on to the ground. See him leave the alley. While hiding in a dark corner, the lorry leaves.

Drunken Siren Operator:    Go to the right and be on the road.

If you hear guards coming - hide (right click) in 'dark corners' found in doorway alcoves.

Go right and see a drunken man holding on to the lamp post. He is the siren operator.

Talk to him completely. Learn about the train. He will not give John money unless he is given fruit brandy.

The train station is behind the roadblock. Go to street.

Checkpoint:    Go right to the end of the street. Double click the exits to get there faster. Remember that you can make John run by double clicking.

See the checkpoint with 2 guards on the right. They will see John if he walks to the other side of street. The train station is at the back of the checkpoint.

Air raid siren - Look close at and see 2 buckets and wall cupboard. The left pail contains water and the right pail has sand for fires.

The wall cupboard is the air raid siren with a crank. Look at the crank and then look at the lock.

Get money:    We need money to get a ride on the train and need to distract the guards to get to the train terminal.

Make fruit brandy - Use the bottle on the water pail on the left. Combine spirits to bottle of water to make bottle with diluted spirits. Go to street.

Note: Any error in preparation can be discarded at the street grate close to the drunken operator.

Go left, left again of the drunken operator and look at the poster on the wall right of the doorway. Use the pocket knife on the poster to get poster corner.

If you hear guards coming - hide (right click) in 'dark corners' found in doorway alcoves.

Talk to drunken operator completely. His assistant is a fruit brandy. Learn about his favorite fruit brandy.

Go back to the checkpoint. Combine poster corner with sharpened pencil to get enhanced poster corner (now that you know the favorite brandy).

Look close at pails. Use the enhanced poster corner on the pail of water.

Use the damp poster corner on the bottle of diluted spirits to get labeled bottle with diluted spirits.

Go back to the drunken operator and use the labeled bottle with diluted spirits on him. He will give money (5 Reichsmarks).

Distract the guards - Talk to drunken operator completely. He gives the key for the air raid lock (after you looked close at the lock).

Go to the dead end street-alley on the left screen. See a puddle of oil on the ground. Use the handkerchief on the oil to get oily handkerchief.

Take the military blanket by the door at the end of the alley.

Go back to the locked air raid siren. Use the key on the lock. Use the crank.

Use the oily handkerchief on crank. Use crank and watch.

Go to street and then go to the right screen - narrow side of street now that the guards are looking up and distracted.

Get to train station - Go to the side alley. See barbed wire on top of the fence at end of the alley.

Use the military blanket on the barbed wires. Climb over the fence to get to the train terminal.


January 15, 1943 - HAIGERLOCH


Train Station:    John arrives at Haigerloch. Take the small bowl at bottom of the corner of the building.

Marketplace:    Go left to the town. See some soldiers go inside the inn at right at the far part of the marketplace.

Hawker Stall - Talk to the man inside the stall on the left completely. He wants cigarettes and it seems he can sell anything. He did not see the soldiers.

Go across the street and check the tailor shop. Take the hatchet and piece of wood left of the tailor shop.

Fountain - Go to the fountain at top of screen. Talk to the priest sitting by the fountain. Latin! He also did not notice the soldiers and seems disturbed.

Hawker Stall - Talk to the man again. Ask about 'have anything else' on the dialogue option and ask for information. Then ask about the priest and learn that the priest lost his rosary.

Inn:    Climb the steps and go inside the Inn.

Talk to the barmaid completely. No soldiers seen. She wants a pair of stockings and will give something that might interest John. Learn that the door behind the bartender goes to the cellar and that she is afraid of insects and rats.

Talk to the barkeeper completely. Definitely, no soldiers. Note the door behind the barkeep. Note that there are cigarettes left of the barkeeper. Try to take the cigarettes.

Pick up the rosary from the floor right of the barmaid.

Gain entry to the cellar behind the barkeeper:

Go back to the priest outside by the fountain. Talk and give the rosary to the priest. He gives money - 5 Reichsmarks.

Talk to the hawker man at the stall again. Select “Do you have anything else?” dialogue. Buy stockings.

Go back to the Inn. Give the nylon stockings to the barmaid. She gives a bottle of liquor. Take the liquor. Exit inn.

Outside the Inn -

Look at the kitchen window left of the Inn door. Use the pocket knife or screwdriver to open the window. See that it is the kitchen.

Go to the grain sack left of the Inn and the lorry. Use the pocket knife or screwdriver on the grain sack. Use bowl on the grain sack to get bowl of grain.

Side Street - Go back down to the fountain area and go right. See a man sweeping the same place.

Go up the street. See a woman looking out the window and a rat by dung heap across the steps.

In inventory, combine the bowl of grain and liquor to get bowl of liquor.

Give the bowl of liquor to the rat. Pick up the rat.

Inn - Immediately go to the opened kitchen window left of the Inn's door. Use the rat on the open kitchen window.

Hear the barmaid scream and the following ruckus.

Go inside the Inn. See that the barkeep is gone. Take the cigarettes from the bar counter.

Go to the hawker. Talk to him and select the "I have cigarettes' dialogue.

The hawker gives a code: The bear drives two hares into the maw of the wolf.

Inn Cellar - Go back to the Inn and go through the door behind the bar to be at the cellar. Look around.

Open the secret door - Look close at the wheels left of the big barrel by the far wall. Save game here. There is no reset of the puzzle.

See 4 wheels and a line left of each wheel. Each wheel has the figure of a bear, moose, hare and wolf.

The object of the puzzle is to use the code given by the hawker - The bear drives two hares into the maw of the wolf.

Study what wheels are affected by turning one of the wheels: The top wheel affects the top, second and last wheels. The second wheel affects the second, third and fourth wheels. The third wheel affects the first and third wheels. The bottom fourth wheel affects the second and fourth wheels. Then find the combination that would produce the solution.

Turn the wheels to end up with:

The bear is on the left of the top wheel.

The hare is on the left of the second from top wheel.

The hare is on the left of the third from top wheel.

The wolf is on the left of the bottom wheel.

To get this solution, do this before touching the wheels:

Click the first wheel once.

Click the fourth wheel once.

Click the second wheel three times.

The door opens. Enter the secret tunnel.




Secret Tunnel:    Go forward to the sluice gate. Look at half closed sluice gate. It is blocked by a wooden beam.

Use the hatchet on the half-closed sluice gate.

Central Room:    Enter and get surprised by Anne Taylor. Learn things from Anne. Look around.

Look at the bullet ridden control panel on the left. It is connected to the sluices. Now the sluices can't be opened.

Take the large gear wheel from the table next to the control panel. Talk to Anne about everything.

Go through the broken sluice at top right of room.

Tank Room:    Look around. See a large tank used to make hard water.

Look at the still full metal cylinder in front of the closed sluice. It is held by a security chain. Hmm...

Check the crate just front-left of Anne and automatically get 2 small gear wheels.

Pick up the small gear wheel on the steps going to the big tanks at front-right of screen.

Enter through the small sluice door left of the walkways.

Corridor:    Look around the corridor. The door to the telephone switchboard is locked.

Pick up the medium gear wheel propped against the wall.

Go through the sluice door at end of corridor.

Laboratory:    Look around.

Take the cable from the table right of the steps.

Check the lockers. They are all locked.

Pick up the red Bunsen burner at shelf on the left wall.

Take the medium gear wheel from the table in the foreground.

Go back out, through the corridor and back to Ann at the Tank room.

Tank Room:

Open the locked sluice - Use the Bunsen burner on the chain of the large gas cylinders just in front of the sluice.

Look at the large gas cylinder that is now on the floor. It has a closed valve.

Use the hatchet on the valve of the large cylinder. There goes the homemade rocket.

Storage Room:    It is dark here.

Look at the fuse box and get a broken fuse.

Take the gear wheels on top of the crate below Ann in the foreground.

Go left and through the sluice at left side of the room. See a mechanism cabinet right of the light.

Mechanism-gear puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to place the collected gears so the gears will move from top left gray to the bottom gray gear.

The gear turns green when it can be placed and turns red when it cannot be placed.

Click the other stationary white gear to move the chain to that gear. Click again to twist the chain.

Place the gears and then turn the handle of the top gray gear to see if they turn. Sometimes I'm really good.

Production Room:    Enter and see what Von Pressnitz has done. Ann will try to open the locked sluice at the far end of the room.

Pick up the small key between the 2 bodies on the left of the room.

Laboratory:    Go back to the laboratory where the lockers are located: exit, dark storage room, tank room, small sluice on the left, corridor and then laboratory).

Use the small key on the lockers to see which one opens - open the locker at right end.

Right click the plastic box on the top shelf of the locker to get a fuse and the plastic box.

Dark Storage Room:    Go back to the dark storage room.

Use the fuse taken from the locker on the fuse box. Let there be light.

Look around and see a secret door at left side of the back wall (left of storeroom).

Secret Tunnel:    Go through the secret door into a secret tunnel. Meet and talk to Peter Graham completely. Peter said to wait and he will search the facility.

Outside:    Go through the sluice. See a well worn path outside. John doesn't want to go further. Go back to the tunnel.

Storage room:    Check the bag at center of the room. It is full of gold bars. Take the gold bars (1) that is out of the bag.

Communications Room:    Go left through the sluice, corridor and then to the production room where the bodies are located. See that Ann has opened the sluice. Go through the opened sluice.

Anne talks about the last transmission and he wants John to contact Travers.

Read the radio log and see that Von Pressnitz last transmission was to Col. Gen. Keller. It says that he has the prototype and he will use it where urgently needed.

Look around. The transmission unit is not working.

Place the cable taken from the lab on the generator, the cabinet left of the door-sluice.

Use the transmission unit.

Outside:     Go back to the storage room, the secret tunnel (Save game here) and outside.

John automatically picks up the gun. Take the gun with one bullet from inventory and shoot the person you think is the traitor.

If you shoot Anne, Peter shoots John.

If you shoot Peter - watch the explanations. John states that someone from the government asks him to support the US in a research called Manhattan Project developing nuclear weapons. It was a scientific challenge.

Airfield Hangar:    Go left to the path and be in airfield hangar. Look around.

Enter the hangar. The exit icon is right of the barrels on the snow.

Ann says that they loaded the bomb in the airplane.

Sabotage the plane - Use the screwdriver on the fuel hose attached to the tank of the lorry.

Block the fuel using the plastic box on the sieve at the end of the fuel hose on the ground.

Use the screwdriver on the fuel hose to reattach the fuel hose with plastic box to the tank of the lorry.

Von Pressnitz arrives and the two hides in the plane.


January 15, 1943  STALINGRAD


The plane is shot at by antiaircraft fire and crashes. The two are caught by the guard. Ann is pinned in the wreck.

Plane Wreck Site:    Von Pressnitz orders John to be shot and leaves. The soldier shoots in the air and leaves John alive. John has to put out the fire.

Timed puzzle - As soon as able, take the German steel helmet seen at bottom right of the screen.

Use the pocket knife (or screwdriver) on the sandbags at left under the wing.

Use the helmet on the sandbags to get helmet with sand.

Use the helmet with sand on the burning pool of fire under the wing. John will do this again automatically.

Ruins-Alley:    Go to the alley via under the airplane wing (where Von Pressnitz went).

Click and then talk to Anne.

Take the empty canteen right of the path.

Try to take the machine gun barrel left of Anne. It's frozen tight.

Use the German steel helmet or empty canteen on the snow right of the cannon.

Go back to the crashed airplane (wrecked site) and use the helmet with snow (or canteen with snow) on the extinguished pool of fire to heat helmet with water.

Go back to Anne at the alley-ruins. Use the helmet with water on the frozen machine gun barrel.

Take the machine gun barrel.

Ruins - street:    Go to the street exit at end of the path.

Distract Sniper - A soldier (officer) sees the two and was shot by a sniper.

Anne says that the sniper at the water tower needs to be distracted.

In inventory, combine the machine gun barrel and the German steel helmet to get barrel with German helmet.

Use the barrel with German helmet on the water tower. Watch. They run when the sniper needed to reload.

Factory Entrance:    See a soldier guard the entrance to a ruined factory.

Look at the bullet ridden wall above the soldier.

Use the gold bar on the bullet ridden wall above the soldier. Perfect!

John takes a hand grenade from the unconscious soldier.

Factory – Ground Floor:     Go into the factory. Anne will check the left side of the factory. Look around.

Take the wooden beam on the ground at right and the wooden beam propped against the tank.

Go the hall at center of the room. John says that the rubble will fall and he needs to support it.

Use a wooden beam on the rubble above the path to the hall.

Factory – Broken Staircase:    See a collapse staircase. John wants to get up there.

Take the wooden beam propped on the metal post at right.

Use a wooden beam on the landing of the broken staircase. Try to climb to the landing.

Use the other wooden beam on the landing. Climb to the landing.

Save game here!

Bomb room:    Enter the room. Anne arrives and says she has the prototype. See the bomb at right. It is ticking.

Disarm the bomb - John says it is needed to interrupt the current supply.

The wires can be cut only on the left since the center wires are covered by a glass plate.

Only 4 wires are needed to be cut. The wires that should be cut lead to the rectangular things.

Place the tip of the cursor on the wire to be cut and then click.

Watch Anne and the Russian soldiers.

Listen to Travers and John.

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