Valhalla Classics

Before the War - Episodes 5 - 8

By Vulcan Software Ltd.

PC Game played on the Vulcan Portal

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    November, 2003


Game Play: This is a point and click game converted to PC from the classic Amiga game. There are the Restart, Load Game and Save Game on the middle bar. The game manipulation is based on clicking one of the 3 verb icons at the middle bar and any item in the game play while facing it. The verbs are eye - look, hand - take and the hand with a tool - operate. When an item is taken and selected in inventory, a separate verb selections is shown. Look, drop, insert, consume and explore mode (to go back to main game play). Infinity walks one square tile at a time and runs when the right mouse is pressed (pant, pant!).

Before the War

The Kingdom of Valhalla is currently ruled by the Great King Garamond, a natural leader, strong and fair-minded, who is cherished by the people of the land. Garamond is happily married and has a 2 year old son called the little Prince of Valhalla, who stands next in line for the throne as stated by Valhalla law. All was well within the kingdom, except for an apparent jealousy harbored by the Lord of Infinity, who is Garamond's younger brother. Infinity, confused and often misunderstood, always believed he should have been king instead of his brother. The Bishop of Valhalla approached King Garamond with rumors that Infinity was plotting to kill him. And that he had overheard Infinity chanting "You are not my brother, you are an obstacle to my destiny and so you will die".  Garamond could not ignore this threat, which would have normally resulted in execution. But as Infinity is his own flesh and blood, he ordered Infinity to be imprisoned within the Servants Hall under the watchful eyes of his trusted sorcerer. So whilst Valhalla sleeps, Infinity begins his quest of hatred, in which murder is the ultimate goal.

Episode 5 - The Servants Hall

In the Servants hall, you will find yourself immersed in the magical history of the great castle. For here lie the tombs of court wizards from ages past. Each one possessing his own puzzling story, which you must unravel if you are ever to escape.  But there is one wizard who reigns still and it is he, which poses the greatest challenge. Can you overcome the obstacles, he has strewn in your path? First you must learn the secrets of his power and recreate his magic so you may turn it against him. Only the wizard, Greylim stands between you and your escape from imprisonment in the Servant's Hall.

Hint - This game has a lot of inventory and dropping some of them close to the area of obvious usage (like the potion machine) will ease picking up new inventory. Also, some of the inventories have dual purpose in the game.

Understanding the Wizards of Ages Past:

Greylim's room - Move Infinity forward. Turn around and operate the hole on the floor. Take anesthetic potion. Take, read and drop blue wizard book. Wizards are irritating. Look at that pesky wizard Greylim, between 2 chests. Take I am Infinity paper.

Mogis - raving mad, paranoid and always hallucinating.
Blentock - superstitious nature believed something bad would happen.
Syantil - handsome wizard, always in love but mostly with himself.
Flytip - colorful character, possessed a great sense of humor.
Derval - very sleepy, always tired and rarely got out of bed.

Hot coals passageway - Stand by the open door and drink the anesthetic potion and run straight on the hot coals passageway to the next room.

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Look at the wizard potion making machine with 3 closed pots and a place for a bottle at the end. Read and drop the green potion book.

Potion of insanity - fragments, one spade, sight of myth.
Antidepressant potion - fungus, a shell, paper identity.
Potion of Vanity - botanical perfume, soft metal, calcium.
Potion of lethargy - lazy drug, missing piece, solid fuel.
Pessimistic potion - sodium chloride, opium trace, skin.

Inventory Pickups:

Weight Scale Room - The room has a weight scale and a big blob of Vaseline. Take the cake tin. I hate cooking.

Operate the lever, go left and up the hallway. Turn right on hallway and up.

Oracle Room -  Look at Oracle - Bring me luck, Infinity! Go down and left. Operate lever to open door.

Infinity's Bedroom - Take the empty bottle on the stand beside the bed. Take, read and drop the duplicating parchment from top of the mini racetrack between 2 chests - There's some useful stones yee'll find, Give yee double piece o'mind, Afore yee unlock thy kitchen door, Make two safe travels, to be sure. 1268 St. Christopher, travel notes. Doris Hartle. Look at the heavy suitcase. Go up the opening on the right of the chests.

2 Wizards' Tomb room - Look at the tombs of wizards Mogis and Blentock. Operate hole on floor in between the tombs and take strength potion. Strength potions are for wimps!

Go down and up on the left of the chests.

Jigsaw chests hallway - Take the egg on the stand. Look at the jigsaw puzzle between 2 locked chests. Go down.

Carpenter's room - Take, read and then drop the Greylim parchment on the altar. - Wizard Greylim communicates with the wizards of ages past. He places an object of relevance on their tombs, drinks a potion and looks at the object. There is silver paint beside it. Look at the carpenter - Have you seen the king, I made him something. Go down and see an end of the guttering on the right. Turn left and look at the sanding machine and saw. Operate lever to open the door to Map room.

Map room -  Drink strength potion and take the heavy rock. Take the 4-leaf clover. There is a map and a locked door also in the room. Dropping the heavy rock on any place breaks it to bits of rock.

Go back to next room and down the hallway. Turn right and operate the lever to open door.

Hallway by kitchen - Operate hole in the floor. Take potato peelings. Go up the hallway. Look at bottle in glass and the piece of guttering beside it.

Kitchen - There are 2 duplication stones, flour on the middle table, stew, an oven and locked door. Drop the cake tin on the oven and it will stick on it until all ingredients are added on it. Drop flour and egg in cake tin - slimeey mess. Take salt by the snoring cook.

Exit kitchen on the right, up the hallway, right and up to Oracle room.

Oracle room - Drop the 4-leaf clover on the altar beside the oracle - Bring me ?date. The door opens on the right. Garden - Take the poppy.

Maid's room - Operate 2 holes on the floor and take the calendar and compass. Take orange door key. There is a camera, wooden tray and a piggy bank between 2 chests in the room. Look at the maid - it's my birthday today. Operate the camera and look at frowning picture of the maid. Go down and operate lever to open shortcut to Pearl room. 

Pearl room - Take the picture of King Garamond.  In the room is a disappearing pearl whenever one comes close to it. There is also green baize between 2 locked chests. Use orange door key to open door.

Wizard Blentock's story:

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop the empty bottle at the end of the table to open the 3 pots. Drop from L-R; salt, poppy and potato peelings on the pots. Take the Pessimist potion.

Oracle room - Drop calendar beside oracle and get #13. Bring me a sign, Infinity!

2 Wizards' tombs - Drop the #13 on the tomb of wizard Blentock. Drink the Pessimist potion and then look at #13. If only I hadn't broken all those mirrors! Take the one spade. The empty bottle is back in inventory.   

Wizard Mogis' story and Snail race::

Pearl room - Drop the one spade on the green baize and the chests open. Take the one spade, Georgie's snail and Dragon's eye.

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop the empty bottle at the end of the table to open the 3 pots. Drop from L-R; pieces of rocks or heavy rock, one spade and dragon's eye on each of the pots. Take the potion of insanity.

Infinity's Bedroom - Drop Georgie's snail on mini racetrack and it loses the race. Time to make it slimier.

Weight Scale Room - Drop Georgie's snail on Vaseline and then take a spunkier Georgie's snail.

Infinity's Bedroom - Drop the now spunkier, slimier Georgie's snail on the racetrack and see it win. The chests open. Take Georgie's snail, rusty key and hallucinating book (keep this book) - I see small blue people, I dream of fish that scream. I'm sure they're out to get me. I'd better give them all ice cream.

2 Wizards' tombs - Drop the hallucinating book on Mogis' tomb. Drink the potion of insanity. Look at the book. Take the confusion spell.

Getting to the Goblin's room in search of the other wizards' tombs:

Carpenter's room - Drop the rusty key on sanding machine. Move to the right and operate the machine. Take the green door key. Drop the picture of King Garamond on the saw. Move to the right and operate the saw. Take the jigsaw puzzle.

Map room - Drop the compass on map and Take the St. Christopher medal.

Jigsaw puzzle hallway - Drop piece of jigsaw puzzle between the chests. Take jigsaw puzzle, white and orange door key and heavy ball.

Carpenter's room - Dropping the heavy ball on the guttering rolls it down short of the glass. Needs more guttering.

Hallway by map room - Insert orange and white door key on locked door. Enter and see a horrible vase.

Infinity's room - Drop the St. Christopher medal on the suitcase and take Safe Travel Potion

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop Georgie's snail and jigsaw puzzle on floor. Drop empty bottle on the left end of potion machine.

Kitchen - Drop the safe travel potion on the duplication machine and take the duplicate and original safe travel potion on the stands. Save Game here! Insert the green key on the close door.

Hallway by Electrocution walkway - Go forward and then left. Pick the rose petal straight ahead and the stamina potion at the bottom enclosure.  Exit and continue down and right. Drink a safe travel potion before passing the electrocution walkway.

Goblin room - Look at Goblin - bring me an exquisite object. Take, read and drop parchment on floor beside the goblin. Oops, lucky we saved the game. The parchment stated - time is of the essence. Time to replay back if needed. Take sugar, green door key and potion of lies. Immediately go back to the kitchen. Use green door key on closed door.

Kitchen - Drop the sugar together with the flour and egg already in the cake tin. Take the cake.

Getting to the Wizard's room and the other 3 tombs:

Carpenter's room - Drop the confusion spell on table in front of carpenter. He gets confused. Move to face him and drink the potion of lies. Look at carpenter and look at the 'I am Infinity' note. Infinity lies and says I'm the King. Take the jewel encrusted box.

Goblin's room - Drink the other safe travel potion and enter the goblin's room. Drop the jewel encrusted box on the empty table beside him. The goblin disables the electrocution device and opens a door on the right.

Wizard's room - There is a stand that 'looks like something fits here', letter that is unreachable and a cauldron. Take small key. Operate the hole in between the bed and wall. Take Infinity's teddy bear. Read and drop black spell book - Banish Spell - A pearl, a love letter, a lock of hair and a wizard wand. Drop in your cauldron and heat on gas mark 5 for 2 seconds. Exit to the left.

3 Wizards' tomb room - Take a lump of clay. Look at the tombs of the 3 wizards. Take a piece of guttering from the wall across Wizard Derval. Take and read the brown birthstone book. Go up the walkway on the left, operate lever and exit.

Wizard Derval story:

Infinity's room - Drop the teddy bear on Infinity's bed and take sleeping pills.

Courtyard - Go down the hallway from the carpenter's room to the courtyard. Take the coal and look at hot coals. Go up.

Potter's wheel room - Take and read red bedtime book - Princess Alleb changed name to Bella. Talk to old man - I'm so hungry. The cook won't wake up. Drop the lump of clay on round base beside the potter's wheel. Move left and operate the machine. Take a soggy bowl. Drop soggy bowl on hot coals outside the room and take proper bowl.

Kitchen - Drop bowl beside the stew and operate the tap of the stew. Take bowl full of stew.

Potter's wheel room - Drop bowl of stew in front of the old and he gives a gold coin as token of his appreciation.

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop the empty bottle at the end of the table to open the 3 pots. Drop from L-R, sleeping pills, jigsaw puzzle and coal on the pots. Take lethargy potion.

Maid's room - Insert gold coin in piggy bank to open the chests. Pigs will do anything for money! Take gold nuggets and fan.

Wizard's room - Go to wizard's room and place the fan on the stand that will fit something. It blows the letter off the stand. Take the love letter. Place the love letter in the cauldron beside the bush. Place the red bedtime book on the wizard's bed. Take nightcap.

3 Wizards' tomb room - Drop the nightcap on wizard Derval's tomb. Drink lethargy potion. Look at nightcap. I need some strong coffee now. Take nightmare spell.


Kitchen - Drop the nightmare spell in front of the cook. Oh, such a horrible dream! Drop the cake in front of the cook. I thought you hated cake. Now, can I have some peace. Take the birthday cake.

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop I am Infinity note, gold nuggets and rose petal on the floor. Drop empty bottle on right end of potion machine.

Maid's room - Drop the birthday cake in front of the maid. Take the sapphire. Look at maid - I didn't get presents though.

Weight Scale Room - Place the sapphire (September birthstone) on the weight scale. Pick up the Libra symbol. Libra people are soft.

Oracle room - Drop the Libra symbol beside the oracle. Take the cheap, tacky vase. Made in Taiwan.

Hallway by map room - Drop the tacky vase on the opposite altar of the horrible vase. The door opens. Take the mushroom. Take, read and drop the dusty maze book.

Maze - Save game here!! Enter the maze. The potion timer on the right shows how much time is left before the door closes. RUN Down, right on intersection, down, pick up the smelly flower, down, left, down, right, down, down, right, down, up at second hallway, right, down, right, up, open chest with small key and take wizard Blentocks's wand. Now, run back to the exit. If the timer goes off, practice the route and then replay - Plan B.

Wizard Flytip's Story:

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop the empty bottle at the end of the table to open the 3 pots. Drop from L-R; mushroom, Georgie's snail and 'I am Infinity' note on the pots. Take antidepressant potion.

Maid's room - Look at maid - I have no presents. Drop smelly flowers in front of maid. She's smiling! Operate camera and take picture of smiling maid.

3 Wizards' tomb room - Drop the picture of smiling maid on wizard Flytip's tomb. Drink antidepressant potion. Look at picture of smiling maid. Take funny bone.

Wizard Syantil's Story:

Hallway by kitchen - Place the piece of guttering by the glass and it connects to the rest of the guttering. Go to the other side and drop the heavy ball on the guttering. The glass breaks. Take anesthetic potion and the glass shard beside it.

Carpenter's room - Place glass shard in silver paint and take mirror.

Wizard Potion Making Machine Room - Drop the empty bottle at the end of the table to open the 3 pots. Drop from L-R; rose petal, gold nuggets and funny bone note on the pots. Take vanity potion.

3 Wizards' tomb room - Drop the mirror on wizard Syantil's tomb. Drink vanity potion. Look at mirror. I'm too sexy for my ..... Take lock of hair.

Banish Spell:

Hallway below the Oracle room - Look at wall behind the disappearing pearl and see a hole. Insert the wizard's wand on hole. The pearl gets knock off the stand. Enter the Pearl room and take pearl and wizard Blentok's wand.

Wizard's room - Go to cauldron at upper right of room. Drop love letter (if you haven't yet), pearl, lock of hair and wizard's wand in cauldron. Take banish spell.

Hot coals passageway - Drink the anesthetic potion and then run to Greylim's room.

Greylim's or Start room - Place the banish spell right in front of wizard Greylim. Infinity, where did you get that? He banishes.

Enter the hallway. Operate the holes on the floor in front of the locked door . Take up the letters; M, E, R, L, I, G and Y. Yup! Arrange them to form GREYLIM on the holes on the floor. Door opens. Enter the hallway.

We did it! Well, I did it! I'll see you in the Dungeon, my friend!

Episode 6 - The Dungeons

The Dungeons may feel like a far cry from the splendor of the royal apartments. Nestled as they are, in the underbelly of the great castle, and full of damp and drafty chambers. But here are as many secrets as an adventurer could hope to find. Infinity must use the Dungeon's teleport system to navigate the complex rabbit warren of chambers and corridors. Talking his way past Herman's uncouth soldiers who will always try and hamper his progress. Can you help Infinity unravel all the mysteries of the genesis device? Allowing him to finally recover Herman's lost prophecy, and begin to realize his destiny.


1 goes to 5

2 goes to 10

3 goes to 12

4 goes to 21

5 goes to 1

6 goes to 22

7 goes to 8



8 goes to 7

9 goes to 13

10 goes to 2

11 goes to 14

12 goes to 3

13 goes to 9

14 goes to 11


15 goes to 16

16 goes to 15

17 goes to 19

18 goes to 20

19 goes 17

20 goes to 18

21 goes to 4

22 goes to 6

Operate tile and take fiddly little key.

Feeding the Soldiers:

Green water hall:    Take tankard from stand. Read the blue book about Herman's Dungeons. Drop book.  Look at green water - green gungy poison. There's a green poison blob on tile between the green water areas. If you touch it - you'll burn your finger. Go down, turn right on hall and up to the room.

Soldiers' room:     Operate tile on the right and take tankard. Take stamina potion from table. Take another tankard from the other table and read the purple book about The Norse Warlords Device (teleport device). Drop book on floor. Go close and look at a soldier - Get us some grog and be quick about it.

Grog room:    Go down the hall and operate lever to open door to Grog room. Enter room. Insert fiddly little key on chest and take Hergie Mergie Homie paper.  Operate tile on left side of room and take whopping great key. Take tankard from stand. Now we have 4 tankards for 4 soldiers. Operate lever on wall for a shortcut. Drop tankard on area beside grog tap at top of the room. Operate tap to get tankard with grog. Do it 3 more times to get a total of 4 tankards of grog. Go back to soldiers' room.

Soldiers' room:     Drop a tankard of grog in front of each soldier. They drink them and now want food. A door opens.

Go down the hall and enter hall on the right. Take 2 chicken legs and a stick. Go back to Soldier's room, take the 4 empty tankards and drop the 2 chicken legs in front of 2 soldiers - we need 2 more.  Go back to grog room and leave the 4 empty tankards here. 

Go out to the hall with green poisoned water. Walk across the green water and up the room on the left that is just across the Grog room. You will lose some stamina but do not take the stamina potion yet until the stamina level is really low.

Password Soldier room:    Look at soldier between 2 chests and he will ask for a password. Let's ignore him for a while. Insert stick on hole at bottom left wall. Operate lever. Enter the hallway.

Turn to first hallway above. Operate 3 tiles and get 3 sapphires. There's a closed door on the left. Turn right and go up to enclosed teleporter #8 with ornate tile.

You're teleported to hallway parallel to sapphire hallway. Go around, up, down and operate 2 tiles to get 2 chicken legs. Go up the hall to the Warlord's room.

Angry Hours and Femur Link Puzzle:

Norse Warlords' (Angry Hours and Femur Link) tomb room:    There is a chest here. Look at warlord with green shield - 'Angry Hours' and warlord with pink shield is 'Femur Link'.  Remember those names! Take and look at note on table between the tombs - 'It all depends on the order'. The note has green, orange and yellow lines on it. Drop note. Go back to the teleporter tile #7 and arrive back close to sapphire hallway. Go back to the soldiers' room.

Soldiers' room:     Drop the 2 just taken chicken legs on 2 empty places in front of the soldiers. Now they want more grog. Take the purple chest key on the table - given as a tip, maybe? Go back to the Norse Warlords' tomb by crossing the green water and using the teleporter.

Norse Warlords' tomb room:    Insert the purple key on chest and take the translation potion. Go to the soldier that wants a password.

Password Soldier Room:    Look at soldier, he will ask for password, consume translation potion and then look at Hergie Mergie Homie paper - Herman's Home. You had help - didn't you? Drop the paper. The 2 chests open. Take protection potion and cross - phew, thought that might burn me!

Green water hall:    Cross green water and walk up the green water hallway to the wall close to where you started. Cross the green water again to the other side. Insert the whopping great key taken from the grog room on close door. Take the bone from stand. Cross the green water again. Go down and now let's tackle the green poison on the tile. Consume the protection potion and then take the green poison.

Grog room:    Drop the poison on the grog barrel and it will turn to poisoned grog. Now fill the 4 tankards with the green poisoned grog - Bwahahahahaha! - and give 4 tankards of poisoned grog to the 4 soldiers. The soldiers drink the poisoned grog and all go to sleep. He who laughs last ... is smug, hah! The door above opens.

2 teleporter hallway:     Take and read blue 'A Children's Story' book. Drop book. Walk to left teleporter #18.

Altars hallway:    Turn right and drop a sapphire on above altar. It lowers down. Take chain from next altar. Place the 2 other sapphires on the next 2 altars. Take last will and testament. Go back to teleporter #20 and then walk to the right teleporter #19.

Take the pink, trendy pair of shoes. Go down the hallway. Enter the first room on the left.

Torture Room:     See 2 guards and 2 unfortunate prisoners on racks. Take the watch in front of the sleeping guard. Go down the hall and then left.

Combination stone room:     Take the 'What's the combination?' paper from top of the combination stone. There is a cookie on the floor. You don't need to pick it up.

Go down to the room below the torture room and see that it is a chess room. Go back to the teleporter #17 we arrived here on at the hallway above the torture room, go down, cross green water and then to the other teleporter #8 to get to the Norse Warlord's room.

Norse Warlords' tomb room:    Place on the pink shield warrior called 'Femur Link' the bone first and then the chains. Bone, chains - Femur links - get it? LOL! He gives you a castle chess piece. Place on the green shield warrior called 'Angry Hours' the cross (angry) first and then the watch (hours). Hahahaha - I think it's funny! Take the bishop chess piece.

Infinity is Accused:

Go back to the right teleporter #19 above the soldiers' room and then go to the Chess room.

Chess room:    Take the cigar from the stand and then look at all the chess pieces around the room. It looks like there are 5 blue bishops and a king hidden behind the stand close to the sapphire. Bishops move in diagonal and the castle moves in a horizontal or vertical line. Position your bishop and castle in tiles safe from all the blue bishops and at the same time checkmate the blue king. Drop your castle close to the left entryway - 3 tiles above the king. Place your bishop on the ornate tile close to the wall at bottom of room, 2 tiles right of the blue bishop. This checkmates the blue King and it disappears together with your chess pieces. Take the sapphire. Go forward to use the teleporter #16.

Beehive room:    Take and look at the authentic newspaper. Take the bee tray beside the beehive. Use the teleporter again #15. Go back to the altars hallway via the teleporter #17 above the torture room and left teleporter #18 above the soldiers' room.

Altars hallway:    Place the sapphire on next altar. Take the 'Let him have it' paper.  Go across the water to the left landing and take the stamina potion. Go back to torture room.

Torture room:    Go in front of the right guard and look at the 'let him have it' paper. The right prisoner is tortured and the prisoner dies. Take the whopping great key on dead prisoner's body. The guard says I'm going to tell. Go back to Altars hallway.

Altars hallway:    Go to the south end of the hallway. Consume a stamina potion because by now your stamina line is way down. Cross-run to the south through the poisoned green water.

Camera room:    Insert the key taken from the dead tortured prisoner on the door. This room has a camera and a chest. Go to room below and see a hole where a lever should be. Operate the tile and see stamina potion. Just remember where it is if needed. Take the 'to get to the other side' paper. Go to room at the right and see a tuning fork on a stand. Go down the hall and walk on teleporter #11.

Use the lever at teleporter #14 and find yourself in the Beehive room. Use the teleporter #15 at bottom left of room. Arrive at Chess room. Go up to the torture room.

Torture room:    The King, your brother is here. The guards did snitch on you. Look at king to talk to the king about the prisoner that was killed. You denied it and he wants you to prove it. Go one tile away from the king and drop the newspaper on the tile in front of the king. He says that's yesterday's paper. The guard on the right throws a stick. Take the authentic newspaper and the stick. Go back to the camera room via the teleporter #16 in the chess room and then the teleporter #14 in the beehive room.

Make Proof of Innocence:

Camera room:    Insert stick on hole on the wall and then operate lever.

Photocopier room:    Enter right, go down the hall and take blank newspaper from stand. There's a crown stand beside the closed door below. Drop the authentic newspaper on the photocopier and something happened. Drop the blank newspaper on the photocopier with the authentic newspaper. Something happened again. Take forged newspaper from the tray. Bwahahahaha! Go back to the king via teleporter #11 on parallel hallway, beehive room #15, chess room and then torture room. Haheheh!

Torture Room:    Start over with the king. Look at king, Infinity denies killing the prisoner and the king will say - prove it. Go back one tile away from the King and drop the forged newspaper in front of the king. The forged newspaper got you off the hook.  Don't torture the prisoner. He's such a snothead! Take the poxy little chest key where the king was. Go back to camera room - #16 and #14 teleporters.

Access to Other Places:

Camera room:     Insert the poxy little chest key on chest by camera. Take the King's Crown.

Warlord Robin Sole Tomb Room:    Go to Photocopier room and drop the king's crown on crown stand. Door opens. Enter the warlord's tomb room. Look at warlord with red shield - his name is 'Robin Sole'. Drop the pair of shoes on floor for later use (shoes - soles, see). Take sapphire and orange. Look at soldier and he asks a riddle - Why did the chicken cross the road? Look at 'to get to the other side' paper. That's not funny! Also, drop joke paper for later use. Operate lever at left bottom of room. Ignore the cookie that is here.  Cross the green water to go up. Take eye. Consume stamina potion if you're very low in stamina. Go back to torture room - #11 and #15 teleporters.

Torture room:     Go in front of left soldier and look at 'let him have it' paper. The left prisoner is tortured. Go to by the head of the prisoner, face him and look at 'What's the combination?' paper. The prisoner will say 'I will betray'. Drop combination paper on floor.  Go to combination rock room. Go down and left on hall.

Combination stone room:     Drop the eye on left, then the will at middle and the bee tray on right side of the combination stone. Door opens. Enter and walk to the teleporter #13.

Arrive at teleporter #9. Walk to top of hall and take whopping great key. Operate lever but do not enter. Go back to the teleporter #9 and then walk left from teleporter #13. Ignore the 2 cookies.  Insert the whopping great key on door.  Go up to the new room.

Warlord Hamlet Sharp:

Herman's room:    Look at Herman and he looks a bit out of sort. Look at 'let him have it' paper. Let who have it? - Herman asks. We have to find an answer to that one. Go up and operate tile just in front of grog barrel.  Take musical note. See a locked chest between 2 tankards. Take a tankard from one side of the locked chest. Fill one tankard with grog from barrel. Look at Norse Warlord Hamlet Sharp. Look and take C.R.U.M.B.L.I.W.A.L.L.Y paper.

Tuning Fork room:    Go back down to hall. Turn left, see a hole where a lever should be, forward and operate other lever to open door to camera room and the tuning fork stand. I need a wee wee! Drop musical note on tuning fork stand. Take the sharp icon, a fancy musical thingamy. Ouch it's jaggy. Go back to Norse warlord Hamlet Sharp. Place cigar on his shield (Hamlet is a brand of cigar in the UK) and then drop the sharp icon. Take stick. Go back to hole in the hallway. Insert stick on hole. Operate lever and then walk up to the now accessible teleporter #10.

Joke Puzzle:

Walled Teleporter room:    You arrive in a teleporter surrounded by 4 walls - #2. Don't panic! Don't panic! Look at C.R.U.M.B.L.I.W.A.L.L.Y paper - crumble wall. The walls disappear. Drop crumble wall paper. Take and read green book about the cider competition and Grumble Weed. Drop book. Go to room above.

Teleporter maze room:    Take the comedian potion on stand. Look at the family album stand.  There's a teleporter maze on top of the room.

Grumble Weed Room:    Go left to Warlord Colored Fish's tomb. Why are we going to ignore this Norse warlord? Because it's a red ....... Take film for camera. Go up and look at Grumble Weed (remember the green book). There are 2 cookies here.

Go back to walled teleporter room. Go to right hallway and operate lever.

Camera Room:    Find your self in the camera room. Insert film for camera on camera. Operate camera and take photograph of me.

Robin Sole's Tomb Room:    Go down to photocopier machine room and then down to Robin Sole's tomb room. Take 'to get to the other side' paper. Look at soldier and he asks a riddle - Why did the chicken cross the road? Consume comedian potion and then look at 'to get to the other side' paper. The chests open.  It wasn't that funny! Drop 'to get to the other side' paper. Take thermometer and map. Look at map and see 'The Norse Extravaganza' and the direction for the teleport room is N W S S N N S E.

Herman's Prophecy:

Teleporter maze room:    Place the 'photograph of me' on the family album stand. Take the picture of 'my pesky brother, the King'.

Herman:    Go back to Herman. Let's do the routine again (have to do it in this sequence to work) - Place the picture of the King on his hands. Go beside Herman. Look at 'let him have it' paper. Let who have it? - Herman asks. Infinity will say - 'my pesky brother, the King'. Herman will say Bring me my prophecy!  Drop the let him have it paper. Take the chest key that appears where the King picture was. Go up to the chest by the beer barrel. Insert chest key on chest. Take green The Book of Icarus.

Cookie Monster Puzzle:

Teleporter maze room:   Go to the teleporter maze and follow the directions - N W S S N N S E. Exit and then drop the map.

Cookie Monster Room:     Take the rings. Take cookie from floor and then drop cookie on the bowl. Watch the cookie monster who is blocking an open doorway rolls over, eats the cookie and then go back to block the doorway. Operate the lever at bottom of room. Go down to Grumble Weed room. Take a cookie from floor. Go to room below the walled transporter room.

Cosmos Room:    Go down to the room below. See Stone of Ageing by the entryway. Place a cookie on the Stone of Ageing to get a gross, moldy cookie. Look at 5 cosmos altar. There's a cookie here and a teleporter #3. Step on teleporter and arrive at a place with amplifier, cookie and Genesis device.  Take amplifier. Drop rings on floor. Step back on teleporter #12.

Cookie Monster Room:     Go back to cookie monster room and place the moldy cookie on the bowl. The cookie monster gulps it down and get sick. Go up to the now unlocked doorway.

Warlord Robin Sole Puzzle:

There's a sapphire at end of hallway - just remember it's there. Step on teleporter #1 and come out to a hall parallel to altar hallway. Go up and take pear.

Altars Hallway:    Drop sapphire on altar. Take banana from stand at top of room. Take earth from right side by plant. Go down on left side of room and use the teleporter #4. Go out #21 and see a cider press. Use the teleporter on the left #22. Come out on a short hallway on teleporter #6. Operate the lever on the left. Go back up, left and forward to soldier room.

Bribable Soldier Room:    Operate lever and enter room. Take the arrow in front of the guard. Look at soldier and he will say - It will cost you Infinity. Pull lever at left of room to open door. Go left, down to the walled transporter, right to camera room and down to the warlord Robin Sole's room by the photocopier machine.

Warlord Robin Sole room:     Place the arrow on pink shield of Robin Sole. Then take the pair of shoes from floor and place it on shield of the warlord. Take the Potion of Extreme Luck. Go back to walled teleporter room.

Burping Contest:

Fruit Machine:   Go to left side of room and see a fruit machine on the left. Remember the note on table between the 2 warlords' tombs - 'It all depends on the order'. The note has green, orange and yellow lines. Drop the pear on the left roller, have orange in the middle and the banana on the right roller. Hear a fanfare.  Consume the potion of extreme luck and then pull the lever. The rollers come out 3 apples. Take the 3 apples. A pile of gold is won but it is behind a locked door.

Cider Press Room:    Go to the Cider press via the teleporter #1 off the cookie monster room, turn right on hallway and step on teleporter #6. Drop all 3 apples on cider press and take the bottle of cider.

Grumble Weed Room:    Go to Grumble Weed. Look at Grumble Weed, the burping contest loser. Place the bottle of cider in front of him. He will drink it. Place the amplifier on the tile beside Grumble Weed's right. Stand on amplifier. Drink a tankard of grog (this step is not necessary - maybe a glitch). Look at Grumble Weed again and he will say may the best man win I feel a burp coming on. Smug is good, smug is fun! Take a carnivorous fly trap plant. Drop tankard. Go to cosmos room.

Genesis Machine:

Cosmos Room:    Step on teleporter tile #3 at bottom of room. Pick up the gold rings. Cross the green water to the Genesis device. Insert the thermometer on Genesis device and then take Mercury. Insert earth to get Earth. Insert fly trap to get Venus. Insert rings to get Saturn. Use teleporter #12. Back in the cosmos room drop from L - R: Saturn, Earth, Venus and then Mercury on the cosmos altars. The rightmost altar will light up as the Sun. Drop the Book of Icarus on the Sun altar. Take and look at Black book of Herman's Prophecy. Less than full shilling. That bit can't be right.

Herman:    Go back to Herman. Drop the book of Herman's Prophecy in front of Herman. What will be will be, Infinity. Take the whopping great key. Go back to the walled teleporter room.

Walled Teleporter Room:    Insert the key on the locked door and then take the gold coins.

Bribable soldier:    Go to bribable soldier to the right passage off the cookie monster room. It'll cost you, Infinity! Drop gold coins in front of the soldier. Door opens. Go up and step on teleporter #23.

I Would Say It Was Fun, But That Would Be Out Of Character!

Episode 7 - The Gallery

Stories have been passed down through generations of courtiers concerning the mysterious entities that inhabit the Gallery. No-one dared to venture there, until now. Infinity is faced with the task of finding his way through the catacombs in order to find the secret entrance to the Royal Chambers. But the stories were true, the Gallery is infested with manifestations of every nature and description. Infinity must negotiate his way past ghostly apparitions, mummies, zombies and vampires in order to find the most evil entity of them all - Mestophilys, who will claim his soul in return for a gift. The gift is evil itself, the last requirement for the one who dares to murder his brother.

Take care of ghost in the hole:

Room 1 - Go forward and look around the first room. At the side hall, see a Molecular stabilizing device by a mummy. Operate a tile and take a match.  See a grinding machine, a hole on the floor and poisoned slime in front of a door lever. When you walk on poisoned slime, energy level goes down. Pull the lever and door opens. A ghost comes out of the hole and before you can go through the ghost pulls the lever to close it again. We need to take care of him.

Go up and talk to the mummy - he's tired. Operate the tile on the floor and take a stamina potion. See a spider on a cobweb before entering the next room.

Room 2 - Operate a tile on the floor and take a key. Take the bag of cement on the floor. See a vampire and take the toy block. Drop the toy block on the toy box at top of room and side door opens. Another ghost comes out and takes the toy block. Hmmm! Another ghost to take care of.

Go back down and take the side hall by the mummy. Operate the lever and enter.

Room 3 - See a chicken blocking access to a machine and an interesting floor tile. There's a nest, cement mixer and barrel of water. Read the book on the stand and learn about a ghost trap. Drop book. Take the pebbles in front of locked chest. Walk on purple slime and operate the door lever. Enter door at bottom.

Room 4 - Walk to left side and see the tomb of Arson Molar. Take the 'Will you move, please' paper from stand. Go to the other side and operate the lever to start the conveyor belt. Glass goes through and smashes on the floor.  Another task! Operate the floor tile and take stick. See the green ghost holding device at bottom of room. Walk the hall of poisoned slime at left of this machine. Take binoculars and stamina potion. Walk to the left, insert the key on the chest and take guttering. Take the stamina potion on the floor. Go back to other end of poisoned slime hall.  Time to consume a stamina potion. Go back to room 1 and the grinding machine.

Room 1 - Drop pebbles at center of grinding machine, move to bottom of machine and operate the machine. Take sand from top end of machine. Go back to Room 3 and the cement mixer.

Room 3 and Cement Mixer - Drop cement and sand in cement mixer. Place guttering to the right of cement mixer. Operate the barrel of water and then operate the cement mixer. Take cement from guttering. Time to take care of that ghost. Go back to room 1 and the hole in the floor.

Room 1 and hole in the floor. Drop cement on hole on the floor. Operate lever to open the door and enter the side door.

Take care of ghost by toy box:

Timid Zombie - Go down the hall pass the long purple slime hallway.  See a stamina potion on the floor. Check energy level to see if you need to consume more stamina potion.  Read the book to learn about the timid zombie. Drop book. Go down, then left and see the timid zombie. Look at 'Will you move, please' paper while facing zombie. He wouldn't budge. Go back to center hall and continue down the hall. Insert stick on hole on the wall, operate lever and enter the door at the bottom.

Room 5 - Take the ghost trap from floor. See a Hoover and read the red book about the vampire's wife named June who apparate once a year at her death's anniversary. Drop book. Take piece of wood. Go down, operate the floor tile and take 'Where is M' paper. Read silver book to learn about Mestophilys' demands and 2 pentagrams. Drop the book. Go back to Room 2 and the toy box - time to trap a ghost.

Room 2 and toy box - Take a new toy block from the vampire. Drop the ghost trap beside the closed door on the left. Drop the toy block on the toy box and watch. Take ghost trap. Enter door on the left.

Take care of the Timid Zombie:

Room 6 - Look at vampire who misses his wife. Operate tile on floor and take fly. Look at tomb of Brahms Seefor Miles. Take egg and operate door lever.

Go down to room 4 and drop ghost trap on ghost holding machine. Take ghost trap.

Room 1 - Go to spider below room 2 and drop fly on cobweb below the spider. Take spider. If you drop this spider anywhere it partly changes to a key. Go around to the other side of the mummy, drop the key on table and take spider-key. Drop spider-key on molecular stabilizing machine. That scared the mummy. Take key.  Go around and talk to the mummy and find out he's in shock. Go to room 3.

Room 3 - Insert the key in locked chest and take stick.

Purple slime hallway - Go down to room 1 and down to the long purple slime hallway. Take the right purple slime hallway. Insert the stick on hole on the wall. Operate the lever and enter door at bottom. Check energy level to see if you need to take stamina potion.

Lathe - Go down the hall and left on first hall. Drop the wood on lathe machine, operate machine and take stake.

Quija board and Brandy - Continue down the hall and operate the tile in front of the barrel of brandy. If you have enough stamina potion, you do not need to take the stamina potion on the floor. See also the Quija board between 2 locked chests. Operate the wall lever to open the door at bottom. Enter door and go back up to room 2 where the vampire is.

Room 2 vampire - Drop the stake on it's body. Take the vampire's teeth. Go to Room 4 and the tomb.

Room 4 and Arson Molar - Remember this is the tomb of Arson Molar. Drop match and teeth on tomb. Take the angry potion. If you drop one item the tomb requires it will just take it and Infinity will make a sarcastic remark about fair trade. Go back to timid zombie by purple slime hallway.

Timid Zombie - Consume the angry potion. Look at 'Will you move, please' paper while facing zombie. Mummy!

Take care of zombie with attitude:

Room 7 - Enter and read book about telekinesis and an allergic invisible zombie named Soosan that has identity crisis. Drop book.  Operate lever to open door to room 8.  Go forward to room 7 and see a zombie in between 2 gargoyles. The zombie will not let you through the left door. Take bell from stand. Look at vampire that has a calendar. If you take the calendar, he zaps you and loses energy. Across is an unreachable bottle of something. Look at the tomb of Doctor Love at bottom of room.

Go down the hall and go right. There's a pentagram in a side hallway. Operate wall lever to open shortcut door. Go back and take the musical score from floor beside a locked door. Go back to room 5 and the tomb.

Room 6 and Brahms Seefor Miles - Drop the musical score and the binoculars on the tomb. Take the key. Go back to the long purple slime hallway. Take the left hallway.

Room 8 - Insert the key on locked door at end of left purple slime hallway. There's a stamina potion on floor. Check energy level for need to consume stamina potion.  See a blue vase, a ghost and 2 phones. Take the tape from the tomb of Nicholas Kiss. The tomb of Martina Bronte is on top of the room. Operate the floor tile and take cupid's bow. Take another bell from stand. If you operate the bottom phone, the ghost answers the other phone. Place the trap in front of the ghost and then operate the bottom phone. Take ghost trap. Go to bottom right corner of room and see Book of Names. Drop the 'Where is M' paper on Book of Names. Take 'Where is Mestophilys?' paper.

Go out of room and immediately go left on the hall. Operate lever, enter room and drop the ghost tarp on ghost holding device. Take ghost trap. Go to Room 7 and the zombie by the gargoyles.

Room 7 and the Zombie - While facing the zombie with an attitude problem, look at the  'Where is Mestophilys?' paper. After running away scared, the door on the left is opened. Enter Room 9.

Where is Mestophilys?

Room 9 - Take the 'Is there anybody there?' paper from the stand. Operate the lever and see the 3 hammers on the wall move. Look at mummy. The mummy wants you to play something soothing. Place the 2 bells on the stand by the 3 hammers on the wall. Operate the wall lever. We're missing a third bell. Pick up the Santa hat. Operate the door lever on the wall by hat. Go to Room 3.

Room 3 and the chicken - Drop the egg on the nest and the chicken will move to sit on the nest. Go around and now operate the floor tile and see a stamina potion. If your inventory is full, you don't need to pick this up. Look at the tape player. Drop tape on tape player, operate tape player and hear a dog bark. The chicken gets scared and flies away. Take the feathers the chicken left on the nest. Go to Room 4 and the conveyor machine.

Room 4 and Conveyor machine - Drop the feathers on the floor at end of the conveyor belt. Operate the lever and then take the upturned glass. Go to Quija board room above Room 5.

Quija Board - Place the upturned glass on the board. Look at the  'Is there anybody there?' paper. Take stethoscope and Hoover bag from the now opened chests. Drop 'Is there anybody there?' paper.

Go to Room 5 and place Hoover bag on Hoover. Go back to room 7.

Room 7 and Doctor Love - Drop the stethoscope and cupid's bow on the tomb of Doctor Love. Take another bell. Guess what, back to Room 9 and the other bells. 

Room 9 and bells - Place the third bell on the stand and then operate the lever. Take the key.

Room 10 Purple Slime Maze - Insert the key on the door by the mummy. Check if you have enough energy. Check the energy level frequently while going through the maze and consume stamina potion as needed. There are enough stamina potion to be found in the maze. Enter, go up to the room, immediately turn left, down, left, up on first opening, and follow the maze until the top. At the top, take the right path, take the 2 stamina potions and the key. Go back out of the maze room. Go down to the hall below.

U-shaped hall - Enter the u-shaped hall with 2 switching items on stands. Hmm! Take the tennis racket. Go around enter Room 11.

Room 11 - See a not working TV and a ghost. Go back to room 7 and down the hall.

Room 7 hallway - Insert key on locked door. Enter and go forward to Room 12.

Room 12 - Take the flower from the vase. Read the book and learn about the Soul Stealer. Drop book. Go to top left hallway and operate lever to open a way to the TV room. Continue to the left hallway and note there's a key behind the ghost at the TV room.

Room 13 - Mestophilys' room - Take the 'I wish I were in Kansas' paper. Take the chalice from the stand. See a pentagram in front of the sofa. Stand on pentagram and read the 'Where is Mestophilys?' paper. Oh! Mestophylis appears. Look at Mestophylis. Bring me my ring! Drop the 'Where is Mestophilys?' paper.

Bring me my ring!

Quija board room by Room 5 - Go to the Quija board room and the barrel of brandy. Place chalice on table and then operate the barrel of brandy. Take chalice with brandy.

Room 1 and the shocked mummy - Drop chalice of brandy on table in front of shocked mummy. Take potion of thieves.

Room 8 and tombs - Drop the flower on the tacky vase. See Soosan, the invisible allergic zombie. You're so handsome!

Room 7 and calendar vampire - Consume the potion of thieves and take the June calendar from the vampire. Go to Room 6 and the Hoover.

Room 5 and the Hoover - Drop the calendar on the stand. Move to the Hoover and operate the Hoover with the Hoover bag in it. Take Hoover bag with the June, the vampire's wife in it. Let's return her to her hubby.

Room 6 and the vampire - Drop the June filled Hoover bag on the vampire. Take the mirror spell. Go back to Soosan.

Room 8 and Soosan - Drop the mirror spell in front of Soosan. Ugh! Another Infinity look-alike. Take the ring. One Mestophilys order done.

Room 13 and Mestophilys  - Place the ring on the stand by Mestophilys.  Another Mestophilys' order - Prove that you're evil. Take the mistletoe.

Prove that you're evil!

Room 8 and Nicholas Kiss - Drop the Santa hat and mistletoe on the tomb of Nicholas Kiss. Take tiptoe potion. Go to u-shaped hall with 2 switching items on stands close to Room 11 - TV room.

U-shaped hall - One tile before one of the 2 switching items on stands, consume the tiptoe potion. Take the 'Innocent' paper and telekinesis potion. Where did we see that bottle that was unreachable?

Room 7 - Right across the calendar vampire is a bottle that is unreachable. Face the 3 stands with a bottle on one of them. Consume telekinesis potion and look at 'Will you move, please' paper. The bottle will move closer. What power! Take potion of evil. Drop 'Will you move, please' paper. Go to the pentagram by room 5.

Pentagram by Room 5 - Stand on pentagram and look at  'I wish I were in Kansas' paper. You find yourself transported to a Zombie trial. Look at Zombie at center. You are asked what is the verdict. Consume the potion of evil and then look at 'Innocent' paper. Yuck! Take Zombie head.  To go back to the pentagram at Room 6, stand on pentagram and look at  'I wish I were in Kansas' paper again.

Room 13 and Mestophilys  - Place the Zombie head on the stand by Mestophilys. Another Mestophilys' order - Give me your soul. Take the Wuthering Heights book.

Give me your soul!

Room 8 and Martina Bronte - Drop the tennis racket and Wuthering Heights book on the tomb of Martina Bronte. Take TV aerial. Just in time for the Waltons.

Room 11 and TV - While standing above the ghost's level, drop ghost trap in front of ghost. Drop TV aerial on TV. Take ghost trap. Walk the purple slime to take the key behind the ghost.

Room 4 and Ghost holding machine - Drop the filled ghost trap on ghost holding machine. Wow! It exploded - must be too full! Infinity got hurt. Take one step away and take Infinity's blood from floor. Go to Mestophilys' room.

Room 14 and Soul Stealer - Use the key on locked door at bottom of room 13. Enter and see the soul stealer. Drop blood on blue circle. Take Infinity's soul.

Room 13 and Mestophilys  - Place Infinity's soul on the stand.  Now you're evil enough to finish your quest. Go with my blessings.

 Enter the left door that opened.     

You're really going to miss me now! Aren't you?

Episode 8 - Royal Chambers

It's Showtime! Infinity has finally managed to get close to King Garamond. Loyal  royal courtiers and a whole bunch of monks are the only staff left who are standing in the way of Infinity's evil plan. A plan to murder his own brother and crown himself King. But how can Infinity actually kill the King? What devices lie at his disposal? And how can he lure King Garamond to his death? Time will only tell...

Formulate a diabolical plan:

Room 1 -Start:     Take and look at the blue book - Confession of a Psychic about an electric personality and the King meeting his fate searching for the time. Drop blue book. Take the light bulb. There is a locked chest here.

Room 2:    Exit the room and look at the monk between 2 chests who says God be with you. Operate the floor tile to get laurel wreath. Look at the wind stone beside the chest and monk. Look at the fountain of confession at the corner.

Operate the tile in front of the lamp to take an apple. Insert the light bulb in the lamp. Operate the lamp to see the armored knight come and turn it off. Operate the lever at left of room to open the locked door.

Room 3:    Take and look at the book by the water about the special spell that dissolves metal and how the knights guards the King's personal possession. Operate the tile under the book and take the banish spell. Drop the book.

Room 2:    Go back to Room 2 and drop the banish spell in front of the knight. Operate the lamp and watch the knight banish. Take the also with you paper. Go back to the monk and look at the 'also with you paper. The 2 chests open. Drop the paper. Take the stamina potion and the flower.

Room 3:    Go back to room 3 and walk the water that drains energy. Take and look at the red book about the time piece of the king and how the king will travel far to acquire it. Drop book A plan is forming here. Take door key. Look at tomb of Caesar Petal. Drop laurel wreath and then the flower on the tomb of Caesar Petal. Take and consume the stamina potion. Cross the water again to get back to Room 3 hall. Go back to end of room 2 by the monk.

Room 4:    Insert the key on door. Look at the fountain of Kings at center of room and at the courtier with the hiccups. Look at the weighing scale between 2 locked chests that says you're too fat and heavy.

Hall 5:     Look at pianola. Operate the tile and take rosary beads. Go right and operate another tile and take firework. At the end of the hall is a hole on the wall before a locked door. Go back to room 2.

Room 2:    Drop rosary beads on fountain of confession and take the prayer book. Go to room 3.

Room 3:    Look at courtier who lost his voice. Go down the hall and take a sweetie. Look at the tomb of Eve Holywords. Drop the apple and then the prayer  book on the tomb of Eve Holywords and take a stick. Go to hall 5.

Hall 5:    Insert the stick on the hole by locked door. Operate lever and enter room 6. The door closes.

Room 6:    Look at the lady of the lake and note the banish spell behind it. Operate the tile by the fountain of Gemini and take sword.

Drop the sword on the lady of the lake hands and then take the banish spell. Operate the lever to open the door. Take and consume the stamina potion on the floor.

Operate the tile by the knight in the main room and take the balloon. Look at the sweety bowl at the corner. Place the banish spell in front of the knight and then drop the sweetie on the bowl. The knight banishes. Take the I found your watch paper behind the knight. Operate the tile and take the king's watch.

There's a hole on the wall beside a locked door at right side of room.

Room 2:    Drop the balloon on wind stone and take inflated balloon.  Go to room 4.

Room 4:    Drop the inflated balloon on hands of the courtier with hiccups. Take a picture of 2 faces. Go to room 6.

Room 6:    Drop the picture of 2 faces on the fountain of Gemini. Take the double action potion.

Hall 5:    Go to end of hall 5 by pianola and go down. Take the chocolate. Note 2 levers on wall that opens and closes the doors simultaneously.  Consume the double action potion and operate any of the 2 levers. Go dawn the hall and enter the first room on the left.

Room 7 - Nursery:    Operate the tile and take the baby's crying paper. Take chocolate. See the baby prince with a sun symbol. Try taking the sun symbol. The baby cries and your energy goes down. There is a locked chest at a corner. Exit and go down the hall 6 to enter room 8.

Room 8 - King's Chamber:    Look at monk that asks if you repent your sins. Look at the king and he says tell her I love her. Take the rose on king's altar. He wants you to deliver it to the queen.

Room 9:    Take the key. Look at magician's hat between 2 locked chest. Look at the guard that wants you to whisper the password.

Room 10:     Look at the guard that wants you to sing the password. Take the nightingale. Look at the tomb of Quasi Da Vinci. Drop all chocolates taken in this room.

Room 11:     Go back up the hall 6 to hall 5 and insert the key on the locked door. Look at courtier that is deaf. Look at flux capacitor that gives shock when taken. Operate the tile on floor and take cream cake. Look at jewelry box with a knight guarding it.

Room 12:    Exit room, left back down hall 6 and turn right. Operate lever to open door. Look at monk who wants to be your friend. Look at bed of nails.

Go down pass the energy depleting water and operate tile on floor. Take the Tanoy's broken paper (Tannoy is a brand of British loudspeaker). Look at the wonky gun.

Take the chocolate and look at tomb of Fawkes Eclair. Drop the firework and then cream cake on the tomb. Take the slim fast potion. There's another chocolate on the table, if you need it later.

Room 4:    Go back up to room 4 and the weighing scale. Consume slim fast potion and get weighed. <wolf whistle> Take the I love you paper and the stick.

Room 13:    Go down to end of hall 5 and insert the stick on the hole. Operate lever to open the door.  Look at the fountain of opposites. Operate the tile on floor and take banish spell. Look at nurse's bag. Drop the nightingale on nurses bag. Take the throat lozenge. Drop chocolate if no space in inventory.

Go down and left to the hallway and take protection potion. Operate the lever and enter the door. Go to Room 3 by long energy depleting water.

Room 3:    Drop the throat lozenge on the hands of the courtier and take the musical score.

Room 14:    Go down the hall pass the tomb of Eve Holywords and left on the hallway. Operate lever and enter room. Look at a deadly electrical device that has no power. 

Drop the watch on watch stand. Note the tanoy at wall and the pad by the gate. Face the tanoy and look at the I found the watch paper. See the king pass the pad and take the watch. Hmmm - what diabolical plan are we hatching here! Drop the I found watch paper.

Take the prismatic orb at corner of room. Drop the prismatic orb beside the glass dome beside the exit.  Go to room 12.


Preparing the diabolical plan:

Room 12:    Drop the musical score on bed of nails and take the holed musical score.

Hall 5:    Go to pianola and place the holed musical score. Look at the open chest on the other side of the wall. Go to room 1 and take the soprano potion from the opened chest. Go to room 10 to the guard that wants you to sing the password.

Room 10:    Stand in front of the guard of the Queen's chamber and consume the soprano potion. So what is the password to sing - remember what the King said. Look at the I love you paper. Take a chocolate that you dropped earlier from floor.

Room 15 - Queen's chamber:    Enter the Queen's chamber. Take the necklace from jewelry box.

Drop the rose that the king wants delivered to queen on couch beside her. Take letter. Drop chocolate on couch. Seems like she has insatiable appetite for chocolate.

Look at fountain of Egypt. Look at monk that needs a combination. Operate the tile by left closed door with guard. Take key. Note chocolate if you need more later for the queen.

Room 8 - King's chamber:    Note that the king is standing by a tanoy (loudspeaker). Drop the queen's letter on altar beside him. He wants you get his sceptre. Take the hearing aid from altar. Drop I love you paper in this room.

See the king has placed the watch on the green watch stand below the baby. We would need the watch later so take it back by:  Stand in front of the king and read baby's crying paper. He goes to check on baby. Take the watch from the plate. Drop the baby is crying paper.

Now go around to the baby's room and stand behind the king and look at the tanoy is broken paper. The king goes back to the place beside the tanoy.

Room 13:    Go to end of hall 5 and enter room 13. Insert the key on locked chest take the paint brush.

Room 11:    Drop the hearing aid on hands of courtier that is deaf. Take the quiet potion.

Drop the banish spell in front of the knight at bottom of room. Drop the queen's necklace on jewelry case. See the knight vanish.

Enter the hall he left opened. Take repentance potion.

Go in front of the flux capacitor. Save game! Consume the protection spell and take the flux capacitor. Immediately go to room 14 with the deadly device.

Room 14:    Place the flux capacitor on top of electrical device. We have power. It opened the first glass dome. Take the prismatic orb and drop it on the opened glass domed by exit. It got activated. Operate the machine to see what it does. We need 3 more orbs. Go back to room 8 - King's chamber.

Room 8 - King's Chamber:    Stand in front of monk, consume repentance potion and then look at monk. Take the rabbit from opened chest. Go to magician's hat in front of the whisper password guard. Drop rabbit on magician's hat and take marksman potion and the prismatic orb.

Room 12:    Stand by the gun, consume the marksman potion and operate the gun. This opens the hall below this room.

Room 16:    Operate the tile and take umbrella. Consume stamina potion, if you're low. Note the record player guarded by a knight and empty power pack on railroad track. There's a potion on the track. Take the stamina potion. and the protection potion. Go to lower hall pass the chocolate on the floor. Operate lever and go up the hall pass the stamina potion.

Room 8:    Take the I love you paper. Stand in front of the whisper password guard. Consume the quiet potion and look at the I love you paper. Drop the I love you paper. The door opens.

Room 17:    Note the battery charger, a protection potion and fountain of the father.  Take the picture of sun and moon at end of hallway. Operate door of shortcut.

 Room 14:     Drop the prismatic orb on the next stand. Place the watch on watch stand. Drop the I found the watch paper on the floor.

The Queen is the target:

Room 13:    Drop the picture of the sun and moon on the fountain of opposites. Take the ring. Go down and left on hallway to room 11.

Room 11:    Go to the hall behind the necklace on jewelry box. Place the ring on stand. Take the alter ego potion. Go to room 12.

Room 12:    Stand facing the monk who wants to be your friend. Consume alter ego potion and look at monk. Take the king's sceptre.

Room 8 - King's chamber:    Drop the king's sceptre on altar beside him. Take the sovereign. Go to room 4.

Room 4:    Drop the sovereign on fountain of kings. Take the Egyptian ankh symbol. Go to Queen's chamber room 15.

Room 15:    Drop the Egyptian ankh symbol on fountain of Egypt. Take ring. Go to room 11.

Room 11:    Place the ring on stand at hall at bottom of room. Take picture of Cathedral.  Go back to the room before the Queen's chamber Room 10.

Room 10:    Drop the picture of the cathedral and then paint brush on the tomb of Quasi Da Vinci. Take the banish spell.

Room 15 - Queen's chamber:    Go the left end of the room, take the chocolate and see  a door bell. Drop the banish spell in front of the locked door at the bottom. Operate the doorbell.

Room 18:    Go to room on the left and see a barometer, fountain of Einstein and cyanide bath. Drop the umbrella on barometer. Take another ring. Drop the chocolate on the cyanide and take the poisoned chocolate.

Room 15 - Queen's chamber:    Drop the poisoned chocolate on the couch beside the queen. (Do I have to do this?) You killed her! How could you! Take the 4386 paper.

Go to the monk and look at monk. Look at the 4386 paper. Take the prismatic orb and the picture of the Holy Trinity.

Now, the King:

Room 11:    Place the ring on stand at hall at bottom of room.

Hall 19:    Operate the tile and take the banish spell. Take the battery. Operate the other tile and take numerical potion. Look at the IQ Test beside the locked chest. Go down the hall and operate the lever to the shortcut. Consume stamina potion if your level is down.

Room 17:    Place the battery on battery charger. Take the charged battery.

Room 16:    Place the charge battery on the empty power pack of the railroad track. The train moved and pushes the potion. Take the paternal potion. Go to the Room 7 - nursery.

Room 7 - Nursery:    Stand by baby and consume the paternal potion. Take the sun symbol.

Room 17:    Drop the sun symbol and then the picture of the Holy Trinity on the fountain of the Father... Look at the monk who wants the combination. Consume the numerical potion and look at the 4386 paper. Take the prismatic orb and the record.

Room 16:    Drop the banish spell in front of the knight. Drop the record on the record player. Operate the record player. Take the key behind the knight.

Room 7 - Nursery:    Insert the key on locked chest. Take the Theory of Relativity red book.

Room 18:    Drop the red book on fountain of Einstein. Take the genius potion.

Hall 19:   Consume genius potion and then operate the IQ test. Take the superglue.

Room 14:    Meet the King outside Room 14.   Infinity I've been watching you what are you up to? Nothing my brother... You're so paranoid.

Drop the 2 prismatic orbs on the stands. Drop the superglue below the watch stand with the watch.

Take the I found the watch paper and stand in front of the Tanoy (loudspeaker). Look at the I found the watch paper. The King is stuck on the superglue.

Awww! Operate the sort of deadly electrical device. Ahhh Hahahahaha! Take the remains of the king.

Move Infinity when he stops and see all the treasures on the way to the nursery.

King Infinity, I like the sound of that.  King's dead.. Queen's dead... And all that's left to do is drown that ugly baby. My reign will last for eternity.

Aaaaaargh where is he?

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