Valhalla Classics

The Fortress of Eve- Episodes 9 - 12

By Vulcan Software Ltd.

PC Game played on the Vulcan Portal

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    December, 2003

Game Play: This is a point and click game converted to PC from the classic Amiga game. There are the Restart, Load Game and Save Game on the middle bar. The game manipulation is based on clicking one of the 3 verb icons at the middle bar and any item in the game play while facing it. The verbs are eye - look, hand - take and the hand with a tool - operate. When an item is taken and selected in inventory, a separate verb selections is shown. Look, drop, insert, consume and explore mode (to go back to main game play). King Garamond II runs when the right mouse is pressed.

The Fortress of Eve

The kingdom of Valhalla is currently ruled by its rightful heir King Garamond II, a fair-minded young man and like his father before him is cherished by the people of the land. His predecessor was the evil Lord of Infinity, his uncle but that is another story.

In order to rule the kingdom efficiently, King Garamond II has decided to marry with the sole purpose of continuing the royal bloodline producing natural heirs to the throne. However all the eligible ladies within Valhalla have been kidnapped by Queen Eve and imprisoned within her fortress in the neighboring kingdom far from Valhalla.

So whilst Valhalla sleeps, King Garamond II begins his quest of rescue in the hope to find a bride and to live happy ever after.

Episode 9: Edge of Eveswood

Great King Garamond II is at the beginning of his journey, heading towards the land of Queen Eve. The only passage is through the Edge of Eveswood, a magical and mystical place that is guarded by three ancient Forest Gods that must be satisfied before passage is granted. The locals are friendly enough but lateral thinking will be required in order to navigate this entwining and enchanting wood.


Part One - First Area:


Take cheese from tree stump. Look at tree stump and find out it might be oak.

Go up, take and read The Leverage of Society paper - A probability of the next turned card being thus: Two hearts, King Spades, Queen Diamonds, Two Clubs, King Hearts and Two Spades. Drop paper.

Go to top screen and talk to vagrant. Take the seed from stand behind vagrant.

Go up the stairs and talk to fellow with tooth ache. Turn right and operate lever on wall.

Go up and take honeycomb.

Go up the stairs and see a clock. Take the pins and needles from bush.  See tomb of Reverend Squint.

Go up and right and see distilled water and talk to alchemist (maker of painkillers).

Go right and up the stairs. Look at altar with cross. Read the note beside the altar about Hickory dickory dock. Drop note. Look at fellow with sweet tooth. Take the old shoe from bench.

Go down and operate lever on wall. Take the loaf of bread from Autumn Stone. See a cheese by barrel of rainwater.

Go down and see the Pool of Pisces. Take sea water on the ground at right.

Go up and see 6 levers on wall and a closed chest. Based on The Leverage of Society paper - A probability of the next turned card being thus: Two hearts, King Spades, Queen Diamonds, Two Clubs, King Hearts and Two Spades - Boy! - From left to right: first lever up (most cards will be higher that two), second lever down (most cards will be lower than King), third lever down (most cards will be lower than Queen), fourth lever up, fifth lever down and sixth lever up.  The chest opens and see an ear of corn. Try to take it and it's too hot to pick up.

Go right and up. See a slug on top of a log.

Go down two levels and see 3 chests. The middle wood open chest with a bottle closes when you get near. Take note of the 2 side chests and their indentations. See a closed gate with a red knob on top, at right side of the area.

Go back to the left and down the stairs. Go left before the vagrant and see a sapphire on a metal chest. If you try to take the sapphire a voice will say - I can smell you. Note that the chest is similar to the ones flanking the wood chest with the bottle.

Go back to the right and down. Look at 2 vagrants. See the makeshift stove. Drop seawater on pot on stove. Take salt. Go left and see a compost pile. You cannot go near the compost pile.

Go down and turn right take the Noitnetnoc fo enob (bone of contention) paper close to a locked gate. Note mouse and stamina by the bushes.

Go back up to slug and drop salt on it. Take small chest key.

Go back to vagrant by stove and compost pile. Go down and turn left. Operate lever on wall. Go left and look at Astrologer.

Go down the steps. Take and read blue book about The Ancient Forest Gods of Eve. Poseidon, Demeter and the God of Flocks have to be satisfied with gifts in order to pass the fortress edge. Drop blue book. Insert the small key from slug on chest. Take spectacles.

Go down and to the right until the sheds. Take the dog collar and the stamina potion.

Go back to astrologer and turn left.  Go up to fellow with toothache and up to Reverend Squint's tomb. Drop dog collar and then the spectacles on the tomb of Reverend Squint. Take the rose petal.

Go up and drop the rose petal on distilled water. Take perfume potion.

Go down, right and down to the compost pile. While beside the compost pile, consume the perfume potion and then drop seed on compost pile. Take poppy.

Go back up 3 levels to autumn stone by barrel of rainwater. Drop poppy on autumn stone and take seed head.

Go left to alchemist by distilled water and drop the seed head on the bench. Take the syringe with morphine.

Go left and down to fellow with toothache. Drop morphine on bench beside man. Take a red knob. Remember where we saw one similar to this.

Go right until the open-close chest. Drop the red knob on top of the locked gate.


Part 2 - Second Area:


See a little hole by the stairs. Drop the cheese in front of the hole. Take mouse.

Go up the stairs and look at fellow who can not talk. Take note that talks about the curse, the request for something precious and to tell him of its name. Drop note.

Go up and take 'you're beautiful' paper. Look at tomb of Cobbler Cloth.

Go down and look at sapphire on that indented metal chest. If you take it, a voice will say I can hear you. If your stamina is low - consume stamina potion.

Go down and see the altar of Aquarius. Go further down and take brown book. Read brown book about the druids worship on Sunday at midnight and sacrifice to the great oak items of love and symbols of romance. Drop book.

Go down to lower level and see a beehive, vagrant and an oyster shell.

Go right, pull lever and see a plain altar with a 2 ton weight that smashes down.

Go down and operate lever to open the shortcut gate. Go back up the steps to the 2 ton weight.

Go right and take the wine in the shed. See a vagrant and an anvil.

Go back to the first area where the altar with cross above the alchemist can be found. Drop bread and then wine on altar. Take baby silkworm.

Go back to second area by the 2 ton weight and go down the steps.

Go left and see a bumpy altar. Drop the pins and needles on the bumpy altar. Take numbing potion.

Go right and operate the lever. Go right and look at the round bush at the corner. It is a mulberry bush. Drop the baby silkworm on mulberry bush. Take piece of silk. Look at the 2 arguing men with a bone on the table.

Go to beehive. Consume numbing potion and then drop the honeycomb on beehive. Take honey.

Go up 2 levels to the tomb of Cobbler Cloth. Drop old shoe and then the silk on the tomb of Cobbler Cloth. Take deodorant potion.

Go back to fellow with sweet tooth at First Area where the altar with cross is situated. Drop the honey on bench by fellow with sweet tooth. Take the clock key.

Go down to the I can smell you with sapphire area. Consume deodorant potion and then take the sapphire.

Go to clock. Stand even to clock face and then insert the clock key. The clock will now be on the hour - one o'clock. Drop the mouse on the base of the clock. Take hour glass.

Go back to the Second area. Go to the 2 ton weight over the altar. Place the hour glass on the altar, operate the lever and take grain of sand.

Go left to the oyster shell by the beehive. Drop the grain of sand on oyster shell. Take pearl.

Go up 2 levels to the fellow that can't speak. Drop the pearl on the bench beside him and then look at the pearl. Take quiet potion.

Go right to the sapphire at the I can hear you area. Consume quiet potion and take the sapphire.

Go down, left and up to the chests area. Drop the sapphire on the 2 metal chests with the indents. Then get the item on the middle chest. Take the backwards potion.

Go down 2 levels to the right to the 2 men arguing over a bone. Look at one of the arguing men. Consume the backwards potion and then look at the Noitnetnoc fo enob (bone of contention) paper. Take the red knob.

Go to the level above and go right. Drop the red knob on the locked gate.


Part 3 - Third Area:


Enter and go up the stairs. Take the mistletoe from the bush. Go up and see the God Stones.

Go down and right to see a milkmaid and a spinning wheel. Look at the 'you're beautiful' paper while facing the milkmaid and see how she reacts.

Go to wood stump where you got the first cheese at the very start of this game at the first area. Based on the brown Druid book, place the mistletoe on wood stump and take the empty urn.

Go to the barrel of rainwater. Drop urn on bench in front of barrel. Operate the barrel. Take the urn full of water.

Go to the altar of Aquarius close to the fellow who couldn't speak before. Drop urn full of water on altar of Aquarius. Take the star chart.

Go to the Astrologer at first area and drop the star chart on the bench beside him. Take slippery fish.

Go to the pool of Pisces close to the barrel of rainwater. Drop slippery fish on pool of Pisces. Take the staff covered in seaweed. Based on the blue book about the Gods, we have a gift for Poseidon.

Go to the third area and up to the God stones. Drop the staff on the first God Stone for Poseidon. Passage Authorized. Take earth. One down, two to go.

Go down the steps below the milkmaid. Drop earth on the hole to cross to new area. Take piece of metal

Operate lever to open gate.  Take beetle from the map of Arcady stand. Look at fortune teller that sees Scarlet...

Go down the steps. See a churning machine with a bottle slot.

Go down and see washing water. Look at superstitious woman.  She is blocking the way to a stand that has an item. Look at the tomb of Blacksmith Spring.

Go down and left. Operate the lever for the shortcut.

Go back to the new area pass the tomb and look at granny who wants her ball.

Go down and take the empty bottle. Look at the dry bread on the bench. You can not take the bread. Look at the fellow that says - it's a bit dry, isn't it.

Go back to milkmaid. Place empty bottle beside milkmaid. Go in front of milkmaid and look at you're beautiful paper. The bowl of milk she's holding fills the empty bottle with milk. Take bottle of milk.

Go to churning machine and drop milk bottle on bottle slot. Operate the churning machine. Take butter.

Go to man with dry bread. Drop butter on dry bread. Take the cold potion.

Go to corn on the open chest at the 6 levers area. Save Game here! Consume cold potion and take ear of corn.

Go to the God stones and drop corn on second God Stone for Demeter. Take daffodil.

Go left of milkmaid to the anvil. Drop metal on anvil and get horseshoe.

Go to tomb of Blacksmith Spring. Drop horseshoe and then daffodil on tomb of Blacksmith Spring. Take soft fleece.

Go to spinning wheel by milkmaid. Drop soft fleece on base of spinning wheel. Go one step up and operate the spinning wheel. Take wool.

Go to granny who wants her ball. Drop wool on bench beside granny. Take the scarf, granny knitted for you.

This part was solved through desperation: Go to the 2 ton weight left of anvil. Drop the beetle on altar, operate lever and take cochineal (red dye made from pulverized bodies of female cochineal insects).

Go to washing water by superstitious woman. Drop cochineal on washing water. See that the washing water turned red. Drop the scarf on red water. Take the red scarf.

Go up to the fortune teller. Drop red scarf on bench beside fortune teller. Take broken mirror.

Go to superstitious woman. Drop broken mirror in front of superstitious woman and she disappears. Take Pan's birth certificate from altar.

Go to map of Arcady by fortune teller. Drop Pans birth certificate on map stand. Take Pan's pipes. Now we have a gift for the God of Flocks.

Go to the last God stone. Drop Pan's pipe on God Stone. Passage authorized.


We did it! That wasn't so bad? Right! See you in the Village!

Episode 10: Village of Evesland

Before the Great War, Queen Eve instructed the local residents of the village to hide four protector keys, special keys that deactivate four stone gargoyles. King Garamond will need to draw upon all of his problem abilities in order to navigate through the village and clear a path to the fortress courtyard.

First Protector Key:

Go long way to the right and up the steps. Note the log and the sleeping Frenchman.

Go right and around the house. Take the bucket with something in it.

Go back to the other side of the house. Climb the steps and read the blue book about the four keys protected by villagers that open the 4 stone gargoyles. Drop the blue book. Look at the teacher at the school who wants Billy's homework. Take hat beside the teacher. Place the bucket beside the barrel full of water. Operate barrel and take the red door gem.

Go right and operate the lever. Note Florence Nightingale statue and the hole in the ground.

Climb the steps. Note the statue of King Arthur. Take the coin (local currency). Note the gate with green knob on the left.

Go right and drop the red door gem on the gate with red knob up the steps. Climb the steps and take the jigsaw puzzle. Note the magpie and the locked chest. Take and read the red book about knights and Avalon. Drop book on ground. Note the Ag symbol (silver). Take the strength potion from bush on the right.

Go back down the steps, go right and look at woodcutter and the pile of wood. Go right, up and see the 4 gargoyles.

Go back to log by sleeping Frenchman. Save game. Consume strength potion and take log. Go right, up steps, go right, up steps and right to woodcutter. Drop the log on the wood stump beside him. Take plank.

Go back to Florence Nightingale by going left and down the steps. Drop plank on hole.

Go right and note the pill duplicator. Go right and note the dog by a stand with a clef sign on it.

Go down the steps and take pepper. Operate the lever. Note King Henry VIII statue, the barrel of ale and the stamina pill.

Go down the steps and note the prospector's pool. Look at man with toothache. Take the bowling ball. Note the yellow knobbed gate.

Go down the steps and see a locked chest. Drop the jigsaw puzzle on any of the 4 chests beside the chest with a jigsaw puzzle on it already. Take gas lamp from chest and the orange from the bush on the right.

Go back to Florence Nightingale statue by climbing back 3 set of steps and go left of the building.

Drop the gas lamp on Florence Nightingale statue and take the oil of cloves. Go back to man with toothache by going right and down 2 sets of steps. Drop oil of clove beside man with toothache and take green door gem.

Go back to King Arthur's statue by climbing back up 2 sets of steps, left to Florence Nightingale, up the steps and left of King Arthur. Drop green gem on green door.

Look at librarian who asks if you would like to join the library. Note the Einstein statue and the sleeping mathematician. Take the sieve and the empty tankard. Note the stand with the Au symbol (gold). Take the jigsaw piece beside the reporter who wants any gossip. Note the gate with orange knob.

Go down the steps and operate the lever. Note the locked chest and take the paper with musical notes. Look at crazy man beside the orange gate gem. He smells the daisy after hailing the Tic Tac God. :D Try taking the gem but the crazy man would not allow it. Drop the pepper on top of the daisy and then look at crazy man. When he sneezes, the orange gate gem flies to the bush. Take the orange gate gem.

Go down the steps and take the homework. Operate the lever and note the blue knobbed gate. Go right until King Henry VIII statue and down the steps. Drop the sieve on prospector's pool. Take gold nugget.

Go down steps and drop the jigsaw puzzle on top of one of the chests.

Go up 2 sets of steps and back left to the crazy man. Go back up two set of steps to the reporter area. Drop the gold nugget on the Au stand and take the necklace. Drop the orange gem on top of the orange knobbed gate.

Go left and note the statue of Van Gogh. Look at Tinkerbella and the older man. Take the key beside the purple knobbed gate.

Go down the steps and take the er yes paper. Drop the orange on the juice squeezer and take the orange juice. Note the murky pool.

Go up and right to librarian. Look at librarian and then look at er yes paper. The librarian needs photographic ID. Drop the er yes paper.

Go right and up the steps beside King Arthur statue. Drop the necklace on magpie nest. Take the first protector keys. Insert the key on locked chest and take the bilingual pill.


Second Protector Key:


Go down 2 set of steps, left, down the steps and left to the sleeping Frenchman. Save game.  Consume the bilingual pill and look at sleeping Frenchman. King Garamond will say Bonjour Mon Amie. Take and look at the love letter to Tinkerbella.

Go right and up the steps. Drop the homework beside the teacher. It isn't correct. Take the homework again.

Go left and up the steps to the reporter. Drop the love letter beside the reporter. Take and look at the newspaper. He won't reveal his source, ha!

Go left and drop the newspaper on stand in front of Lord MoneyGoo. Take the wedding ring. Look at Tinkerbella.

Go right until King Arthur, down to Florence Nightingale and down to King Henry VIII. Drop the wedding ring in front of King Henry VIII and take the Vitamin B smarter pill.

Go back to sleeping mathematician beside the reporter. Consume the vitamin B smarter pill and look at sleeping mathematician. King Garamond says I'm really interested in Quantum Physics. This wakes the mathematician. Drop Billy's erroneous homework beside him and take the corrected homework.

Go right, down the steps and left to teacher. Drop the corrected homework beside him. Take the blue door gem.

Go left and down the steps pass the crazy man. Drop the blue gem on blue knobbed door. Go left and take jigsaw piece. Note the Wee Willy statue, gutting machine and skull and bones stand. Drop the bowling ball on mini bowling table. Hmm. Leave the ball there and we will get back to it later. Talk to beggar. Drop hat beside beggar and now he wants jacket.

Go up, take map of Avalon and operate lever. Go up, right until King Arthur. Drop map of Avalon in front of King Arthur. Take fishing rod.

Go way down to jigsaw-chest area and drop the new jigsaw piece.

Go left and down. Take lit match.

Go back to Tinkerbella and down to the murky pool. Drop the fishing rod on murky pool and take the trout.

Go up to Tinkerbella, left, down to beggar and right to the gutting machine. Drop trout on gutting machine. Take key.

Go right and up to crazy man. Insert the key on locked chest. Take cyanide potion.

Go back down and left to gutting machine area. Drop the cyanide potion on skull and bones stand. Take fearless potion.

Go right until King Henry VIII. Go up the steps, save game and while close to dog and clef stand, consume the fearless potion. Drop music note paper on clef stand. Take second protector key.

Take and then drop stamina pill on ground. Place the tankard in front of barrel of ale. Operate the barrel to get tankard full of ale.

Go left, back up to Florence Nightingale and then climb steps. Go right to the gargoyles. Insert the first protector key on gargoyle. Insert the second protector key on the second gargoyle. Take yellow door gem.


Third Protector Key:


Go back to man with toothache by going left, down to Florence Nightingale, right and down to King Henry VIII. Go left pass the man with toothache and drop the yellow gem on yellow knobbed gate.

Look at boy padlocked to stand and the jailer beside him. Try to take the key by jailer and you will be zapped. Take jacket beside jailer. Place the tankard of ale beside jailer and he loves it. Take empty tankard. Note the planting pot, root symbol stand, Houdini statue, locked chests, pillar box (mail box) and red knobbed gate.

Go down the steps and take the E=Mc squared paper. Operate the lever. Go right and listen to tacky music of man with a coin basket in front of him. You can't get near him.

Go back up and up another set of steps and see a pig with trough. Operate lever.

Go up until the librarian. Drop the E=Mc squared paper in front of the Einstein statue. Take the cube.

Go left, down 2 sets of steps, right, down the steps and right to the pig. Go down and drop the cube on root symbol stand. Take the key. Use key on chest beside Houdini state. Take the sharp to major potion.

Go down to the tacky musician. Consume the sharp to major potion, go close to tacky musician and drop coin on his coin basket. Take truffle.

Go to pig 2 set of steps above. Drop truffle on trough. Take the third protector key.


Fourth Protector Key:


Go to gargoyles and insert the third protector key on gargoyle. Take the purple door gem.

Go back to Tinkerbella. Drop the purple door gem on purple knobbed gate. Take the jigsaw piece, seed and nightcap. Note the chests and the cooking pot.

Go left and down to the beggar. Drop the jacket by beggar. Now, he wants shoes. Go right and drop night cap on Wee Willies statue. Take the sleeping powder.

Go right until the ale barrel by King Henry VIII. If you're running low on stamina - take the stamina pill. Drop the sleeping powder in barrel of ale. Fill the tankard with ale with additive. You can try and get Garamond to consume the ale.

Go back to jailer. Drop ale with additive beside jailer. Take the key. Insert key on padlock beside boy. Take and read the note. Go to planting pot left of jailer. Drop seed on planting pot. Take the sunflower.

Go down, right and up to jigsaw pieces collected. Arrange the jigsaw pieces until the chest above opens and the jigsaw pieces disappear. Take the playing card from chest.

Go back to Tinkerbella. Go down the steps and take the passport from the wood stump. Drop note.

Go up and right to librarian. Drop passport beside librarian. Take and read the book. Book of bowling states how to make a champion bowler potion. The potion needs gambling device, citrus blood, something that was and the recipe.

Go left to Van Gogh statue beside reporter. Drop the sunflower in front of statue. Take the old shoes.

Go back to beggar. Go left to end and down the steps. Drop the shoes by beggar. Take effigy of the beggar.

Go right until King Henry VIII and then up 2 sets of steps. Go right pass the woodcutter to the pile of wood. Drop the effigy on pile of logs. Insert the lit match on pile of logs. Take the ashes.

Go left back to the purple gate alcove by Tinkerbella. Drop the playing card, orange juice, ashes and the bowling book on the cooking pot. Take the bowl better potion.

Go left and down to beggar and mini bowling table. Take the bowling ball we left here. Stand on the end of the table. Consume the bowl better potion and drop the bowling ball on the table. Take the silver trophy.

Go back up to Tinkerbella, right until King Arthur statue and up the steps. Drop the silver trophy on the Ag (silver) stand. Take the red gate gem.

Go back to jailer - Houdini statue area below the pig. Drop the red gem on red knobbed gate. Take the complaint letter in front of the statues of Edward Lear and George Orwell.  Insert the letter on pillar (mail) box. The chest opens. Take the book of nonsense. Drop the book of nonsense in front of Edward Lear. Take straight jacket. Drop straight jacket in front of Houdini statue. Take 1984 calendar. Drop 1984 calendar in front of George Orwell statue. Take the fourth protector key.

Go to gargoyles. Insert the last protector key on gargoyle. Go forward.


We did it! That was a strange village indeed.

So... this is Queen Eve's fortress. Looks a bit scary. You're sure you want to go inside.

Okay then. See you on episode 11.

Episode 11: Fortress Courtyard

King Garamond will find himself emerged in Queen Eve's place of abode. Surrounded by prophets, rambling witches, ghosts of dead ancestors and shrines to the darker side of history. This twisted and creepy place that also provides residence for Eve's closest relatives is not for the weak hearted but it could hold a shortcut to Garamond's quest in finding a wife.

In Search of Queen Eve:


Part 1:

Go right and take the blue flower from bush. Look at the ghost of Auntie Maude. Take the glass from altar. Go left to next room and look at the Blarney stone. Go down to next level.

Go left and see Adolf's shrine. Take the sponge. Note the Stone of Weyland, Stone of Kesland and the bug case.

Go right and operate the lever to open the gate. Go right and look at the mirror on the wall. Take the 6 petal yellow flower from bush. Go down to next level.

Library - Operate lever to lower gate. Go close to the record player and hear 'White Christmas'.  Take and read Blue Book - the Kes wore their hair in 3 blue spikes and the Wey wore 6 thong yellow kilts. Now what does it reminds us of?  Drop book on floor. Look at the crystal carver stand and Lizzy Borden shrine.

Take and read the green book. Drop green book.

Eve likes to wear feminine nightwear.

Granddad wears practical nightwear.

Grandma likes to make concoctions.

Aunty Violet makes clothes.

Ezmerelda went to bed with goodies.


Take and read the red book. Drop the red book.

Aunty Maud - fascinated by Black Death

Uncle Mordred - fascinated by Voodoo.

Cousin Henry - never said a nice thing to anyone.

Cousin Percival - passion for boating accidents.

Great Aunty Mavis - arsonist, loved a good fire.

Great Uncle Augustus - hated everyone apart from Mother.

Go back up and left to the Stones of Weyland and Kesland. Based on the blue book at the library, drop the yellow flower on the stone of Weyland and the blue flower on the stone of Kesland. Take the axe. Guess where we go from here.

Go to Lizzie Borden shrine at the library below. Drop axe on Lizzie Border shrine. Take the nursery rhyme. Read the ring a roses rhyme - this is the rhyme recited during the plague in London. Who was that relation that was fascinated by Black Death?

Go to Aunty Maud's ghost two floors above. Drop the nursery rhyme on altar. The ghost disappears.


Part 2:

Banquet Room - Climb the steps. Note the yellow knobbed gate on the left. Take the second empty glass on the banqueting table. Note the lie detector and the cookie duplicator.

Go down and operate the lever for the shortcut. Note the handsome man on the portrait - guess who? Note grandpa's bed. Go back up the stairs to the right.

Operate the lever to open gate. Look at the ghost of Uncle Mordred who is fascinated by voodoo.  Take the 'gathers no moss' answer. Note the headless suit of armor. Take the red block of gem crystal. Note the red knobbed gate on the right.

Go to the library by going down the 2 flights of steps, left, operate the lever, left and down the steps. Drop the red block of crystal on crystal carver. Take red gate jewel.

Go back up the steps, right and climb the steps. Note Ivan the terrible shrine. Look at the romantic witch.

Climb up the steps and drop the red gate jewel on red knobbed gate.

Go right and note the Flame of Antiquity and Great Uncle Augustus' ghost that loves only his mother. Take the 'run deep' answer. Note the green knobbed gate on the right.

Go down the steps. Operate the lever on the left to lower the gate to a shortcut. Take the kissing cookie from the Jack the Ripper shrine.

Go right and look at the witch that misses St. Patrick. Look at the glass orb with levers behind it.

Go down the steps and go left. See a butterfly that moves away when you come near. See an Egyptian tomb and a chest on the right.

Climb back up and go to the Blarney stone at start of game. Go to far left, down the stairs by Ivan the Terrible, go far left and up the stairs by Adolf. Go left and save game before the Blarney stone. Consume the kissing cookie and then look at the Blarney Stone. Take the shamrock from open chest.

Go back to witch that misses St. Patrick by taking the reverse route. Drop the shamrock in front of witch. Take the wax doll. Who was it that likes voodoo?

Go to Uncle Mordred ghost by going to far left until Ivan the Terrible and then climb the stairs. Drop the wax doll on stand beside Uncle Mordred. He disappears.


Queen Eve's challenges:


Bring me something old:

Climb up and meet Queen Eve. Look at Ezmerelda. Fake death is better! Look at Queen Eve again and she will challenge Garamond - Bring me something old. Note Eve's bath. Drop the sponge on Eve's bath. It needs more. Take the 'saves nine' answer from the cat's cushion. Note Cupid Flame, Halloween flame and the bed of roses. Take the silver plate from Eve's bed.

Go right, take the potion of stealth and look at Cousin Percival who likes boating accidents.

Go up the stairs and note the blue knobbed gate. Drop the glass in front of the barrel of vodka and then operate the vodka barrel. Take the vodka filled glass. You can get Garamond to drink vodka and see what he says. Note the poison barrel.

Go to the butterfly by going down, left, down the 2 sets of stairs, right by Ivan and down to the stairs at the end. Save game. Consume the potion of stealth and take the butterfly from the bush on the left.

Go to the bug case by the Adolf's shrine. Climb stairs, left to Ivan, down the stairs and left to Adolf's shrine. Place butterfly on bug case and take Czar's crown. Guess who?

Go back by reverse route to Ivan. Drop the Czar's crown on Ivan's shrine - No, you're not terrible. Take the key.

Go far right and down the steps to where the butterfly and the Egyptian tomb are located. Insert the key on chest and take the brand new penny.

Climb up, left up the first stairs and left. Drop the penny on the flame of antiquity. Take the really old penny.

Go back to Queen Eve by going left and up the stairs. Drop the something old - old penny on poufee-cushion beside her. Now she wants something new. Take the blue gate gem from the poufee.


Bring me something new:

Go right and up the stairs. Drop the blue gate gem on blue knobbed gate. Take the bar of soap from the fountain of youth. Note the furnace on the right. Look at the witch that thinks only phrenology is true. Take the valentine's card and the 'spoil the broth' answer. Note the Burke and Hare shrine (they commit murders to sell bodies for science). Fill the empty glass with orange juice from the barrel. Note the bed of grandmother who likes to make concoctions in bed. Take the silver plate and look at the ghost of Great Aunty Mavis, who loves fires. Note the Christmas tree on the right.

Go left, down and left to where Queen Eve is located. Drop the valentine card on the Cupid flame. Take the 'Gone with the Wind' book. Drop the bar of soap on Eve's bath. It needs another item.

Go down 2 flights of stairs and right to the romantic witch by Ivan. Drop the Gone with the Wind book by her side and take the map of White Chapel - the haunt of Jack the Ripper.

Go right to Jack the Ripper shrine and drop the map of White Chapel. Take the sing a long cookie.

Go to the library by going left to Ivan, down the stairs, left and down the stairs. Save game! Consume the sing a long cookie, go to record player and take the rubber ducky.

Go back to Queen Eve and drop the rubber ducky on her bath. Take the Mein Kampf book.

Go to Adolf' shrine by the bug case and drop the Mein Kampf book in front of him. Take the old person picture.

Go to the fountain of youth, above and to the right of Queen Eve's room. On the way, place the 2 silver plates on the banquet tables. Drop the old person picture on fountain of youth. Take the baby picture. Go back down to Queen Eve and give her the something new - baby picture. Now, she wants something borrowed. Take the comfy pajamas.


Bring me something borrowed:

Go to grandpa's bed by going down, go a little to the left and down the stairs. Drop the comfy pajamas on grandpa's bed. Take the vanity cookie. Go down to the mirror one flight below here.

At the mirror, save game, consume cookie and then look at mirror. Take the yellow gate gem from opened chest.

Go to yellow gate by going left, up the stairs, right and up the stairs. Drop the yellow gem on yellow knobbed gate. Look at the 2 prophets and look at the appropriate answer. Take the 2 symbols. A stitch in time saves nine. Still rivers run deep. Climb the stairs and do the same. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Take the 2 symbols. Drop all stone answers. Look at the portrait of Li.. uhm... a beautiful lady. Go down and place the 4 symbols on engraved altars. Take steel ball from opened chest.

Go to glass orb by the witch who misses St. Patrick. Go to far right end, down at the stairs and then right to the glass orb. Drop the steel ball on stand, operate left lever and then operate right lever. Take the green gate gem.

Go left and up the stairs. Drop the green gem on green knobbed gate. Note the flame of sorrow and look at the witch. She says something that means cock, tail and Harry wall banger. Note the roulette wheel.

Go right and take the third glass from Ruth Ellis shrine. Take the severed head from Percival's bath. Look at the 3 parts, dash and one part. Try to get close to the oven on the right. Note Cleopatra's flame and take the silver plate.

Go up the stairs, take the key and operate the lever. Go left, up the stairs and go left to witch. Drop the head in front of the witch. Take the pumpkin.

Go to Eve's room on the left and down the stairs. Insert the key on the chest by Percival. Take the anti-heat potion. Drop the pumpkin on the Halloween flame. Take the asp.

Go back to oven and Cleopatra's flame by reverse route. Drop the asp on Cleopatra's flame. Take the sphinx. Go left, down the steps, right and down. Drop the sphinx on Egyptian tomb. Take the clock.

Go back to Queen Eve. Drop the something borrowed - time or clock beside her. Bring me something blue. Take the lump of dough.


Bring me something blue:

Go back down and right to oven by Cleopatra's flame. Save game, consume anti-heat potion and drop the dough on top of the oven. Take Pudding Lane sign. Climb the stairs behind you and left to Aunty Mavis' ghost. Drop the Pudding Lane sign beside her. She disappears.

Climb the stairs. Take the fourth silver plate and fill and then take the glass with Galleano. Look at Great Aunty Violet's bed, the 2 symbols, another glass orb with levers and the flame of ocean. Operate the lever to lower the gate.

Go back to the oven area. Stand in front of the 3 parts, dash and one part altar. To make a Harry Wallbanger cocktail - 3 parts orange juice, a dash of Galleano and a part of vodka. Drop the orange juice on 3 stand, Galleano on dash stand and the vodka on the one stand. Take the Harry Wallbanger cocktail. Go left to witch. Drop the cocktail in front of her. Take symbol.

Go way left to banquet tables. Drop the silver plates on all 4 tables and a secret passage is seen.

Meet CinderAli. Look at King Herod's shrine, take the er no answer and take-read the autobiography book. Note Ezmerelda's bed.

Go to Queen Eve's room next door and drop the autobiography book on the bed of roses. Take the pillow.

Go right, up and right to Burke and Hare shrine. Drop the pillow on shrine. Take chemistry set. Drop the chemistry set on grandma's bed at right. Take double zero potion.

Go right, down, right, down and left to roulette wheel by witch. Consume double zero potion and operate the roulette wheel. Take the second symbol from open chest.

Go right, back up, left, up and up again. Drop the 2 symbols on stand. Take the rope-noose.

Go back down to roulette table and the Ruth Ellis shrine. Drop the noose on Ruth Ellis. Take happy spider. Go left to flame of sorrow. Drop the happy spider on flame of sorrow. Take sad spider.

Go to Queen Eve and give her the something blue - the sad spider. Queen Eve asks if Garamond wants to marry Ezmerelda. Take the piece of paper.


Garamond's Marriage:


Ask for CinderAli's hand:

Go to CinderAli next door down and left. Drop the paper on Herod's shrine. Take seaweed.

Go to flame of Oceans by taking the stairs right of Queen's room, up another stairs and then right. Drop the seaweed on flame of oceans. Take the toy boat.

Go to Percival's bath by the oven and Ruth Ellis shrine, right and down 2 levels. Drop toy boat at Percival's bath. Take piece of Titanic.

Go to Percival's ghost at Queen Eve's room. Drop the Titanic piece on stand beside Percival. Go up the stairs. Note the x-ray machine and then take the chocolate from the nullify stone.

Go to Ezmerelda's bed by CinderAli. Drop the chocolate on Ezmerelda's bed. Take saucer of cream.

Go to Queen's Eve's room and drop the saucer of cream on cat's cushion. Take helmet.

Go to suit of armor below. Drop the helmet on suit of armor. Take the glass slippers from open chest.

Go to CinderAli. Drop glass slipper beside CinderAli. Take the little fairy.

Go to Christmas tree by going up to Queen's Eve's room, up the stairs and right to end. Drop fairy on Christmas tree. Take the knitting yarn from opened chest.

Go up the stairs to Great Aunty Violet's bed. Drop the knitting yarn on bed. Take Mother's Day card.

Go down 2 levels and then left to Great Uncle Augustus' ghost. Drop the mother's day card beside him. Climb up and take the lacy lingerie. Note the monopoly board.

Go to Queen Eve's bed and drop the lacy lingerie. Take the small box.

Go right and climb the left stairs. Drop the box on the x-ray machine. Take and read the world according to Eve. Lies!

Go down to lie detector by stairs going to CinderAli's room. Drop Eve's paper on lie detector. Take picture of CinderAli.

Go Back to Queen Eve. Look at Queen Eve. She asks if you want to marry Ezmerelda. Look at the er no answer. She wants to know who you want to marry. Over my dead body. Drop the picture of CinderAli beside Queen Eve. Take wedding ring.


That's another fine mess you've gotten us into:

Go to CinderAli. Drop wedding ring beside CinderAli. Oh... My... God... Look at Ezmerelda. Take the marriage certificate from altar.

Go to room above Queen's Eve's room. Drop the marriage certificate on nullify stone. Take the paper and read it. We need the help of Valhalla but first burn this note.

Go down, up the right stairs and drop the paper on furnace. Take pair of dice.

Go left, down 2 flights, right and up the stairs. Drop the pair of dice on monopoly board. Take steel ball.

Go back up to room above the vodka barrel. Drop ball on altar, operate left lever and then operate right lever. Take the Light of Valhalla.

Go down and drop the Light of Valhalla on poison barrel at the bottom of the stairs. Take the poisoned tipped Light of Valhalla.

Go to Queen Eve and while facing her body, insert the poisoned Light of Valhalla. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Look at Eve's dress.

Go back to CinderAli-Ezmerelda's room. Take and read the paper. Yup, a whole new episode.

Go back to Queen Eve's room and climb the stairs behind her poufee. Drop the paper beside the ghost of Cousin Henry.

Look at the handsome family portrait.


Let's go and get the girls!

Episode 12:    Fortress Tower

It's been a long journey but King Garamond II has finally made it to the fortress tower. It's cramped, dank and somewhat on the smelly side but within reside all of the kidnapped ladies of Valhalla, loosely guarded by disgruntled guards. Garamond will need to overcome the opposite stones, satisfy shrines, defeat the guards and more importantly rescue and win the hearts of the fair maidens held prisoner with in. Only to be faced with the most important decision he has ever faced - which fair maiden to choose for his wife.

First Level:

Starting at the right end of the first level, look at the shrinking stone, monopoly board, sleepy guard and the maiden, Lilly. Look at the Sherlock Holmes shrine and the manger. Take the tarnished necklace. Take and read the blue book about Eve and the synopsis of episode 12. Drop blue book.

Take and read the red book atop the fire opposite stone. Drop red book on floor.

Sir David - executed for giving jewels to the poor.

Sir Francis - Hung for healing the sick,

Lady Mavis - Decapitated for being an astronomer

Sir Bradley - Drowned for being a good artist.

Lady Mary - Stabbed for finding faith.

Lady Valentine - Burned for beating Eve at bridge.

Look at Sir David's ghost, the one executed for giving jewels to the poor.

Go left and operate lever to lower gate. Look at the sun smiley opposite stone and the acid barrel. Drop the tarnished necklace on acid. Take golden necklace.

Take boot beside the ghost of Sir Francis who was hung for healing the sick. Look at the shrine of Alice in Wonderland.

Go left and look at Rose with the guard who studied graphology (science of handwriting). Take and look at the note beside the guard. Drop note on floor.

Go back to the far right room at this first level. Drop the boot on shrinking stone and take the little boot. Drop little boot on monopoly table and take the coffee beans from opened chest. Drop the cleaned necklace beside Sir David's ghost. He disappears.


Second level right side:

Go up to second level and look at the ghost of Lady Valentine who was burned for beating Eve at bridge beside the Don Quixote shrine. Take the magnifying glass.

Go left, take and read the beautiful princess note atop the black opposite stone. Drop note on floor. There is a fast opposite stone beside it. 

Go right and look at the grinding machine. Drop the coffee beans on grinding machine and take the coffee powder. Operate the lever to drop the gate.

Go right and look at Daisy beside the messy guard. Take the metal beside Daisy. Look at the rabbit hutch and the sink full of water.


Lower Level:

Go back and down to the lower level. Look at typewriter and the coffee percolator. Insert the coffee powder on coffee percolator and take cup of coffee.

Go up, go left and down the other stairs to the lower level. Look at the alchemist bowl and the stove. Drop the metal on alchemist bowl and take the gold.


Lilly and the sleepy guard:

Go to Lilly at far right of the first level. Drop the cup of coffee beside the sleepy guard and he disappears. Take the dirty pan. Drop the magnifying glass in front of Holmes shrine. Take the chest key. Drop the gold on the manger and it will disappear. Guess what other 2 things we need for the manger.

Go to the far left and insert the chest key in chest. Take the doctor's bag. Go right and drop doctor's bag beside the ghost of Sir Francis who was hung for healing the sick. He disappears.


Second level left side:

Go up and take the violet flower beside the ghost of Lady Mavis who was decapitated for being an astronomer. The shrine of Christopher Robin is beside Lady Mavis. Take the block of ice atop the barber's chair.

Look at the 6 engraved altars and the chest. Look at the red fax machine. Take the carrot from the bush on the left.


Go down to the first level and see a sewing box. Operate the lever on the right to lower a short cut.


Second level right side:

Go back up to second level, go right and operate lever. Go to far right. Drop the dirty pan on the sink full of water. Take clean pan. Drop the carrot on rabbit hutch and take the bunny.

Drop the block of ice on top of the fire opposite stone and take the deck of cards. Go left and drop the bunny in front of Alice in Wonderland shrine. Take myrrh.

Go second level right side and drop the deck of cards beside ghost of Lady Valentine who was burned for beating Eve at bridge.


Third level:

Take daisy flower beside the ghost of Sir Bradley who was drowned for being a good artist. Look at the guard who is waiting for a Faxed order. Note the chest beside the closed gate. Take the frankincense close to the stack of gold coins opposite stone.

Go right and see Violet beside the hungry guard. Look at the sharp stone and the cradle. Operate the lever and then go down to first level far right area.


Hungry Guard and Violet:

Go to first level far right side, drop the myrrh and frankincense on manger and take the chest key. Go to third level chest beside the guard waiting for a faxed order. Take the raw sausages.

Go down to lower level via the left staircase. Drop the cleaned pan on the stove. Drop the raw sausages on the pan. Take the cooked sausages. Go to the hungry guard at the third level beside Violet.

Drop the cooked sausages beside the hungry guard at third level. Take the rattle. Drop the rattle on cradle and take the teddy bear. Drop the violet flower beside Violet and take the emerald. Go to shrine of Christopher Robin at the second level.


Guard that needs Faxed Orders:

Drop the teddy bear in front of the shrine of Christopher Robin at second level. Take and look at the piece of blank paper.

Go to lower level and drop the blank paper on the typewriter. Take and read the typed note.

Go to fax machine at second level. Drop the typed note on fax machine and hear a sound. Go to third level and find out that the guard waiting for a fax order disappeared. Take the telescope left behind by the guard.


Messy Guard and Daisy:

Go to second level where the ghost of Lady Mavis who was decapitated for being an astronomer. Drop the telescope beside her. She disappears.

Go up the third level. Look at the ghost of Lady Mary who was stabbed for finding faith. Go left and see Cherry beside the werewolf guard. Take the old razor atop the wet opposite stone. Look at the guard waiting for a phone order. Take the lily flower beside the chest and the frog. Look at the bleach vat.

Go right and operate the lever to lower the shortcut gate. Drop the old razor on sharp stone. Take the razor blade and drop it on the barber chair on the second floor. Take the comb.

Go far right to messy guard by Daisy. Drop the comb beside the guard and take the tortoise. Drop the daisy flower beside Daisy and take the emerald.


Werewolf guard and Cherry:

Drop the tortoise on fast opposite stone on the left at second level. Take the paint brush.

Go to third level and drop paint brush beside the ghost of Sir Bradley who was drowned for being a good artist. He disappears.

Go up to fourth level. Take the chest key beside Bluebell guarded by the heroic guard. Take the bluebell flower from bush.  Look at Scrooge's shrine, liquid silver vat, balloon and the telephone. Operate the lever.  Take the rose flower from the bush and look at Infinity's shrine.

Go to third level and insert the chest key beside the frog at far left. Take the bullet

Go back up to the fourth floor. Drop the bullet on the liquid silver vat and take the silver bullet.

Drop the silver bullet beside the werewolf guard by Cherry at third level. Take moon dust.

Drop the moon dust on sun smiley opposite stone at the first level. Take the 'go for lunch' words.

Look at the 'go to lunch' words while standing in front of the telephone at the fourth top level. Drop the go to lunch words.

Go back to third level by Cherry and telephone. Take the cross left by the guard. Go right and drop the cross by Lady Mary who was stabbed for finding faith.

Go to up the stairs to the fourth floor. Take the pink cherry flower, the infinity symbol atop the rock with a hole and the gray sock. Operate the lever to lower the shortcut gate.

Go back down to Cherry at third level and drop the pink cherry flowers beside her. Take the emerald.


Graphology Guard and Rose:

Go left at third level and drop the gray sock on the bleach vat. Take the white sock.

Go down to second level and drop white sock on black opposite stone. Take and read the handwritten note.

Drop the handwritten note beside the guard who studied graphology at the first level. Take the rags. Drop the rose flower beside Rose and take the emerald.


Heroic Guard, Bluebell and Lilly:

Drop the rags on the gold coin opposite stone at third floor. Take lots of money.

Go to Scrooge shrine on the fourth floor and drop the lots of money on the shrine. Take the thimble.

Go to sewing box at first left level. Take the pin. Go to Lilly at far right first level and drop the lily flower beside Lilly. Take emerald.

Go to fourth floor and insert pin on balloon. Take medal. Drop medal beside heroic guard. Take sword. Drop the bluebell flower beside Bluebell. Take the emerald.


Infinity's shrine:

Go to second level and drop the sword on Don Quixote shrine. Take sand.

Drop sand on wet opposite stone at third left level. Take stick of dynamite.

Go right fourth level and drop the infinity symbol on Infinity's shrine. Uh oh! I will return! Take the lit match.

Go to fourth left level and insert the dynamite on rock with hole. Drop the lit match on dynamite in rock. Take the kiss word.



Drop all 6 emeralds on the engraved altars at second level left side. Take the 'will you marry me' words from the opened chest. Go to all the maidens and look at the will you marry me words. Oh well!


The Real Princess:

Go to the frog at left end of the third level. Look at 'kiss' word. The frog changes into a beautiful blond princess. Look at the 'will you marry me' words.



King Garamond and Queen Lisa got married at Valhalla Cathedral and the kingdom rejoiced.

At nights when the sky is at its the darkest, evil mutterings of a tormented girl from the direction of Evesland and the wild ranting of the one known as Infinity can be heard.

There will come a day that King Garamond will need your help again. Time will only tell.

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