Verschollen Auf Lost Island - Walkthrough
(Missing on Lost Island)
By Nancy Griffin

Use this walkthrough only if you are stuck or really need something to read. The game is a bit short and using the walkthrough word for word will take away from the gaming experience.

This game has a bug that will not allow the player to progress beyond Chapter one unless an available patch is applied.  Applying the patch after the game has been started and saved will not affect existing saves.
The patch is no longer available (January 2021)

This game also has many red herrings and a few inventory items that may never be used. I have located four different endings with two different paths to reach those endings. Each path will be explained with a warning to save the game at the appropriate spot in the game to experience each path.

Helpful hints

Sometimes an item to be used is hidden behind your character Tim and he must be moved out of the way first.
You can use the right mouse button to bring up the inventory screen, right click on an item to use it and left click to leave the inventory screen with the item active.
Use the left mouse button to put some inventory items away after using them or you will not be able to continue.
Always check inventory for an item when instructed to USE an item.
If you are replaying a scene and want to skip dialog, use the right mouse button.
Grabbing skeleton hand = you can use or manipulate an object
Talking skull = you can talk with another person
Blinking eye skull = you can make an observation about that object and have possible interaction with the object using an inventory item.
Rotating gears = you can manipulate objects by clicking on it or by using an inventory item on it.
One skeleton foot = an exit that cannot be manipulated, for exiting only.
Two small bone feet = Tim can walk to these areas.

Opening scene

It’s night and Diana and I are walking home after a night at the theatre. As we reach the corner of Ray’s Bar-B-Que, we spy a strange sight down the alley. There are men loading goods into a strange type of craft. There is a man with a wooden leg supervising. One of the men stumble and their illegal cargo is spilled out onto the alley. They see us and wooden-leg man shoots at us with a laser gun, Diana is hit. He aims at me and misses as I fire back. They disappear into the night and I rush to Diana.  She is hurt. Then she suddenly disappears before my eyes. Nothing but her clothes are left. I’m attacked from behind and I knock the weapon from his hand. We struggle, but alas, I’m hit as well. In pain, I try to cry out but my voice is silenced.

Chapter 1

Yes, you’re alive. You are alive and naked, and standing in a crater, who knows where. You’ve got to get covered up so grab some leaves (with skeleton hand). That’s better.
Grab hold of the creeper (gear icon) and try to climb out. Ouch.
Grab the liana (vine) from where the leaves were.
Use the liana (from inventory) on the tree and then use on the stone.
Click on the tree. Oops, too loose.
Pick up the tied liana on the stone and use the liana (from inventory) on the tree and then the stone again.
Click on the tied liana on the stone a second time.
Use the tree. Oops, too tight. We’re going to do this one more time.
Use the tied liana on the stone and the tree.
Grab the tied liana by the stone and you will tighten the liana just a bit.
Click on the tree and you’re out!

Go down the path to the right.  Look around (everything is old) and then go through door. Inside the house, grab the poker and blanket.
Use the poker on the chest and put poker away by using the left mouse button.
Open the chest then click on opened chest and don the clothes. You’ll pick up an amulet. Try to leave the house. You’ll run into Diana as an old woman. The amulet changes everything to a previous time. Diana is gone and everything looks newer, and you are naked again.
Go outside and grab the clothes hidden by the sheet on the clothesline.
Grab the ladder.  Isn’t it great the way it fits into your pocket?

Go back to the crater on your left.
Use the ladder on the crater. You break the ladder. Leave it.
Talk to the sculptor and see that the statue looks like Diana.
Exit through the secret passage and pick up the stick lying by the tree at the edge of the crater on the right.
Take the path past the house and to the village.
Click on the cat for fun.
Go into the tavern and talk to the drunk and the bartender. The drunk wants money to give you the information you seek about Diana and the bartender tells you about Captain Blackoneeyedravenwithonelegbroken upstairs.
Go upstairs and talk to the pirates. Gee, they don’t like you.
Leave through the door and exit tavern at bottom of screen.
Go next door to the blacksmith.
Grab the sledgehammer to the left as you enter. Try to talk to the blacksmith, but he’s got a speech impediment.
Exit at bottom of screen and go right to the harbour.

Talk to the pirate. He thinks that you want to sneak onto the ship.
Click on the ship. You’ll sneak up behind the pirate.
Click on the pirate to snatch his money.
Go back to the tavern in the village and use the money on the drunk. He has the nerve to want more money but you noticed that the pirate at the harbour had a gold tooth.
Go back to the harbour and click on the pirate. He knocks you out.
Use the stick on the pirate. After a scuffle, you have the gold tooth.

Go to the tavern and use the tooth on the drunk. He wants a drink first.
Use the coin on the bartender and get a green bottle.
Use it on the drunk and he passes out.
Search the drunk while he’s passed out. He has an ivory statue on him.
Ask the bartender for coffee and receive a gray bottle.
Use gray bottle on the drunk and he comes to but he still won’t help you.
Exit tavern.

Head back to the sculptor in the crater by exiting at bottom left screen.
Enter crater through secret passage.
Talk to sculptor and he gives you a small, carved figure.
Exit through passage and return to the harbour. Then head down the stairs to the cannon. Use your carved figure on the barrel of whitewash.
Use your shoe on the fly on the crate to the right.  Before returning to tavern, let’s have some fun.
At the opened chest, pick up some gunpowder and wicks.
Click on the opened chest a second time and receive gunpowder, wick and candles.
Pick up the cleaning brush and a cannonball.
On the cannon, first use the cannon cleaner, then the gunpowder, then a cannonball and then the wick.
Click on the cannon and watch out! Darn, it was close.
Repeat the process and this time success.
(At the cannon you may also choose not to use your shoe on the fly. After shooting the cannon the second time you will hit the fly and crate and get a cut scene of the cannonball/fly combination hitting the side of the tavern. When you retrieve this cannonball later, you will not have to combine the fly and cannonball.)

Exit to the harbour and then the village.
Back at the tavern, use the whitewashed statue on the drunk and talk to him. He tells you that Diana was taken to a hidden island by Captain Blackoneeyedravenwithonelegbroken. Go up the stairs and talk to the pirates again.
Go out onto the stage (at the very bottom of the screen) and you will be standing where your cannonball hit the building.
Use the sledgehammer on the breach. Grab the cannonball from the breach and it will fall to the floor and be hidden by the bricks.
Pick up the cannonball and combine the fly with the cannonball. (If you can’t get the cannonball, go back to the harbour and grab another one).
Give the Combined fly/cannonball to the pirates. They look suspicious.

Leave the tavern and go next door to the blacksmith. He will make you a sword if you supply him with steel.
Go get another cannonball from the pile by the cannon and give it to him. He tells you to come back in a little while.
Leave and come right back in. The sword should be on the table to the right.
Use your sword on the candles in your inventory and return to the pirates in the tavern. Use the severed candles on the candlestick.
Use your sword on the candlestick. Sit back and watch the cut scene.

Chapter 2

You are now in the belly of Captain Blackravenoneeyedwithonelegbroken’s ship and on your way to the hidden island to save Diana.
Grab the footbridge and exit to the left. You are by the cannons on the lower decks.
Click on the barrel with gunpowder to open it.
Click on it again to get some gunpowder and grab a cannonball while you’re at it.
Exit up to the upper decks. Ignore the deckhand, too much rum.
Go to the uppermost deck and talk to the captain.  Are you afraid of heights? He wants you to go to the crow’s nest.
Grab the spyglass from the captain’s pocket and go up to the crow’s nest.
In the crow’s nest, use the spyglass on the sea.
Hurry down and report what you saw to the captain. Time to man your station.
Go down into the lower decks by the cannons.
On the right side of the screen grab the cleaning brush and the “wig” (wick).
Pull the opening rope to open the portal for the cannon on the left side of the screen.
Click on the end of the cannon barrel of the first cannon on the left.
Use the “wig” (wick) on the “place for a wig” on the cannon.
Click on the trigger and enjoy the game.
You are now playing Battleship. Click on any square until you get a hit. There are 8 hits to destroy the other boat. *If you run out of ammo before destroying the other vessel, the game will take a different path to get you on board the other ship and is explained below.
After defeating the enemy vessel, your crewmembers board the ship. Whoa! The ship repairs itself and your crewmembers disappear.
Go up to the deck.
Use the footbridge on the ship to board it.
*So you ran out of ammo.  A laser is destroying your ship. You jump out of the portal just in time. After grabbing a piece of wreckage you float up to the enemy vessel.
Try to exit to the ship. Nope.
Exit back to the wreckage and grab the rope on the floating mast.
Go back to the ship and use the rope on “to ship”. You go straight to jail. Use the Copperfield scarf on the door to escape.  Go up to the deck.
Both paths continue here.
Go to the captain’s cabin and grab the rope and rope-fixing pin on the right wall.
Go back to the deck and notice wolf-head man (donkey).
Use the rope-fixing pin on him and grab his iron rod.
Click on boat and exit to store at left side of screen.
Grab the oar on the wall to your right.
Notice grate and lock, then use iron rod on lock. Oops, you lose it.
Click on big crate to move it out of the way.
Move Tim a little to the right and click on the secret button.
Grab the laser.  Didn’t get bit, did you?
Go up to the deck and click on the boat with the oar.
Go to rear deck on right side of screen.
Click on the railing and then use the rope on the railing. Oops, in jail.
Use the Copperfield scarf on the door to escape.
Click on the cellar. It’s just a little bit dark and scary.
Go up to the deck. Go back to the rear deck.
Use the laser gun on the leftmost lamp. Oops, you lose the laser gun.
Go down to upper deck and then down to prison.
Use the lamp on the cellar.
Click on lamp and then enter cellar.
Grab the wooden prism from the keg.
Use the prism on the exit to prison. The cargo is headed for your head. Whew.
Go to prison and grab hook from left wall of ship and reenter cellar.
Use the hook on the crate and grab an empty sack.
Use the hook on the barrel to open it.
Use the empty sack on the barrel and fill it with rum…errr…water.
Leave the cellar and go up to deck.
Use oar on boat and watch the cut scene.

Chapter 3

You are on an island and, with luck, the island where Diana is.
Go to the waterfall and look around, then cross the bridge and exit to the cliff.
Grab the wooden stick and then climb the rope.
At the top of the cliff, click on the extra rope lying on the ground. It seems you need something to cut the rope with.
Exit to the canyon on the right side of the screen.
Click on the river and notice something sparkly in the water.
Continue over the bridge to the right bank.  Too bad, dead pirates.
Grab the knife from the chest of the first skeleton and a hook hand and braces from the second.
Do not miss picking up the hook hand as it is needed later in the game.
Exit over bridge and use braces (suspenders) on the railing of the bridge.
You now have a propeller and just missed being eaten by a gator.
Exit to left bank and use the knife on the extra rope on the ground.
Climb down the rope and exit to river at bottom right screen.
Use the knife on the tree and get some bark. Grab the twig while you’re there.
Head back and go to the waterfall. Stand in the middle of the bridge.
Combine the hook and rope in inventory and use on the waterfall.
You’ve found the ammo supply. Click on the barrel to knock it out of the way.
Grab the rope on the crate from the right side of the screen.
Click on the left crate with the knife then use the scarf on the crate.
Grab the left crate and click on the waterfall to exit.
Exit to cliff, then to riverbank.
Click on the river and you catch a beaver.
Grab your rope and stick and then click on crate. The beaver is now in your inventory.
Exit to cliff, then to river.
Use the beaver on the tree. You now have a raft.
Use the rope on the raft to bind it.
Combine the knife and straight stick to make a lance.
Use the lance on the raft and off you go!
You are now in another cave. You need to go into the tunnels and you have two choices for getting there.
Choice number 1:  Click on the river with your lance. You will use the sack for breathing and will swim to the tunnels.
Choice number 2:  Use the propeller on the barrel in front of you and you will float to the tunnels.
In either case, you are attacked by a huge octopus, escape and end up by the tunnels.

Tunnel Hints

This is a maze. Some of us don’t like mazes. This maze is not large but is confusing as your direction changes each time you turn and there are two levels. When in the maze, you may have a choice to go forward, turn down another tunnel away from the player or take a tunnel by turning towards the player. When choosing a tunnel towards the player, the tunnel choice is outside the frame at the bottom. I know, this is confusing, so just follow these directions. All directions are from Tim’s point of view.
R=Tim’s right
L=Tim’s left
Most tunnel sections have 4 frames. If there is a dead end, there may be only 3 frames.
When instructed to turn right or left, turn into the first frame that has a tunnel exit.
Important: some frames have two tunnel choices, left or right. Let’s go.


Enter tunnels on left side of screen.  Go F, R, F, R, F.
Enter gap and grab gear wheel form from statue. Before leaving, pull the switch.
Exit to tunnel and click tunnel on right side of screen to turn Tim around.
Go F, F, F and Tim stops, his hands are burning.
Use shirt on Tim and go F, F. You are in the lava room.
Grab the strange sparkly thing on the table to the left then pull the switch on the wall where Tim entered the room.
Exit to tunnels. We will be back later.
Go F, F, F, R, F, R, F, L, F, L, F. Look up and notice closed bars.
Go F and enter gap.
Grab the gear wheel form on the table and pull the switch.
Exit to tunnels and click tunnel behind Tim to turn him around. Notice that bars are open.
You’ll be back here later too. Go F, R, F, R, F, L, F, L, F, F, F, F. The lava room again.
Go right to the workshop and grab the tongs against the far wall.
Use one of the gear wheel forms on the pedestal.
Pull the right chain to lower the cauldron.
Pull the right chain again to raise the cauldron.
Pull the left chain to move cauldron to pedestal.
Pull the right chain to lower cauldron.
Step on the pedal at the bottom of the pedestal.
Pull the right chain to raise the cauldron. Walk Tim back to pedestal.
Use tongs on the gear wheel form. Tim dips it in the water so that it’s cool.
Grab the gear wheel form and you now have a gear.
Repeat the process with the second gear wheel form to end up with two gears.
Go back to the lava basin and exit to tunnels. We need to go back to the bars.
Go F, F, F, R, F, R, F, L, F, L, F. Enter upper tunnel.
Go F, R, F, L, F, L, F, and enter gap. You are standing on a ledge.
Go to the other side and pick up the chain by the statue.
Enter passage on left side of screen.
Uh oh, your crewmembers are captives and are moving rocks. Let’s free them.
Use the scarf with gunpowder on the statue. Move Tim a little out of the way.
Use the strange sparkly thing on the gunpowder. One wolf head down.
Press the button on the wall.
Use both gears on upper empty slots then use chain on gears.
Pull the switch and your mates escape.
Go back through the passage to the ledge and jump into the basin.
Oops, you’re caught. Watch cut scene.

Chapter 4

You are hanging above a well from a very taut rope. Things look hopeless, don’t they?
Not to worry, just click on the torch to the right.
Now that you’re free, grab the rope tied to the well to retrieve it.

Save your game here. This is where you can choose between two different paths to four different ending.  Each path has the same four different ending choices.

Path 1

Use the rope on the well and enter.
You can choose to enter either tunnel or click at bottom of screen twice.
You will end up at a grate. Click on the grate. Ouch!
Use your shoes to kick out the grate.
Click on the nearest barrel, then the next barrel and then the crate.
Click on the platform and pick up the welding machine. Enter the spaceship.
Click on the box to the right of the door. Click on it again to get time travel amulet.
Pick up metal stand on the floor to the left of the box.
Grab the cable from around the spaceship exit an d pick it up.
Combine the metal stand and the cable in inventory.
Open the door to the control room at the back of the room.
Click on computer at bottom left twice to see where you and Diana are in the prison.
Click on the computer in the middle to see an exit out hidden behind a statue.
Exits are highlighted in red.
Try to leave the computer room. Oops, someone is coming.
Watch the cut scene of the spaceship being raised.
Leave control room and exit spaceship. Go to prison.
Go to prison again at lower right screen and use the welder on the door. Enter door.
Click on the chandelier chain fixing point on wall and sneak into Diana’s prison area.
Use the welder on the door. Enter door. It’s Diana!
Click on door and trap guards inside prison cell.
Exit to prison through arch.
Exit to spaceship, then again. You are standing in the large hall.
Skip to Endings

Path 2

Click on the beam to get a piece of wood. Combine wood and rope in inventory.
Walk to top of steps and click on door.
Use wood/rope combination on exit door at top of steps.
You eat the banana and the guard slips on it. Too bad.
Go through exit and click on chandelier chain fixing point on wall.
Click on chandelier to climb up. Watch cut scene.
Ah, ha!  The wolf head men are fakes.
Go back to the unconscious guard by stairs and click on him. You are now in his get-up.
Exit and go through arch to prison.  Speak to the guard.
Grab his code card and use it on the code on the wall by the prison door.
Enter prison door.  Diana!
Go to the next room and click on the chandelier. You both sneak out.
Go to spaceship twice.  Enter spaceship and hide.
Go through door at back of room.  Click on lower left computer twice to see your cells.
Click on middle computer and you’ll see an exit hidden behind a statue back at the basin.
Exits are highlighted in red.
Grab the chair.  (Those are baggy pants.)
Go back into entrance hall and click on the box to the right of the spaceship exit.
Grab what’s inside. Click on the box again to retrieve a time travel amulet.
Try exit using the code card on the code on the wall. No good.
Try spaceship exit.  Nope.
Click on cable on right side of door and pick it up.
Use chair on code on wall.
Pick up the metal stand from the floor to the left of the box.
Click on the spaceship exit again.
Talk to Diana and she will help push the door open.
Go toward prison. You are now standing in the large hall.


Talk to Diana and ask her to dance for guard to lure him out. It didn’t work.
Talk to Diana again and this time it works.
Go to basin through large door where guard was standing.
Push middle statue on the right side of screen, out of the way.
Enter Cave and continue to opening in next screen.
Use the cable and metal stand combination on the opening in the ceiling.
Click on cable and climb out into the fresh air.
Click on platform and then turn crank by tree.
Go to bridge area at lower right on screen.

Save your game here to experience all four endings.

Ending 1

Exit to bridge to cross the river.
A cut scene takes over. You are surrounded and you use the time travel amulet.  Diana tries to use it but it won’t work. She is captured. You reappear in the same spot but a million years in the past. Yes, you are naked again. You become dinner for dino.

I don’t like that one.

Ending 2

Talk to Diana. You rush over the bridge. Too late, you’re surrounded.
Click on the guards to the left. You fight them but lose.
They take Diana into their spaceship and take off into space.
You are left behind, alone and stranded.

I don’t like that one either.

Ending 3

Talk to Diana. You rush over the bridge. Too late, you’re surrounded.
Use your sword on the bridge. You just knew that gator would come in handy.
The bridge falls and Diana, you and a guard are left hanging.
The guard falls and grabs you. Click on the guard.
You are now in a cave fighting the guard. Diana saves you just in time.
You both use the amulet and return to your time. You are attacked but overpower the baddie and get rewarded.

A pretty good ending.

Ending 4

Talk to Diana. You rush over the bridge. Too late, you’re surrounded.
Use your sword on the bridge. You just knew that gator would come in handy.
The bridge falls and Diana, you and a guard are left hanging.
The guard falls and grabs you.
Exit up to the cliff.
You both end up in a cave at the river’s edge.
Talk to Diana and use the amulet on her.
You both materialize in the cave but it’s the right date. Oh, and yes, you are naked again and you’ve scared the tourists away.

Now this is a good ending.

Copyright © 3/2002 Nancy Griffin

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