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Walkthrough by MaGtRo

January 26, 2001

Game Play: Left click, to take and right click to speak. An icon appears on characters that has black bar on the right if the character can speak and the black bar is on the left if it can be picked up. On the top right of the screen are the scenes, where clues for the puzzles can be picked up. The bottom left of the screen is the inventory. More information on each of the inventory is obtained by picking them up and dropping them on the (?). Information produces keywords, in red, that are sources of clues. At the right bottom of the screen shows the return (previous screen), quick move (information) and options buttons (main menu). Items, clues and characters needed to solve the riddle can be obtained from the scenes or views. Press the space bar to skip the introduction or movies.

A man was born in Iceland many winters ago. He was named Hjalmar. He was the son of Ingmar, the hairy bodied and the men of his clan were berserkir. Those warrior beasts whose veins are filled with the blood of wolves and bears. There has never been a worst destiny for that of Hjalmar. Who one day, set out over the ocean, to recover the axe of his ancestors. He had to fight the forces of Chaos, he saw his dearest friends die and he lost his hand in a fight. But, he met the most enchanted of beauty, Thorild and became the equal of the Gods. It is this strange and terrible saga, the saga of Hjalmar, the iron handed, which I, Eldgrim will now tell you.

Ingmar had 2 old friends that he sailed with. They gathered riches and became powerful lords. Ingolf settled in Greenland, Leif Haraldsson settled in Norway and Ingmar settled in Iceland. Ingmar sent his son, Hjalmar to Norway for his education. Haraldsson, second most powerful man in Norway after King Olaf, is sick and weak, possibly due to witchcraft and needs money to finance a trip to fetch the Shaman (Eldgrim), the only one that can cure him, from the land of the White Steppes. This illness came after the suspicious death of his son.


In Leif Haraldsson's House, Hjalmar listens to Leif talk about the high cost in men all over to export the items demanded for Eldgrim to come to Norway. Ornolf, a jarl, in charge of collecting the danegeld tribute, sits nearby and listen while Audbjorg stirs the pot. Give the sword on the bottom left of the screen to Leif. He draws the map of the Viking Trade and this then opens the riddle. 

At Bergen trading post, a Norwegian fisherman fixes his net, a Swedish miner extracts steatite, a hunter from Greenland makes traps and a man pushes a hoist. Click on the man pushing the hoist to show Thorgeist, a Viking offloading timber from the ship. 

The Icelandic falconer tries to sell his birds of prey to a lady on the street of Bergen. A Greenland sculptor carves the ivory demanded by Eldgrim. Far seeing eye, a Laplandish hunter brags about his skills. Ingirid, an Icelandic weaver talks to a Danish farmer about their wares that will help finance the journey. Click on the wine stall on the right to show the slave merchant come out and discuss the best slaves to his friends.

Riddle 1: Viking Trade 

 Place the craftsmen and workers in the map of the Viking world.

Place the Danish farmer in Denmark, the Icelandic weaver in Western part of Iceland, the Icelandic falconer on Eastern Iceland, Greenland sculptor on the Western estates of Greenland, the hunter from Greenland on the Eastern estates of Greenland, the jarl on Mercia (England), Thorgeist the Viking on south Norway, Norwegian fisherman on North Norway, Swedish miner on Sweden, Laplandish hunter on the Principality of Novgorod and the slave merchant on the Principality of Kiev.

Close up on Bergen on the map. Place the goods asked by Eldgrim on a ship going to Kiev.

Place the falcon from Iceland, walrus tusks from Greenland, Christian Reliquary from England and polar bear skin from Greenland on the ship. Place the bale of wool on the workshop of the weavers and Vadmal (homespun cloth) appears in front of the weavers. Place the Vadmal on the ship.

Eldgrim on the voyage to Berger had a dream of destruction of  Dyrholmar, Hajalmar's jalmar's father estate, all that's left are burning buildings and mutilated bodies. A Knorr (ship) was quickly ordered built by Leif and Hjalmar is eager to return to Iceland - to face his destiny.

In the street in Bergen, Ofeig makes windlass and a rudder for Leif's ship, while the weaver makes a sail. In Leif's house, move the lamp to the right side and find oars that can be used again. 

At the trading post, the blacksmith has already made pot of wood tar found in front of the shop. To help Sven bring ore to the blacksmith shop, pick ores and give to him. At the blacksmith shop, click on Sven 4 times, to help make 4 parts that Leif needs - rivets, anchor, gusset plate and wind vane. Leif teaches Hjalmar about building a Viking ship. Give Thorgeist his axe (on the right foreground) so he can cut wood. 

The foreman orders Einar to make planking and Thorgeist to cut the Oak. Move Einar to the stack of logs on the right and he will make pine planks. Move Thorgeist to the oak tree behind him and he will cut stacks of oak

Riddle 2: The Shipyard

Give the basic materials to the workmen to build the ship. (Listen to Leif on how to build the ship)

Give stacks of oak to the carpenters and they produce beams, floor frames and mast step. Give pine planks to the carpenters and they make lypting (stern upper deck), upper planking, planking, and strakes. Place on worksite support by the boat ramp 1) planking, 2) strakes, 3) floor frames, 4) beams. Give rivets to workman outside the side of the ship. Give gusset plate to workman on the prow of the ship. Give 1) upper planking, 2) lypting (stern upper deck), 3) mast step. Give pot of tar to workman. The ship is now set in the water. Give anchor to the watchman.

Go to Forest Timber yard and see that the mast and yard are made. At the street of Bergen, under the roof of the weaver's house, the windlass and the rudder are found.

Give the windlass , mast to the Skipmadr (workman). Place the yard on the mast. Give the rudder to the helmsman. Give oars to Leif. Place wind vane on top of mast.

Go to street of Bergen and see the finished sail.

Place sail on mast.


Haraldsson requested Eldgrim to join them on board the ship. The destruction at Dyrholmar is somehow connected with the worrying happenings. 1000 winters separate the birth of Christ and the present. The end of the millennium is approaching and the universe is up to balance. Demons were taking advantage by triggering Ragnarok, a terrible cataclysm that is due to destroy the world. Gods would not be able to survive. Hjalmar's destiny is preparing him for a role in this tragedy, called to him from afar with a voice of metal. His destiny and his clan are attached to an axe according to tradition. He would find it in the ruins of Dyrholmar. Hjalmar pays no attention to the advice of Eldgrim. Haraldsson wants him to prepare for the voyage, to dangers more real than Eldgrim's old wives' tale.

At the bottom left of the screen at Bergen's trading post, pick up the cage of crows and give it to Leif. Leif and Hjalmar board the ship.

Riddle 3:  Navigation

Navigate from Norway to Iceland based on Old Vikings sea dogs (sailors).

Go straight to Shetland by sailing forward 4x, right 1x, forward 1x (no sight of Land). Click on Leif several times to find out where you are!!! Release crows, left 1x, forward 5x until you see a whale, forward 3x. Follow the birds by turning right 1x, forward 3 x.

Disk 2


There were many bodies in the smoking halls of Dyrholmar still grasping weapons. Hildirid had disappeared, the axe that is transferred from father to son.  Haraldsson told them that shortly before the birth of Hjalmar; Ingulf, Leif, Ingmar and 50 warriors set off to pillage the rich land of Vinland. Although victorious at first, they have to escape because they were outnumbered. Ingmar lost the axe in the escape. Ingmar's ancestor shows Hildirid, as a symbol of authority, to the warriors before any start for distant prey and would be obeyed. Ingmar was not concerned with the loss of Hildirid because he controls his men through terror. Without the axe, Hjalmar will find it impossible to rule his men and they will abandon him. Hjalmar must obey his destiny. Hildirid was calling to him, demanding that he search for it. Hjalmar has to rebuild his estate before he can travel to Vinland to find the axe. Armed with this axe, he can maintain his standing as chief of his clan and take his revenge.

In the ruins of the farm buildings, Audborg, Leif's wife, Ingirid, the Icelandic weaver and Thorgeist mourn the dead.

  At the Utibud, storeroom, Leif and Hjalmar discuss the rebuilding of the estate. Pick up the sacks of grain on the shelf above Leif. 

By the Houses, Beiner the blacksmith also traveled with them and is examining the ruins of the forge. Place Thorgeist on the beech forest on the right of the screen and he cuts a stack of beeches. Pick the stack of beeches and give them to Beiner the blacksmith, who cuts them into planks. Take 3 stacks of planks. Pick up one of 2 remaining stack of beech and drop them on the destroyed forge. The rebuilt forge produces hunting weapons, hatchet and farm tools found in front of the forge. Place the other stack of beeches on the burnt out skali.  The skali gets rebuilt. Pick up the blocks of turf found on the left side of the screen and drop them on the rebuilt skali and it gets covered. 

Go back to the farm building site and drop one of the stacks of planks on the ruins of the dairy. The dairy gets rebuild producing skyr (soft white cheese) and smojr (salted butter). Place a stack of planks on the ruin of the stables and it gets rebuilt with pigs and sheep appearing in front of the stable. Place the last stack of planks on the ruin of the naust (shelter for a ship). Fishing net and harpoon appear on the dock. 

Back at the houses, Ingirid and Audbjord prepare winter stores and food for the banquet. Drop the pig on the 2 women and salted carcass of meat is seen hanging in front of the skali. Now, drop the sheep on the 2 women and bale of wool is found in front of the skali. With this act, the field in front of the skali gets plowed. Drop the sacks of grain on the recently plowed field. Pick up the farm tools by the forge and use it on the grown cereals. Pick up the wheat

At the coast of Iceland, Thorgeist and a hunter are on the beach. Give the hunting weapons to the hunter at the bottom right of the screen. Wild birds and eggs are found on the rocks at the bottom left and right side of the screen. Place the fishing net and harpoon on the water and stockfish (dried cod) appears on the beach.

Riddle 4: Utibud (storeroom)

Collect the supplies needed for the estate in the utibud.

Go to the Utibud. Drop the cereals and hay, carcass of meat, bale of wool, wooden box of salted butter, skyr (soft white cheese), birds and eggs, stockfish in the storeroom.  

Go back to the coast of Iceland and use the hatchet on the beached whale. Chunks of whale meat will be found on the beach. 

Place chunks of whale meat in the storeroom.


7 months have passed of hard work for the completion of the estate; Hjalmar and Haraldsson walk the cliffs of Iceland. Many suspected Haraldsson, knowing of his financial state, of the death of Ingmar because Dyrholmar is rich and its closeness to the rich land of Vinland. Haraldsson did not worry about these as much as the danger he saw on the first day of their arrival, when a dagger with a head of a wolf was found by his men in the ruins. While walking on the cliff, 2 men pushed Hjalmar and Haraldsson over the cliff, killing Leif, while Hjalmar fell on a ledge. Eldgrim appeared and warned Hjalmar. Hjalmar will be suspected of the massacre in Iceland and the death of Leif. Because 1) Ingmar is a violent and authoritarian father and he was better free of Ingmar, 2) He will be master of Dyrholmar earlier than is expected, 3) being like a son to Leif, he will gain the land in Norway, 4) He has the blood of frenzied berserkir in his veins and most will think him a murderer. He must face the Assembly and needs 4 friends to testify for him.

At the houses, Hjalmar examines a piece of evidence, the ivory dagger from Greenland, while Thorgeist examines the ivory dagger left by Haraldsson. Eldgrim knowing that Viking justice is severe advises to gather the sages of the Thing and witnesses to testify for him, to have Gods surround Hjalmar for protection, to carve fine sculptures on stakes and set them around the Thing before the trial. Audborg, Leif's wife, and Ingirid work by the skali. Beside them are bales of wool. Pick up the bales of wool and drop them on the 2 women. They make a decorated tent. Leaning on the wall of the forge are carved Hazel branches, to be used to mark the place of worship, dueling or trial. 

At the lcelandic coast, the president of the autumn Thing (Logsogumadr) arrives with a large escort. 

At the Thing, Hrut and Kolbein, 2 active members of the autumn Thing sit by the ledge on the left of the screen. Place the Hazel branches on the Ve, a holy place where Hjalmar's trial will be held. Place the tent at the foreground on the bud, base of tent. Place the godi, sitting by the rock ledge, at the tent erected on the foreground. Rognvald, the logmadr, opens the trial of Hjalmar and calls for 4 witnesses to provide proof of his innocence. Place the Logsogumadr, on the top of the rock and he opens the autumn Thing's session. Listen carefully on the words spoken on the trial. Right click on Kolbein and he asks for a witness to testify that there's perfect affection between him and Ingmar. Pick the sitting Ingirid (on the right side of the screen) and place her on the Ve, holy place. Right click on Hrut and he asks for a witness to testify that there's perfect friendship between him and Haraldsson. Pick Audjborg, sitting with her back turned at the right side of the screen and place her on the Ve. Right click on Bjorn (left side of screen with the other active members) and he asks for a witness that Hjalmar doesn't have designs on the lands of his father in Iceland and Leif's in Norway and also proof that he is not guilty. Place Thorgeist on the holy place. Right click on Arnald and he asks for a witness that will testify that Hjalmar never went on a berserkir rage. Place Eldgrim on the holy place. The logmadr says, "Let us carve here the verdict of the sages," thus opening the riddle.

Riddle 5: The Thing

Decipher the verdict.

Using the computer's keyboard, type in these words in order, on the blank spaces: wife, anger, men, servant, affection, destruction, ivory, walrus, shaman, fury, end, accusations, raising, men, Greenland.

The sages have admitted Hjalmar innocence. Based on the evidence of the ivory dagger from Greenland, Hjalmar thinks of Ingolf wanting the lands of his close friends, Ingmar and Leif, to become the richest man and gain enormous power. The stories of their friendship shows that they might have made a secret pact to combine their 3 families to form a clan. Hjalmar wonders what his father's intention for Hildirid is, for the clan or for the family. Other disturbing stories about the plots and shady doings of the 3 men before their trip to Vinland abound. The sages decided that to answer these questions, Hjalmar should sail to Greenland. Hjalmar kept the secret about the dagger and Hildirid, for it concern only him and knowing that Greenland is on the way to Vinland sets sail. Sailing by Cape Farewell, in good weather, a cry from the crow's nest showed that ships are cutting them off. Hjalmar's knorr is not built for fighting and should be fortified.


Cape Farewell

Approach the knorr, place boat in water, ox in front of ship, personal chest by pig, skyr (white cheese) by tar, revealing beams. Place bread and sacks behind the pig, revealing pine planks. Move bundles to where the planks where before. Move the crates of dried fish on top of the crates of dried meat. Move the leather outfits and sleeping bags behind the tar barrels. Pick up the Hunkasteli (crow's nest). Go the scene of the knorr on Cape Farewell. Place the crow's nest on top of the mast. Place beams on the stern deck to protect the helmsman. Place pine planks on the beams to make a Bakkasteli (after-castle), thus opening the riddle. 

Riddle 6: Naval Battle

Sail for the west beyond the headland of Greenland. This is a random puzzle. Hjalmar's ship starts at the bottom right of the first screen and should reach the upper left (3rd screen over), cross the dotted line into safety. 

Usage: Oars - allow the crew to sail the ship against head winds. Sail - ship goes faster with it than oars, especially when the wind direction is favorable. State of ship - the vessel can receive up to 10 hits before sinking. Attack - the crew can fire at will against enemy ships. Rudder - steer the ship. Wind indicates the wind direction (changes often). 

Disk 3

A blow from an axe chopped off Hjalmar's right hand and it sank in the water. Upon waking at Ingolf's house, he sees Eldgrim, Ingolf and Saeun-the-snake, Ingolf's wife and a formidable Skraeling witch from Vinland and their daughter Thorild, the Fiancée-of-the-Roots. Eldgrim makes an iron hand for Hjalmar that needs to be activated by the rubbing of plants. When out in search of the plants, Hjalmar tries to seduce Thorild with no luck. Thorild informed Hjalmar that her mother, Saeun was kidnapped in Vinland after Ingmar, Leif and Ingolf attacked her village and was forced to marry the latter. Her arrival in Ingvolf's hold and with the goods and wealth gotten from the raid started the good fortune for Ingolf. Thorild informs him that she would not abide being touched by the son of one of her mother's kidnappers and of having a similar fate as her mother, in that she is spoken for to Ragnar, a henchman of her mothers by Ingolf. At the feasts of the Solstice, the guests will have to play against Ragnar's team and then would Thorild see the skills of Hjalmar.

In Ingolf's House, Thorild finishes her work on Hjalmar's iron hand, while Saeun and Eldgrim watch and Ingolf carves a Knattleikr bat. 

At the Fjord, the sacrificial pig stands waiting for his fate. 

At the blacksmith's, Beiner the blacksmith finishes a pile for the stand, while above him are the finished supporting piles and to the left bottom of the screen are the Beech planks for the seats. Give the pig to the butcher behind Beiner, producing Hlautbolli, basin for sacrificial blood and Knattleikr, balls of pig's gut. 

Go back to the Fjord to prepare the site of the Festival. Place supporting piles above the north wall and the beech planks on the piles, to make a platform. Give the basin of sacrificial blood to the line judge so that he can mark the limits of the arena. 

At Brattahild port, Thorgeist dismantles the figurehead on Hjalmar's knorr. Pick up the figurehead and place on sled. Give Ragnar, the Knattleikr (ball of pig guts). 

Back at the blacksmith's, Hjalmar's ice skates are done and hanging by the left post. 

Back to Ingolf's house, pick up the finished bat (above Hjalmar) and give the bat and skates to Hjalmar. 

Go to the fjord. Pick up the line judge and place him on the wooden tower. He blows on a Ludr (foghorn) found placed there, accessing the riddle.

Riddle 7: The Knattleikr Match

Ragnar pitches the ball of guts and Hjalmar tries to hit it with his bat. Rules: 1. Click on Ragnar to pitch the ball. 2. Click on Hjalmar to hit the ball. Depending on the ball's trajectory, click above or below. Click to the left for an easy but not powerful stroke or to the right for more difficult but more powerful bat stroke. After missing 3 balls, Ragnar gains a point. 3. The Knattleikr match continues with a long shot in which the result of Hjalmar's stroke and the trajectory of the ball. 4. Click on the bases numbered 1-4 to make Hjalmar move from base to base. If he reaches a base, he scores a point. If Ragnar knocks over the figurehead, he scores a point. Warning! If Ragnar's team knocks over the figurehead while Hjalmar is between 2 bases, Hjalmar loses all the points won in the present round and they're transferred to Ragnar. The first team to score 12 points is the winner.

Eldgrim sees Saeun's anger and Ragnar's fury on Hjalmar's victory. During the celebration, Hjalmar's companions told him that they believe in the innocence of Ingolf on the murder of his father and Leif. Ingolf was very upset about the death of his friends and no ship sailed during the attack on their ship. Eldgrim warns Hjalmar to be careful but he did not heed and went about carousing with Thorild. Ingulf took offense in Hjalmar touching his daughter and throws him out of the house. For the first time Hjalmar went into a berserkir fit and lost consciousness. Upon waking finds Ingolf with his throat cut at his feet and Saeun was preparing her revenge.

At the port Saeun, controlling the soulless bodies of Ingolf, Ingmar and Leif, try to stop the escape of Hjalmar and his men. Enter the Funeral ship at the center of the screen, open the chest at the foreground and see hlautteinar, wooden sticks used to interpret the future. On the right side of the screen is Thor's hammer

Go the blacksmith's shop where Eldgrim will give advise on how to stop the demons. Give him the wooden sticks and he will read it. This causes the appearance of a tub of wax by the door. 

Place the tub of wax on the hole below the Funeral ship to seal it up. Now, Saeun controls Thurs, a giant that blocks Hjalmar's path. Give Hjalmar, Thor's hammer and he will throw it at the giant. This will access the riddle.

Riddle 8: The Game of Halatafel

Rules of Halatafel: Saeun and Hjalmar's Vikings start from fixed points. They move one square at a time to an empty square. Saeun can destroy a Viking by jumping over him and landing in the adjoining empty square. She can also jump several times in one move. Saeun can win the game if she destroys all the Vikings. The Vikings can win by surrounding Saeun in a corner from which she can neither advance nor retreat. 

The graphics is an example of a 16-moves solution (one step is just to position Saeun). 

Saeun knew that during Solstice festival, the door between the dead and living opens between 2 trees or 2 moons and spirits not accepted in Valhalla can travel through. Hjalmar forced Saeun and Thorild on board the ship to travel to Vinland. Upon arriving, Saeun was mad with joy in being back at the home of her ancestors and called Hjalmar, a brainless boy to search for the sword of his ancestors. To find out what she knows of Hjalmar's quest, Eldgrim forced her to speak with the use of the Munninn (memory) and Huginn (thought), 2 invisible crows. The 3 men, Leif, Ingolf and Ingmar plotted to take over the whole Scandinavia by securing the way from Greenland, Norway and Iceland to Vinland. Ingmar made a pact with the forces of Chaos to secure success. In the raid in Vinland, they captured Saeun, a sorceress necessary to seal this pact. Saeun reeks her revenge by killing Haraldsson's son, Ingmar, Haraldsson and Ingolf - only Hjalmar is left. She was to gain possession of their lands through Ragnar and by marrying her daughter to him. This, Thorgild has no knowledge of. Ragnar left Ingolfs dagger at Ingmar's estate so that he would be blamed. While Hjalmar was unconscious, Ragnar cut the throat of Ingolf and placed him by Hjalmar, so that the people of Greenland would blame him. Hildirid was left in Vinland as a sign of Ingmar's good faith and the terms of the pact are written in runes on a stone slab. Hildirid is buried under this stone slab.


At Ingmar's Bay, open the chest at the left foreground and see beech bark carved with Victory, a rune shaped like an arrow. Move the barrels of drinking water and see Ingmar's sledgehammer beside the toolbox. 

At Ingmar's camp, give the sledgehammer to Hjalmar and he breaks the abandoned oven revealing the rune stone, accessing the riddle.

Riddle 9: The Runes

Rearrange the written pact to a pact that will reveal the hiding place of Hildirid, the axe. Change the pact "May this day be fruitful. The evil hordes, powerful under the icy sun, travel with us and their fruit will be our wealth. What a precious gift!" TO "May this day be fruitful. Evil hordes! I have been granted, under the icy sun, the strength to refuse to accompany you. Wealth will be the fruit of my efforts." 

Place the beech bark on the rune stone and 4 runes get highlighted. Move gift to strength, strength to movement, movement to fruit. 

Hjalmar fought with Ragnar and was defeated. Eldgrim decided to reveal his true self, Odin. Odin asked Sigrun, the walkyrie to wake Hjalmar making him a demigod. Odin told Hjalmar that his is just one episode in the efforts of the Gods of Harmony to stop the forces of Chaos, led by Loki from starting Ragnarok, the battle that will lead to the destruction of the universe. He sent Fenrir, the wolf and Mitgardsorm, the snake in human form into the world. The wolf is Ragnar and Saeun, the snake and the 3 men who made a pact with Chaos for profit are their instrument. First sign of cataclysm has already appeared in the world and then next will be at the Kingdoms of the Gods. Odin orders Hjalmar to pursue the wolf and the snake and confront them one last time.

In Ingmar's Bay, Eldgrim and the Walkyrie see the Sleipnir, Odin's 8-legged horse in the sky. At Ingmar's camp, sits Hjalmar holding Hildirid.

Riddle 10: The World of the Viking Gods

Identify the occupants of the different worlds where the Viking Gods live. This is a timed puzzle!!!

Place Sleipnir on the disk and it separates into 5 plates. Place the Walkyrie on top plate (Walhalla), Eldgrim on the second plate (Asgard) and Hjalmar on the right side of the third plate (Mitgard).

Go back to Ingmar's Bay and see Ragnar, Saeun, draugar and Thorild.

Place Thorild on the left side of the third plate (Misgard), Ragnar on the right side and Saeun on the left side of the fourth plate (Utgard). Draugar on the bottom plate (Nifheimr, world of the dead).


Let all swords sing hymn to the glory of metal. The 2 creature of chaos are sent back to where they belong. The universe is in order and balance is restored. Hjalmar proved worthy of this task. This began with the offense of the 3 men and Lord of Supreme Destiny orders that human is needed to combat it. It is but right that the children of these men, Hjalmar and Thorild are chosen to do it, to succeed or die together. As a reward, Hjalmar can choose to be in the company of great warriors of the land at Asgard, the Kingdom of the Gods or go back to human existence.

Take care of yourself, Hjalmar. Who knows the World might need you again in a thousand years time.

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