The walkthrough provides a detailed solution to the adventure. The puzzles are mainly inventory based and items need to be combined with other items or used on other objects in the game. There's no real fixed order in which to complete the game, but the order followed in the walkthrough is probably the most logical and efficient way of doing things.
The reasoning and clues for the puzzles are only dealt with after you get the information needed to solve them. Where there is more than one solution to a puzzle I've included all the possibilities. Some puzzles and things that you can do on the moon are not required to complete the game, but are covered in the walkthrough for sake of completeness.
There are a number of timed sequences and actions that may result in you dying. Fortunately this is not a problem as the game will always reset to just before the timed sequence or accidental death.
Check the log and other documentation in your inventory regularly as they provide a number of clues. Always read the description of new inventory items shown in the bottom panel when the item is selected.
Dialog with the various inhabitants you encounter is extremely important and almost always contains valuable clues.

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