Puzz 3D Victorian Mansion

Walkthough by MaGtRo    May, 2004

The Puzz 3D Victorian Mansion and the others play flawlessly with QuickTime 4.0 but not with higher versions. You have to remove existing QuickTime to be able to install QT4.

To learn about the jigsaw puzzle part, read the tutorial of the game. If some pieces are missing be sure to remove the book, the gold box and the layout frames.

The Main Menu shows Tutorial, New Game, Open Saved Game, Save Game, Save As, Options, Return to Game, Credits Quit. Using Save Game, saves the game over the previously saved games. Using Save As, allows the gamer to make a new save and label as one wanted.

Click on things and see the hand cursor becomes a full hand to show that the item clicked is activated.

This walkthrough was made after obtaining the platinum key (Thanks, Dutch!). The sequence can be in different order than what is stated below.

Meet Wendy Richmond. Welcome to Richmond Mansion! Past and present meet here to provide answers. Tea is at 4 o'clock.

Click on book at bottom left to see the list of questions that needs to be answer. The clues collected will be placed on the blank page on the right.

Foyer:    Turn right and click on clues paper at mirror shelf. Clues taken: The dining room, the smoking room and Mr. Nigel Richmond. Turn to the right and enter the open room.

Drawing room:    Turn to the right and click on frame on fireplace frame to learn about the Victorian drawing room. Pan right and look down on the floor left of the entrance and click on clues paper to get clues : Mr. William Slater and the living room. Pan to the piano and click on sheet music on piano bench.

Sheet Music Puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to put together the pieces to make a complete music sheet. Click hold a moving sheet music piece and release it to attach to matching piece.

When correctly done, you have dispelled evil spirit. Bonus clue - Ghost haunts near the place he was killed.

Click on teacup on the floor at right side of piano - nothing happens. Click on cutscene's magnifying lens under the sofa and meet Charles Richmond, the brother. He talks about William. William was found at the place where he proposed to his sister, Wendy. William has pink skin because he has ingested cyanide. No one found the poisoned flask just the spoon.

Exit the room and go to the first floor hallway. Turn right to the dining room.

Dining room:     Turn right and click on the square found at bottom right of the painting. This gives a description of the Victorian dining room. Click on cutscene magnifying lens and listen to Wendy and Elizabeth.  Margaret saw the ghost in the turret again last night. Turn left and click on clues paper to get clues in the book: The turret, Miss Harriet Johnson and Frederick, the Gardener. Note another teacup in the hutch. Exit the room and turn right to the smoking room.

Smoking room:    Click on the square on the window to learn about the Victorian smoking room. Turn right and look down on the pot of ivy. Click on cutscene magnifying lens and listen to James, Elizabeth's beau that will sleep in attic. The father of Wendy made money on a patented wooden puzzle at the turn of the century. Charlie will not get anything. Elizabeth will inherit it all. Turn left and see another teacup on the side table by the window. Exit the room - note a partly opened door on the right and turn right.

Kitchen:    Note another teacup in front of the hutch. Pan right and click on cutscene magnifying lens. Listen to Margaret - Ghost appears in the attic where her bedroom is. Look around to the stove and click on clues paper to get clues in the book:    Margaret the Maid, The Cellar and The Lobby.

Exit the kitchen turn around and click on teacup on the floor of the hallway in front of the cellar door. Nothing happens yet. Pan the cursor to the left to enter the cellar door.

Cellar:    Click on cutscene magnifying lens on the ground by the table. Listen to Charlie say - what are you doing in father's workroom... I remember that toy from long ago. Wait a minute, let me look at your face again.

Workbench - Go forward to workbench, see another teacup and click on box at top right to do the Richmond Puzzle.

Richmond Puzzle: Take and rotate the pieces to connect them. Put together in a specific order.

Bonus clue: Press on the top of the closet door in the writing room to open the secret passage.

Turn around and click on square on ceiling wood bar. Go back to the stairs and then turn around. Go forward to the room at far end of the cellar. Enter the wine room.

Wine cellar - Turn left and click on square to listen to a description of prohibition. Turn to left side of the entry and click on cutscene magnifying lens. See Elizabeth drinking and talk about her father hurting her. Click on clue paper left of the barrel where the cutscene magnifying lens is. Clues added to book:    To remove obstacle to plan.

Exit the wine room and look down. Click on clue paper behind the rake to get:     To take revenge for past wrong. Note another teacup under the stairs. Go forward and enter the room in front of the stairs.

Fruit-vegetable Cellar - Click on square to learn about Tea Time. Look down and click on clue paper right of potatoes. Clues taken:    To clear off a secret debt and To withhold secret information.

Exit the fruit cellar and click on stairs. Go up the stairs to the second floor.

Master Bedroom:    Click on square under the right window to learn about Master bedroom. Pan left and click on cutscene magnifying lens on the window seat. See Margaret the maid read a letter. She got it from the secret compartment back of cabinet. It is a letter from Harriet Richmond to William Slater. Charles threatened to poisoned himself. Harriet didn't marry Charles out of love. There is a teacup on the table left of the window.

Elizabeth's Bedroom:    Enter the room across the master bedroom. Note the teacup on the floor by far wall. Pan to ceiling and click on square at corner of ceiling to hear about wallpaper. Pan left and click on cutscene magnifying lens to listen to Elizabeth talk about Wendy and James. Click on clue paper under the bed to get clues: Miss Elizabeth Richmond.

Exit the room and walk the hallway to the end. Enter the third bedroom.

Wendy's Bedroom:    Pan down and click on clue paper on floor to get:     Mr. Charles Richmond and the kitchen. Click on cutscene magnifying lens on floor by fireplace. Wendy dreams of William warning her about cup of tea. Pan right and click on square on the side of the fireplace. Listen about fireplace. Pan around and see a teacup on the dresser.

Exit the room and enter the study.

Writing room:    There's a teacup on the bookcase. Click on the cutscene magnifying lens on desk.  See Charles talk about old magic lantern, Harriet hated it. Wendy would not finance his invention. Click on clue paper on floor to get:     Miss Wendy Richmond and To inherit prematurely.

Magic Lantern - A number of 16 slides hide secret message. Find the slides to be installed on the magic lantern and in what order. Secret messages are in code.

Bonus clue: The stairs leading to the cellar are next to the kitchen.

Click on top of the closet door to automatically enter the secret ladder to go down to the foyer. Go back up to second floor and click on the stairs going to the attic. Climb the stairs and hear voice - Wendy...

Attic:    See a teacup beside the birdcage. There's rocking horse on the floor. Click on cutscene magnifying lens beside the chair. See Wendy talks about Elizabeth, James and changing of the will.

Go towards the next room. Click on square on the clock before entering the room and hear about timepieces. Pan left and enter the partly hidden room.

Turret:    Click on square by window and hear about the turret. Pan down and click on clue paper inside the box on the floor. Clues:     To eliminate a rival, To keep someone from leaving, The writing room and Mr. James Emerson. Exit the room and enter the room on the left.

Bedroom:     Click on clue paper and see a teacup on the table. Clues:    To satisfy a sadistic urge, to eliminate a love rival, To avenge an unrequited love. Click on cutscene magnifying lens on the bed. See Margaret the maid and she will now prepare tea.

If you have done all of the above: Automatically be at the dining room. If not able to - go outside dining room and click on cup on floor.  See a cutscene.

James takes a cup and one for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looks for Wendy and takes a cup

Charles comes and takes a cup.

Elizabeth returns and places back a cup.

Charles returns with 2 cups.

Frederick the Gardener comes, drinks tea and dies.


Enter the smoking room and click on teacup on side table. Charles talks about pink color on Frederick skin similar to William. He stole the cyanide flask when William died. James gave him another cup of tea.

Enter the dining room, click on teacup in the hutch. See Wendy and Elizabeth. Wendy drank before Frederick did.

Enter the kitchen, click on teacup in front on the hutch. Watch Margaret.

Go down to the cellar, go forward to wine area, turn around and click on teacup under the stairs. See James talk about paying up.  Click on teacup on the workbench and see Wendy.

Go upstairs to the drawing room. Click on teacup on the floor beside the piano. See James find the cyanide.

Go upstairs to the master bedroom. Click on teacup beside the window. See James talk to another person - glad that you decide not to talk and you will get your share when the time comes.

Enter Elizabeth's bedroom and click on teacup on the floor under the window. Listen to Elizabeth think that Charles being the poisoner.

Enter the Writing room and click on teacup on bookcase. Charles says the poisoned flask was stolen before teatime.

Enter Wendy's bedroom and click on teacup on dresser. See Margaret talks about ghost and revenge.

Climb to the Attic and click on teacup on the table. See James gets visited by William's ghost.

Enter the other bedroom and click on teacup on the table. See Wendy and Margaret talk.


Questions and Answers Time:

Now that all clues are obtained. Click on the notebook and select the answers from right of book and place them by click-hold of answer and drop them under the questions. Save Game here. When you are satisfied with your answers - Click on gavel to make accusation.


Who haunts the Richmond Manor? Mr. William Slater

Where was the person who became a ghost killed? The Turret

Who was the real target of the poisoned tea? Mr. Charles Richmond

Where was the poison taken from? The Writing Room.

Who poisoned the tea? Mr. James Emerson

Why was the second murder committed? To withhold secret information.

Who killed the person who became a ghost? Margaret the maid

Why was the first murder committed? To keep someone from leaving


Watch the ending.

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