A game by Jörg Jochims

Walkthrough by Chief



The site from which you start the game gives you the necessary information about the game and how to play.

You move in the game with the directional compass and the bottom of the screen and you interact using the red squares (upper case in the text).

You can save and load on the right of the screen. To load a game, you must enter the name of the save.

The inventory is on the left and you have on each side of the screen a food and water level to check. These two level may differ from this Walkthrough depending on your game.

Read all the information under the picture to get possible hints during game play.

When you interact, read also under the picture.

Click on Start game.



The Forest


The game starts in a large grassland.

Move North using the compass to see a tree and a big red apple: click on CLIMB and then on the tree to get the apple that will go in your inventory.

Go North and East (O) 4x along a path. After the third move to the East, EXAMINE a direction sign: “Ahh….you are on the right track”.  Click East for the fourth time.

On top of the bush on the right in the shade, GO to a cistern: TAKE the jar.

Come back South and GO right to the bush to see a stream: USE the jar on the stream to get a jar with water in inventory.  Click North to be back on the path.

Let’s go on with our walk: West and North 3x to meet a robber: TALK WITH  him.

“I have no money on me……”

“Sorry but no”

and he leaves.



After that encounter, North 2x: on the right, EXAMINE yellow flowers and TAKE  yellow flowers. From the close up on the flowers, South to be back on the path.

Go North to see a little market place: we will come back later.

North once more and on the left, a wayside: EXAMINE it and TAKE a feather.

Walk South to be at the market and go West to be near an old stone wall. Go North 2x and you will see a dragon: USE a feather on the dragon who falls asleep.

Behind the dragon,  GO to the entry of the cave and TAKE the coins.

Now, walk East, South, West 2x and be in front of a well: DRINK some water.

Walk again to the East 2x, South, East, North 2x and East: TALK WITH court jester as much as you can using the first line of the possible texts. GIVE him the apple and in return, get a fool’s cap.

Now West and South 2x. At the market, BUY some bread and EAT it before you die if your food level is low or keep it for later.

From the market, go East 2x.



Castle Wildenburg


You are standing in front of two guards: “The king waits for you”.

The fool’s cap is a precious gift.   Walk North and East 2x and be in front of the king.

TALK WITH the king: “Do you know the one?………”      “Canned food”   and the king leaves after giving you a potato that you can eat now or save for later.

Go North to a wall and CLIMB it. Go South and TAKE a bunch of blue flowers.

DRINK jar with water to see your drinking level go up.

Walk again: North, East, South and West 3x. You are in the peaceful castle court:  GO to the well on the right and USE empty jar to get some water.

From there: West 2x and meet an old woman: GIVE her the bunch of flowers. She will give you a key.

Go East and South to be on a balcony: read the text to learn about the holy stone.

North 2x and you will be in front of a ferocious guard.

On the right of the screen, see two stone cutter’s mark on the wall: EXAMINE the two marks. You must come back to the wall to see the second mark.

Go East, North and West and again EXAMINE two stone cutter’s mark on the left wall.

If you must, DRINK some water from the jar to keep your drinking level up.

From there, East and South 2x: GO to the well and USE the jar to see it full of water.

You can eat the potato or the bread to keep your level of food up.

From the well, go East 3x and North and GO to a round arch at the bottom of the wall: EXAMINE the hole and see some berries that you can’t reach. Come back an EXAMINE the emblem.

Back South and go East to the lady of the castle: TALK WITH her but she is afraid and drops her mirror. EXAMINE the mirror and read that some shards have fallen down in the cellar.

Leave her by going North to a fire in the chimney: EXAMINE the emblem over the fire and read about glowing pieces of coal.

Go South and West.

GO to the cellar and USE the key to open the door. Go East to be in the cellar: GO to the opening on the wall to see it. Come back on read about the shards on the ground that you can’t pick up with your hands.

EXAMINE the wine barrel. DRINK the water from the jar and USE the jar on the barrel to get a jar with wine.

From the cellar, go West 4x  to be in the court of the castle where the pig is.



The Forest


From the court, go to the market: South, West 2x. BUY the nipper.

Walk East 2x, North and West to be back at the Castle.



Castle Wildenburg


GO to the well and DRINK some water.

Walk East 4x and North and USE the nipper on the fire to get the coal.

Back South, West 3x and North to the pig: USE the nipper with coal and you will eat the pig.

Walk again to the cellar: South, East 2x.  GO to the cellar and go East.

USE the nipper on shards.

GO to a corridor on the right and TAKE cheese.

EXAMINE  the opening : arrow slit. Try to TAKE the bottle, but it falls.



The Forest


Let’s take a long walk: West 6x, South, West 2x, North 2x and East: GO to the bushes on the right and to the arrow slit: EXAMINE the slit to see the bottle: TAKE it.

Now that we have the bottle, back to the castle: West 2x, South 2x, East 2x, North.



Castle Wildenburg


From the court, go West: GO to the well and DRINK the water.

Go West and North.

USE the bottle on the jar in inventory to get jar with nightcap and GIVE it to the guard.

Go West and EXAMINE the stone on the right of the door. EXAMINE the door also: you must PUSH the stone to get a console that you EXAMINE and USE: PUSH the number 3 square, the number 5, 4, 1 and 2.

The door opens.  Click on “Forward”.



World of the Trolls


You find yourself in front of a cow. TAKE the  stool and the bucket. USE the cow to get some milk in the bucket.

TAKE mushrooms on the left.     Go North 3x and East: TAKE some nuts in what seems to be a barrel.

Walk West and North and EXAMINE the curbstone: notice the number 12.

DRINK the milk if needed.

North 2x and EXAMINE another stone to see the number 8.

North: stone on the left with number 8 again.

North: and EXAMINE the stone that is up on the screen: number 10.

North again and meet a monk. GIVE him the stool and he gives a cross in return. TALK WITH the monk: “Can you tell me where this path…..”     “Aha…..interesting”      “Thanks for this……..”      Go North.

EXAMINE the stone to see number 11.

North 3x: stone with number 11.

Walk North and West: READ the notice and TAKE it.

Go West, South, West to find a source: USE the bucket, DRINK from the bucket and USE the bucket again to be sure to have some water.

East and South 4x.  EAT the nuts if needed.

GO to the chapel and TALK WITH the priest: “No problem…..”

At the bottom of the screen, enter the numbers 12, 8, 8, 10, 11 and 11. In return, get a rope with a hook.

Here you go again on a long walk: North 7x and East 3x: TAKE the stones on the ground.

Back up to the West and THROW the rope. CLIMB the rock.

Go North and West 2x: GO to a small room and TAKE a bone.

West and North: be near some water: DRINK from the bucket and USE the bucket on the water.

If you explore the fortress, watch out for those trolls.

South and East: GO to the stairs and GO to the entrance: EXAMINE the window and the nest and TAKE the eggs.

South 2x and West and THROW the stones at the trolls.

Come back: East 2x, West and North 3x: GO to the stairs.

West 2x, North 3x and East.

From the tree trunk, go East and South to meet the sorcerer Ganlin who was the stone in his hand.

USE the bone on him and he leaves: TAKE the stone (Lapsit Excillis).

USE the magic door: you are back at the castle.



Castle Wildenburg


If you must, DRINK water from the bucket and EAT the eggs.

You find yourself in front of the door you went through before.

Read the text about leaving this place. You lost your fool’s cap.

On the left, EXAMINE the lamp. USE the notice to have some kind of torch: see the fire level on the right of the screen.

Go East to be in front of the sleeping guard.

From here, go South 2x to be in front of a fence and see a shining object: USE the cross to break down the fence and a ring will be in inventory.

Go North, East 2x and North to the fireplace: TAKE the wood to have a torch: the fire level will now go down much slower.

South and East 2x and see the dog: GIVE it the bone and TAKE the dog’s line.

Go North and CLIMB the wall: go South.

Meet an Elf and TALK WITH him: you do not understand what he says.

GIVE him the ring and get a bow and arrow in return.

In inventory, USE dog’s line to get arrow with line.

Walk back: North, East, South and West 3x.

GO the well and PULL lattice to have a chisel.

You can DRINK water if needed.

From the well, go East and South to be in front of the door and two guards: USE arrow with line and you get the hammer that goes with the chisel in inventory.

From the door, North and East 2x and North: GO to the arch.

USE hammer and chisel on the wall: read the text: you now have a big enough hole to go through.

You bring the stone to your king and win his daughter’s hand.


The game comes to a happy ending.



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