Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

by Telltale Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo and Team Waxman

March 2009, May 2009, June 2009 & August 2009


Gameplay:    This is a mixed keyboard and mouse third person game.

The main menu has new game, continue, settings, preview and exit game.

The system settings are for the degree of hints, subtitles and volume. The graphic settings are for screen resolution and graphics quality. 

Preview shows a trailer of the forthcoming episodes in the series.

The start of a new game has tutorial, start game and back. The tutorial by Wallace explains the game manipulations.

Use the keyboard's arrows or the WASD keys to move the characters. Use the mouse buttons; enter key or space bar to perform an action. The active items are framed in brackets in the screen.

The shift key shows the inventory items at right side of the screen. Select an item with left mouse button and click it on another item in the screen.

To manually save the game, select bookmark from main menu. The game autosaves where you leave off. Thanks, gremlin.

ESC key accesses the in-game menu. The in-game menu has resume game, your game (load), settings, new game and exit game.

The game can be downloaded from the Telltale Games store.

For a game manipulation walkthrough - check Wallace & Gromit PC Control Guide.

Episode 1:    Fright of the Bumblebees

Wallace and Gromit's home at #62 at West Wallaby St.

Make Breakfast.

As Gromit:

Dining room:   

See Gromit by the honey dispenser. There is a newspaper with the headline, Robot Rodent Savages Shop beside the Sniffer 3000 blueprint.

Wallace:    The buzzer sounds and Wallace wants his breakfast.

Pull the lever right of wall to bring Wallace down from above for his breakfast.

It is Gromit's turn to fix breakfast. Wallace wants eggs and toast with honey.

Post:    Exit the dining room and see that mail has arrived. Take the mail and bring it to the dining room.

Gromit checks the mail and throws the Rex Armstrong's Quick Grow Muscle Formula advertisement in the trash bin.

Wallace checks the mail and sees that they are all bills. He decides to pay one bill.

He pulls out the red button to bring his pen. A badger on wheels comes out of the portrait above the fireplace and brings the pen.

Hallway:    Exit the dining room.

The door on the right is the storage-living room.

Go to the back of the house and see the door to the cellar under the stairs at right and the kitchen ahead.

Kitchen:    Enter the kitchen and look around.

Toast:    Click the bread box at right counter to get bread. Gromit takes bread and places them in the toaster.

Nutter the squirrel:    The toast is nabbed by a squirrel, Nutter. He leaves paw print on an empty butter dish. Hmm.

Open the refrigerator right of door to backyard and pick up butter. Place butter on the butter dish with paw print.

Get bread again or use toaster and see what happens. Hehehehehe. Toasted bread is taken.

Eggs:    Go to the other counter. Push the red button on the box close to the fridge and see the sequence of events. Something is missing to collect the egg and bring it to the cracker part of the set up.

Egg collector:    Click the wheel to get a close-up.  Hmm... Where did we see that same wheel before?

Go to the dining room and press the button for the skunk-pen carrier. Wallace stops Gromit.

Click (nag on the bills) the bills on the table. Wallace presses the button himself.

Out comes the badger on wheels. Take the badger.

Go back to the kitchen. Press the red button of the boxing glove box.

Get a close up of the empty wheel on the line. Use the badger on wire - wheel.

Break eggs:    Do the whole process again. Ugh. The hammer smashed the egg.

Go right of the pantry door and set the hammer to 'tap'.

Do the whole thing again. Get fried egg sunny side up.

Check the answering machine right of the telephone and hear Mr. Paneer voice his opinion about the cheese shop disaster.

Honey:    Go back to dining room. Use the lever of the honey dispenser to get a pot of honey.

Breakfast:    Use the toast, honey and egg with Wallace.

Get flowers in a hurry.


Honey Order:    Mr. Paneer talks to Wallace. He orders 50 gallons of honey to be delivered by tonight for the Sounding of the Crumpets festival. Yes!

As Wallace:


The bees are hungry. Take the flowers on the table at left. Get remote control for Sniffer 3000 from shelf.

Go right and look at the Magnetronic Pollinator. Flowers in, sweet nectar out.

Use the flowers on the magnetronic pollinator and get a er... a drop of honey. We need more flowers!

Hallway:    Wallace takes the Quick Grow Muscle Formula advertisement by the mail slot.

Garden:    Exit through the front door.  Wallace's house is #62 at West Wallaby St. Look around the garden.

Check the shed left of the front door and see Techno Trousers mow the yard.

Check the 2 gnomes and see that one is missing a bat and the other is holding a 'go' sign. Click the go sign and see that it turns part of the yard over to a pond.

Check the trash can and the 2 whirligigs that swing a part of the fence.

Felicity:    Talk to the neighbor, Felicity Flitt about her flowers.

Miss Flitt gives a packet of Daisy seeds. Talk to Felicity about each of her flowers: foxglove, roses, morning glory and pansies. The pansies haven't bloomed yet. She bends over to smell the pansies.

She placed a new roof on Nutter the squirrel's house.

Plant daisies:     Go to the patch of ground with no grass left of the gate. Use the seed packet on the ground.

Wallace can't wait 2-3 months. He looks at Rex Armstrong's Quick Grow Muscle Formula leaflet. Another idea there.

The formula needs:    Grotein, energides and strondium.

Get Grotein:

Major Crum:    Exit through the gate and go to Major Crum sitting on the bench at the Bus Stop.

Learn about the enemy invasion - air assault as evidenced by a snail.

Comment on the suitcase. It is packed full of grotein, emergency rations. He will not give one to Wallace. They are for emergencies only. Talk to Major Crum again. He is expecting air raid sirens any minute.

Take the snail. Major Crum says to spread the word. They might listen to the snail.

Felicity Flitt:    Go back to Felicity, the neighbor.

Show the snail to Felicity. Felicity wails like an air raid siren. See Major Crum run to the house.

Major Crum:    Go to the cellar through the door under the stairs. Look around. Talk to Major Crum.

Grotein:    Click on suitcase again. Ask about the groteins in suitcase. This is an emergency. He gives grotein bar to Gromit and Wallace.

Time to get Major Crum to leave:    Comment on the pictures. He wants to be recommissioned but he needs helmet, dog tag and someone to distribute the grotein bars

Distributor:    Click on Gromit. Wallace volunteers Gromit to distribute the grotein bars.

Dog tags:    Go upstairs. Look at the umbrella stand left of door and get Gromit's dog tag.

Go back to cellar. Use dog tag with Major Crum. He wears the dog tag.

Helmet:    Try to take the top of the beehive. The bees bite Wallace.

Go right to the picture of the Queen Bee on back wall. Play the record - God Save the Queen.

The bees fly to the poster. Immediately take the helmet on top of the beehive.

Give helmet to Major Crum. He wears the helmet.  Major leaves happily to fight the war.

Map:    Go to the dining room table and click on a blueprint to get the map.

Get strongium:   

Go upstairs. Wallace said he wants a Strongium tea right now.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen. Listen to the answering machine twice. It is Winnie at the news stand and Mr. Paneer of the cheese store.

Take the toast in front of the toaster.

Nutter strikes again:

Open the glass cabinet right of the refrigerator. Take the box of Strongium tea. Nutter grabs the tea bag.

Exit to the front yard via the back door or the front door.

Front Yard:    Confront Nutter on his tree. He's holding the teabag.

Talk to Felicity. She advises kind words. Talk to Squirrel again.

Felicity states to offer something the squirrel likes better than tea bags.

Use toast with Nutter. Nutter drops the tea bag.

Get the tea bag from Felicity:

The tea bag lands on Felicity. Talk to Felicity several times.

Click on the flowers to see if she will bend over and smell them. She will smell the Purple Pansies if they bloom for her.

Look for Purple Pansies:

Exit the yard and to the street or use the map. Be at Town Proper.

Go to the newsstand (newsagents) with yellow awning. See a purple pansy pot outside the top window.

Talk to Winnie Gabberley. Her husband contradicts her through the top window.

Look-click on the plant ledge at top window. Winnie says that she has lots of Purple Pansies in her flat.

Mr. Gabberley contradicts her again and closes the window causing the Goldenrod to fall on the ground.

Winnie scolds her husband. Mr. Gabberley says that her insults do not affect him anymore.

Look at Goldenrod and Winnie gives the plant to Wallace.

Talk to Winnie again.

Word game - insult:    Winnie wants Wallace to give her words.

Select words by clicking on a snack or ad hanging above her or down below the counter.

Play the word game and see Winnie recite it to Mr. Gabberley.

Do this until Winnie says insults do not affect him and maybe do the opposite.

Since insulting doesn't affect Mr. Gabberley anymore select nice descriptions.

I used:     verb - melt, thing - mouth, descriptive - mild, person or animal - gentlemen.

If correctly done, Mr. Gabberley shuts the window again and the Purple Pansies pot falls to the ground.

Ask Winnie for the Purple Pansies.

If you have the map (taken from dining room table), jump to home. If you do not have the map, go close to Mr. Paneer under the arrow pointing to West Wallaby St and then go right.

Felicity:    Use the Purple Pansies pot with the Purple Pansies seed packet in Felicity's garden.

Felicity bends to smell the pansies. Wallace picks up the strongium tea bag.

Get energides:

Look at Rex Armstrong's Quick Grow Muscle Formula leaflet again. Wallace said that he used the last of the energides on Sniffer 3000. But Sniffer 3000 is in jail.

House:    If you haven't yet, take the remote control from the shelf left of the drawing board at the cellar.

Climb up the stairs and get Gorgonzola from the side table in the bedroom. Go to town again.

Mr. Paneer:    Talk to Mr. Paneer about standing on water dripping from above the door. Pick up Wensleydale cheese, Wallace's favorite cheese from the free sample table.

Police Station:    Go to the police station beside the newsstand. Read the petition for early release of the Sniffer 3000 left of the door.

Go to the side window of the police station and see the Sniffer 3000 in his cell.

Go back and talk to the Constable talks about the Sniffer 3000. He agrees to interview the robot.

Watch the interview from outside the window of the jail cell. The Constable wants the Sniffer 3000 to face him.

Get the Sniffer 3000 to face the constable:    

Talk to the constable outside the jail about his helmet. It is heavy and he gets hot.

The Constable removes his helmet. Immediately take the Gorgonzola from inventory and use it with the helmet (cursor should be at bottom of helmet).

Talk to Constable again about the Sniffer 3000. He interviews the robot rat.

When he wants the Sniffer 3000 to face him, use the remote control and select Gorgonzola.

Now he asks if the Sniffer 3000 feels bad about what he did. The robot did not show any emotions.

Get the Sniffer 3000 to feel bad:

Go to the outside window of the jail cell. Look inside the jail cell.

Use the Wensleydale cheese with the cot inside the cell. The cheese falls under the cot.

Get the Sniffer 3000 out of jail:

Talk to the Constable again. The Sniffer 3000 is interviewed again.

When asked to face the cell door, use the remote control and select Gorgonzola (in constable's helmet).

When asked if it feels bad, use remote control and select Wensleydale (thrown under the cot).

When asked if he will do it again, use remote control and select Rotterdam (the robot looks for it).

The Sniffer 3000 is released. It drops the energides battery.

Use map to go back home.

Prepare the Quick Grow Muscle Formula:    Go to the kitchen and use the energides battery, strongium tea bag and grotein bar on the Mix-o-matic mixer left of the backdoor. Eek! Gromit saves the day.

Wallace goes to the garden and uses the quick grow formula on the garden patch planted with daisies.

Oh my! Pick up the giant flowers.

Feed the bees:    Go down to the cellar and use the giant flowers with the magnetronic pollinator.

Wallace and Gromit deliver 50 gallons of honey to Mr. Paneer.

They made enough money to pay for the bills with some leftover.

Giant Bees

As Gromit:

Major Crum commandeers the dining room to fight the giant bees in the garden with the porridge shooter.

Exit the dining room. Wallace answers the phone in the kitchen. It is Constable Dibbins.

Wallace goes to talk to the giant bees in the cellar. Wallace returns to the kitchen in his underwear and answers the call by Mr. Paneer.

Garden giant bees: Thanks to Emily!

Disposal technique 1:   

Go to the bedroom upstairs. See a giant bee fall asleep after hearing the lullaby record. Take the tennis racquet.

Exit the house and see Felicity up the tree. Use the tennis racquet on the gnome at left close to the wall.

Go back to dining room and click on Major Crum.

Check if the pond is the one showing in the yard. If it is not, shoot the 'go' sign of right gnome.

The pond flips up. Then wait for a bee to hover above the pond, shoot it down and it falls into the pond.

Immediately, shoot the 'go' sign of the gnome. Watch as the left gnome hits the flipped bee into the tree hole.

Disposal technique 2:   

Shoot at trash can lid and the trash can is opened.

Shoot at Nutter's house's roof. It is at the top of the tree where Felicity is hanging on. Nuts fall out on to Felicity and Nutter comes out.

Shoot at bee above the opened trash can. Aim on the bee when it flies above the trash and with the top window of the house across as the background. It will be far enough to drop inside the trash can.

As soon as the bee is in the trash can, immediately shoot at Nutter the squirrel. He drops to the fence and flips the lid back on the trash can.

Disposal technique 3:

Shoot at the door of the shed close to the front door.

Techno Trousers comes out of the shed. Shoot bee above Techno Trousers.

As soon as bee is inside Techno Trousers, shoot him again and he goes back inside the shed.

Town Centre Bees:

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen. Pick up the answering machine. Listen to Mr. Gabberley apologizing until he was attacked by the bees. Take the frying pan from the stove.

Hallway:    Pick up the remote control and map from Wallace's clothes on the floor.

Felicity:    Exit the house and talk to Felicity. She gives an SOS note for Wallace.

Exit through the gate and be at Town Centre.

Newsstand:    Use answering machine with Edwina-Winnie. She thinks that her husband left her that message. Aww...

Use frying pan with the newspaper at right of stand.

Cheese Store:    Go to Mr. Paneer's Cheese Shop. Shake the downspout left of the store.

The bees get wet and fly to the newsstand. Watch them get rolled up.

House Bees:

Pick up a Wensleydale cheese in front of Mr. Paneer's Store.

Police station:    Go to the police station door. Scratch the door.

Constable Dibbins drops the Gorgonzola from his helmet. Pick up the Gorgonzola.

Travel back to house.

Bedroom Bee:    Go to the dining room. Use the lever right of door.

See the sleeping bee go down to dining room and into the trash bin.

Cellar Bees:    Go to the bedroom and pick up the lullaby record.

Go to the backyard via the backdoor in the kitchen.

Peer down in the open cellar door. Use a cheese from inventory with the cellar door.

Go down to the cellar. Gromit hides because the bees will attack him.

Use the remote control to call Sniffer 3000 by pressing the name of the other cheese that is left in inventory.

See that the bee stings do not affect the metal Sniffer 3000. Use the Sniffer 3000 and Gromit enters the robot rat.

Use remote control by pressing the name of the cheese dropped on the cellar door outside.

They travel to the top of the hive. Immediately use the Brahms's lullaby record on the record player.

That took care of the bees.

Felicity:    Go to the kitchen and Wallace talks to Gromit. Hear Miss Flitt.

While bragging to Miss Flitt, another aerial assault happened.

Queen Bee

Honey truck:   

Watch as Wallace is carried off by the Queen Bee.

As Gromit:    Gromit arrives on the Honey truck. Wallace wants the ladder raised.

Raise the ladder:    Examine the dash board.

Open the glove compartment and get the crank.

Press the middle of the small buttons on top of the radio. This opens the sun roof.

Press the green button of the autopilot. Exit close up.

Climb through the sun roof. Use the crank with the ladder control box at right side of the roof (small knob).

The ladder is raised but was broken by passing through a covered bridge.

A chicken is caught on the windshield.

Get the queen bee to release Wallace:

Climb down to the cab of the truck.

Use the windshield wiper by pressing the small left button above the radio.

Go up the sun roof again and pick up the feather.

Climb ladder to the Queen Bee. Try poking on her and she squeezes Wallace.

Tickle queen bee with the feather. She drops Wallace.

As Wallace and Gromit:

Change character by clicking on the periscope in front of the sun visor.

Shoot at Queen Bee:    Gromit has the honey shooter.

Shoot at the Queen Bee and see that it doesn't have much effect.

As Wallace, turn the radio on and look for a boring station. Queen Bee starts nodding. Keep shooting at her.

Still didn't have any effect.

Open the honey tank cap outside the right door of the truck. Use the Growth formula with the tank.

Change the radio reception to a funny station. Wait until she opens her mouth and shoot the honey with growth formula directly in her mouth.

See what happens.

Wallace made the formula to make the bees smaller. There is one small complication...


Episode 2:    The Last Resort

Wallace and Gromit's home at #62 at West Wallaby St.

As Gromit.


Gromit checks the Blackpool sunny beach holiday leaflet. He opens the door and sees that rain is pouring down.

Hear Wallace cry for help. Gromit runs to the flooded cellar and sees Wallace with his finger on a hole in a pipe.

He wants the spanner-wrench. Walk the boards to the right and pick up the spanner.

Go back and give spanner to Wallace.

Wallace hits an electric box that ignites the red rocket fuel canister. The rocket fuel zooms and hits all the pipes on the wall. The water gets electrified.

Turn off the circuit breaker:

Walk the board towards the circuit breaker. The water rises and the boards float away.

Jump on the rubber green turtle floater. Paddle towards the circuit breaker and see that the tide flow pushes Gromit away.

Paddle to the left corner of the cellar and pick up the rocket gas canister.

Paddle to the sparks on the pipe that is on opposite wall from the circuit breaker.

Select rocket gas canister from inventory and then use it - click on the sparks on the pipe.

Wallace had one of his brilliant ideas - bring the beach to us.


Chapter 1:    Ocean Notion

As Wallace.

Get sand, sun and umbrellas:

Wallace needs sand, sun and umbrella to add to the water in the cellar.

Try to borrow umbrella:    Head to town by exiting through the gate. A man carrying an umbrella passes by.

Duncan McBiscuit visits Felicity Flitt. Hear that Duncan wants Felicity to go to the beach with him.

Comment on the pups - Poodgie-Woo and Tinkie-Wee.

Borrow the umbrella. Felicity won't go to the beach for fear of lightning and thunder.

Continue to go through the gate and be in town.

Try to get sand:

Hear Major Crumm and Constable Ernest Dibbins argue about the sand bags in the truck. The major thinks it is needed for the coming flood.

Talk to either one of them. Wallace volunteers a place for the sandbags.

Wallace is asked who is in command here. Click-comment on the steak kidney pie poster on the wall behind the truck - Two fine flavors that works well together.

Major Crumm will deliver the sand bags after getting a requisition form.

Get sun:   

Go to the cheese store. Comment on the searchlight in front of the cheese store.

Mr. Paneer will lend it to Wallace but if the weather is fine he would need it tonight.

Admire the cheeses in the crate behind the searchlight. Wallace's stomach rumbles like thunder. Mr. Paneer relies on the experts that know the weather.

Inquire about the Cheese of the Week Club sign. Mr. Paneer has Wallace's order delivered to his home already.

Go across the street to the Newsstand and talk to Winnie Gabberley. Mr. Gabberley states that he can run the store better than Mrs. Gabberley.

Select the Weather forecast magazine above Winnie.

Go back to Mr. Paneer. Use the weather forecast magazine with Paneer. He cancels his Sizzling Summer Sale.

Ask again about the searchlight. Paneer lends the searchlight.

Get umbrella:

Go back to W Wallaby St by going left from the signpost by Mr. Paneer's store.

At home, take the order form above the delivered cheese crates.

Talk to Felicity again. When they listen for thunder, click-look at the crates of Stilton cheese. Wallace's stomach rumbles like thunder.

Take-borrow the umbrella when Duncan leaves.

Get sand:

Go back to town and show cheese 'order' form to Major Crum.

Go back home and see the sandbags delivered to West Wallaby St.

Spin the goblin by the sandbags and they get sent to the cellar.


Chapter 2:    The Guest House Mutiny

As Wallace.

West Wallaby St Waterworld

Wallace and Gromit made a beach resort at the cellar. Wallace has another brilliant idea of sharing the beach with paying guest.

Unsatisfied costumers:

The guests are not happy and ask for refund. Wallace will fix things by suppertime.

Duncan McBiscuit is a satisfied customer. His name gets a smiley.

Get tea:    Go upstairs. Enter kitchen. Gromit gives a tray of tea for the guests.

Edwina Gabberley:    Enter dining room.

See Mrs. Gabberley crying. Talk to Mrs. Gabberley.

Questions will be asked by Mrs. Gabberley. Reply by considering objects in front of Mrs. Gabberley.

Yer in a right mess you are, Winnie Gabberley and no mistake! What to do, what to do? Consider tea cup on table.

What do I know? I'm going soft in the head, aren't I? Consider knife on the table.

I should count me blessing. At least my new hat fits. That's something isn't it? Consider guest sign.

It's a sorry old world, isn't it? Thanks to bullies. Consider the cheese crumbs on cheese tray.

I'd go home to Mr. Gabberley but there's no point. Won't get no sympathy from 'im, will I? Consider romance novel.

Am I making sense? Do you catch my drift? Consider glass.

It's not just me, is it? What do you think of Duncan McBiscuit? Consider cheese.

Happen I may be knockin on. Too old for a beach holiday, that's for sure. Consider daisy.

Mrs. Gabberley answers back to Duncan, the bully. One satisfied customer.

Bedroom:    Go upstairs and see McBiscuit jump from the waterslide.

The spring on the mattress are popping out. Look at Gromit's cartoon board. Press the water slide red button.

Take the sunglasses from the side table.

Constable Dibbins:    Enter the living room and see Constable Dibbins being harassed by the 2 pups.

Try to take the chew toy bone on the floor. The pups are protective of the toy bone.

Dibbins gives formal caution for Miss Flitt about her pups.

Pick up the knitting wool balls by the chair.

Photograph:    Check the 'souvenir photograph' backdrop. Dial destination on the left and check all the backgrounds.

Take the beach ball from the beach scene.

Take the blue and white flag from the church scene.

Activate the camera left of fireplace and have a picture taken using any backdrop.

Examine the board with pictures. It has pictures of satisfied customers so far.

Candy Floss:    Operate the candy floss right of the fireplace. Yum.

Miss Flitt:    Go down to the cellar. Talk to Felicity. She's a satisfied customer.

Read-peruse the magazine on top of the chest beside Felicity.

Felicity likes the new look. Her own babies won't recognize her. The model on the magazine cover has dark sunglasses and wears a blue and white scarf.

Use flag from the photo backdrop with Felicity.

Use the sunglasses from the bedside table with Felicity.

Use the formal caution with Felicity.

Felicity goes to the living room and is not recognized by her pups. She sees them when they are unruly.

She takes them away to change their dress.

Constable Dibbins is now satisfied.

Major Crum:     Go down to the cellar.

Talk to Major Crum. Listen to his recount of the Siege of Aqaba. He needs red boulders, bird sounds and tea.

Change the ambient sound on the panel at foot of stairs to seaside songbirds.

Offer tea to Major Crum. Use knitting wool taken from living room with Crum.

Talk to Major Crum and he will start over the recounting of the Siege of Aqaba.

He falls asleep after his own bedtime story. Take the toy soldier with pointy bayonet.

Mr. Paneer:    Talk to Mr. Paneer.

Inquire about all 4 bucket shape sand towers:    royal court, enchanted tower, horrible dungeon and tower of groceries. Exit the close up and Paneer adds a mark of quality of produce on the tower of groceries.

McBiscuit steps on the sand castle that Paneer makes.

Walk to another screen while Paneer repairs his tower.

Go back and talk to Mr. Paneer about his castle again.

Identify all the towers. When he names the tower of groceries place the toy soldier on top of that sand tower.

Exit close-up and watch McBiscuit's foot get its due.

Now all are satisfied customers. It is time for dinner.


Chapter 3:    Hounds of Horror.

As Gromit.

McBiscuit disappears:   

Gong is sounded. The guests are gathered in the dining room.

Wallace starts a toast. McBiscuit takes over the toasting.

The lights go off. Screams. McBiscuit disappears. Gromit follows the paw prints on the floor.

At the cellar, see Poodgie-Woo and Tinkie-Wee beside the yellow bucket.

Investigate the bucket. McBiscuit is buried up to his neck in the sand.

Use the yellow toy shovel on McBiscuit. Constable Dibbins arrive.

Investigate the crime:   

At the dining room, Constable Dibbins says that all are suspects and no one can leave the house until the thumper is caught.

Major Crumm says that he knows who did it.

Wallace shows his Deduct-o-matic.

Constable Dibbins wants facts. Wallace is asked - who is the thumper?

Go to and indicate the 2 pups. This was greeted by laughter.

Dibbins wants proof; motive, weapon and witness. Wallace labels the machine.

Pull back from the deduct-o-matic and automatically pull the plug.

Talk to Dibbins. Select Mrs. Gabberley.

Help McBiscuit remember:

Go down to the cellar. Dibbins interrogates Mrs. Gabberley.

Help Duncan McBiscuit.

Learn that he took the chew toy of the pups.

He heard a noise but he cannot remember what kind.

 - Activate punch and Judy show. He remembers the noise of the lever. (The pups watched the show.)

Then he went to have his picture taken with a manly pose. He cannot remember what follows.

- Go upstairs to the living room. Listen to Felicity explain about dressing up and see that Paneer is scared.

- Examine the picture board above the fireplace. There are 2 pictures of McBiscuit, one a manly pose at the beach and another picture of him holding candy floss.

- Go to the candy floss machine and operate it to get candy floss.

- Go back down to McBiscuit at the cellar. Use candy floss with Duncan. He remembers eating and enjoying the candy floss.

The gong sounded and was at the dining room. He remembers a smell.

- Go upstairs to the bedroom. Climb out of the window.

Go to wall by Felicity's flowers. Pluck the flower. Spin the gnome and be at the cellar.

- Use the flower with Duncan. He remembers everything.

Lights went and then thump. Duncan was hit with the supper gong mallet. The mallet left an impression on Duncan's skull.

See the pups climb up the stairs with the mallet.

Follow the pups and see that the mallet was placed in the candy floss machine. The mallet becomes the handle of the newly made candy floss.


Go to Felicity who wants to do dress up the pups.

Inspect the dress up kit. Check the Certificate of Honor and see that Poodgie-Woo and Tinkie-Wee got special honors in Hammer throw. Hmm. Click on the sailor hat and see that one of the sailor hat is missing.

Select any combination of hat, eyeglasses and collar. Right click to dress up Poodgie-Woo and Tinkie-Wee.

Felicity calls the doggies. While they are being dressed up, go up to the bedroom.

Fix the springs in the mattress but leave the spring at bottom part of the mattress unfixed.

Observe the Gromit safety caricature. Hear the 2 monster pups come back to the bedroom. Gromit strikes a pose camouflaged by the caricature.

Press the red button to start the waterslide. The pups go down the waterslide. The chew bone is caught in the spring.


Go back to the living room.

Talk to a jumpy Paneer to get the candy floss with the mallet handle. He would not give it up.

Go to the dining room and talk to Constable Dibbins. Select Mr. Paneer.

Dibbins interrogates Paneer. Paneer places the candy floss on the shelf.

Take the candy floss with the mallet handle from the shelf.


Go to the dining room and talk to Constable Dibbins. Select Major Crumm.

Hear the report about the spies. Crum describes the spies while Dibbins draws the composite of the suspects.

Pick up the drawing thrown by Dibbins. Pick up the missing sailor hat from the counter.

Go to the living room and use the sailor hat with Felicity.

Inspect the dress up kit. Select the sailor hat, the nautical scarf and dark colored eyeglasses at right. Felicity doesn't think it is fashionable to wear the dark glasses.

Go to the bedroom upstairs and out the window while the pups are being dressed.

Go to town and then to the newsstand. Select the fashion magazine with the spectacular specs.

Go back to bottom screen to go back home. Spin the goblins to get to the cellar. Climb the stairs and go to the living room.

Use the fashion magazine with Felicity. Inspect the dress up kit. Select the dark eyeglasses that should go with the sailor cap and nautical scarf that the pups should be wearing and then exit.

Identify the thumper:

Go back to the dining room and use the deduct-o-matic plug on the wall.

The suspects are summoned. If you want to find more evidence; unplug the deduct-o-matic.

Select motive button:     Wallace asks help from Gromit. Use chew toy with Wallace.

Mrs. Gabberley verifies that Duncan took the chew toy from the doggies.

Select weapon:     Wallace asks help from Gromit. Use mallet with Wallace.

Mrs. Gabberley verifies that Duncan said it was the gong mallet that was used on him and has evidence-mark on his head.

Select witness:     Wallace asks help from Gromit. Go to and indicate Major Crum.

Mrs. Gabberley points at the pups and Major Crum recognizes the pups as the spies.

Case solved!

Chapter 4: Down the Drain

As Gromit.

Wallace holds the chew toy bone up. The pups see it and jumps at Wallace. The 3 go down the waterslide.

Wallace and the pups are on the upside down umbrella; spinning in a rapidly draining pool in the cellar.

Gromit follows to save Wallace on his trusty green turtle rubber floater.

Save Wallace:

Move Gromit faster using the up arrow and slower using the down arrow.

Collect all that are in the water:  beach ball, candy floss, teapot and bucket of starfish.

Use the bucket of starfish like a ninja shuriken on the chew toy balanced on the handle of the umbrella.

The pups jump and move the umbrella making it impossible to hit the chew toy.

Use the bucket of starfish on the lever of the Punch and Judy show. The show catches the attention of the pups and they sit still.

Immediately, use the bucket of starfish on the chew toy. The chew toy goes down the drain. The pups follow the toy.

Gromit joins Wallace on the umbrella. Use the bucket of starfish on the red fuel canister on the bench.

Pick up the red fuel canister. Use the fuel canister on the sparkling deduct-o-matic.

Wallace and Gromit go airborne and caught by Duncan.

The pups follow the chew toy out of a toilet at the jail.


Gromit enjoys peace and quiet at the beach.

Episode 3: Muzzled

by Dean Waxman

The rascally whippets


Wallace and Gromit's home at #62 at West Wallaby St.

Wallace shows off his new Inifiniflavour truck while Gromit reads about 'Storm destroys dog shelter' headline. Gromit starts the new invention to see if it is ready for the fair. The fair is to raise money to rebuild the dog shelter.

A thud is heard. See 3 doggies take parts of the Inifiniflavour truck.

Wallace fixes the flavour engraver and asks Gromit to take back the parts and take care of the pups.

As Gromit:

Calm down Twitch, the scared pup:

See a shy dog chew on the lead line wheels of the Inifiniflavour truck. Go to and observe the little pup and see it shake.

Go left of the stairs and pick up the plush bunny toy. Give Gromit's old plush bunny toy to the scared pup. Awww......

Take the crank from Filcher:

Look left and see Filcher with the golden crank in his mouth.

Look at the gold items behind Filcher. He loves anything gold colored.

Try to 'engage' or get the crank from Filcher's mouth. Wallace tests the Inifiniflavour truck and it makes a loud noise. Filcher faints. Gromit takes the crank.

Use the golden crank on the truck. Filcher swipes it again. Gromit looks at the filched items behind the dog. Hmm...

Inspect the truck. Gromit starts the truck. Filcher faints on the noise made by the truck. Immediately go and recover the golden crank.

Go to the table on the left and check the ice cream sign. Read the newspaper on the table and see blue paint.

Use the golden crank on bucket of blue paint to get repainted crank.

Use the repainted crank on Inifiniflavour truck. See Filcher inspect and ignores it.

Take the lever from Digger:

Go upstairs. Check the living room where the milk production is done. Look at the stairs full of sugar boxes and the dining room turned creamery.

Take the pooch magazine in front of the door.

Exit the house through the front door. See Digger with the lever that looks like a bone has dug a hole in the ground and out to Felicity Flitt's garden.

Assist Felicity. Study the dog magazine in inventory. Learn how to break the nasty habit of dogs that dig by giving them tasty treat. Aha!

Get a treat:

Exit through the gate and see Major Crum at the bus stop bench.

Talk to Major Crum eating biscuits. Cool head Crum is the only contestant for the pie eating contest. Try to get the biscuits.

Go right to High Street and be in town. Talk to Mr. Paneer. Look around town and at the signs for the fundraiser.

Read and automatically take the Pie Eating Contest signup form on the stand by the water fountain.

Go to and talk to Winnie Gabberley at the newspaper shop. Show her the pie eating contest signup form. She signs up for the contest.

Go back to W Wallaby St left of Mr. Paneer.

Show the pie eating contest form to Major Crum. He needs to get his guts ready for the contest.

Take the biscuits.


Go back to the yard, to the fence and use biscuit on the dirt patch right of the red tulips.

Gromit automatically takes the lever-dog bone.

Inifiniflavour truck:

Enter the house and go down to the basement.

Inquire about the flavour engraver on Wallace desk.

Standing on the right side of the truck, use the lever on the Inifiniflavour truck. The nut is gone. Twitch gives the nut.

Gromit and Wallace put the Inifiniflavour truck together.

Monty Muzzle:

Monty Muzzle is at the front door. He talks about his fund raising fair. Muzzle takes the 3 pups.

The Fair.

Monty Muzzle shows the booths and ride.

Gromit sees the old flush bunny he gave Twitch. Under the bunny is part of a flier with the 'Save the Dogs' circled.

Gromit needs to find the remaining pieces of the flier. Look around the fair.

Mr. Paneer and the Gumball Count:

Look at Mr. Paneer at the gumball count tent and see that he is holding a flier. Click on the gumball jar.

Go to right of the tent and back to town.

Hear Mr. Gabberley feed the birds. Take the bird seeds he throws out the window.

Go left and check the trash can in front of the Mill Gate Inn. See a 300 count gumball bag that has 7 gumballs inside.

Go back to the left and forward to the road under the fundraiser banner.

Assist Mr. Paneer. Make a guess on the counter machine. Gromit automatically uses a ticket on the machine.

Click to change each number. Since there are 7 gumballs left in the bag, enter 293.

Click on the lever and Gromit makes Mr. Paneer pull the lever.

Monty Muzzle comes over and as prize gives a gumball to Mr. Paneer and another bubblegum to Gromit.

Gromit takes the flier and sees 'Help' encircled.

Duncan McBiscuit and the fortune telling machine:

Talk to Felicity standing right of the stage and see that she is swooning over Monty Muzzle. She says no one noticed her new hairdo.

Go to Duncan at the fortune telling tent - Muzzzmereldas Fortune Cookies.

Assist Duncan twice. He is writing a poem for Felicity. He needs the last sentence to rhyme with bold.

Go behind the machine. See the chicken run the machine. Duncan tries the machine.

Gromit looks close at machine. Click on the words to form: Your hair - could be mistaken for - pirates gold. Press the red button.

Watch Duncan love the fortune and makes it the last line of his poem.

Gromit takes the flier and sees 'Inside' encircled.

Monty Muzzle and the Pie Eating Contest:

Go to the stage and walk up. Monty Muzzle stops Gromit. Only he and the Master of Ceremonies of the pie eating contest can be up on the stage.

The Master of Ceremonies is chosen from the pie bake off. Look at the pies with ice cream on top on the table.

Check the Life of Muzzle tent. Watch the Happy Childhood, Heroics and Life's Calling shows. Find out that he loves fish and chips.

Bake a pie:

Go back to town and then back to house. Automatically be in the kitchen. Look in the recipe box.

Now which one to bake - Muzzle loves fish and chips - bake potato pie. Go back to the fair.

Improve the pie:

Use potato pie to Muzzle. It needs improvement.

Go to the 'Will it Fry' booth. Use the potato pie on the fry cabinet to get crisp pie.

Are you smarter than a chicken?

Go to chicken booth and play tic-tac-toe with the chicken. Hmm.

Use the bird seeds on squares you want the chicken to mark to make the chicken lose.

Win the goldfish.

Ala Mode:

Go to Wallace's Infiniflavour truck. Use the goldfish on Infiniflavour.

Get fish flavoured ice cream.

Bake off:

Use the crisp pie with Muzzle. It is still missing something.

Use the fish flavoured ice cream with the crisp pie while the pie is on the table.

Gromit wins and becomes the Master of Ceremonies.

Climb to the stage and pick up the flier on the stand.

Muzzle gives the starter gun for the pie eating contest.

After his speech, Gromit fires the start of the pie eating contest.

Gromit reads the flier and sees 'Muzzler' encircled. So the pups are inside the Muzzler.

The Muzzler

Gromit checks the Muzzler. He is caught and caged by Muzzle.

Muzzle uses the pups to power up his Muzzler ride. Muzzle locks the cage with a golden key.

His security system is a chicken that will cluck off a warning and Muzzler will come back.

Open the cage:

Check the cage. Use the cup and automatically use it on the cage door.

See the security system at work. Filcher jumps to the cage door in seeing the golden key.

Use the starter pistol on Filcher. Then use the cup. Watch what happens.

See Filcher with the golden key in his mouth. Use the starter pistol again on Filcher. Take the golden key.

Use the key on the cage.

Disarm the security system:

Move about and the chicken clucks again. Gromit goes back to the cage.

Climb the ladder attached to the central wheel. See the top of the Muzzler.

Use bird seed on chicken. That will keep it busy. Climb down the ladder.

Release Twitch:

Go around and see a patch of ground-loose dirt on the floor by the door.

Take fortune cookie from the sack under the chicken.

Take the spanner-wrench left of Twitch's cage and the grease right of Twitch's cage.

Use the spanner-wrench on the loose dirt left of the door or on Digger. Digger mistakes it again for a bone and digs a hole.

The wheel stops and hear Muzzle. Filcher takes over the turning of the wheel.

Use a fortune cookie with Twitch. Gromit throws it in and Digger digs out of the ground to take it.

Twitch goes through the hole made.

Call for help:   

Take another fortune cookie from sack and use it on the loose dirt.

Digger drops the wrench and goes for the cookie. Take the spanner-wrench.

Climb the ladder to the landing. Climb the next ladder at other side of the landing to get close to top of the Muzzler.

See an air vent on the wall. Use the wrench on the bolt holding the air vent close.

Open the air vent. Gromit has an idea. He picks Twitch and brings him up to the vent.

He tries to fit Twitch to the vent. Use grease with Twitch.

Watch Twitch go to Wallace and Wallace catches on that Gromit is inside the Muzzler.

As Wallace:

Shut down the fair:

Get the fairgoers to go home:

Go to the fortune telling tent. Take 3 fortunes from the machine.

Go to the pie eating contest and talk to the contestants. Mrs. Gabberley gives a note for Mr. Paneer.

Go up the stage and give 'duty' fortune to Mr. Paneer. That gets Constable Dibbins to go back to his job.

Give the 'hair' fortune to Mr. Paneer. Watch the discussion between Felicity and Duncan. They leave.

Give the 'mold' fortune to Mr. Paneer. Mrs. Gabberley gets insulted.

Give Mrs. Edwina Gabberley's note to Mr. Paneer. It is about the victory party.

Go down the stage and Wallace talks to Winnie.

See another pile of empty pie tins on the steps. Take the stack of empty pie tins from the steps and place them on the table.

Major Crum is outpied and surrenders.

Shut down the Muzzler:

See Major Crum walk to the Muzzler to get his plane ride.

Go to the Muzzler and see that Major Crum is over the limit to ride the Muzzler.

Go to town and pick up a balloon from the free balloon stand. Go back to the fair.

Use the balloon with Major Crum standing by the Muzzler gate.

After passing the weight limit, Major Crum enjoys his ride and breaks the Muzzler.

The balloon

Monty Muzzle takes off on his hot air head balloon. With him are his 3 confederate chickens and Twitch; as well as the money from the fair slated for the dog shelter.

Gromit releases the cream from the truck and the truck flies to catch up with the balloon.

Slow down the balloon:

In far view, climb through the roof of the truck. Gromit climbs up and out. Use the bubblegum on the hatch - open churning tank.

Climb inside and look close at the dashboard. Press the churn button to churn the scanned flavour.

Use the lever to scoop ice cream. The gummy ice cream shoots out to the balloon propeller and gums it up.

Get closer to balloon:

Climb up to the roof again. Take the crank.

Climb down again. Use the crank on the lead line tyre. That lightened the truck and they get closer to the balloon.

Take Twitch:

Twitch tries to pull the chest with the loot but ends up with a tug of war with Muzzle.

Use bird seed on Muzzle. Watch as the chickens tries to feed.

Look close on the dashboard. Use the serve button and the arm picks up Twitch and the chest.

In the air:

Take pack of paper money. Muzzle holding on to a yellow helium tank gets upset.

Take the extendable arm and use it on the bag of money.

Use the bag of money on the propeller. Muzzle releases the air tank to chase the money.

Take the yellow helium tank. Automatically fly to Wallace on the big moustache.

Use the yellow helium tank on the deflated big moustache.

On the ground:

Muzzle meets his match in jail.

Winnie Gabberley adopts the 3 pups.

Felicity and Wallace have a miscommunication.


Episode 4: The Bogey Man

by Team Waxman


Join the club.

Wallace and Gromit's home at #62 at West Wallaby St.

As Gromit.

The nightmare:   

See a newspaper that shows the engagement of Wallace and Miss Flitt.

Gromit putts a ball to get porridge in Wallace's bowl. The breakfast buzzer sounds.

Go to bottom left and take the eavesdropper and the wrench from the box.

Pick up the scissors on the table right of door. Press the breakfast buzzer.

Wallace comes down the chute for breakfast and tells about his dream. He wants Gromit to get him out of this predicament.

Major Crum arrives for a consultation with the Golden Retrieval Detective Agency. Check the sign on the dining room door.

Eavesdrop on the neighbors:

Exit to the front yard. See great Aunt Prudence arrives to visit Miss Flitt.

Miss Flitt positively loathes fungi. See her spray fungicide on the mushroom.

Select the eavesdropper and listen in on the conversation between Miss Prudence and Miss Flitt.

Aunt Prudence gives her blessing unless he is a member of that appalling country club - Prickly Thicket. No worries - Wallace is not the Prickly Thicketter type. Hmm...

What is Prickly Thicket?

Exit through the gate and be at the Town Square.

Listen in on Mr. Paneer and Constable Dibbins. Constable Dibbins is standing in as mailman. He delivers a mail from Prickly Thicket.

Try to take the envelope on the crate right of the door.

Learn that Mr. Paneer is selecting a new member for the club.

Constable Dibbins obviously wants to be a member of the exclusive club. Wallace is not a sporting man.

Prove that Wallace is a sporting man:

Click on the crates and get a free sample of Super Sticky Nut Butter from Mr. Paneer.

Look at the Notice of Closure on the restaurant left of the newsstand. Find out that Constable Dibbins is a stickler when it concerns vermin.

Go to newsstand and talk to Edwina. Check the Extreme Putting Magazine on the base of the counter. The magazine has a Rookie of Year cover and is reserved for Mr. Paneer. Check the newspaper on the right.

Talk to Muzzle at the jail window at right.

Go back home by going left of the signpost close to Mr. Paneer's shop.

Go to dining room and hear that Major Crum wants Wallace to retrieve something that he can't remember.

Use the scissors on the newspaper and get Wallace's photo.

Go back to town and the newsstand.

Use Wallace's photo on the Extreme Putting Magazine.

Watch Mr. Paneer pick up the magazine.

Constable is Mr. Paneer's friend:

Go back home. Use the Sticky Nut Butter on the feeding tray clamped on the fence by the squirrel's tree.

Watch it enter the jar. Close the jar to trap the 'vermin'.

Go back to town and give the Sticky Nut Butter to Mr. Paneer. Place the Sticky Nut Butter with the vermin with the other crates.

Constable Dibbins arrives. Watch what happens to their friendship and a Notice of Closure is tacked on Mr. Paneer's store.

New member:

Constable delivers a package to Wallace. It is a membership approval and a sweater vest with a logo is included.

Felicity knocks on the door and informs Wallace about the approval of her great aunt. The only caveat is that he not be a... oh no!


Prickly Thicket

As Gromit.

First and possible last day at the club:

Wallace is welcomed to the golf club by the members and Chairman Duncan McBiscuit. Swing the club and hit that ball.

Constable Dibbins arrives. The club is in violation of an ordinance that states that a golf club must be in possession of one fully functioning golf course. He will close the club tomorrow.

Learn that the deed to the golf course is lost within the club walls.

Learn that is what Major Crum wants Golden Retrieval to find.

History of Prickly Thicket:

Click on the portrait left of the fireplace of Duchess Flitt and Lord Rory McBiscuit. Learn about the relationship of the 2 families and what happened to the golf course.

Click on the mural right of the fireplace and learn about Goodman Witlace and his hound Gimlet. He was hired to build the security system to hide the deed. So the deed is still is here. Note the resemblance to our heroes.

There 3 keys needed to unlock the security system built by Witlace: silver, gold and porcelain keys.

Find the clues:

Using the clue finder, move around the room and listen to the clicks. It will whistle-buzzes as it nears a clue.

Go to the display case right of the 5 golf pictures. The clue finder whistles. Check the music box and get a clue about the golden key.

Go to where Mr. Paneer is playing Snooker and the clue finder activates. Check the bookcase to get the clue about the silver key.

Go to the mail cabinet right of the exit door. Take the porcelain key clue in one of the slots.

Look around the room and check the different items in the room. We will use them all later in the game.

The silver key:

Review the silver key clue in inventory. It's a picture of a dog and a clock set to 9 o'clock.

Go to where Mr. Paneer is playing snooker and ring the tee-hee time bell. The clock changes to 3 o'clock.

A joke book comes out of a drawer. Mr. Paneer reads a joke and Duncan appreciates it loudly.

Open the clock face. Go to the music box on the trophy case. Use the music box and see the dog pictured in the clue. Wallace sees the mirror image of the clock and it now reads 9 o'clock.

The silver key pops out of the clock.

The gold key:

Review the gold key clue in inventory. It mentions about a golfer learning to play golf, hook and slice and about a book that mentions 6 stages to order of perfection.

Go to town and go home to West Wallaby St. Wallace talks to Gromit

At the dining room, see Miss Felicity and her great Aunt Prudence. Felicity gives the anti-golf tract - Golfer's Path to Perdition. Read about the 5 players and note the pictures in the pamphlet. Talk to Aunt Prudence.

Take the glass of milk in front of Aunt Prudence.

Go back to clubhouse. Click the portraits of Rory McBiscuit on the wall. See the same pictures in the anti-golf tract and know the correct order of the pictures on the wall.

Read the Prickly Thicket handbook on the stand pass Mr. Paneer. Now see the last and 6th picture in the steps to the order of perfection. The order of the pictures to be hit is now known.

Hit the pictures on the wall in order using golf balls.

Ring the tee time bell right of Duncan. Golf time! The brass butler brings the clubs.

Duncan selects the yellow clubs. He hits the middle picture on the wall (first picture in the Golfer's Path to Perdition - The Sucker).

There are 2 position lines to hit the pictures: the lassie's tee at the front closer to the pictures and the laddie's tee at the back farther from the pictures.

Select the red hooking cleek from the brass butler. Use red club on the lassie front line tee. See the ball hit the second picture from left (second picture in the Golfer's Path to Perdition - The Hacker).

While Duncan laughs, take the red club from inventory and click it on his yellow club propped on the wall.

Watch him hit the first picture on the wall (third picture in the Golfer's Path to Perdition - The Striver).

Select the blue slicing club from the brass butler. Use the blue club on the lassie front line tee. See the ball hit the second picture from right (fourth picture in the Golfer's Path to Perdition - The Boaster).

While Duncan laughs, take the blue club from inventory and click it on his red club propped on the wall.

Watch him hit the rightmost picture on the wall (fifth picture in the Golfer's Path to Perdition - The Weeper).

Select the yellow straight club from the brass butler. Use yellow club on the lassie front line tee. See the ball hit the middle picture (The Master - only picture in Prickly Thicket handbook).

The gold key drops from above to the brass butler's tray.

The porcelain key:

Review the porcelain key clue in inventory. It mentions about mastering the Ganges and makes an impossible shot.

Talk to Mr. Paneer and learn about the Ganges Grip.

Go to town. Talk to Constable Dibbins wearing thick gloves. Learn that he knows the Ganges Grip. Talk to him again.

Talk to Edwina at the newsstand. Her mouth is stuck closed by Sticky Nut Butter. Give her the glass of milk.

Dip the driver in the nut butter.

Use the sticky driver on Constable Dibbins and get driver with Ganges Drip.

Go back to the club house using the road behind the fountain.

Use the driver with Ganges Grip on a red snooker ball on the snooker table.

Watch as Wallace stands on the table and do the Ganges Grip. The porcelain key is taken.

The deed:   

Go to the mural of Witlace and Gimlet right of fireplace. Use the 3 keys on their corresponding lock on the mural. The secret room is revealed. See the deed inside a locked case.

Major Crum analyzes the topography and states that the 18th fairway is at #62 at West Wallaby St.


Prickly Thicket Golf Course

The 17th hole of the Chairman Golf tournament:

Wallace talks to Edwina at the newsstand about trying to be chairman of the golf club. He wants to save his home at West Wallaby St. that Duncan wants to raze.

The 17th hole is right on the town square. The short hole is the 17th hole. Duncan hits his ball into the hole.

Duncan offers Wallace a chance by saying that who ever finishes first at the 18th hole wins. Wallace who is way behind agrees.

He tees off at the long hole to get to the 18th hole. Duncan goes to West Wallaby St. to look for the 18th hole.

Select the short hole to play the 17th hole. The ball goes into the manhole.

Pick up the missing note of Mr. Paneer.

As Gromit.

Where's the ball?

Go down the manhole and be at the sewer. See that the sewer is loaded with mushrooms and the ball is lost in the growth. Pick a mushroom.

Go back up to the street. Take the "How's Duncan" and the "How's Wallace" signs from Mrs. Gabberley's newsstand.

Go home to West Wallaby St. See that Duncan has destroyed the floor of Wallace's foyer to look for the 18th hole. Mr. Paneer lost a page of his notes that tells important info of the location. Duncan uses the official measuring club to know the distances stated in the notes.

Show the "How's Wallace" sign to Mr. Paneer. He leaves to report about Wallace.

Enter the dining-consulting room and Felicity sprays fungicide thinking that Gromit is a mushroom. Turn on the radio. Felicity hears that Wallace is in the sewer. She departs to be Wallace's Angel of Mercy.

Get the tags (stamp and label) from the package on the table.

Go back to town and descend into the sewer. Watch what happens. Felicity sprays fungicide on the mushroom. See the ball.

Go back up to the street and turn Edwina's fan to face the manhole. Go back down the manhole.

Use the Ganges grip driver from the mechanical trouser. Wallace hits the ball up and with the aid of the fan, blows into the 17th hole to get 235 over par.

Deliver Wallace's ball:

 Use the red valve in the sewer to turn on the fountain.

Go back up and use the stamp and label on the golf ball at start of the long hole left of the fountain.

Go back up to the street and use Edwina's fan so that it faces the street.

Select golf clubs. Watch Wallace hit the ball and instead of the ball going to the manhole it enters the red mailbox. Constable Dibbins collects the mail-golf ball.

Get the measuring club:

Go to clubhouse using the path by the mailbox. See Major Crum listening to the tournament on the radio and learn that now Wallace and Duncan are both at West Wallaby St.

Use the tea time bell by the snooker's table. Take the joke book.

Go back to the house at West Wallaby St.

The ball is delivered through the mail slot. Duncan hits the ball outside.

Show the joke book to Mr. Paneer. He reads a joke.

Grab the measuring club from the floor while Duncan's laughing.

18th Hole:

Use the missing note with the rest of the notes on the table at right. Read the directions to the 18th hole. It is 1 length SW of the olde oake tree.

Exit the house and use the measuring club on the squirrel tree. The 18th hole is found.

Use the golf clubs and Wallace hits the ball into the hole. The squirrel takes it.

Use the mushroom on the feeding tray. The squirrel throws the ball to take the mushroom.

Use the golf clubs again. Mr. Paneer looks out the door to watch the shot. Wallace hits the ball into the 18th hole and with the help of the squirrel becomes the chairman.


New Chairman

As Wallace.

The Sand Trap:

Wallace arrives at the clubhouse to tear up the deed and save West Wallaby St. from the bulldozer.

Duncan arrives to issue his sudden death contest. Constable Dibbins is here because of a violation (feeding mushroom to the squirrel. The Flitts arrive to ensure that law is followed. Mrs. Gabberley wants to know who broke her oscillating fan. Major Crum follows to see what is happening.

Wallace finally opens the Deed cabinet and triggers the sand trap.

Wallace's plan:   

Wallace needs to be close to the window to do his plan.

Move a person to an empty space until Wallace is in front of the window.

Keep Duncan and Miss Prudence away from Wallace.

Place Felicity close to Duncan and the romance blooms.

It is best to get Duncan or Miss Prudence at the bottom right corner while Wallace moves via the upper left corner to the window.

Wallace yells for Gromit to help.

As Gromit:

Stop the trap:

Gromit runs in to the rescue.

The floor starts moving, the pictures start flapping and the chomping gate starts chomping.

The lit fireplace reveals the steam machine that powers all the traps.

Run to the left (directional arrow) and immediately left mouse click to pick up the golf washer.

Run to the bottom corner close to clock. Use the measuring club on the chomping gate to prop it open.

Enter through to the snooker's room. Go to the tea time bell close to the chessboard.

Use the tea time bell. See it bring a cup of tea.

Use the golf washer on the tea time bell. Gromit places it under the bell and automatically rings for tea. Cups of tea are delivered.

Exit through the chomping gate and take the measuring club blocking it.

Use the measuring club on the clock's pendulum. See it hit the cups of tea and puts out the fire in the fireplace. The mechanism stops.

Open the sand trap door right of the fireplace at end of hall.


Everybody comes out happy.

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