Warcraft: Orcs and Humans - Player’s Guide

1) Move three Knights, one Archer and one Cleric (Group A) to the north-east of
the screen.

2) Move a Catapult, three Archers and one Cleric (Group B) to the south-east of
the forest then proceed clockwise round the forest until you find a road, then head
south to a bridge. Position the Archers on the bridge, then line the Catapult
directly behind the Archers and then the Cleric behind the Catapult.

3) Move to the south of your village and place a Knight beneath the southernmost

4) Move Group A south, down the right-hand side of the map until you meet an
Orc warrior - make sure your Knights lead the party. Attack the Orc with your
Knights and Archer and watch for the second Orc, who approaches from the

5) Now move Group A west and stop when a wall becomes visible - wait to the
east of the wall, your leading Knight should be positioned level with the north-
east corner of the wall. DO NOT line up your group parallel to the wall. Instead, leave
them to the north or another group of Orcs will move in to attack.

6) Next, move the leading Knight south until he is level with the wall then send
him back to the formation - two Grunts and a Raider will approach. Attack with
your Knights and Archer, and use your Cleric sparingly to heal if necessary.

7) Take two Knights from Group A and move them to the mine located in the
north-east corner of the map, then move them to Group B on the bridge. Use the
last Knight to destroy the top sections of the slave pen, but make sure that the
Knight does not move into the pen or on to the newly cleared spaces.

8) Select the Knight and Archer from Group A and position them on the path
between the water and the wall. Also, make sure your Cleric is clear of the rubble.

9) Check on Group B; it is probably under attack. Use your Cleric to heal your
troops then, when the Knights from Group A arrive, position them as follows: two
Knights and one Archer in the front line, the Catapult flanked by two Archers in
the second line, and the Cleric at the rear to heal.

10) Return to Group A and use the Cleric to heal the Peasant closest to him, the
Peasants will now move, as will an Orc attack force. Group the Peasants and
move them to the mine at the north-east of the map, using your Cleric to heal the
Peasants as they escape starting with the very last one in the group. Send your
Cleric to the mine as well, using your Knight and Archer to protect the group.
Once clear, leave your Knight and Archer to defend and focus on Group B.

11) The bridge battle will be raging pretty ferociously, so use the Cleric as much
as possible to heal your front line troops. Your Catapult should be effective in
taking out large groups of Spearmen at a time. When things start to calm, focus on
the mine.

12) You should have found another mine to the top of the map in the very centre;
send your Peasants here to harvest the gold. Send any remaining survivors from
Group A to the map in the north-east and heal them with the Cleric there, then
send the Cleric and the survivors back to your town.

13) At this point a Spearman should attack your village from the south but the
Knight you left there initially should defeat him with ease. Check on Group B and
when its members are victorious send just the Knights back to defend the village.
Leave the remainder of Group B on the bridge.

14) Yet another group of Orcs will attack your village from the south, but another
Knight and Cleric should be on hand to help defend. Again use your Clerics to
heal your troops.

15) You now have the opportunity to start building up an attack force with which
to overthrow the Orcs once and for all. Adopt your own tactics and strategies for
the final onslaught now that the complex bit has been successfully completed.

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