Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Cheats

Warcraft has a Master Code that is required to enable the cheat codes listed below, and it must be entered before any of the codes will work. Please note that in a Two-Player game, these codes will affect both sides.

Master Code: Corwin of Amber

Warcraft Cheats:

LEVEL NAME Takes player to the requested level (i.e. ORC12) This cheat works only in Campaign Mode

YOURS TRULY Takes player to the victory sequence This cheat works only in Campaign Mode

CRUSHING DEFEAT Takes player to the loss sequence This cheat works only in Campaign Mode

IDES OF MARCH Takes player to the finale sequence for the campaign the player is currently in

POT OF GOLD Adds 10,000 gold and 5,000 lumber to your reserves

EYE OF NEWT Upgrades your magic users with all spells

IRON FORGE Upgrades all technologies immediately

SALLY SHEARS Displays the entire map area

HURRY UP GUYS All buildings, units and upgrades are built/trained at an accelerated rate

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE All of your units are invulnerable except by a direct catapult hit, and will inflict 255 points of damage per hit.

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