WarHammer Epic 40k: Final Liberation - Cheat

While in the detachment selection screen
Hold down the control key and type Paladin
This ables you to use Knight Paladin units.

During the battle, hold down the control key and type:

EYEOFTERROR: To be able to see all enemy units.
HERETIC: Completes the mission.
CLEANSINFIRE: Your hit probability is increased to 100%.
WHITEDWARF: Makes all your units invulnerable to ranged weapon fire, not close combat.

P.S Control makes the selected unit fire so try to select a unit that has fired or it cannot fire.

Hex Cheat

File(s) to edit :

0.dat, 1.dat, 2.dat, etc. in savegame directory

What it does:

Using a hex editor, (I am using Hex Workshop) change the hex values at offset 24 to one of the values below to gain more resource points in the Volistad Campaign. Please note that this only works for the Volistad Campaign, this will not work in the quick battles
as this number may be preselected in the quick battle generator.

At Hex Offset 24 :

Enter hex B80B for 3000 RP's
Enter hex 8813 for 5000 RP's
Enter hex 401F for 8000 RP's

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