Walkthrough for the Webmistress

Lesson 1. Images

First, create a new folder and name it something that corresponds with the file you're working on. In this case we will create a new folder and name it WebmistressImages. Now that you have a newly created folder, open it and place all the images you would like to appear in your document. If you have the new file open and the images are located on your C: drive or anywhere else on your system, right click on the image and select copy. Go to the newly created folder and right click again but this time, select paste. This will place the image in your new folder. In this example, we have 2 images. One is a smiley called ROTFL.gif and the other is folder.gif

Remember, we placed both of these files in the WebmistressImages folder. Lets assume this document is a walkthrough. We'll name it Webmistress. When you place the images on your walkthrough, be sure the image properties look like this:




In the examples above, the folder we created was stored on my C: drive but that doesn't matter.

Now, we are ready to upload the Webmistess :) Since we have a folder on the server for walkthroughs under the letter Ww, we'll upload this walkthrough in that folder. You will have two files to upload. You should have the document named Webmistress.htm and an image folder named WebmistressImages. All you need to do is upload both files in the Ww folder on the server.