What makes you Tick

Walkthrough by Bert JaminŠ (www.gamesover.com) May 2007

You can use this walkthrough for whatever you want. It is as free as this great game is!
However you may not alter this walkthrough in any way.

You start your adventure near a stone well in a forest. In your inventory examine the picture you're carrying. Look at the stone well. Use the handle of the well to lower the... whole of it. Ooops! Pick up the handle in front of the well.

Look at the crow in the tree to find out someone tied a golden chain with a key to his leg. You can try to take it but believe me... the crow won't let you! Open the lantern at the right side of the crow. Use your lighter the light the opened lantern.

Look at the strange brown box next to the lantern. Take the shiny object from the strange box. Cross the wooden bridge. Try to enter the strange house. Notice the little flag next to the wooden sign. Take the flag. Take the stick that hold the flag. Go down the path.

Take the cocktail shaker from the wooden barrel. Lift the stone next to the barrel. Take the worm. Talk to the reading stranger on the bench, called Nora. Exhaust all dialogs. Pick up the leather glove that is laying on the bench next to Nora. Take some wheat form the field of wheat.

Head back to the place with the stone well. Talk to the stranger, called Greg. Exhaust all dialogs. He'll give you a can o' Dr. Pepper. Cross the wooden bridge. Go down the path to end up with Nora again. Go up the path.

Talk to the sailor. Exhaust all dialogs. Take a bottle out of the wooden crate next to the little pier. Take the book next to the wooden crate. Read the book in your inventory.  Bite the cork of the corked bottle of alcohol. In your inventory put the handful of wheat into the cocktail-shaker. Add the full bottle of alcohol to the cocktail-shaker.

Open the can o' Dr. Pepper. Drink the opened Dr. Pepper can. Use the empty can with the hermit crab. Pick up the old glove the hermit crab just left. In your inventory combine the single glove with the other glove. Examine the old timetable next to the sailor. Take the leaflet from the timetable. This will not only give you the leaflet but also a fishing hook.

Head back to Nora. Use the pair of gloves with the barbed wire fence next to Nora. Go to the right. Try to open the iron gate at the left side of the strange house. Pick the lock with the barbed wire. Enter the opened gate. Take the piece of string from the little tree at the left.

Head back to the sailor. Walk onto the little pier. Time to do some fishing! So... in inventory attach the string to the long stick. Attach the cork to the stick with string. Attach the hook to the stick with the cork on the string. Attach the wriggly worm to the fishing-rod. Use the fishing-rod with bait in the sea.

Give the fresh fish to the sailor's dog. When the dog gets awake, show him 'Captn Matt's Guide to Life'. After the dog has done his trick, pick up the mushroom in front of the dog. In inventory add the Seta de Muerte to the cocktail-shaker. Use the cocktail-shaker to mix the brew. Head back to the crow near the stone well.

Feed some sedative seeds to the crow. Repeat this until the crow takes off to take a nap somewhere. Now we only have to find out where the bird has landed! Cross the wooden bridge. Enter the opened gate at the left side of the strange house. Take the key from the sleeping crow. Head back to Nora.

Talk to her to find out she isn't feeling to well at the moment. Pick up the piece of a key she drops on the ground. In inventory combine the tiny key part with the key. Head back to the strange house. Try to open the front door with the larger part of a key. Hmmm... the key doesn't seem to be complete yet. Head back to the sailor.

Talk to Nora. Talk to the sailor. Head back to the bench Nora has been sitting on before. Talk to the old man. Exhaust all dialogs. Go to the right. Pull the door mat in front of the strange house. Pick up the piece of a key. In inventory combine the small key part with the larger part of a key. Yep... it fits!

Open the front door with the large key. Enter the strange house. Examine the ovalshaped holes at the base of the golden bird statue. In inventory use the piece of cloth with the half bottle of alcohol. In inventory clean the muddy thing with the wet cloth. Put the 'death'-plate into one of the ovalshaped holes at the base of the golden bird statue. Hmmm... one plate is still missing!

Notice the interesting blue book on the bottom shelf of the book case against the left wall of the room. Take that book. In inventory open the blue 'The Inside Matters' book. Put the 'adventurer'-plate into the ovalshaped hole at the base of the golden bird statue.

Go down the basement. Use the binoculars. Try to open the cupboard beneath the binoculars. Read the small note and the large note on the board. Look at the map on the board. Look at the bird food. Look at the photograph on the wall. Touch the photograph. Put the handle into the hole. Use the handle and enter the room to the right.

Look at the photo the stranger, called Vincent, left behind on the counter next to the cylinder shaped pod. Walk all the way to the left to the closed gate. Talk to the crow that is sitting on the stick above the bird food. Repeat this until the crow wakes up and lands on the handle to open the gate.

Open the cupboard beneath the binoculars. Take your stuff out of the cupboard. Re-enter the room to the right. Talk to Dr. Coppelius. Exhaust all dialogs. In inventory light the leaflet with your lighter. Put the burning leaflet into the tank of the cylinder shaped pod.

Also put the wet cloth and the almost empty bottle of alcohol into the tank. Enter and use the cylinder shaped pod. After your save landing go to the right. Re-enter the strange house. Pick up the plates from the floor and put them into the oval shaped holes at the base of the golden bird statue once more. Go down the basement to set free Dr. Coppelius...

The end...