A Quiet Weekend in Capri

by Silvio & Gey Savarese

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     September, 2003

additions by Gey Savarese   Version 1.12


Please note that parts of the walkthrough in brackets [...] and in blue are for the Italian release.

Installation is done with CD1 and gameplay with CD 2.

Introduction page:     A choice of Italian, American English and Italian with English Subtitles Text [Italian or English Text] is available. There is a Sightseeing tour that will describe highlights of the island. Click on the tour and read instructions. Click on Adventure Video game to start playing the game.

Adventure Video game Main Page:     The map of Capri is seen. At the bottom are:  notebook - shows the dialogue of the characters you meet in the game. Bag - where all the inventory is kept. Scene (camera icon) - shows a number to keep track of each screen graphics.

Services (tools icon) - shows the Start, Save, Exit, Prologue, Instructions, Credits of the game. There are 6 (3 for original version) save slots. The last one used appears highlighted.  In the Start icon - you can start from where you are, from Save, from beginning or more importantly  -- jumping to different main places - to 7 different main places - Piazzetta, Tragara, La Croce, Jovis, Fersen, Matermania  and Certosa [4 different places - Piazzetta, Tragara, La Croce and Tiberio].

Help - this shows where the active spots are. I recommend strongly to use it while playing.

After getting the map in the game, be sure to check it frequently to orient yourself. Take a walk around the area to familiarize and enjoy the sites before playing the game. This walkthrough has supplement maps as reference only. The first part of the walkthrough is arranged as close as possible to locating inventory in a certain place to lessen walking around. The game is non-linear and this walkthrough is just one way of approach. Any change in the steps still leads to the end of the game. There are no dead ends that I have seen. Some objects and information taken are not used in the gameplay and are red herrings or for atmosphere.

You are a tourist visiting Capri for the first time. You have booked a room at the Quisisana Hotel, but somebody or something is plotting against you... Don't give up (provided you can) do not refrain from having your weekend! Luckily, you have a notebook with you...

Boat Dock:     Click on Help - to show the frame where the direction arrows can be located. In inventory (Bag) Coins (Euro), a 15 Euro ticket to Capri, two 50 Euro bills and a First Express Credit Card. Turn left to boat. Click forward until reaching the  Island of Capri. Get off boat at dock.

Taxi Drive:    Go forward until the  piazza, turn right, forward to a taxi. Enter the taxi and ride to the top of the mountain city. Pay the driver with some coins from bag. Select coin, click on 'Use on Scene'  and it will show up on game screen as 'use' coin. Click on active frame and the driver will be paid.  Click Close notebook.

Piazzetta:    Turn around, left, forward until the clock tower and right at clock tower. Join the line and the newsagent  guides you to Quisisana Hotel - back up, forward to Tourist Office door (left of newsstand) with i (information) enter and take the map given to you.

Quisisana Hotel - Turn around and go NE direction. Go forward to sign at intersection, look close at sign, back up, turn right and forward until the Hotel. Weird, we are now in a time warp. All the tourist are gone. Go forward and read the notice on door of Hotel Quisisana. It is closed and info will be found at square. Check where you are in the globe/map at bottom bar.

Piazzetta:    Go back to newsstand (1) by Tourist Office (2) by turning around and go forward. Take the left branch by the RP gates, forward and then left at the sign post you saw earlier.  Go forward and talk again to the newsagent.

You're Rafele, a shop boy.  Saporito the greengrocer is looking for you. You need to bring the newspaper to Mr. Conquibus, the banker at Via Occhio Marino. Take the newspaper. Read the newspaper in the bag. Note the news at bottom left of a kidnapping of Gravitiello. Via Belvedere Cesina Lab Destroyed and that Interdimensional communications is available only at Faraglioni Area.

Looking for Greengrocer Saporito

Turn around from newsagent. Go left, forward to the left  arched opening and go forward until fruits are seen on the left.

Other Greengrocers: (3)    Enter the store, meet the 2 ladies that sells fruits and they tell you were Saporito is located - via Parroco Roberto Canale. Exit and turn left.

First Delicatessen seller: (4)     Enter the next stall. The seller has fresh mozzarella for 10 caprini. Exit and turn left. Forward once and left to Trattoria Pizzeria Da Serafina.

Buca di Bacco (Trattoria Pizzeria Da Serafina): (5)    Enter and Serafina will tell you that Capri Salad is made with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Capri cake is made with chocolate and almonds. Note the oven in the restaurant. Exit the restaurant, turn right on main path and then immediately turn left. Go forward once, turn right, forward and turn left to enter the greengrocer shop.

V P R Canale -Greengrocer: (6)   The greengrocer gives you a postcard and issues orders.

Mr. Fermino at Via Arco Naturale is looking for you.

Find a key behind the gate of the greengrocer's house . With this key you can open the house of Costanzo, the caretaker of Belvedere. He will give you some tomatoes.

Get a  bundle of Arugula close to Villa Malaparte.

Go to the confectioner shop for something to do.

Get a bottle of wine from Totore at via Belvedere Cesina.

Look at postcard from Carmelina in inventory with an address of Via Belvedere Cesina #17. That is where you live.


Running Errands for Mr. Fermino   

Look at map and see that Arco Naturale is at the end of Via Matermania. Click on Services, click on Start, click on 'jumping to' and select La Croce.

La Croce:    Note the phones at left. Look close at the Chinese girl (7) at top left. She wants 10 Caprini for a fruit converter. We don't have money right now. Back up and go forward to Via Matermania.

Via Matermania:    

Plaque at #4 - 2 clicks from the La Croce 4 way area, look at plaque on wall at right. Marguerite Yourcenar, French Authoress of 'The Memoirs of Hadrian' lived here. She also wrote 'Coup the Grace'.

Ristorante:    6 clicks from Plaque, turn left, up the stairs inside the building and go ahead straight to the end. Take the Swiss army knife hanging on the post. Go back and exit the terrace restaurant. Continue going East on Via Matermania - check map and signs on road frequently to see which path to take.

Arco Naturale:    Take the left path from via Matermania, to Arco Naturale.

Terrace Restaurant - Go forward and turn left to go inside the restaurant. Talk to Rosa (8) about the menu for today. Turn around, turn left and forward to the path downhill until the end to see the gorgeous scenery.

Mr. Fermino (9) - Turn back, forward and look close at Mr. Fermino's name on the gate to his home. Press the buzzer. Mr. Fermino wants the Capri Salad he ordered at the restaurant at Via Dentecala. Exit the restaurant area and immediately take a left going down to Grotta Matermania.

Grotta Matermania:   

Grotto - Tourist Informer - Go down the stairs and read the sign (Cibele). Go down to very bottom and see caverns. The second cave has Informatore Turistico or Tourist Informer:

Tourist Informer:    Press the left colored button to start the message and press the right button to stop the message.

Message Puzzle:

Brown button - A memorial tablet... Caprillo the Fifth... above the large terra... 

Purple - has been granted re... and it has been pla... es in Via Arc...

Green button - cently by King...  ced on the Grotto... Arco Naturale...



1. Push the green left button and then cycle the words until 'naturale' is stated.

2. Immediately push the purple left button to coincide with the 'le' of naturale made by the green left button. If the words overlap, click the right purple button and readjust the sequence again.

3. When both the green and purple button words are in good cycle, press the left brown button to coincide with 'le' of the naturale. If the words overlap, click the right brown button and readjust the sequence again.

You should hear the complete sentence:

A memorial tablet... has been granted... recently by the King... Caprillo the Fifth... and it has been pla... ced on the Grotto... above the large terrace... in Via Arco Naturale.

Back up, turn around and right down the steps.

Lembo's digital fingerprint - Forward until you see a card on the ground up the steps by a locked gate. Pick up the Digital Fingerprint of Giacomo Lembo, born June 29, 1973 and resides at La Quercinella.

Arugula - Continue 3 clicks away from card. Take the SW arrow direction and pick up the Arugula. Go back or jump to via Matermania or the way you came from.

Via Dentecala:    16 clicks from the Terrace Restaurant, turn left to Via Dentacala.

Fourhearts house - Going south on Via Dentecala from via Matermania, see the white facade and green door of a house with a bell and a 4 hearts sigil. Pull the rope and remember the 6 notes that is made.

Ristorante Da Tonino- Waiter: (10)    Continue to  Ristorante Da Tonino.

Waiter - Forward to the door and use the door handle (active spot appears only after talking to Mr. Fermino). Take the bag the waiter is holding. Capri Salad is made with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

Herbs - Turn around and climb the stairs. Take basil from right pot and sage from left pot. Exit restaurant area and continue exploring going east.

Pian delle Noci -

Walnuts & Cell phone - Turn right at the split of path at end of Via Dentecala. Go to woody area that is to the right of the path. Go forward take the left forward direction, then take the NW direction and pick up the walnuts from base of right tree. Turn around, take NW direction, forward to small path until the end. Take cell phone from rock. Exit the area by turning around and forward until the path.

View - Take the right path after turning back from the woods and look at the gorgeous scenery. Walk back to Via Matermania.

Via Tamborio: 3 clicks from the turn to Via Dentacala are steps going up from Via Matermania to Via Tamborio.

Home of Paturzo - Walk at Via Tamborio and enter the Villa compound framed by ferns and ivies. Talk to Costanzo Paturzo (11) in the kitchen. Remember what he says about the viewpoint of Piazzetta delle Noci where you can see Arco Naturale, villa Malaparte and a natural grotto, just above the terrace of a typical restaurant with a kitchen inside.  Look around at the beautiful sceneries.

Via Savardina:    Click on Services, then click Start, select 'jumping to' and select  ‘Jovis’. [Click on Services, then click Start, select 'jumping to' and select Tiberio. Turn right.] Turn with the U arrow, go down the road until you find a T at the start of Via Lo Capo. U turn again.

Carmelina plaque - Look at the A. Carmelina plaque on the stone wall on the left of the tree. Go forward until the road splits. Take the lower left path that ends in a close gate.

Old Capri man (11) - Turn back and meet an Old Capri man with a donkey. He mentions Carmelina tablet that we saw at the start of this path. Look close at birds above the door on the left.

Via Maiuri -Villa Jovis:    Take the upper right path at the split of the road. Go forward and read the Villa Jovis sign.

Via Moneta:

 Old Ladies: (12)   The road splits right and forward. Take the right road. Forward and talk to 2 women by door with red box. Axel Munthe treated the old lady.

Old Capri man (13) Go forward and meet the old Capri man and his donkey again and he talks about Jaques Fersen. Villa Lysis is now called Villa Fersen.

Via Lo Capo:    [Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Tiberio.]

Fruit Converter Chart - Go forward at Via Lo Capo to the very end of the road and take the piece of crumpled paper - Fruit Converter chart from the stand at the corner.

Turn around, go back and then turn left at the road with Fersen written on the path. At the end is Villa Lysis. The gate is closed now.

Via Tiberio:   Go back or click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select la Croce. Turn left, then go straight for Via Tiberio. [Go back or click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Tiberio. If you used the jumping to, turn around.]

Shop Assistant (14) - Enter the store and take the catalogue of Professor Costanzo Gravitiello's Inventions. Examine the catalogue in the bag - very informative and funny! Exit and take a look at the postcards outside the door of the store.

Payphone - Turn right from from store, go forward until a split in the road and a pink house at the crossroad. By the wall across the pink house, see a payphone. Look close and take Capri Telecommunications phone card.

Click on Services, click on Start, click on 'jumping to' and select Piazzetta.

Running Errands for Confectioner and Mother   

Looking down at the Piazzetta, go forward to the right arched opening between the stores (right of TOD's). There's a Tobacco shop at immediate left. Go forward, take NW path and left to the confectionery shop.

Confectionery: (15)   The lady wants you to get the main ingredients for a Capri cake. Capri cake is made with chocolate and almonds. Take the box she gives you. Exit the shop, turn left and enter the greengrocer shop.

Greengrocer: (6)    Give him the Arugula and take the 10 caprini from the table. Exit store. Turn right, forward, right at intersection and up the ramp by the balloons. Go forward until you climb up the stairs.

Felice the Plumber: (16)   Turn right to the plumber shop. See Felice, the plumber and take the wrench and the screwdriver holder. Exit and go right.

Mason: (17)   At the top of the steps, turn right and talk to the Mason. Take the trowel. Exit and turn right.

Rafele's house: (18)   Go forward until you see stairs on the left (Via Belvedere Cesina). Climb the stone steps, forward until door with purple flowered vines. Turn left and up the stairs. Press the Nannini buzzer and talk to Rafele's mother. She wants you to go to the niece at Villa Jole and bring her caciocavallo. The money is in lantern by Uncle's house.

Uncle's House:    Turn around and go to the blue door with the flowered vine. Open the little door on the right and take the Bagdad Gravitiello Lamp. Back up and look at the lantern above the flowered vine. Take the 10 caprini bill.

Turn around, forward down the steps, turn right at main path, forward until there is split going up or down forward close to where the Mason was. Take the forward (left side - going) down. Go forward, pass the plumber's place and take the left path under the covered path. Go forward and turn right at end. Turn left to the Delicatessen.

2nd Delicatessen: (19)     Give the 10 caprini to the Deli man to get caciocavallo (yellow cheese that looks like a duck).   Exit and turn right, forward pass the camera store and left to the Department Store.

Department store: (20)    Take Narcissistic Object Transformer invented by Gravitiello. Exit and turn left. Go forward 5xs until you see signs on the pillar on the right.

Pottery-seller store: (21)   Go forward from the sign and turn left to the pottery seller store. Take the map tile. Turn right from store and left at path under the sign.

Search for the banker

1st Painter: (22)    Check map and see that Via Occhio Marino is at SE of the City.  Go forward 2xs, pass the 1st painter's place, forward 4xs and right at end of path. Forward 5xs, turn right, forward and right again pass the Church.

2nd Painter: (23)    Forward, talk to second painter in his shop and learn that Count Fourhearts loves music. Continue and left at end of the road. Look at sign on wall and see that the road forward leads to where we want to go.

Occhio Marino:

Giacomo Lembo's residence:    Go forward, left at fork until you see an intercom with the name Lembo at right. Press the buzzer, and Lembo's sister (24) answers. Take the digital fingerprint card of Mr. Lembo from the bag. Click the 'use' card on the receiving cup of the teleconveyer and then press the buzzer right of the Lembo tag. Lembo went fishing for cctopuses.

Banker's residence:    Continue forward to the gates of 30 Occhio Marino. Look close at intercom and click on Karl. The maid (25) says that Mr. Conquibus went to Traversa Sopramonte near the Greengrocer's house. Now we know where the greengrocer's house is.

Greengrocer's House - Look at the map and see that Via Sopramonte is NE of the city. Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select La Croce.  Turn around to get  the phones on the right side now, forward 4xs, turn right to go up the steps. Look close at ground behind the grilled door and pick up the key to Costanzo's house.

Go down the steps and turn right and forward until the steps up to Via Belvedere Cesina and Rafele's mother's house.

Via Belvedere Cesina:

Farmer: (26)   Go back to Rafele's house, turn right to go north at Via Belvedere Cesina. On the way, turn left at a gate, enter and take the lemon give by farmer. Exit.

Cactus fruit:    Take the cactus fruit on the side of the path just outside the farmer's gate and continue northward.  

Nephew-Costanzo: (27)  Go forward until the black door of the Belvedere. Go NW up the steps path. Use the key on door and enter.  Costanzo gives a tomato for his Uncle.

Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select La Croce.

La Croce - Chinese girl: (7)   Look close at the Chinese girl at top left. Give her 10 caprini from the bag to get the fruit converter.

Via Cesina:    Back up and turn left. Go forward, pass the Parish Church and take the left path. Go forward pass Monte San Michele. Go forward (side path has cat) and turn left at the side path with a sign Via Belvedere Cesina.

Via Belvedere Cesina:   

Wine seller:     Go forward until green metal door. Enter the metal door and take the wine bottle from wine seller (28).

Gravitiello's destroyed Lab:    Go forward to the very end of the road. Enter the destroyed building and turn right.

Take and study the notebook that contains Teletransporter experiments. It seems that there are 2 other laboratories - one at the Gardens and one at Villa Lysis. Read the notebook carefully. It has major clues for forthcoming puzzles. Look at the last page and click on note.

Go out of room and turn right to the ruined courtyard. Turn around and look close at the arrows on the door at the right. h g h h f i

Villa Jole - niece: (29)    Go back out to the main path, forward to the turnoff sign to Via Belvedere Cesina and turn left. Go forward to end of the path to Villa Jole. Press the buzzer and talk to the niece. Take the caciocavallo (yellow ducklike cheese) from the bag (use on scene), click the lower buzzer and the cheese will be on top of cup. Click the buzzer to transport it. Take the cacao transported in return.

Fig - Turn around from Villa Jole, forward 5xs and look close at overhanging branch on the path and take the fig.

Capri Cake and Capri Salad

Confectionery: (15)  Go back to confectionery. Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Piazetta. Looking down at the Piazzetta, go forward to the right arched opening between the stores (right of TOD's). Go forward, take NW path and left to the confectionery shop. Stand close to the counter.

How to make a Capri Cake: Take a look at the crumpled paper-fruit converter chart  found at the end of Via lo Capo and Gravitiello's notebook in bag. From these 2 clues, deduce the process of fruit conversion.

In bag, click on fruit converter, then click on walnut and lemon. Click on fruit converter to switch it on and get pear.

Click on fruit converter again and add pear and cactus fruit to get an orange.

Click on fruit converter again, add orange and fig to get almonds.

While facing the confectioner, click on box given by confectioner in inventory.

Add cacao and almonds to box. Use on scene and give it to confectioner.

Take the Capri Cake. She wants you to take it to Mr. Trinchero at via Tiberio.

Greengrocer: (6)    Give the wine bottle to the greengrocer. He also tells you to call Count Fourhearts. Take the 10 caprini. Exit and take a right, left, forward, left and right to go to the first delicatessen seller.

First Delicatessen seller: (4)    Give seller 10 caprini from the bag and take the  mozzarella.

Call Count Fourhearts:   

Fourhearts' phone number - Go back to the gate of the Count at Via Dentecala to refresh your memory to the sound of the bells when rang. This is the phone number of the count. Use your own home phone with tones and dial each number and compare it to the tone of the bells. Since the first, third and fifth tones are the same, just find out the 2nd, 4th and 6th number. The phone number is 1 0 1 8 1 6.

Use the 'jumping to' to go to Via Croce, where the payphones are. Use the phone card on the slot. Dial 1 0 1  8 1 6. The Count will open the Royal Library for you and tells you to check the book of the  French Authoress who lived in Capri many years ago - remember the plaque we saw earlier at Via Matermania.

Via Tiberio - Mr. Trinchero (30)    Use the 'jumping to' to go to La Croce. Turn left, then go straight ahead in Via Tiberio until you reach the cream cement pillars with white frames and grill gate. [Use the 'jumping to' to go to Via Tiberio. Turn around from this point and go forward to the cream cement pillars with white frames and grill gate.]

 Look close at  teleconveyer intercom panel. Take the cake from bag and click the buzzer beside the O. Trinchero. The cake will be placed on the receiving cup.  Press buzzer again. Take the Skiaccia & Vinci he gives for tip.

Via Dentecala -Ristorante Da Tonino - Waiter: (10)    

How to make Capri Salad:    Go forward to the door and then make the salad.

Click on bag, then click on the tomato given by Costanzo, the basil from the pot (leftmost herb) and the mozzarella. Then use the bag with ingredients on the door handle.

Take the Capri Salad the waiter gives you. Now back to Mr. Fermino.

Arco Naturale - Mr. Fermino: (9)   Take the Capri Salad from the bag to use on the scene. Press the buzzer and this will place the salad on the left cup of the Teleconveyer. Then press the buttons on the right of the panel. Take the blue lamp-bulb.

Gravitiello's Experiments

Via Castiglione:   Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Piazzetta. Turn around while looking down at the Piazzetta. Climb the steps of the building, right and go forward (Via Madre Serafina). Pass the covered path until the steps to the right going up (with a sign Belvedere Punta Cannona on the wall). Go right up this steps until the end of the road at Via Castiglione. Pick up the rechargeable battery from rocks on dirt path.

Giardini Augusto - Guardians: (31)    Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Piazzetta. Go to Hotel Quisisana. Take the road right of Hotel Quisisana. Go forward and right at the end of the road. Go forward until the Garden steps on the left. Enter the gardens.

Matches -  Go forward from the main gate, up the path, turn right, forward to the second gate. Go through and go to the lower patio area.  Climb up the steps behind the Lenin obelisk. Take the box of matches close to the top step.

Secret Lab - Go back up the main gardens and enter the building where 2 guardians chat. One of them has his birthday today and was fishing for octopuses (Mr. Lembo). Turn around 2xs, the guardians will disappear and then enter the building. Go to the closet and take the green bulb from the shelf. If you try to take the lit light bulb at the ceiling you'll be burned.

Light Bulb Puzzle: 

Flip the switch, the room darkens and see an active frame.

Take the match from bag and click it on the active frame. Some light will allow the bulb to be taken by clicking on it.

Replace it with another bulb and then turn the light switch on.


Red Bulb - with the bulb turned on, see Magazzino di Energia Colorata on the wall.

Blue bulb - with the bulb turned on, see the clue printed on the wall - Colored Energy Kit: Bulbs, lamp holder, battery.

Green bulb - with the bulb turned on, see the active keyhole of the bottom cabinet. Click on the cabinet keyhole and take the lamp holder.

Be sure that you have the red, blue and green bulbs in the bag.

Note: from Gravitiello's notebook, he comments not to use the lamp holders inside the lab.

 Villa Lysis

Via Lo Capo:    Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Fersen. Go forward until the closed gate of Villa Lysis. [Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Tiberio. Go forward and turn right at the P.V. sign. Go forward until the closed gate of Villa Lysis.] If the gate is closed turn around, go forward 1-2xs and then comeback. If you meet a dog (the guardian's) and it barks, the gate is opened.

Villa Lysis:   

Power Panel - Enter and take the right path outside the villa. Climb the stairs at the end of the path and look at the power panel on the wall. Flip the black switch beside the red button.

Floor Plan - Turn around and take the floor plan of the Villa with labels of the 2nd, 0-lower level and 1st floor written on it from the cement ledge at bottom of stairs. Look around the place. Go inside the villa.

Check the main floor and the lower level by going through the door on the right at the room on the left and looking at the floor plan. The ones marked in red are not accessible.

Wall Plaque - Climb the stairs. Turn right at top of stairs, go forward to hall window and look outside to wall plaque.

Telepathic e-mail - Turn around and enter the room on the right. Go right and see a Telepathic e-mail transmitter on a stand. Go forward and then turn around and see letters projected on the wall.

Press the red button on the right to turn on the machine. If nothing happens, go back to the power panel outside and flip the black switch again.  The doors and windows closes and the room darkens.

Getting the code:

Based on the last place we where in a dark room, we need to use the colored energy light of the bulbs.

1. Construct the colored energy kit by clicking on the lamp holder, then click the battery to add it to the lamp holder and a lit button is seen on the lamp holder. Add a colored bulb to the powered lamp holder. Use it in the dark room.

2. Click on the active frame and see letters.

3. Do this using the red, green and blue light bulbs.

4. Put together the letters from the 4 different light source.

Send an e-mail with the code

to prof. Gravitiello. He will

answer. Type in the code then

wait until The answers shows up.


5. Press the gold button on the left to show the message area. Type in the code - heowxkqrmaziztk

6. Press the green button on the right to send message. (Press the blue button to erase message.)

Dear Tourist: I have hidden a postcard in my laboratory. My warmest regards are on it! Prof. Costanzo Gravitiello.

Press green button to get light again.

Blank Postcard, Memorial Tablet and Phone Call


Gravitiello's destroyed laboratory:     Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select La Croce. Turn left, forward, turn left at Via Cesina just after the Church of St. Michael. Walk until the left turnoff at Via Belvedere Cesina and go forward until the destroyed lab.

Enter and turn right in the 'kitchen' of the destroyed lab. Look close at protruding tile of the stove. Take Villa Jovis postcard. The back of the postcard is blank.

Blank Postcard Puzzle - Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Piazzetta.

The clue here is the 'warmest regards' comment by the professor and yet nothing written on the postcard.

Go to Buca di Bacco. Save Game here.

Look close at the burning wood oven. Use the blank postcard on oven.

Take the heated postcard and read it in bag.

Go to the photographer, he's got something for you.


Another place is to use the postcard on the flame of the two candles in front of the small Saint statue at Via Lo Capo.

[Note:    A possibility of increase in difficulty of the game might arise when the postcard is double read. So a saved game should be done before the first attempt to read the card or just after the first reading-heating.]

Photographer (32):    Go to the camera store located at the same lane as the confectionery and just before the department store. The Photographer lends you a camera. He wants you to take a picture of the memorial tablet recently posted by King Caprillo the Fifth. Now, where did we hear about that?

Memorial Tablet:     Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select La Croce.

Based on the clue of the Tourist Informer at the Grotto - A memorial tablet... has been granted... recently by the King... Caprillo the Fifth... and it has been placed...  on the Grotto... above the large terrace... in Via Arco Naturale, and the words of Costanzo Paturzo - look for a place that you can see the terrace restaurant.

Walk to Via Dentecala where the waiter (10) is found. Go to the very end of Via Dentecala to a lookout point. Face the water and then turn around-then right in order to see the cliffside. Click on camera at bottom right of frame. Go closer and see the restaurant terrace across the way. Click on camera at bottom right of frame again.

Photographer (32):    Go back to the photographer shop. Take camera from bag and leave it on the counter. Go out and then come back. The photographer gives you a close up picture of the memorial tablet above the terrace restaurant. Look at the picture in bag and see - Felice the plumber has the Time Machine.

Felice the Plumber (16):    Go to the Plumber and take the time machine.

Tourist Guide: (35)   Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Tragara. Turn around from the patio, forward and talk to the Tourist Guide. He talks about Gravitiello and gives you a cigarette.

Sunglasses at Via Tuoro - Go forward 13xs from the tourist guide, turn right up the stairs and turn right at top of stairs. Go forward and take the stairs going up the hillside. At the split on the path up the hill, take the left path and take the sunglasses from the ground at the end of the path.

Faraglioni Area:   Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Tragara. Take the NW direction from the patio. Go down all the way and take right going down path at the 3 way intersection. Close to the shoreline, the path splits into two. The first, La Fontelina has gorgeous scenery of the sea.

Porto di Tragara - The second path leads to another beach area. Enter the building through the brown wood door of the Ufficio Hypercom. Go forward and see the code clue.

Telefonate InterDimensionali (Interdimensional Telephone)

Interdimensional prefix = Number of the Dimension you wish to call divided by 2 + 77.

Temporal prefix = Number of days between present date and destination date.

Fisherman (33) - Go out and forward pass the blue chairs to talk to the fisherman who says that sea bass and breams can be found there.

Turn around, forward to the blue chairs under the patio restaurant and straight to the shoreline with monoliths on the left. Hear the phone ring. Take phone from bag, use on scene and click in active frame. Listen to Professor Gennaro Gravitiello.(34) He has important information found in an envelope at the Charterhouse.


Charterhouse and Royal Library

Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Certosa. Go forward the Certosa di S. Giacomo compound (large brown area bottom of the city map). [Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Piazzeta. Go to the Quisisana Hotel and take the road right of the Quisisana Hotel. Go forward and turn left at the end. Go forward until the covered area to the Certosa di S. Giacomo compound (large brown area bottom of the city map.]

Library :     Go forward under the green arch and turn left to the library (Biblioteca). This is the library opened by Count Fourhearts.

Electroluminescent Librarian:

1. Turn on the librarian. Press the ON button on the left of the librarian.

2. Type the name of the book to search. Type Coup de Grace on your own computer.

3. Click on the circular button.

The book glows if it is there. Turn around, forward once, turn around and take the book at right third from top shelf.

Go forward, look close and take the Coup De Grace book on table.

Read the book in the bag and see a translation of the synopsis. A blue arrow bookmark is taken also.


Go to the second room of the Royal library (the one close to the room where the Yourcenar's book is delivered  by the Ectroluminescent Librarian machine) as soon as the book is picked up. The librarian (the man) gives important hints, particularly how to escape from the inner area of Villa Jovis. He says there is a second arrow there, suggests to listen to the chirp of the turtle, and advices to run away from Jovis without "false steps".

Exit the library, left and enter the church or the side buildings.

Charterhouse of St. Giacomo:     Look around the church. Note a map of the charterhouse on the table by the church exit. Warning: Do not go near the woman leaning by the church door - Mata Haprik!!!!  Take the right hall by the entrance, go to the room with paintings. Go to the table in front of the painting at end of the room. Take the letter for Rafele Nannini from Professor Gravitiello. Read it in the bag.

Gennaro Gravitiello explains about the war between Capri and Anacapri. His counterpart here in the parallel Capri is Costanzo Gravitiello. Gennaro wants you to call him at phone number 45 of your original parallel Capri, dialing both the time prefix and the dimensional prefix. He will give additional information.

Tobacconist (36):    Click on Services, then click Start, jumping to and select Piazzeta. Go to the right open archway across the Piazzetta. Do the Skiaccia &Vinci puzzle in inventory before entering the tobacco shop.

Skiaccia & Vinci Puzzle:     Look in 'bag' and look close at the Skiaccia & Vinci card. Based on the markings found on the door frame of the destroyed lab of Gravitiello. Enter by pressing the arrows - h g h h f i on the Skiaccia & Vinci. You win! - a card for interdimensional cell phones.

After successfully solving the  Skiaccia & Vinci puzzle, turn left to and enter tobacco shop. Give the Skiaccia & Vinci to the tobacconist that appears only after successful completion of the puzzle, to get a card for interdimensional cell phones.

Porto di Tragara (34):    Go back to the shoreline facing the 3 monoliths - right pass the building. As seen in the newspaper, this is the area with available interdimensional connection.

Gravitiello's phone number puzzle:    Based on the formula seen at the Ufficio Intercom:

Interdimensional prefix = Number of the Dimension you wish to call divided by 2 + 77.

The interdimensional prefix is deduced using the Gravitiello's notebook and its attached document. Parallel Universes are grouped in clusters. Interdimensional calls are possible only among Parallel Universes in the same Cluster.
 The cluster we all belong to is named Base Cluster, as assigned by the  Melito Convention, in which the 5 Universes of the Base Cluster are named MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4, MA5. Costanzo Gravitiello tried to communicate with Universe #2 (that is our Universe!) of the Base Cluster. The 2nd Universe of the base cluster is named obviously MA2. The Codes associated to MA2 by the Melito Convention is 1604. 1604 divided by 2 + 77 = 879

Temporal prefix = Number of days between present date and destination date.

Present day is based on today's birthday of Mr. Lembo, one of the guardians at the Gardens. His card that was returned to his sister states that his birthday is June 29, 1973. So today is June 29. The year is taken from the postcard sent to Rafele by Carmelina. The postcard is stamped 13-6-2012. So the year is 2012. Therefore, today is June 29, 2012.

The destination date that should be from your original time-dimension is taken from the ticket you got when you took the ferry ride. It is dated 4-03-2011. Since this is European way of dating, it translate to March 4, 2011

So the number of days between March 4, 2011 to June 29, 2012 is 483.

The local number 45 is from Gravitiello's letter left at the Charterhouse.

The phone number to call Gravitiello is 48387945.

To call Gravitiello:    

In bag, look at Interdimensional card. Turn it over to the right 2xs. The blue chip separates.

Click on cell phone and then click on the blue chip to insert it to cell phone.

Look close at cell phone. Calls enabled should be seen.

Dial the number - 48387945. Click send.

Gravitiello answers and says Costanzo left an envelope at the usual place at the charter house.

Charterhouse of St. James:    Jumping to Certosa. Enter Charterhouse - beware - do not go near the woman yet. Go to the room with the paintings. Take the second letter (red) from the local Gravitiello.

Costanzo G. states the need to break the loop by avoiding Gennaro G's unlucky experiment. Gennaro was walking from Piazzetta to the lab that was trashed. You have to intercept him prior to that event. There is a time machine already set that needs a code derived from the studies of yellow synthetic light. He spread the ITIUG-( Invariant Temporal and Inter-Universal Glue) in 2 places in the island. Any glued object using this Gravitiello's invention goes unchanged through time and universe. There is a Villa Jovis postcard with red, yellow and blue dots around the area and a key.


Villa Jovis

Jump to Jovis. Use the key from Costanzo G. on the keyhole of the gate of Villa Jovis. Look at the postcard and position your self hidden at the right woody area.

Postcard-Villa puzzle:    The object of the Postcard-Villa puzzle is to turn on the buttons found in various places at Villa Jovis to the colors seen on the postcard. The blue dot seen at the postcard is a blue barrier to the cistern.


Climb the steps. See a blue barrier to the left. Continue the climb until you see a split in the path to the left. Go left.

1. Press the button to yellow. Back up.

2. Continue going forward 4xs. Press button to red. Turn around.

3. Turn right, left and turn right. Press button red.

Turn around. Left, Right 3xs. Forward until the steps, left and climb to the building.


4.  Go to the statue. Press button red.

Turn around and take the right direction, down the steps and left.

5. Take the NW direction. Turn around forward, right on steps and forward to niche. Press button yellow.

6. Turn around, forward and left at main path. Forward at left path, forward, left and forward 2xs towards metal door. Right at enclosure closest to metal door. Press button to yellow.


Let's take the long way around and backtrack to the next button.

Turn around. Go right, right, forward once and then left, forward once, left, forward 2xs, right and forward to the steps.

Go down the steps and turn right just before the main stone clearing at the base of the step.

7. Go forward until the pillars and then turn left. Press pillar button to red. Turn around.

8. Turn around from pillar, go left and forward to the opening ahead. Press button on left entryway frame yellow.

9. Turn left in opening, go up the stairs and turn right. Press button red.


10. Back up and turn right. Left in dark passage, forward 3xs until the end. Use match in scene and press the button red. Turn around.

11. Forward, right, forward, right, up the stairs, left, up another stairs and forward until the button on arched bricks. Press button yellow.

Turn left to climb steps to the very top landing with a pipe on the ground. Turn right, climb metal steps, turn left, right and left before another set of step.

Forward until bench, left, forward, left and forward down the woody area, pass the X fence barrier. Go forward until facing a dark opening. Turn right before the dark opening and take the turtle. Remember what the librarian stated about chirping. Actually, the turtle chirps as soon as the player is close to an object to be picked up at Jovis - so listen.

Turn around, left, forward until you see the bench again. Turn right, forward, right, forward until separate path on the steps.

12. Retracing our steps again. Turn right, forward, down the metal steps on the right and take the SE direction, right through the entryway, forward, right. Press button red. Turn around.

13. Turn right, right down the steps and see the blue whirlpool barrier. Press the button and it turns blue and the barrier breaks.



Right, forward pass some yellow line barrier. Passing through this line barrier brings up the blue whirlpool barrier we just passed through - Trapped!

Forward and turn left at metal rails. Forward, right, NE direction, down the metal stairs.

Turn left at bottom of stairs (hear the turtle chirp), right and take blue arrow from wall. Climb back up.

Turn right at split in direction. Forward, left before blue barrier.

Go forward to bright light. Use the sunglasses from bag. Hear the turtle chirp. Look close at brick on right wall and take box. Open box in bag and remove a blue prism.

To get out of the cistern:

From the blue prism, turn around, forward and right. Forward, right and then left.

Forward until right to steps. Go up and then right, forward 2xs. Take the forward arrow at right side.

Face a small arched opening with vines on the left. Move vines. Press the button and the blue light shines. It means that it broke the blue barrier that we came through the first time.

This is not a timed sequence but you need to get down to the main blue entrance with minimal steps.

To get out from here we must rush to the main blue entrance we came through at minimal steps.

From the ivy, back up - turn around - forward - forward - forward - left - down 3xs - left -forward - right - left - forward - right - right - forward - right - left - forward - right - forward 6xs - left. Whew!


Building at entrance:    Go back to the building by the entrance to the villa. Forward up the steps, left, forward to end of passage, left, forward and down the brick steps. Forward until split of path, left, up the step and right. Forward, right, down the steps on the left. Forward pass the pillar until the steps going down.

Go in the building. If you haven't push the button yet do so to get a light beam. Use the prism on the beam of light. See from top to bottom - green, red, yellow, white, blue. Take the coin below the red button. Leave the building.

Time Machine

Piazzetta - Go to the large terrace overlooking the water facing south.

Colored light beams -  Look close at the telescopic Viewfinder. Insert the coin in the slot. Push button. Look at eyepiece.  See colors beamed on a satellite dish atop Soft Images. The colors are Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Red, Blue, White, Red, White, White, Blue, White, Green, Red, Green. Note that there are 3 Green, 3 Blue, 5 White, 4 Red, 1 Yellow beams.

To delay Genaro Gravitiello's arrival to his lab:  

Remember that you will try to come back in time prior to the time change as well as delay Prof. Gravitiello but you will not remember anything that has happened. You have to trick your other self. Prof. Gravitiello takes the via Botteghe from Piazzetta to go to his lab. Now to find the 2 places that Gravitiello spread the ITIUG-glue on. This will stick any object on that can be unchanged through universe and time.

Save game here. Go to the signpost on the way to Hotel Quisisana, look close at signpost and use the left arrow from the bag on the Hotel Quisisana. This changes the directional arrow the opposite way.

Back up and turn left 2xs. Forward once. Look close at sign at left, change the arrow on the sign to Hotel Quisisana to right pointing arrow.

Charterhouse:     The first entrance to to the church shows a woman inside. Remember the warning that you are being watched. Save Game here!

Hide the Time Machine - In bag, click on the transformer, then click on the time machine and it will be transformed into a bust of Gravitiello.

Enter the church through the last door. Turn left and see Mata Haprik. Try to pass her three times. You will be knocked down after the third try. If you didn't transform the time machine, it will be stolen.

Side Altar:    Wake up. Go forward, turn around and go right to the side chapel at left. Transform the bust to the Time Machine using the transformer. Place the time machine on the altar. Save your game here.

Time Machine Code - Based on the colored beams seen using the telescopic view finder at the lookout area and the sequence seen from top to bottom when the prism was placed on the yellow light at the building at Villa Jovis; the code to be pressed is: 3 Green, 4 Red, 1 Yellow, 5 White, 3 Blue. Press GO.

If correctly done, you are brought back during your own time just about to embark to Capri. Proceed until you get to Capri. Take taxi. Pay taxi driver. Proceed to Newsagent. Take map from Tourist Office. Proceed NE to Hotel Quisisana signpost that you changed. Then turn left to the other sign that was changed. Turn the corner and oops! You bumped into Professor Gravitiello and spilled his documents. Talk for a while. Go pass by him. Go back to the newsagent and she will tell you the correct way.

Proceed to Hotel Quisisana. Talk to the Concierge. Take the key.

Note:    Just for fun, the game may be resumed from the saved location before activating the Time Machine at the Charterhouse, in the case only one arrow (the first one, pointing to the left) is glued to its sign. Coming back to Naples, a new sequence of images is generated after asking for directions to the Quisisana Hotel.


Enjoy your vacation in a beautiful country and lovely people!


Silvio sitting on the sand greets you while his father Gey relaxes.

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