Winter Rose.


A game created by Alex van der Wijst.

Hatter’s Guild Productions.


Walkthrough by Chief.



The opening page gives access to View, Intro, Start, Restore, Credits and Quit.

During game play, click on top of the screen, to see the symbols that you will need.


The first five symbols are for game playing, the sixth one is  the inventory. You can also save and restore a game, exit and see some options. You can use the first five symbols by right clicking the mouse anytime while playing without going to the symbols on top of the screen.



Start the game by listening to the introduction: a father talks to his daughter Rose. She must embark on a quest through a magical winter realm to stop a fiercesome ice-dragon.



Tree House.


The action starts in a room with a fireplace and Rose’s father in his bed.

She picks up the bow by the door and it goes in inventory.

Drag the talk symbol over your father and talk to him completely.


Change to the walk symbol and go to the fireplace. There is a tinder box on top of it that you can see with the eye symbol. Choose the hand symbol and take the box.

Go to the table and do the same thing with the cup holding a candle.

In inventory, click on the cup and you will get the candle separated from the cup.


Using the walk symbol and then the hand symbols on the door; go outside your house and talk to the bird completely.


The Forest.


Go to the right of the screen and see a frozen soldier. Go the stump and take the arrow.

You can look at the stump to see it has been used for target practice.

Keep going to your right passing the gnome in the tree. If you try to talk to him, he will only laugh.

After the gnome, see a big fallen tree. Look at the grey spot on the snow and take a living worm.


After the tree, you will see an abominable snowman. Talk to the beast to realise it has a knife stuck in him. Talk to him completely. How can we take that knife out?

Go right again and look at the hole on the boat. Pick up an old flask with your hand.

Come back to the abominable snowman. In inventory, click on the flask and then Ok. Click the flask on the beast. Rose will pull the knife out. The knife will be added to your inventory. And the beast goes away.


Go back to the gnome who is still laughing. Pass the tree and go up at the path.

You will arrive near some rocks to see a bent tree, a stump and a stick with an apple.

Look at the bent tree and Rose will say “That tree looks suspicious”.

Let’s see what happens if you take the apple: click the hand symbol on the stick and see Rose get hit by a knife. Oops, lets “Retry”: have Rose walk to the right of the screen and click the arrow symbol on the apple: she will hit the apple and the knife will fall near the apple. Walk to and pick up the apple and the knife.


If the gnome tried to play a trick on Rose, let’s see Rose play one on him.

With the hand symbol, take some snow to make a snowball. You may have one in inventory already if you made one by mistake trying to do another action. You will get a message that you have one already.

Remember that bent tree, click the snow ball on it: Rose will climb the tree, put the snow ball on it and hide behind the stump.

The gnome will walk to the stick and climb it: the snowball will hit him and he will fall unconscious to the ground. Pick him up with the hand symbol and they will talk.

He disappears laughing but not before leaving a horn on the ground: pick it up.


Time for Rose to go elsewhere: go the left of the screen.


Hot pond.


See the abominable snowman in the middle of a hot water pond. Talk with him completely.

After the conversation, give him an apple and in return, Rose will get a hairball. Leave him to go at the left of the screen.


 The Village.


Rose arrives at a desolate village with frozen peoples. From the soldier, take the shield. Take an old comb from the woman’s basket. And finally, take a bucket in front of the well.

There is nothing more to do here and Rose can only go to the right. Do so until you see an entrance on the cliff.


The Cave.


Click the eye symbol on the entrance to read that “It is too dark to see inside”.

In inventory, put the tinder box on the candle and you will get a lit candle.

Click the lit candle on the entrance of the cave.

Talk to the little guy with glasses: learn that he is a Moiler Mole. Talk to him completely. His loom is broken: give him the comb and he repairs his loom.

Talk to him again and give him the hairball: he will make some long johns.

While he is working, go outside the cave by pressing on “play”. Go back in with the candle.

Our order is ready: pick it up with the hand symbol. Leave him.


The Hermit.


As Rose comes out of the cave, she looks at the solid wall of ice that is frozen to the cliff face. Taking a knife from inventory, she will climb the ice wall and see the Hermit on top.

Talk to the Hermit completely. You will learn many things from him.

After the conversation, do not go to close to the “Lookout” sign or you will die falling down.

Instead, in inventory, rub the candle on the shield to make it slippery. Standing near the sign, click the shield on Rose. She will slide down the mountain and stop sliding near “The Enchantress” that looks to be encased in the black fire of the dragon.


The Enchantress.


In front of her, on the ground, a book: take it. In inventory, use the eye symbol and look at the book. You have the worm but you need other items to free her from the “black fire”.

Look at the small boat and Rose will get in it and row back to the big boat with the hole.


The Forest.


Go left until you see the frozen soldier again. Use the tinder box on the ground at the left of the soldier to create some heat. The dragon will come and hit the spear. Take some blood with the cup by clicking  on top of the spear.


The Village and Forest.


Come back to your house by going left and then up the screen to the village.

The big bird is there.

Go right to the snowman in the pond and take some water with the bucket.

Back to the village and click the bucket full of water on the bird. Where did it go?

Go right until you see the bird on his back: take a feather.

Walk to the right again to the small boat. Click the hand symbol on it.


The Enchantress.


You now have all the items to free her according to the book.

In the blue cauldron, drop the feather, the worm and the blood from the cup.

Talk with the Enchantress completely: she gives her magic wand.

Back to the small boat and across the water.


The Forest.


Go up the screen between the tree and the boat and then left to see the bird.

You can see a path on the left of the bird: go there and walk between the rocks to the dragon.


The Dragon.


If you just walk to him and talk and let the action go; it will jump on Rose and kill her and you will have to retry.

Note : if it throws fire at Rose, her long johns will protect her.

If you go to it and look at it and use the wand, it will loose it’s wings but it still can kill Rose if she does nothing else.

Before the dragon does something, click the horn on Rose and the dragon will fall to its death.


“You have beaten The Winter Rose”.


End of game.


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