X-Files Hints
By Carrie Kendl mailto:CarrieKendl@aol.com

Hints are just that -- Hints. They are there for you when you are stuck, but plucky. And in the true spirit of X and Deep Throat, we give you glimpses, but show you nothing. As you make your way through the game, you may find this section's contents to be the least invasive, and certainly the most sportsmanlike. Enjoy.


I’m standing in the hall! What do I do?
Go talk to your partner or go into your office.

How do I figure out my password?
Look at stuff on your walls.

I can’t leave the building!!
Make sure you’ve given case files to Cook, filed the APB, and gotten all your stuff from the office and the conference room.


I can’t get Scully’s password!
Worry about it later.

Skinner won’t leave the hotel!
He’s a grown man. He can find his own way back.

What’s computer crime’s number?
Phone has a menu.

What do I find at the warehouse?
4 pieces of evidence and an interview. Two interviews if you don’t get all the info the first time.


What do I find on the little boat?
Two things are important. Something you wear and something you swallow.

What do I find on the Tarakan?
One thing downstairs, two things in middle deck rooms, one thing outside on middle deck, and one thing upstairs in the main cabin.


I keep dying in the truck!
Get in the truck and look up.

I keep dying at Gordon’s!!
Find the shovel first. . ...


Where is everybody? I'm stuck!
Find Cook in a room at the field office

What do I find in Smol’s Warehouse?
Two objects and conduct two thorough interviews.

Where the bleep is Smol?
Find spiral staircase on top floor.


Scully hates me!!
Show her something. Not that!!!

What do I do in the train yard?
Look at the tops of the cars.


All I see is a body in the house.
Every day is like Halloween! Look up.

I don’t know the computer password.
Worry about it later. Access what you can.

Scully keeps grabbing me by the neck and I die!!
You’re going someplace you shouldn’t.

Mulder keeps radiating me and I die!!
Run away from him.

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