Episode 1: The Great Ship

Walkthrough by Crash

Short Review

Zelenhgorm is an adventure game that is divided into seven different episodes. The first episode is a very short game. It will only take you about 30 minutes to finish the game. It has a promising story but I doubt people want to spend hundred of dollars to purchase the entire episodes where they could spend as low as $19 for a complete adventure game. Graphic and sound quality are very good. The puzzles are integrated to the game even though sometime player could reach a point where they do not have a clue on how to progress the game.



This walkthrough is designed to work according to the flow of the story. I would not tell you to pick up everything at the first time you enter a room/scene. Instead, you will pick up items as needed. There are so many things you could do inside Sevana that are not required for finishing the game. Those additional actions that you could do will be placed as special notes.

There is one point that could make you going back and forth to solve the puzzles. When you reach the ship, read the shortcut note if you just want to complete the tasks as soon as possible. You could finish the game in 30 minutes once you know what you need to do. This is a very short game.

Try to learn your way around Sevana and take notes on places. Pearls are the main currency in this land. You need at least 23 pearls to be able to complete the game. Do not make too many mistakes inside the village because Arrikk could get a drowning punishment.



Q: What should Arrikk do first?
Check out the window. Arrikk will see a big ship landed on his back yard. He needs to check the ship out. Exit the bedroom and enter the bathroom to the left. Pick up the notebook next to the toilet. He’ll automatically pick up the reading glass also. Go down stair and head straight to the ship. Hmmmm… It’s a huge ship. How could he enter this ship? A ladder might come handy. As for now try to get more information about the ship from the villagers.

Q: Where could Arrikk find more information about the ship?
The couple that stands on the way to the main road cursed him for being a left-handed man and blamed him for the stranded ship. Continuing the journey, Arrikk will arrive at the main intersection. The right path will take him to the lighthouse, the left path will lead him to the village, and his uncle live at the house across the path. Take the right path to the lighthouse and he’ll learn from his cousin (the man sitting on the rock) about the lighthouse. Out of the blue, along with the presence of the ship, the lighthouse works again. Go back to the main road and this time take the path to the village. Almost everybody in the village blamed him for the ship. He could also talk to his grandmother (the woman sweeping her yard) on the way to the village about all of these problems.

Q: An old woman asked Arrikk to get her a rush wool. Where could he get one?
Received 2 pearls from her. He could use one to buy the wool and one for his gift. Turn right and walk straight to the tavern. Turn slight left and follow the path to the wooden fence. The market is behind the fence. Walk to the second last merchant. Arrikk could buy wool from her. Give the wool to the old woman.

Q: Where could he find the village’s elder?
The council house is on the opposite direction from the market, pass through the two little kids on the street. The guard will not let him to go through though. The best way to meet the elder is by doing something wrong. Go back to the tavern and head to the path in between the tavern and the stall. Enter the opening on the fence to the right of the standing guards. This is the council backyard. Enter the council house and talk to one of the elder woman. No matter what Arrikk answer, she’ll summon the guards. The guards will bring him to meet the elder. The elder will spare his life and put him on the stocks for a night. It’s time to go back home and investigate the ship. If only he could find a ladder.

Note: In front of the guard of the council house, Arrikk could use his notebook to record the drawings on the four stones. He could buy a pork meat and give it to the dog at the council backyard.

Q: Where could Arrikk get a ladder?
Talk with his uncle. Make sure he told him that it's not his fault the ship landed in Sevana or else you will not be able to borrow the ladder. Promise him to return it later on. Go back to the ship. Darn, there are guards standing in front of the ship. He needs to find a way to reach the ship.

Q: How could Arrikk pass the guards of the ship?
There are two main clues to solve this problem. First, find your way to the council backyard. Click on the opening to the left of the sharpener. He will hear a conversation between the guards regarding the daily shift of the guard. The jester on the last stall at the market holds the second clue. Beat him twice on his game and he will tell you to get the guard uniform.

Q: How could Arrikk beat the jester on his games?
The first game, pearl in the cup, is quite tricky. To guess the correct cup, you need to pay attention to his hand. He’ll make an extra forward move on the correct cup. The second game, the rope knot, is easy. Choose the left knot to solve it. The third game is easy also. Choose the elder to solve it. The fourth game requires your agility and quick reflexes.

Note: If Arrikk could beat the jester for the fourth time, he will receive a deck of cards. It is not useful for this episode.

Q: Where could Arrikk find the guard uniform?
It is kept in the council house. The back entrance could be found to the left of the standing guard. It is boarded. Arrikk needs to find a crowbar.

Q: Where could Arrikk find a crowbar?
Enter the tavern and sit down on the empty table to your left. Order a rice beer. Do not drink it yet. Instead turn to your right and look closely at the barrels on the corner. He’ll find a crowbar hidden behind the barrels. Use the crowbar to pry open the boarded window.

Note: There are several things that Arrikk could do inside the tavern. He could keep on ordering rice beer until he got drunk. Get kicked out from the tavern by not buying the second round. Talk with guards and pick up a fight.

Q: It's too dark here in the basement. Is there any lamp down here?
Arrikk needs to buy candles from one of the merchant. He could find this merchant stall through the path in between the tavern and the merchant who sells rope and nails. The candles costs 5 pearls. It is a 10 pack candles and comes with a lighter.

Q: Where could Arrikk find money/pearls to buy items?
There are 3 places he could dive to get pearls: at the dock near the lighthouse, at the dock to the right of the council house, and at the dock close to the candle merchant (you need to aim the mouse to the right of the tree when entering the path back to the tavern, the other direction will take him to the tavern). The best place to dive is the dock close to the council house because he could find 2 or 3 pearls in one dive. Arrikk could also borrow 10 pearls from his grandmother by simply talking again with her. Also, he has his own 1 pearl kept inside his table drawer at the ground floor of his house.

Q: The basement is like a maze. Which direction should he take?
Light the candle using the lighter then move forward 3 times, take the left path and move forward once. He'll arrive in a room with couples of fish barrels. Look up to the ceiling. There is a locked trap door. Look closely to the door and notice the key hole. He needs to find the key to unlock this trap door.

Note: There is a wooden book inside the first room in the basement. The book is not useful for Arrikk right now. One short trip inside the basement usually costs about 2 candles. If he runs out of candles, he could buy another one from the mechants.

Q: Where could Arrikk find the key to unlock the trap door at the basement?
He will not be able to find one BUT he has to create one. To do this he needs to do the following 3 steps: find the key sample, find a metal for creating the key, and create a template for the key.

Q: Where could Arrikk find the key sample?
Go to the spot at the council backyard where he eardrop the conversation between the guards early on. In front of the sharpener, he'll see a small locked guard shack. He'll be able to find the sample inside the shack. First, he must find a way to enter the shack. Notice the leather strap on the bottom of the door.

Q: How could Arrikk enter the shack?
He needs to find a tool that sharp enough to cut the strap. Go to the city dock. Locate the bushes to the left side prior to the dock. He'll find a rusted metal scissors under the bushes. Go back to the guard shack and use the scissors on the sharpener to sharpen it. Use the now sharpened scissors to cut the strap. Enter the shack. Notice the key impression on the wall. He could use this impression to form the key. Use his notebook to draw the impression.

Q: Where could Arrikk find a metal to create the key?
Go to the lighthouse area. In front of the dock, there is a pile of metals (looks like a clay stove). Pick up one of them.

Q: What does Arrikk need to create a template?
He needs to find a way to attach the drawing on the metal. Open his notebook (use the reading glass to read). He'll find a recipe to create a glue on one of the page. The ingredients to make clue are shell, rice, and egg. Make sure you have 2 pearls before heading to the market. Stop by at his house on the way to the market. Pick up the bowl on the shelf, oyster shell near the fireplace, and a file on the bench to cut the metal inside his kitchen on the ground level.

Go out and grab the grinder from the small shack close to his hut. Head to the market to buy rice and egg. Use the shell and the rice on the grinder. Mix them with the egg in the bowl. Use the glue on the metal plate and then glue the drawing on it. Use the file to cut the metal. Arrikk will get his key. Go back to the trap door and unlock it using the key. Grab the guard uniform.

Shortcut Note: If you don't want to go back and forth to the ship, make sure you have these items when reaching this point: rope, grapnel, bucket, the amber crystal, and listen to the clue from the stone monument at the council backyard.

Q: Where could Arrikk change his cloth?
Go to his house and go up stair. Turn around and face the stair. Click on the mirror in front of it and then the hook beside the mirror.

Q: What should Arrikk tell to the guard?
Choose this sentence to avoid being captured: 'The tainted one has been seen in the vicinity' or 'Master Dienn instructed me to come here', 'I was stung on the right hand by the bee', and say ok when the guard tell you that he wants to go to the bathroom. Use the ladder to climb the ship. Do not forget to return the halberd when he climb down the ship.

Q: The upper deck is too high to reach by the ladder. What should he do now?
Create a grappling hook. Buy the rope from the rope merchant beside the tavern. He needs 2 pearls to do this. Make sure he changes his guard uniform before doing this, or else he'll be captured. He could find a grapnel behind a big rock on the way to the dock, to the right of the council house. Combine the rope and the grapnel to form a grappling hook. Use this hook to climb to the upper level.

Note: Once Arrikk passed the guard at the first time, he does not need to change his clothes to reach the ship. The guards will not be around anymore.

Q: There is a locked door on the lower deck. How does this lock operate?
It is a sound lock that is being operated by water. The three buttons on the top will fill the tubes one level, whereas the three buttons on the bottom will drain the water from the tubes one level. Click on the tube to produce sound that will open the door if you set them up correctly. He needs to find the key sound to open the door.   

Q: Where could Arrikk find more information on this sound puzzle?
Check out the stone monument at the council back yard. Notice the six pictures on the monument. Use his notebook to record the pictures. One of the picture is a picture of a crystal. Maybe this crystal hold the clue to the puzzle. Remember that the lighthouse start to operate again at the same time as the big ship landed on your backyard. Go to the lighthouse. Arrikk needs to find a way to cross the water to the lighthouse. Notice the paddle boat that connect the main land with the lighthouse. Open his notebook. One of the page mentions about this floating device.

Q: How could Arrikk operate the paddle boat to go to the lighthouse?
He needs a crank. He could grab one from behind the hanging coat at the guard shack. Attach the crank on the device at the end of the paddle boat. Use it to operate the boat. Go to the back of the lighthouse. There is an amber crystal stuck on the rock.

Q: How could Arrikk get the amber crystal? What does it do?
Buy a nail from the rope merchant. The nail costs 5 pearls and comes with a hammer. Use the hammer to chip the amber crystal. Arrikk now has a crystal. Use the crystal on each engraving on the stone monument at the council backyard. He will hear an interesting tune when he uses the crystal on the sun image. Memorize that sound. That is the key to unlock the sound lock on the great ship.

Q: Where could Arrikk find a bucket?
He Go back to Arrikk's house. Get the bucket beside his bed at the upper level of his house. Attach the bucket to the device on upper deck of the great ship. Use the crank to lower the bucket to get some water.

Q: What is the solution of the sound puzzle?
Use the bucket of water on the funnel to fill up the lock. Set up the tubes so that the left tube is full, the middle tube is 1/4 full and the right tube is 1/2 full. Use the buttons on the top of each tubes to do that. Click the tube from the left to the right to create the tune. Open the door and enter the room. Arrikk will see another locked door.

Q: How to unlock this door?
Notice the crystal image on the lock. Use the crystal on the slot to unlock the door. Enter the room.

Q: What could he find inside the ship?
One of the drawer below the bookshelf could be opened. The trick is, he could only open it if he stand in front of the fireplace and face to the left. Get a strange map inside the drawer. Use the reading glass to view the map.

Q: Who has the information about the map?
Go to his grandmother house. Exhausts all the conversation options to learn more about the map. She told Arrikk to start the journey from a rice field.

Q: How could Arrikk reach this rice field?
Go to the dock close to the council house. Talk to the ferryman. Ask him to ferry Arrikk to the rice fields. Show him the map and choose 'I am on my way to one of the rice growers with provisions'. The ferryman will not take him if he does not have a proof of the provisions.

Q: Where could Arrikk find the proof of the provisions?
Go to the market and straight to the second last merchant. Turn around to see a closed stall. Examine closely to the bag of rice. Pick up the provisions list. He needs to buy every items in the list and show them to the ferryman. Make sure Arrikk has enough pearls to buy chicken, rice beer, fish fillets, and pears. Pick up the rice bread beside the fireplace at his grandmother house. Once he has everything, go back to the ferryman and ask him to take Arrikk to the rice fields.

Q: What should Arrikk do now?
Go straight to the gate and take the right path to the hill. The night will fall. Collect some dry twigs from the ground. Use the lighter to light the twigs. Roll into his blanket and sleep.....


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