Zork II: Wizard of Frobozz

Note: the wizard may appear once in a while and cast a spell on you, don't worry. The spell will wear off after a while. If you can't do anything else, just wait it out. It would be wise to save the game periodically, as a precaution in in case you make a mistake.

-> you are now in the carousel room. Because of its rapid spinning, you are disoriented in direction. You are trying to get to the riddle room which lies to the se, but you might end up somewhere else. Just make your way back to the carousel room and keep trying until you get there. When you get to the riddle room, you will need to solve the riddle before you can get to the pearl room. Just say "a well", which is the answer to the riddle.

-> instructions on operating the robot can be found in the same room as the robot is. Do the following:

-> in the low room, your compass will be quite unreliable, so just do what you did in the carousel room, except this time you're trying to get se to the tea room.

-> congratulations!! you have solved zork ii, with a little help. Onward to zork iii, the dungeon master!!

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