Zork III - Dungeon Master

Well, you've come a long way since you first stood by the mailbox outside the house in the forest. You've defeated the thief, outwitted the wizard of frobozz, and now, you stand at the foot of the endless stairs, ready to embark on the final part of your journey. So, pick up the lamp, turn it on, and head along due s until you come to the shore of the lake. Drop the lamp , and jump into the lake. Brrrr! pretty cold! so, don't stay in there long; swim w and then go s .

Get the torch, and wait for the number to change to "ii." then, touch the table. My oh my! you're in a room from zork ii... Room 8, as a matter of fact. However, you don't have much time to sight-see, so get the can of grue repellent, then try moving e, and you will find yourself back in scenic vista again. Now wait for the number to change to "iii," then touch the table again. This time, you're in a damp passage. Drop the torch, and just wait there until you're pulled back to scenic vista. Okay, you're finished here, so move along n to the shore, and again jump in the lake.

Splash! it hasn't gotten any warmer; in fact, you just dropped the can of repellent. So, go down, and you will be on the lake bottom. Ah, there it is! but, could there be something else there, too? "get all," and you will have not only the repellent but also an amulet. This is one of those "wonderful" variable things; it may take more than one try on your part to get both items. In the meantime, you can't stay in the icy waters too long, and sooner or later a hungry fish will come looking for you. Therefore, it's best to save the game before you jump in from the wern shore. So if you die in the water, or get eaten by the fish, or picked up by the roc , you don't have to start all the way back at the beginning. By the way, this is the only one of the zorks where you don't lose points if you die. But, all the items you've collected so far get scattered all around, and it's time-consuming to go look for them.

Okay, now you have the can and the amulet, so head up to the surface, then s to the sern shore. You can see a cave to the s, and it looks kind of dark. In fact, it *is* dark in there, which is why you have the repellent. So, spray the smelly stuff on yourself, and go s, and you will find yourself in a dark place. Go s again, then e, and you will be in the key room. Whew! at le there's"some light in here! and by the light you can see a strange key. Lged the key, then move the manhole cover and go down. Here you are on an aqueduct. Since you can't go back , you might as well go forward. So, just head along n and you will come to the water slide.

Go n down the slide, and guess where you are? in the damp passage! there's the torch, so pick it up, because you're certainly going to need a light source...especially when you think of where you're going next. So, from the damp passage hike along w to the junction , then s into creepy crawl, and sw into the shadow land. Here we come to another variable portion of the game. You will have to wander around in the shadow land until a cloaked and hooded figure appears. When that happens, the sword will suddenly materialize in your hand, and you will be able to fight. However, since there's no way of telling when that will happen, you just have to keep moving around until it does.

At le you will get a chance to practice some elementary map-making! also, this is the most dangerous part of the game, as the figure is quite capable of killing you, too! so, best to save before you enter shadow land. When the mysterious figure finally appears, attack him with your sword until he is badly wounded and cannot defend himself. At that point, get his hood. The figure will then disappear, leaving the cloak behind. Get that also. Now, you have to get out of here, and i can't tell you exactly how, since there's no way of knowing exactly where you were when the fight started. However, if you go ewards, you will exit the shadow land at either the creepy crawl or the foggy room. From either place, go n to the junction. From the junction, it's w through the barren area, and w again .

You just can't wait to climb down the rope, huh? well, pick up the bread first, then go down to the ledge. Well, well, a chest! too bad you don't have a key to open it. In fact, there's no way for you to open it at all. But don't despair, there's a way of doing it. Just wait around and someone will come along the top of the cliff. You may not really trust him, but tie the rope to the chest when he asks, and wait around some more. Eventually, he will return and help you back up the cliff. He will also give you a staff, which is what you're really after here. Take the staff, then go back down to the ledge, and from there, to the cliff base.

Trek s to the flathead ocean, and do a little more waiting. Sooner or later a ship will okay, now w, w, w, n, n, n, e, e, and push the s wall two times.

08. From there, w, s, s, e, e, n and push the w wall two times.

09 . Now, s, w, and push the n wall until it won't move any more.

10. Then w and n. Finally! you have maneuvered the ladder under the hole

, and now you can just go up and out! whew!

okay, you've solved the royal puzzle and you have the book, so go n to the museum entrance, then open the e door and get your other stuff from the jewel room. Then it's back w to the great door, and from there back to the junction. Now, e into the damp passage, and ne to the engravings roam. Well, we have here yet another of those variable events: sooner or later, an old man will be sleeping here. If he isn't there the first time you arrive, walk around a little and return. When you finally do see him, wake him up and give him the bread. He will eat it and then make visible to you a secret door. He will then vanish.

Okay, you're getting closer to the end! open the door, and go into the button room, then n to the beam room. Put the sword in the beam, then go back to the button room and push the button. Now, back n to the beam room and n again into the mirror room. There will be an opening in the mirror, so go n one more time, and you will be inside. Now, don't let the long and complicated descriptions scare you! it's not really as bad as you think . First, raise the short pole. Then, push the white panel twice. Now, push the pine panel, and go n.

Okay, so here you are, standing a little too close for comfort to the guardians of zork. If i were you, i wouldn't try going past them quite yet! open the vial, then drink the liquid. While nothing seems to have happened, you have in fact become invisible. Now you can walk n until you come to the locked door. Knock on the door, and the dungeon master will open it and let you in. All right, hang in there, you have reached the end game! go n, then w, then n again. The dm will be following you. Go n to the parapet, set the dial to 4, and push the button. Now, go s, open the cell door, and step inside. The dm will not follow you in.

Once inside, you will notice a bronze door in one of the walls. However, you can't open it yet! something else has to be done, and it will have to be done by someone else. So, first tell the dm to go to the parapet. Then tell him to turn the dial to 1, and then tell him to push the button. All right!! the magic moment has arrived! unlock the bronze door with the key, open the door, and go s! ** ta da!! ** finally, zork is finished! you have survived all the perils, pitfalls, and puzzles, and now, *you* are the new dungeon master.

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