Zork: Beyond Zork - Solve
by Erik Futtrup, Denmark  futtrup@daimi.aau.dk) and
Twan Lintermans, Holland

Wait near the old sailer and take driftwood. 'Wield' a weapon before using it.

Exit gondola when you're near a platform.

To get the Minx, wipe the tracks and wait for hunters to leave. This will give you 15% compassion.

The Minx can discover truffles at every location where an oak is present. Just wait for him to dig it up. Eating a truffle costs 1% compassion but an "ever—fresh" truffle can come in handy later!

The answer to the riddle about the 'tines' is 'lightning'.

The answer to the riddle on the boulder is 'youth'.

To get rid of the dust bunnies, get the rug and a staff or stick and type "rub rug with staff" (for static electricity!), then type "touch bunny" and watch what happens! The ring can be used later in the game!

Use Sayonara to get rid of the Dorn near the chest or better yet, cut the onion with the axe and watch him cry his 69 eyes out.

To get the onion you'll need the wine bottle from the cellar, up with the stacks, which only works with 15% dexterity.

Still in the cellar? Use the scroll of recall outside the pub and say the word that hangs in the sky once you're in the cellar. You can also kick the door in, using one of the stars on the amulet (see later for explanation)

Haven't found a light? Use the lantern on the hook outside the pub, which can be renewed with the scroll of renewal.

Having trouble reading scrolls, get your intelligence up by eating the cake from the market (20% gain) or drinking the potion of enlightenment (20%).

Kiss horn of unicorn for 15% luck, buy and rub rabbit's foot for 10% luck.

More luck can be obtained by touching the coating in the goblet, given to you by the Implementors! (another 15%).

How do you get the goblet? Open the chest once and take the outline and the palimpsest when you return.
Use palimpsest and create an entrance by cutting the outline with the phase blade (formerly the outline, Magick can do wonders, you know).

The pterodactyl can be very helpful, if only you could cure it! Take weed at Edge of Storms (spenceweed), use anesthesia on pterodactyl, take arrow and put weed on wound. Don't forget to take his whistle to summon him if you need.

All you need is a saddle, and you can fly on the pterodactyl: the saddle is in the stable and can be taken with the levitation or by using the amulet.

How do I use the amulet? This is only possible, if you have the wine bottle! Look at amulet through bottle, so the red twines don't blurr the picture anymore! Then you can say the word, written on the amulet and get 99% strength for a few moves, using one of the three stars on the amulet.

Put the saddle on the pterodactyl and fly north (wait if wind is blowing against you! Cloudy directions cannot be entered) to get to the ruins.

Use the vial from under the pew in the Chapel (Jungle) to get rid of the undead warrior.

To get more dexterity, squeeze moss in cellar or idol, giving you 8% each.

To get rid of the monkey grinder, give him the closed chest, after you've opened it once to get to the implementors! He can't read..

To get the jewel, hit the baby hungus, wait for its mother to follow you to the maw of the idol. Get up and take the jewel when
the hungus is on the jaw!

How do I get out of the idol and get the jewel from the hungus? Use the eversion twice! Point it at idol and hungus

To get more compassion (15%), use levitation on the baby hungus (who deserves it after being hit by you!).

Sell the jewel (1000 zorkmids) and buy the hourglass, which can be used at the ruins, under the arch (shaped like an hourglass!).

Once under the arch, turn the hourglass and you can travel through time! Take the minx and a truffle, who has been in the pool of youth, so it will stay fresh forever! Throw the truffle in the trench (where the helmet rolls into) and travel through time to the place called "desolation" and wait for the minx to dig up the truffle. Then you can take the helmet! [Don't go back to the battle trench after that, because history will start all over again and you'll lose the helmet you're carrying.

Wearing the helmet gives you 30% intelligence and 5% armor class extra.

Use the hurdy—gurdy from the monkey grinder near the corbies in the gray field of Frotzen! Set dial to eye and close lid. Then turn the crank right until a farmhouse will fall down. Find the farm, enter it and wait to get to a giant boot!

Examine the flowers near the boot and choose the right key .... the one having the same colour as the šthird˜ scarecrow after turning the hurdy—gurdy. Carrying this key gives you access through the giant wall of corbies and you'll find a (compass) rose.

The rose can be used to see in which direction the wind blows AND can actually change the direction of the wind! "Set rose to se" enables you to fly nw with the wind in your back (cloudy directions are still unaccessable).

You can use the palimpsest to go to the ruins as well, by saying the word on it when you are on the ground, walk to the location you want to go to once you're above the ground and say the word on the palimpsest again.

Search the debris in the lamphouse of the lighthouse and you'll find a valuable sextant you can sell!

To get past the Christmas Tree monsters you have to change the butterfly in a caterpillar using the hurdy—gurdy. The butterfly will align on the rim of the goblet somewhere in the fields of Frotzen (it's attracted by the nectar!). Put the butterfly in the hurdy—gurdy (open the lid first) and close the lid. Set the dial to clock and turn the crank left ("reverse" time, a butterfly comes out of a caterpillar normally, now it's the other way around).

Carrying the caterpillar, the trees will avoid you and you can get through. Take the diary and the hemisphere, along with the leaflet from the mailbox.

The leaflet will turn into a burin, needed to inscribe the glyph! The real Infocom freaks can read the diary and know what "girgol" means (from Spellbreaker: stop time). The other ones have to rely on my tip here: point the dispel rod at the dome to undo the spell and release the lava.

Run away from the lava, or you'll get killed.

Wear the ring and enter the lava while it's still hot. Inscribe the glyph with the burin (the glyph is written in the diary as well, so read it if you haven't done that earlier; without an example there'll be no glyph—writing!).

Ask cardinal Toolbox for the leather folder and open it: the two hemispheres can be put together, type "put peg in hole". The obtained sphere comes in real handy, getting to the end scene of this magnificent game!

Make sure all your attributes are as high as possible before getting into the final battle.

Fly to the castle (you can see it from the "Rock Wall" in the jungle, using the pterodactyl and the rose. Hide behind the bush and wait for the platypus to leave! Then take a root and eat it for 3% strength and take the jar from the statue. Blow the whistle and fly back to the mountainside on the pterodactyl.

You're ready to try the end scene now: high attributes, all the charms to ward off ill luck (horseshoe, four leave clover, rabbit's foot) are also needed, along with the jar to make mirrors.

Enter the "maze" and make mirrors to reflect the light, making you able to penetrate the maze further. The lucksucker (cat or anything else) can be hit with the charm that colours green! When the daylight comes from the sw, turn the mirror s to reflect it to the se.

Keep making mirrors and try to find the ur—grue. Be careful, mirrors do not last forever, so you'll probably have to go all the way back now and then. Finally point a mirror at the ur—grue and you'll have defeated him (when you've enough compassion....).

Take the coconut from the pile of treasure and walk around the maze for a few moves ......... the game will end soon enough then and I won't tell you what happens ...... find out for yourself!!!!

May the Spell of Good Luck be with you.....

Kwaliterma Software Unlimited, Holland!!

List of objects:

Shillelagh, worth 10 (everything costs twice as much as it's worth when you want to buy it; all the prices in this list are based upon what you get when you sell the item).

Potion of Might, 12, gives 16% strength.
Scroll of Mischief, 1, big fun at parties (useless, but fun).
Of Eversion, 10, makes things turn inside out.
Cloak, 15, 5% armor class, can be worn over another garment.
Leather tunic, 10, 10% armor class.
Scale mail, 30,
Plate mail, 100, 60% armor class.
Scroll of Fireworks, 1, (useless, gives authors of the game)
Tusk, 40, not needed anywhere.

(c) 1992 Erik Futtrup, Denmark (email: futtrup@daimi.aau.dk) and Twan Lintermans, Holland

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