Zork Nemesis - Puzzle Solves
Andrew D. Moore

By now you will probably have wandered around the Zork world, looked about a little, saved a few times and more than likely
become hopelessly stuck at some point. It's a tricky game, and this time we're going to approach the solution from a different
Instead of giving you a step-by-step guide, we're going to tell you how to solve the individual puzzles. The exploration is up to you
and the order in which you complete your tasks is frequently flexible.

The Start

The first thing to do is move towards the temple and open the double doors by going to the door on the left and dragging the
knocker up so that the moon completely surrounds the sun. Well, how else would you knock on a door? This will lead you to
the library. Read the six books on the bench and either make some notes or remember where they are, because you'll need to refer
back to them.
There are some panels here, as well, which will slide back to reveal the entry point to the fire pavilion.  Moving on you will find the
courtyard with a fountain in it. This connects the library, the ruined deck, the hallway and the lab. You can play with the fountains
to get some rather interesting effects. If you go to  the ruined deck, you will see a sundial. Look a little closer and you will be able to 
get the spike from it.
The lab is a more important place to go, though. It contains the scroll and this is possibly the most important item in the entire
game. Get some paper and copy down the first page of it verbatim. It gives you the relationship between the four metals, planets
and elements and provides the (albeit obscure) clues to breaking most of the puzzles you will face later on.
Now that you've got the feel of the game go back to the library and move towards the panel. Click the left side of the first panel,
the right of the second, the right of the third (this time twice) and finally the left of the fourth. Enter and turn the man's head so that
it points to the fire symbol (the triangle), as this will open the first door. The spike that you picked up from the sundial will open
the second door; just put it in the new sundial and twist it until the newly formed shadow falls on the Saturnax symbol.
When you get to the flame puzzle hang the mirror on the hooks and look at it. One of the flames will have turned blue and this is
the one that needs your closer attention. It's the one on the second row, 12 from the right as you enter. All this deals with your
search for the fire element.
Next is air, although the order in which you complete the elements is unimportant. Go to the temple and walk between the four
coffins, past the right of the altar and to the right. In this horns and stars room play the horn. What you need to do is turn off all
the purple stars from left to right and click in the centre blue star. Simple.
Now move onto the gas globe. Face the globe and take a step right. Face the globe and press on the black scarab to close the
windows so you can use the levers. Go back to the levers and from left to right set them so that they are all, half, all, all and none.
That's air sorted.
Next stop is the flute and fountain room for the water element. This is on the left, past the four coffins. You should find a flute
player and seven fountains. Each fountain plays a note which will match the flute player. The way to match everything up, and sort
out those weird stairs that lead nowhere, is to turn on the first, fourth and fifth fountains (from left to right), then go up the left
doorway steps.
You will now be in the chair room. Click on the hourglass to make the chair appear. Sit in it, obviously, and spin twice
(720 degrees) to the left. Go forward and pick up the saw that you will see. Return to your seat and spin three complete times to
the left. Now you can cut the icicle with the saw. Go back to the chair and make two complete spins to the right, in case you
weren't dizzy enough already. Move forward and click on the bowl containing the water. That's it, water puzzle solved. Click the
coffin which is touched by the sunbeam and listen. That's the water element found.

To get the earth element go to the stairway to the left of the altar. When you see the fist lock, lift the first and sixth finger (from
left to right) to open the door. When you are faced with the mine car (bizarre as it is to find one in a temple) click on the upper right
square on the contraption next to it. Now ride the car. The end of the first section of Zork Nemesis is upon you.
Go to the room with the planets and pull the left lever to the end of the horizontal T. Put the globe in the scope on the arm and go
back to the lever. Push it so that it's at the top of the T. Now go to the room with the model of the planets in it. Move the handle
on the dial to the right. This is how you locate and travel to the different worlds:
The X-ray machine is how you can see inside the locked box and find part of the combination. Put the object to be scanned in the
box and pull the yellow lever.
Find the row of heads and get a fifth head from the basement near them. Put this head on the spare spike and use the buttons by
it to access its memory.  Take the silver box and place it in the X-ray machine you used previously. Write the numbers down and
use them with the three numbers you got from the head.
Place the safe in the X-ray machine by the freezer and get the two numbers. Connect them with the three from the head. You can
now open the safe. Get the jar and get rid of the contents. You will now find the key inside.
Use this key to operate the elevator, but don't leave the doors open when you ride it. On the right-hand panel of the elevator press
the red button to turn it on and the upper-left to close the doors. The key on the left-hand panel will take you to a new floor. When
it stops, open the doors.  Find the three handles and pull them in order from left to right.
Now move to the drawers at the end of the morgue. The ones to the right of the machine hold your puzzle. In the third row from the
bottom, fourth from the left drawer, is a body. Take it to the table and operate the machine. Wait for it to do its gruesome deed and
pick your new surprise. Move on to the electric chair. Move the lever to the right and sit in the chair (shocking).
This will allow you access to Sartorius' chamber. Walk up to the keypad and break the glass in the case to the left. Steal the hand
and use it on the keypad to unlock this door. A hammer is on the bed on floor 21, get it and break  the glass case, and then use it
again to get the hand.
You will now be faced with another model. Push the button on the base of the model to lower a ladder. This model controls the lab
on the 22nd floor. When it is on, the lab is up, and when it's off, the lab is down.  Use the reflex hammer to break the glass in the
hand display cabinet.
In the lab, fill the sink with water and then pull the lever to drain the water into the batteries. This will charge them up.  When they're
fully charged throw the switch to receive a shock. Now you need to burn pure hydrogen and the colourless gas inside the globe.
Melt the metal then ignite the hydrogen and oxygen to make water that will get rid of any impurities. Then hit the helium switch to
lift the globe, allowing you to take the purified metal.

The Castle
Go to the desk and take the nitro bottle from the left-hand drawer. Click on the lock on the chest to blow it away with the nitro. Look
at the poem in the desk. It will tell you how many visors should be up on the suits of armour. Now go to the easel and use the brush
to wipe out what's on it. You will now see a list. Now it's time to get a bit nasty and use the gunpowder to get past the dog that's
waiting for you downstairs.  Go to the pool room and press three, then five. When the shot is made look at the ball return slot to
find the order of numbers for another puzzle. 

Then it's on to those knights in shining armour. The guy with the pointy kneecaps and slotted visor should have it down, the one
with the shield and blue plume should have his visor up, the one with the red trim should be up, the dark grey knight should be
down and the samurai should be down.
You can now go into the dungeon.  The old soldier won't let you out until you send him the coded instructions over the radio in the
diorama room. Go to the fireplace room and get the sword. Put it into the scabbard to get into the weapons room.
Put the Thaddium into the Thaddium Energy Diverter next to it so that you can carry it. Take it to the tank outside the castle to
power it. Go to the dungeon room and take the sword handle from the table and put it next to the blade over the fire to make a new
full sword. Now find the dog. Click on his ear to load the bones. Open up the back end to load the gunpowder you got from upstairs.
Close the back end and click on the tail. This will open the doors for you. The code to get past the old soldier is
You will now be able to get to the tank. Place the TED in the blue tube at the back of the tank. Enter the numbers from the pool table
into the control panel of the tank. Click on the handle to the right to go to the alchemy lab. In order to get back to the castle
eventually, click all the numbers back to zeros.
When you're in the lab press the shape of Kaine's sign on to the centre squares and then place it in the right position on the darker
squares on the right. When you're done, click on the right-hand handle to get the mould. To get the correct temperature press the red
button on the right to start the whole process. Press the four white buttons on the bottom, along with the white one at the top left.
You'll hear a bell and a voice. Go now to the processor and place the mould into the brown box. Take the iron with the arm and use
the fan.

The Conservatory
In Sophia's office take the tuning fork from the box on the table and put it on the piano. Match the tone of the fork to the keys. When
you match it look inside the piano to get a key. This will allow you to turn on the desk lamp. The 16th white key is the one you want
to press. Get the last two records and take them to the practice room. Use them on the record player.
You must place all the instruments onto the chairs in the proper arrangement according to the chart on the wall. You'll also need to
listen to the records.  Go upstairs to Alexandria's room and get the last poster from the poster book on her bed. Place it over the 
torn poster by the auditorium to get the ticket from the booth. Go and sit in box C (it's on the second level, near the middle).

After you've gone to box C and seen the FMV sequence, come back downstairs. You have to use the baton to 'cue' the sections
where the instruments are sitting in the correct sequence to generate the traditional fanfare. From the records the sequence is:
popperkeg, nambino, popperkeg, wertmizer, violin. The instruments aren't laid out exactly like in the practice room. When you've
done this you have access to the stage.
Go to the control panel and click the red button. Then click on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th buttons. You can now get backstage.
Stand to the right of the swan and pull the cord. Get inside it and click the crank, you can now jump into the drum. 

When you have the locket place it on the second lever from the left. Remember this: when you get to the underwater room you can
get out by going through the door under the clock. This is where you get the locket to stick on the lever.

To get back upstairs from the boiler room go to the dark doorway, which will take you to the lobby.  Back in the office, when you
turn on the lamp it will show you the process for making metal. After you've done the trick with the lever in the boiler room you can
use the green crystal to seed the boiling solution. You can then purify with the tablet from the green fish. Click on the blue crystals 
to create the harmony of the sphere, which will in turn shatter the giant crystal in the boiling solution.
Remember, when the pool is boiling, the ingredients are all in the lamp upstairs. So to clear this part, put the locket on the second
lever, add the green crystal to the boiling solution in the lab, add the tablet from the fish and click on the blue crystals in this
order: C, D, E, B and G.

The Monastery

Face the front door and turn 90 degrees to the right. Now go down the burglar's tunnel. When you need to return to the temple go to
the spinning planet and carry on down to the end of the path. Look down at the sunlight and get the coin. Put it in the donation box.

Go back to the monastery. When you turn away from the front door you will see some masks. Put the plaques in this order: 
two eyes and wide open mouth, two eyes and crooked mouth, straight horizontal line, a tooth and suspicious eyes. They should
start on the left and run clockwise. The masks will now speak, and you must remember what they say.

Move onto the bell and pull the levers in this order: 1st from left on the top row, 2nd from right on top row, 1st from right on top row,
4th from right on bottom row, middle top row and 2nd from left on the top row. The rope of the seventh bell will now come down. 
Go to Malveaux's bed and look in the bookcase. One of the books will move to open a passage. Follow this passage to return to
the bedroom. Find the lens in the office and bring it back to the book on the bed. Place the lens on the book to read it. Make a note
of what is written. In Alexandria's room click on the sheet music on the stand.
Now move onto the lock with the symbols on it. Each of the glyphs represents a letter. All you have to do is substitute row for row.
Click on the appropriate glyphs and the dial will turn. Move on to the relics room.  Open the stone clam and press any of the buttons
inside to deactivate the alarm system and open up the catacombs.
Get the torch from the corner of the relics room. Get the red hem from the relics room and put it in the middle of the shield. The
relics room is left from the clamshell. Search the catacombs for Yoruk's shield. It'll be in his crypt. Stick the gem in it and hold it in
front of you as you walk through the fire. Now throw it into the middle of the flames. When you come to the skulls make sure they
face these directions from left to right: straight ahead, far left, right centre, left centre and far right.
Now go to the lab. Put the metal strip into the compressor machine and spin it into a ball. There is a panel behind the machine. You
need to open it and put the key you got from the table in the slot. Use the lever to open the compressor and put the strip inside. 
Drop the grey ball from the metal into a basket and boil away all the impurities.Now you will have a white ball that fits into the Lion's
First turn on the lava pipe to start the flames.  The flames need to be set from top to bottom: blue, yellow, red, orange and white.
After you put the ball in the mouth blow on the metal with the bellows. You're almost there now. Don't drink from the cup and don't
quit- this way you'll get past this bit. Also, don't try to leave the alchemist's ceremony with the ring. Put the ring on the rusty red
hand. You can find it by stopping the water in the fountains.  Go beneath the temple and stand by the demon with the glass bowl 
and move straight towards the burial figure.
Cycle through your inventory to find Lucien's ring and click on the other ring to make two. Place them in the plate in front of the
dragon and touch the triangle. Put the molten rings in front of the elephant and touch the triangle again. Get the fat quintessence
and put it in front of the snake to crush the metal. Then put the metal in front of the demon and turn left. Move towards the door.
Look towards the ceiling and give the metal mace to the demon. Now go to the four coffins and look down. Throw the Quintessence
on Alexandria to defeat them.
You've completed the weirdest game ever.
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