Zanzarah Walkthrough

Written and donated by MOJO


Well here it is folks the long awaited and searched for Zanzarah walkthrough.

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This walkthrough contains as much information as was possible, I do not claim to have discovered every area of ZANZARAH, however this is how I completed the game.

 I have mentioned as many important objects as possible.  My advice for this game is to train your fairies hard, at least one fairy of each type, pick up and open anything that you come across and save before you are going to take on a larger adversary than just the tree and stone fairies………




You start the game as AMY lying on your bed reading a book; your mother shouts up the stairs that she has to leave and goes out.  You then hear a noise on the stairs and you will watch an FMV clip of RABI the Goblin placing a CHEST in the attic……….



Go straight up every flight of stairs until you come to the attic (you can look around the house but there is nothing to do here).  AMY will see the CHEST on the shelf, open it and you will have the RUNE BAG, and this enables you to move from one place to another quickly.  Use the RUNE BAG to take you to the FAIRY GARDEN.




You start this area in a cave, go to the mouth of the cave and RABI will appear, he explains about the prophecy and how the SHADOW FAIRIES are making their lives miserable and that you are the one that has been chosen to help them.  RABI will give you a FAIRY BAG (which is capable of carrying all manner of objects without growing in size).

He tells you that to survive the journey you will need your own FAIRY and that you should go and talk to the FOREST ELVES in the village of ENDEVA.  Finish talking to RABI and walk to your left out of the cave, read the BOOK and it explains that MAGIC is turning the FAIRY WORLD into chaos and that now only a human can save them.  Go down the slope and to the left and pick up the HEALING POTION, then turn back to the right and walk as far as you can, you will enter ENDEVA.





As you enter the village, talk to the OWL on the bridge, he will explain that there are OWLS throughout ZANZARAH that are there to help you, carry on over the bridge and speak to the ELF he will tell you that pixies have stolen his SPHERE and have hidden it somewhere in the village but he doesn’t know where.  Walk past the elf and go in to the first door that opens on your right, talk to RUFUS (he’s the one on the left) and he will say that if you have come to help them fight the PIXIE PLAGUE that you had better go to his house and pick one of 3 FAIRIES there to be your own, he gives you the KEY to his house so that you can get in.

Leave and walk up the hill and to the left, the house with the large PADLOCK is RUFUS’S house, the KEY he gave you will unlock the door.  Inside you will see 3 fairies, here it is up to you which one you chose. I chose the NATURE FAIRY ‘Sillia’.   At the end of the bed is a RUNE, pick it up, it is a RETURN RUNE and will take you back to your place of birth.  Walk to the window at the far end of the room and open the CHEST, you will find more healing potions here. Leave RUFUS’S house and go to the house next to the waterwheel, behind this house you will find the SPHERE, you are now capable of catching fairies with an experience level of 20.  Go back and speak to RUFUS he will tell you that he can help no more and that you need to speak to LUCIUS.  Walk up the hill to the top and LUCUIS is standing in the gateway, he will say that he will fetch a PIXIE BAG and meet you at the other end of the FAIRY GARDEN to show you how to use it.  Follow in LUCIUS’S footsteps and you are in the FAIRY GARDEN.

There at least 2 large trees in here where if you get too close you will have to fight the FAIRY that lives in them, try to walk as far away round them as possible and you will meet an ELF who challenges you to a FAIRY FIGHT, you have no choice but to agree.  When you manage to defeat his FAIRIES he will give you a MANA POTION.  Keep walking and you enter a different section of the garden, to the right at the bottom of the cliff is a HEALING POTION to pick up.  At the far end of the area is a signpost, this will point you the way to LUCIUS, he will give you the PIXIE BAG, and this enables you to catch PIXIES.  Now you can go and rid the village of the annoying little characters, there is one causing havoc in the spell shop. Now go back over the bridge near the waterwheel and back over the bridge, the ELF there will tell you how to catch and let you practice training fairies.  Now you can go through the entrance being guarded by SEAMUS because you have a PIXIE BAG.  Go through this entrance and you will come across several signposts at this point I took the one to TIRALIN. This will take you through the enchanted forest, talk to the elf there he explains that certain fairies cast spells, which have a continuous effect such as poison, he will give you a MEDICINE VIAL, just in case.  Carry on up the brick way path until you come to a STONE DOOR, a DWARF will appear and tell you that RABI told him to watch out for you and that he is very sorry but needs to leave and look for his father QUINLIN who has gone missing since the trouble started.  Carry on through the doors – you are now entering TIRALIN.


TIRALIN – City of Fairies



On entering the city, you will see a SWAMP GOBLIN sitting on the edge of a fountain, say hello and then take the doorway to the right and he follows you and explains that the SWAMP VILLAGE is under siege from the SHADOW ELVES and that the village is blocked off and you must help save them.

Take a look around the city, there is a spell shop and a tavern, talk to all elves and goblins that you meet they may be able to sell you important items or give you info.  If you speak to the other SWAMP GOBLIN he tells you that the only way into the swamp is with a SWAMP RUNE, the lady in the TAVERN will sell you one for 5 crystals.  The elf in front of the TOWN HALL (large building behind the fountain will sell you 3 (they will cost you a total of 23 coins).  Inside the TOWN HALL you can speak to the MAYOR and upstairs there is a CHEST on the landing open it and you will have the MAP and there is another storybook to read.  When you come out of the TOWN HALL, to go through the doorway on the left you will have to fight SEAMUS and his fairies.

You can’t go through this doorway until you have defeated him.   When you have defeated him make your way through, walk towards the large door at the end and EIRIK the fairy master will challenge you, once defeated he explains that he is still looking for that invincible combination of fairies.  The entrance to the CATACOMBS is right through the arch from the main gate and then direct right again, walk down the slope to the locked door and you are at the entrance to the CATACOMBS.  Make sure you investigate all of these; you will come to a large room at the bottom but cannot go any further without a key as the DWARVES have sealed the rest of them off.




Make your way through here to reach the RUINS/FOREST HUT, the dwarf lady will ask you to remove 5 prickly bushes from her land and for that she gives you the ELEVATOR KEY, then she mentions that her husband is still in the SWAMP VILLAGE because he doesn’t know that the bushes have gone and it would be nice if someone would tell him.






Explore all of the huts, in these you will find the TARALIN RUNE and the MAP for the swamps.  Talk to the Goblins around the huts, one of them will tell you that he is not going back into the swamp until the SHADOW ELF GENERAL has gone, make your way into the swamp and fight all of the horrid red SHADOW ELVES once you defeat the GENERAL you’ll get the WATER CONCH, go back to the SWAMP VILLAGE and the goblin will tell you to follow the GHOST LIGHTS to find the NATURE CARD, follow them and this will lead you into the MISTY SWAMP.




Here you will find the NATURE CARD.  Walk directly down the path when you enter this swamp and talk to the OWL, he will again tell you to follow the GHOST LIGHTS.  As you follow them they bear round to the left, after a short distance you have to jump parts of the swamp, head for the larger raised island and the NATURE CARD is here in the middle of the trees.  There is also another SHADOW ELF to duel with.  Once you have beaten the SHADOW ELF carry on through the swamp, here you can pick up a number of spheres and at least 3 PIXIES.  Keep going until you are sure that you’ve checked out the whole of the SWAMP.  Transport yourself to THE FAIRY GARDEN.




Talk to RABI again and he will explain that if you find the EARTH CARD and combine it with a STONE FAIRY this will move the ROCKS from your path, he believes that the EARTH CARD is in the REALM OF THE CLOUDS and suggests that you visit the DWARVES in the DWARF TOWER.  Make your way through the FAIRY GARDEN to the COTTAGE.





Here in front of the cottage is a SCARECROW, if you speak to him he asks that you help him get rid of the CHAOS FAIRIES that are making his life a misery, defeat them in a duel and he will say that you only have to ask and he will boost your FAIRIES MANA.

 If you hand over 10 PIXIES, LUCIUS will give you the KEY to his cellar, this is the GUARDIAN OF PIXIES KEY.  Make your way down his stairs and open the cellar door.  Follow the wooden walkway downward, there are plenty of crystals to collect here, at the end of the wooden walkway there is a CHEST, to open it you must either turn all the panels red or turn them all off, once you have done this (trial and error sorry) you will receive the EVOLUTIONARY MAGIC OF NATURE.  Make your way back up the walkway to the cottage.  Leave the COTTAGE and take the left hand path, walk through the rocks and keep going straight, in this part of the garden there is the COTTAGE RUNE to be found and also a DWARF who will sell you a CHAOS FAIRY for 400 coins, plus lots of coins and bags when you’ve done this follow the path away from the cottage and bear to the right, keep going and you will come upon an OWL sitting on a stump, you are now near the entrance to the TOWER OF DWARVES. Talk to the OWL and he will tell you that strange AIR EDDIES keep appearing.  Turn again up the path to your right and your heading towards the TOWER.  Keep going and you will find yourself in the MOUNTAIN WORLD.




Once in Mountain World defeat SHADOW ELF on stone bridge and follow the path forwards, you will come to another SHADOW ELF on a wooden bridge, after defeating him follow the path round until you come to a pillared rock area on your left.  Walk to the back of it and through the opening and you will be looking down on an open valley, go down into the valley and grab the PIXIES that are running around.  Go back up slope to where you stood when you came out of the opening, just in front of you to the left is a ledge walk onto this and to the end, walk into the MAGIC LIGHTS and STEPPING STONES will appear above your head.  Walk back up original path to the STEPPING STONES but keep walking just past them is a very thin ledge, walk along this and you will find a STEEPING STONE on its own, jump onto this and into the MAGIC LIGHTS, now to SPHERES will appear on the other STONES, go back jump the STONES and pick them up.  Now carry on up the slope and go through opening on left, once in directly on your right there is a shaft of sunlight coming through this is another opening, go through here and follow path to your left and through first opening on left and you will come to a high plateau.  Here you can go either left or right.


Right path…

Walk down slope and into trees on left, there are some items to get here that you could probably use, when done come back out of trees and carry on down path…. you are now in the DARK CAVES.




At this point I followed the path right, every time there was a turnoff I took the right this brings you to another part of the ENCHANTED FOREST.  You cant do much here at the minute, apart from pick up some coins, although if you look down into the valley you will see a set of AIR EDDIES, go back into the caves and go back the way you came until you come to a point where you can change paths.  You can go up these different paths and pick up items, but the only place they lead to is that section of the ENCHANTED FOREST.  Come out of the caves the way you came back into MOUNTAIN WORLD. 




Go back the way you came until you come to the SHADOW ELF, once you have defeated him cross the small wooden bridge and follow the path round take the opening at the end of the path on your left and you are in the TOWER OF DWARVES.




Talk to the OWL and proceed across the bridge in to the TOWER, talk to the DWARF and he will explain that you will need to duel him and his 3 brothers to be given the EARTH     He walks off into a room and tells you to follow him, before you do walk to the bookcases and pick up the TOWER OF DWARVES RUNE.  Follow him through the door and go up the stairs and through the first door on your left, here he explains that QUINLIN gave them the EARTH STONE a long time ago to look after and that the elevators use 3 of the elements to work.  Come out of here and proceed up the stairs.  Here you will meet another DWARF, defeat him and follow him into his room, he says that you are welcome to look around, just by the door is a BOOK, if you read it, it will tell you that only when the 3 ELEMENTAL STONES of AIR, NATURE & EARTH are together will access to the REALMS OF THE CLOUDS be granted, the DWARVES have the EARTH ELEMENT but the other 2 are somewhere else in ZANZARAH.  Defeat the 3rd brother and go into his room, to the right is a CHEST open it and you now have the MAP of MOUNTAIN WORLD.  Talk to him and then proceed up the stairs to the top of the tower, defeat the final brother and then go to the CHEST, when you open it (same process as that in the CATACOMBS) you will receive the ELEMENTAL EART STONE.  Leave the TOWER.  Go back over the bridge and take the opening in front of you just to the left, defeat the SHADOW ELF and then you are faced with 3 paths.


The 3 paths


Right path – splits into 2, the path on the right leads to MONAGHAN, which is blocked off by a boulder

Left path – leads to MOUNTAIN PEAKS




Follow the path until you come out into the open, here you can either go left or right, if you go left you will eventually come to a dead end, where the only way across is by AIR EDDIE.   The right turn takes you to the ICE CAVES.




Go down left path in here, you need to find the RUNE OF THE ICE WORLD and when you’ve got that come back the way you came and take tunnel to the left keep going straight until you come to a large cave, in here is LASSE he’s still looking for QUINLIN his father but is stuck in here as wild fairies keep attacking him…there are 4 to defeat and you will need to use the WATER CONCH to get one of them.  Once you have accomplished the 4 go back and speak to LASSE and he will give you the ELEMENTAL KEY OF AIR.  Now make your way back to the TOWER OF DWARVES. 

 When you are again stood in front of the TOWER take the path to your left and then the first opening on the left, here you will see a platform with blue and green lights this is the ELEVATOR, get on and this will take you to the REALM OF THE CLOUDS.




Talk to OWL, he will tell you that this place used to be used by everyone but now only wild AIR FAIRIES are here, complete your mission by restoring it to its former glory.  Cross the bridge and walk to the left over the white bridge to the back of this area behind some rocks you will find a CHEST, in here is the MAP OF REALM OF THE CLOUDS.  Go through the swirling portal and keep going until you come across another one, go through this one and keep going straight, you will see a white bridge and at the end of it is the WHITE DRUID, he will tell you that he wants you to defeat the SHADOW ELVES and then he will think you are worthy, defeat the one on the WHITE BRIDGE and the one on the grassy bank and then go back to the WHITE DRUID he will give you the EARTH CARD, now providing you have a STONE FAIRY you can blow the rocks away that are in your path.  Go back to the large Pillar area near the beginning and blow away the rock that stands in your path, keep going straight and you will once again come to the WHITE DRUID and the ARENA. He explains that the SHADOW ELF has taken control of the arena with some wild fairies.  Go into the arena and defeat the SHADOW ELF, one defeated he will give you the DWARVES STAFF, then talk to the FAIRY who is standing in front of you, this is SUANE, she offers that if you defeat the chaos fairy which is tormenting her, she will go with you anywhere, defeat SEGBUZZ.  You know have SUANE.  Use your RUNES and go back to THE FAIRY GARDEN.


Talk to RABI he will tell you that you still need the AIR CARD and that it is hidden in a tree somewhere in the MISTY SWAMP, when you’ve spoken to him turn right and remove the rock blocking you path, in here there is a PIXIE to be caught and an ELEVATOR get on and this takes you up to another island in the REALM OF CLOUDS, defeat the FAIRY guarding the 3 chests, and when you open them you will pick up DWARF TOOLS. Now you need to swap SUANE for SEGBUZZ, use your TARALIN RUNE and go to the shop with the pink flowers outside, trade SUANE for SEGBUZZ and then use your RUNES again to go to DUNMORE the SWAMP VILLAGE.




Take the bridge to the left to where JANUS asks you for SEGBUZZ, swap with him and carry on through the MISTY SWAMP keep going straight until you come to the GREAT TREE, speak to the DWARF and he will tell you that the one to reach the top of the tree will get the AIR CARD.  Defeat all 4 adversary’s on the way to the top and at the top the WHITE DRUID will hand over the AIR CARD saying that there is now nowhere that the traitor QUINLIN can hide and would you use it wisely and put ZANZARAH back to how it was, use your RUNES and go to the COTTAGE its about time you got rid of some of these PIXIES.  Leave your PIXIES with LUCIUS and then make your way through the opening back to where the owl is sitting by the slope.  Walk up the slope and make sure you have an AIR Fairy following you…use the EDDIE to get the coins and then change to a STONE FAIRY, this will remove the rock, walk through the opening and to the left over the stone bridge, defeat the ELF there and he will give you the TOWN HALL KEY.  Now walk back around to the left and you will one again enter the DARK CAVES.  There is no way I can give you directions in here it is far too confusing but you need to find the EVOLUTIONARY STONE of FIRE, when you’ve found it come back out of the caves.  Use your RUNE and go back to the TOWER OF DWARVES.




Walk right to the end of the path on the left, here you will meet an ELF but he will only let you past if you have a duel with him and will only duel with you if you have a PSI fairy in your collection.  Once you have defeated him, follow him through the tunnel and you will come to another section of the MOUNTAIN WORLD.




Walk into the bright light in front of you and you will see that it is a TRANSPORTER that will take you to places that you couldn’t have reached before.  Now walk round to the left and over the bridge, talk to the DWARF and he will say that he will help you on your way, he sets up some STEPPING STONES further down the mountainside.  Check your MAP and you will see that you need to go to the WHITE CATHEDRAL



 USE YOUR runes and go back to the REALM of the CLOUDS, you can get to the Cathedral now that you have the AIR CARD…. Once inside the WHITE DRUID appears and says that he has proof that the DWARVES are behind the trouble as he has caught one inside but has trapped him in a magic spell, go to speak to the DWARF and you will find it is LASSE, he says that he was only trying to find a clue for where QUINLIN may have gone, he gives you the DWARVES KEY and tells you to go to MONAGHAN and the answers are there.  Use your Rune to go back to the TOWER OF DWARVES.  Turn left and take the first opening on the left you will come to the wooden bridge with 3 paths, take the right one and veer to the right you will come to a rock, break that with your STONE FAIRY and then follow the path round, keep going and you will come to MONAGHAN – VILLAGE OF DWARVES.




Walk over the bridge and into the village, speak to the DWARF who tells you that you still need the FIRE CARD, which will protect you from great heat, but that he is sorry and has no idea where it is.  Follow the road around the mountain and you will come to the DWARF FACTORY on the left, go in.




Go in and head for the stairs, duel and defeat the guard fairies and then read the BOOK, which explains that the DWARFS created a being half made of metal to protect them, but since the trouble started the being has turned against them.  Speak to the DWARF who explains that the only one who could have summoned the being was the WHITE DRUID; he gives you the HEAVY IRON DWARF KEY.  Come out of the factory and turn left go up the left hand path you will come to a house pull the LEVER and the door will open, inside there is an ELEVATOR but it isn’t working only 2 of the lights are on, walk further up the road and talk to the SMITH, then make your way to the house at the top, ask the DWARF about FIRE FAIRIES, but he will say that the lift they used to get to them is broken.  Now go and visit the houses on the lower level.  In the first house is JANI, LASSE ‘S wife, she asks if you could please save him.  In the 2nd house QUINLIN will thank you and a DWARF will give you a bag of CRYSTALS and in the 3rd house the DWARF there wants to trade his ENERGY FAIRY for FATHRAEL the AIR FAIRY, also look in the back room here you will pick up the RUNE OF MONAGHAN.  Now head back to TIRALIN.  Once there cross the courtyard to the locked metal door where EIRIK is stood, use HEAVY IRON KEY and enter the ENCHANTED FOREST




Walk through the doors and follow the path, cross over the bridge and keep going along the path through the statue like rocks, you will come across a large AIR EDDIE, use it to grab the PIXIE on top of the statue.  Carry on along the path and you will find yourself in the RUINS.




Once again follow the path until you come to the RUINS here you will pick up the FAIRY CARD OF PSI MAGIC.  Take a look around the ruins as there a few items to be picked up.  Go back to TIRALIN. 



Go back down into the CATACOMBS, down here amongst other items you will find the FAIRY HORN (awakens sleeping fairies), 2 CRYSTAL SPHERES and a GOLD SPHERE.  Explore everywhere down here and then head to ENDEVA.  If you check your map you should have an EXCLAMATION MARK near the FOREST HUT, so make your way back there.




Walk around the back of the HUT and follow the path to another LOCKED GATE, open with the IRON KEY and follow path in, grab PIXIE and keep going until you see a group of 5 FAIRIES, one of them will speak to you and offer a duel, if you win she will open the secret of this place.  Once defeated the FAIRY will magic up some STEPPING STONES and when you climb them at the top you will get the MAGIC FAIRY CARD OF FIRE, this means that if you have an active FIRE FAIRY you can enter hot places safely (if your confronted by another fairy before you pick up the card the stones will disappear, you need to talk to the fairy again and she will bring them back).  Now use your RUNES and go to MOUNTIN WORLD. 




Walk over bridge and take ledge to the right, keep going until you come to large crevice, use AIR EDDIE to cross, grab PIXIE and pick up the EVOLUTIONARY MAGIC OF AIR.  Now use RUNES and go to DWARF TOWER.  Follow path to left and cross over the wooden bridge, speak to DWARF who says he will help you on your way, go back over bridge and walk into LIGHT BALL, this brings you out onto a ledge, you need to jump the moving STEPPING STONES, to reach the CHEST.  If you fall you need to go back to the DWARF and speak to him again for the STONES to reappear.

After opening the CHEST I could not figure out how to get back, if you have no more luck than me then save your game and take a flying dive into nothingness…Check your MAP again and the LAVA CAVES should be highlighted.

To survive longer than 2 minutes in here you need to have a FIRE FAIRY, this I achieved by capturing TINEFOL and then evolving him with the EVOLUTIONARY STONE OF FIRE into TINEZARD.  Make sure he is your active fairy and then using your runes go to MONAGHAN, talk to the SMITHY and he will say how pleased he is that you are carrying the DWARF TOOLS, make your way back to the house with the broken ELEVATOR, this should now be working…step onto it and you will find yourself in the LAVA CAVES.




Follow the path round (not forgetting once you’ve jumped the air eddies, to have your fire fairy active), keep following the path until you come to the junction of paths with a dome like structure at its center, take the path straight ahead over the STEPPING STONES, follow the path through the tunnel to the right are 2 Chests to open and 2 Evolution of MAGIC FIRE STONES, walk back on yourself and take other path and you’ll come out of the tunnel near to where the caves started, follow the path to the left and go through first tunnel that you see, this leads downwards and here you will pick up another EVOLUTIONARY STONE OF FIRE, keep following the path and you will be back to the STEPPING STONES.  Use your RUNES to go to DUNMORE SWAMP VILLAGE.  Make your way through the swamp towards the GREAT TREE, but keep going past it; you will eventually come to an open IRON GATE, go through and talk to the OWL, he will tell you that you are about to enter the SHADOW REALM and that you are on your own. 




Enter the realm and once again follow the path, defeat the SHADOW ELF and keep going you will shortly come across another to defeat, follow the path round and you will come to the LEADER OF THE SHADOW ELVES, once you have defeated him walk through to the room behind him, this room is surrounded by locked gates each with a different colored skull, in the far corner are some MAGIC FAIRY LIGHTS walk into them and 2 STEPPING STONES will appear, come back out of the room to your left and you will see the STONES, to get across to them means you have to jump a moving stone, once across open the CHEST and get the RED BONE KEY (be warned that even if you save here in case you fall you will still have to jump the stones for the key again) – go back to the room with the COLORED SKULLS, this KEY quite obviously opens the GATE with the RED SKULL.




Just follow the path, bear to the right when you can and you will eventually come to a SPELL MERCHANT, just to the right of him on a tomb is a CHEST – receive the GREEN BONE KEY.  Make to walk back the way you came and to your left you will see to MOVING STEPPING STONES, make your way to these and get across them to the rocky plinth, pick up RUNE of the SHADOW REALM, use the RUNE to go back to the COLOURED SKULL GATES.




Take left hand path and follow it, defeat SHADOW ELF, then take the path directly ahead of you and open CHEST on rock plinth just to your left – MAP OF SHADOW REALM.  Turn back and make your way to wooden pathway, take the wooden path that turns off to the right and defeat the SHADOW ELF, walk through the room behind where he stood and you will come to a junction of paths, take path to left and you will see a skeleton standing on a rock plinth, jump over to him, he will explain that he is stuck here as the SHADOW ELVES wont let them leave, but his friend is in a worse state, walk to the left where his friend is kneeling and he will tell you that he would give you the only thing he has a strange BLUE BONE KEY if he could just glimpse the FIRE FAIRY PIX again (if PIX isn’t in your collection he can be found in the LAVA CAVES), show the SKELETON, PIX (make him your active fairy) and he will be so delighted that he gives you the BLUE BONE KEY

Use your RUNE and go back to the GATES once again, use the BLUE KEY on the last remaining gate.




Enter through the archway and follow the path, you will come to an area that is riddled with paths and items and in this respect it is impossible for me to guide you through here, apart from saying that you need to ultimately go straight ahead you will eventually come to a large wooden bridge on which stands a SHADOW ELF, he will tell you to prepare for your last fight and 2 more ELVES will appear on the bridge, you need to defeat all their fairies and there are around 10 of these…. once defeated you can make your way across the bridge to the DARK CATHEDRAL




Go through the large iron doors, inside there is a huge grating on the floor, I jumped this just in case, then go through the next set of doors.  Here you are met by the WHITE DRUID, he tells you that he hates your kind and a duel commences, defeat the DRUID and he will reappear on a ledge above, he tells you that while he is capable of fighting you will not get to the GUARD.  Walk up to the GUARD and you will find that he is protected by a powerful spell, you need to duel the DRUID again, in this area there are lots of items, take the time to pick them up, now head through a door which is just behind the GUARD on the right.  Follow the corridor upwards until you once again come to the WHITE DRUID, duel and defeat him again, once defeated he will explain that he never wanted the path between the fairy and human worlds reopened as he knows what the humans did to his kind, but says that the future of ZANZARAH is now in your hands.  Go back down the corridors to the GUARD and duel him…. to give you an idea of FAIRY LEVELS, his fairy is GIGAREX level 60….



Defeat the GUARD and…well I’ll let you watch the ending…………..



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