Gardening Tips

Here are some general guidelines for playing in the Garden:

1. When a multiple-solution puzzle is posted, please limit yourself to posting only one or two answers during the first 24 hours. Once the 24 hours are up, feel free to post as many answers as you like.

2. Dictionaries, thesauruses, Google, etc., may be used to confirm answers. If these resources are used to do research or to generate lists of possible answers, those results may not be posted until after the first 24 hours have passed.

3. If a member posts a puzzle, it is up to that member to decide if and when to give a hint. Other members may provide hints only when invited to do so by the original poster.

4. Those who post advanced math puzzles should indicate whether or not programming is allowed to find the solution. The use of calculators is fine.

5. Once a puzzle has been completed, the original poster should edit the thread to show a "thumbs up."

6. Those who post large puzzles are encouraged to mark the completed parts in the original post. This will enable people to easily see what remains to be solved.

7. When the ultimate aim of a puzzle is to discover a phrase, the phrase itself should be saved for the last post.

Wild guesses and inspired hunches warmly welcomed. Be not afraid.