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Blackenrock Island - A warren of cliff paths and sea tunnels, the Island is home to a few hardy coastal sheep... and the ghosts. Directing Nigel's movements, in the thick fog, is Lucy's job. Victorian Playroom - Lucy is convinced that the burnt fragments of nursery rhymes and fairy tales are a clue to what happened at Keeper's Cottage, over one hundred years ago.
The Twins - Edward and Peter are almost impossible to tell apart. Almost. Working out who is who is key to solving the mystery of Edward's murder and Peter's disappearance. Victorian Values - Nigel isn't too keen to go rummaging around in the dirty dishes. The plates remain from the last meal to be eaten by the Bellamy family, on that fateful night, one hundred years ago.
Precarious rooms - The weather and time have not been kind to Keeper's Cottage. Some of the floors have collapsed, completely. It's a treacherous place, but Nigel is up for a challenge. Seven Magpies - One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold... seven for a secret never to be told.