a first look by flotsam

I think this is the earliest first look I've ever done (about 30 minutes in), but I have been looking forward to this so thought I would share. A nobody else solitary first person wander is right up my alley.

I have made my way out of the building I "awoke" in, and am wandering around some rather nice gardens. I have opened a number of doors, allowing access to other areas, all with the help of a cylinder I acquired before exiting the building. It is clearly important (perhaps even mystical), judging by the little animated story that played on the walls before I took it - or perhaps I overestimate its worth and it is really just an elaborate key.

Using it depletes its "energy", and I have found vials and other things which top it up.

I have just found an elevator of sorts, and have ascended to a terrace. I left a few skeletons behind.

You move with the W A S D keys and steer with the mouse. You have complete freedom of movement. Interact with left and right mouse clicks, and crouch and do other things with the keyboard. You can't map the keys, which was a bit of a surprise.

I cranked up the graphic detail to its highest and it does look a treat. It autosaves, but you can also save at will.

So far so satisfying.