Silent Footsteps
A first look by flotsam

Carol Reed has become a bit of a favourite among many GBers, and while I am not as enamoured as some, I have played a few and found them to be engaging in both play and style.

I understand the maker of this game has connections to Carol Reed, so it is probably not surprising that my first impressions of Silent Footsteps were around how much it reminded me of those games. Which is not a criticism, only an observation.

And a good one at that. While I am not very far in, I imagine that if you like setting forth with Carol, you will enjoy walking in these footsteps. There are the same real world environments, the same static screens, all played from a point and click first person perspective.

It's gentle (so far), although I am currently poking around in a cemetery which may or may not be good.

I will tell you more when I am done, but so far so good.