Mage's Initiation
Himalaya Studios
a First Look by flotsam

On a brief first look this feels so much like an old style Sierra questing adventure.

D'arc is a would be Mage, summoned to the Hallowed Hall by the four Mage Masters. A test of his magical and mental strength is at hand. He is set three tasks, and he must return to the Mage's Tower bearing proof of each success.

But first there is need to identify his Elemental class. Based on my responses to questions asked, I was Water. Fire, Earth and Air are the others. I will apparently have access to different spells and puzzles as a result.

The spell window suggests a level of action - I have base spells and combat spells. Some googling suggests I might be able to avoid combat for a more adventuring experience. I will let you know.

I have accumulated points, suggesting I might be able to level up a la an rpg.

It looks old style and operates much the same. Right click to get icons to interact with the environment, left click to move around and explore. I haven't cast a spell yet, so will let you know more about that too.

Right now, I am off to get the horn of the fabled and legendary Tricorn.