The Land of the Seazogs
Manel Garcia
A First Look by flotsam

Drs. Vasgut and Gustav have discovered something remarkable, but your old friend Gustav urgently needs your help. So it's off to Zerulia, the land of the Seazogs. Where a surprise awaits. And then more than one.

This is about as old worldy as it gets. Its a pixelly monochromatic world, with spidery piles of pixels scuttling about. The world side scrolls, and occupies the top half of your screen. The bottom half contains the inventory and dialogue ribbon, and some other icons you will need. Everything is read, and important dialogue is saved and can be reviewed through one of those icons. It isn't silent, but it is all point and click.

I think I have worked out that you need to find a save point in order to do so. Near as I can tell you "continue" back in your room on the base.

So far I have drunk a few toasts, caused a creature to vomit, discovered an almost lifeless body in a lift and still have plenty of floors to explore. I know I need to analyse the vomit, and find a missing person.