Forgotten Anne

a First Look by flotsam

I didn't know about this game until I saw a post at GB from Winx who spoke about it positively, and tellingly for me, described it as being like an interactive Ghibli Studio movie.

Having played for about an hour I can't think of a more apt description.

It is a platforming game, and while I am still finding the controls a little fiddly, I have jumped and clambered my way around Anne's world. She is an enforcer in a world populated by Forgotlings. These are the things that people lose and forget. Socks, scarves, tables and lamps live their lives, hoping perhaps to return to the feet of their owner and once again experience the joy of hiking.

The game starts with rumblings of a rebellion, and it's Anne's mission to put thinks right. And the exploration and the clambering begins.

You make choices, some perhaps bigger than others, and you chat and explore. Other characters are grumpy, optimistic, scared or single-minded. It plays with the keyboard but also utilises the mouse, and autosaves as you go.

There is an immediate whimsy apparent, that continues as you go. If the storytelling stays strong, I suspect I will enjoy this immensely.