Bleeding Moons

A First Look by flotsam

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Self described as an interactive novel, Bleeding Moons tells the story of Ian de Valmain, second son of the Count de Valmain, pushed into a role as a mercenary as a result of a King's assassination and the rise of old political rivalries. The choices you make will determine how the story unfolds, with numerous endings and a number of potential romantic attachments possible. It also promises more than 100 hand-drawn locations and more than 170 characters.

In keeping with its description, it is indeed very wordy. All of it is in subtitles, there being no spoken word, and lots of clicking is required to progress the dialogue. I have been on one mission so far, involving a poisoning, and am outside an enemy encampment about to embark on my second. You can fail these, which in the case of the first meant starting it again, and trying not to get caught. The game warns you to save, and upon being caught I was returned to that point, so I assume if I hadn't saved it would have restored to the previous save. I will fiddle some more though with this mission and let you know more in the full review.

It uses a flat animation style, best appreciated by looking at the pics. It is charming in its own way.

When a character is talking a close up leaps to the front of the screen. While there are no voices, there is ambient sound as well as a score. It is entirely point and click, icons will tell you what might be done at various spots, and you can save at will.

The Steam site describes a range of mature content, so perhaps check that out if those things might be an issue. To date I have come across some sex scenes, and they are mild in terms of how they are portrayed on screen.

I am hoping as the story progresses that there will be more to do, but the experience to date makes me want to push on.