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Self described as a "third person, non-combat, relaxploration adventure", I can't think of a better description.

I have played for just under an hour and have only just scratched the surface. Near as I can tell, the main game involves a pair of siblings, brother and sister, one with the power to heal a drowned city, the other more interested on keeping them safe and together.

It's a watery world, navigated by boat. My map is not yet to the stage where I can fast-travel. There are though a lot of locations I have already discovered through my telescope.
There are so many things to find.

I have found two seeds so far, which seem to be key to the healing, bringing life back to what is otherwise blackened, and have identified where a third resides. I have also found books, relics, creatures and a flower, not to mention a lookout, a relic and a landmark. All are collected in my journal, which gives a sense of the vastness of the things to be discovered.

You may be able to simply seek out the seeds and "complete" the game, but right now I am inclined to do the exact opposite. Like the side-quests in RPG games, I am enthused to see what I can find upon the waters. I may decide at some point to focus my efforts towards an outcome, but not nearly yet. I am having a good time steering my boat (I didn't mention you can find "style" bits as well, and I have already found enough to change the look of my boat).

The game plays in the third person, using a combination of keyboard and mouse. It has my preferred WASD movement with mouse-look, and you can always shift your view to one that suits you. While I have climbed and scrambled up a wall or two, and swung on some ropes, utilising the movement keys will cause it to happen; you don't eg. jump in any active sense, rather move in that direction and if a jump is required it will happen. You don't seem to need to worry about falling off things either.

Language heard is the siblings own, subtitled so that you can understand. Ditto the pages that fill the history pages of your journal.

To date I have exclusively played the sister. I expect that will remain the case, but we will see.

It looks good, presenting a vibrant colourful world, one in which night becomes day, storms develop and the sea swells. It is particularly enticing when you are carrying a seed, as things bloom and respond when the seed comes close. Sound is more than fine. Save at will and pick up where you left off.

I look forward to the rest.

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